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Trump’s Carrier Deal Getting Worse All The Time…


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The term “dog and pony show” keeps popping up regarding Trump’s agreement with Carrier. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Carrier’s union president accused Donald Trump of significantly inflating the number of jobs he convinced the company to keep in Indiana, telling the Washington Post that the President-elect “lied his ass off.”

Trump last week visited the company’s Indianapolis plant to celebrate a deal he struck with Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, to preserve 1,100 jobs there that would otherwise be sent to Mexico. Yet that number obscured the fact that some 350 of those positions were research and development jobs that the company never intended to dispatch to Mexico, or that around 80 were non-union clerical and supervisory positions, according to the Post.

United Steelworkers 1999 President Chuck Jones hoped that Trump would use his Dec. 1 visit to address the 550 Indianapolis jobs that would not be saved.

“But he got up there,” Jones said, “and, for whatever reason, lied his ass off.”

Trump’s speech to Carrier workers did not address the $7 million in tax breaks that the company received from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, a state agency, to keep manufacturing jobs in the state. He promised on the campaign trail to “tax the hell” out of corporations like Carrier.

Nor did Trump mention that United Technologies still planned to send 700 jobs from a separate factory in Huntington, Indiana, to Monterrey, Mexico.

As Carrier workers from the Huntington factory, many of whom supported Trump, stood outside the Indianapolis plant holding signs asking the President-elect not to “forget” about them, Trump announced that the Indianapolis operation was keeping “over 1,100 people, which is so great.”

“Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers,” Jones told the Post. “I almost threw up in my mouth.””*

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  1. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    Trumptards crying like the little bitches they are.

    • Posted by equalsd123ful, at Reply

      Tyt member here. Cenk did get one part wrong. He said 2438x jobs were
      created by Obama, if you do the math its actually 243.8x. They probably
      forgot a zero in the calculator or something. Worth noting tho, big

    • Posted by Édgar Mondragón, at Reply

      +God Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead passes 2.5 Million … So, yes,
      «democratic election».

    • Posted by MJFan625Moonwalker, at Reply

      …isn’t that liberals?

  2. Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

    Trump lying, Trump supporters falling for it…. What else is new? o-o

    • Posted by MrEnglewood78, at Reply

      mark navarro Hate truth huh? typical. Guess what trump will disappoint you,
      haha can’t wait

    • Posted by Jj Pantalone, at Reply

      Stay in context, he lies like any politicians, our job as the people need
      to continuously criticize corporations and politicians.

      Stop with the false equivalency.

    • Posted by Luis Lockhart, at Reply

      +Eric Childs So the only way that statement is valid is if I know 1 person
      among over 300 million people? what’s next, are you going to ask me to
      prove police brutality by personally knowing someone who was beaten by the

    • Posted by GoONx19xRTz, at Reply

      And they continue loving trump

  3. Posted by Lemon Gill, at Reply

    how come he’s not building a wall? Legit i wanna see him build that. And
    how come no one is talking about that anymore?

    • Posted by SuperEvilC, at Reply

      Sauron Merciful
      You do understand that coal is used for far more things that just
      burning… right? LOL

    • Posted by SuperEvilC, at Reply

      Sauron Merciful
      You’re lying and that’s why you Hillary bitches have been losing elections
      massively since 2008… you just stay right here in you TYT bubble telling
      lies and sassy jokes to each other!!

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Sauron Merciful I use coal to do my founding and coal for smithing

    • Posted by tharobstervideo, at Reply

      he talked about the wall last night

    • Posted by Édgar Mondragón, at Reply

      Alex Jones is now advising him to create a Force Field to protect America
      from aliens and make Lizards pay for it.

  4. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    Cenk was far too quick to render judgement. The deal has been a total
    disaster so far. Bribing CEOs with tax giveaways and concessions in order
    to score political points. Shameful! Cenk should take down the original

    • Posted by Chris Allen Stone 023, at Reply

      Don The Con That’s what I was thinking. Cenk was gushing last week calling
      this deal : strong and Obama never could have done this. Cenk made an idiot
      of himself. Not the first time. Doubt it will be the last.

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      Exactly. Acting like Obama didn’t save the entire auto industry while
      taking huge political costs. Cenk is a mess!

    • Posted by what?, at Reply

      Cenk said in the original video that for now he was cautiously praising the
      deal but that “the devil is in the details”, to which no one knew the
      details of the Carrier deal at the time when Cenk made the video. And now
      we know that not only is Trump lying (us usual) about how many jobs he’s
      saving, but that Carrier is still shipping 600 jobs off to Mexico, that it
      was a deal already being negotiated by Pence for months before the
      election, that Trump gave Carrier 4x what they were demanding and that the
      deal is saving 300+ jobs fewer than Trump is claiming.

    • Posted by DarthVadim, at Reply

      Clearly neither of you watched the freaking video when you guys commented.
      All of your points are covered.

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      +what? That video got over 500k views. He should have waited till he got to
      the studio and had all the facts before giving these alt-right trolls some
      misguided vindication. The Trumpets on that video still think it’s a of
      “Trump already winning for ‘murica maga haha take that cuckz”.

  5. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    at least Alex Jones has learnt a new skill…..breathing through his nose
    whilst blowing trump

    • Posted by XXXACH, at Reply

      And you’d love Cenk to sit on your face

    • Posted by darius ambrose, at Reply

      savage lol

    • Posted by mikes2842, at Reply

      Although I’m against vaccines, I think that Trump has done more damage to
      Alex Jones health than any one of his health conspiracy theories.

    • Posted by Sara Danhoff, at Reply

      +White Person
      Nah, Guiliani wears the gimp suit.

  6. Posted by I'M NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT, at Reply

    The media doesn’t explain how he’s “saving” these jobs. It will cost the
    State of Indiana 700,000 anually.

    • Posted by yourbuddykevin, at Reply

      700,000 annually is alot cheaper than supporting 1000+ people with

    • Posted by Tommy Gunz, II, at Reply

      yourbuddykevin not really

    • Posted by what?, at Reply

      Not 1000+ people, more like 800. So any company that threatens to move jobs
      to Mexico gets “punished” with tax breaks and incentives? ROFL @ Trump

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      yourbuddykevin, if the 700 employees who may have lost their jobs received
      the 7 million the US loses in taxes through this deal, that would be
      $10,000 for each employee. I reckon they all would have taken the money and
      found another job.

    • Posted by lady4real75, at Reply

      what? Yep so they can invest that money, 16 million, to reduce assembly
      cost(machines) to eventually lay off more workers!! Give yourself around of
      applause Trump!!

  7. Posted by Drm R, at Reply

    the obama administration creates over a hundred thousand jobs a month and
    he’s a horrible president. agent orange (pence really) bribes a company to
    keep about 800 jobs and he’s a godsend.

    • Posted by SuperEvilC, at Reply

      Iknow everythinghahahahaha!
      Stay in your TYT bubble and sleep… sleep… sleep LOL. America is moving
      forward. Trump is rough gross and gritty but I do believe he’s gonna get
      some great things accomplished for all Americans… Japan already investing
      Billions in America because of Trump!! AND Trump has the power of his
      supporters!! Yall just stay here in the TYT bubble lol

    • Posted by Iknow everythinghahahahaha!, at Reply

      +SuperEvilC​​​​ You know, there was a time when you could make a great
      living as a Milk Man or if you owned a bunch of payphones. Just curious,
      how is the record store business these days? LOL! My point to you is that
      as innovation grows, old professions dwindle or are phased out completely
      for new ones. This no different from when the world switched over from the
      age of agriculture to the industrial age. We are no longer in the
      industrial age. This is the Information Technology Age. That is not to say
      industry will be phased out, but rather it is gradually taking a back seat
      to skilled tech and science based fields much the same way farm careers to
      a back seat to industrial jobs a century ago. We never really got all those
      farm jobs back and we didn’t have to. It’s called progress. This why
      schools are promoting degrees that focus on STEM (Science Technology
      Engineering Mathematics) now. That is where the overwhelming demand is
      right now. More and more old factory jobs are being phased out for robots
      and machines. You don’t have to pay a machine a salary or benefits. You
      don’t have to worry about it calling off or quiting. You don’t have to
      worry about the machine filing sexual harassment lawsuits or going to News
      Channel 5 Investigative Reporters because the conditions in which it works
      is deplorable. Setting your sights on becoming a coal miner today is like
      aspiring to be a Milk Man in 1970 or a handcraft shoemaker in 1950. You
      either get with the times or you get left behind, sorry.

  8. Posted by ziljin, at Reply

    That’s a great pic of donald drumpf

    • Posted by ThelastGinyu, at Reply

      ziljin Donald Scumbag

    • Posted by Mr Conservative, at Reply

      ziljin Drumpf is the stupidest insult i’ve heard yet

    • Posted by Victor Ibarra, at Reply

      Mr Conservative It’s the best insult I ever heard.

    • Posted by Johnny Martinez, at Reply

      It’s agent orange now. Pass the word!

  9. Posted by ascetic43, at Reply

    That’s funny, I don’t remember Chunk screeching about all of the crony
    money going to Elon Musk……

    • Posted by victormgv, at Reply

      ascetic43 how you do bold font? That would help me comment more
      effectively, I have to use a lot of quotation marks and all caps to get
      some points across. Thanks

    • Posted by ascetic43, at Reply

      victormgv Use the * stars like quotes. No prob.

    • Posted by victormgv, at Reply

      *Nice* Thanks. Be fair to Cenk, he spent a lot of time reiterating he loved
      the move Trump made. The original Carrier deal video, shot in an airport,
      he was basically blushing and shouting to Obama/Dem: “Why couldn’t you do
      that”. You can almost sense a little remorse in believing in Trump as the
      cronyism continues to come to light on this deal. He wants it to work, to
      use it as proof and as a playbook. Picking winners and losers through
      Economic Fascism, Crony-Capitalism, and Protectionism was wrong when FDR
      did it, when Obama did it, and will still be wrong when Trump does it.

    • Posted by ascetic43, at Reply

      +victormgv Spoken reasonably. Cheers.

  10. Posted by Elizabeth Brewer, at Reply

    I find it interesting that Trump gave Carrier a $7 million tax break, to
    keep jobs in America. The taxable income combined of all those employees
    are less than $7 million dollars. If he makes more of those deals it will
    just lead to more national debt.

    • Posted by Freddy Gutierrez, at Reply

      a point that has bee brought up but certain people refuse to acknowledge it.

  11. Posted by KEVIN WILSON, at Reply

    I swear if it wasn’t for the electoral college republicans would almost
    never win elections.

    • Posted by Jane Lin, at Reply

      That’s simply untrue.
      California’s electoral votes haven’t made a difference in decades.

    • Posted by KEVIN WILSON, at Reply

      So let Cali go and get rid of the electoral college and see who wins.

    • Posted by Elemental Hero, at Reply

      If you get rid of California AND the electoral college, Trump would’ve
      still won in 2016. Clinton got 4 million+ votes in California, while
      winning popular vote by 2.5 million. Trump would’ve won popular vote
      without Cali.

  12. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    The USA has the same disease France had before the revolution. Lots of
    people living in poverty and an elite ruling class who think they are
    exceptional and shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

    • Posted by Jesse Gerber, at Reply

      The rich already pay half of their income in taxes, taxes don’t save the

    • Posted by Dawn Cross, at Reply

      My father own a lucrative Dental practice and I am telling you right now,
      half of his income does not go to taxes. He games the system and writes
      almost everything off. So I do not know where you are getting your
      information from.

    • Posted by Dawn Cross, at Reply

      I definitely agree with that. If our government doesn’t manage their
      spending properly then all the taxes in the world won’t matter. That being
      said I do believe that the top 1% should not get as many tax cuts.
      Especially when Trump’s new plan will be cutting tax breaks for tax payers
      filing head of the house and cutting tax breaks for people that claim

  13. Posted by Jaime Duran, at Reply

    700 Trump Supporters that finally came to the realization that the half of
    the country had already known! This is what we all feared that once you
    figure out what Trump is really about, its too late!Hey maybe those
    700 families from Huntington can go work on the “WALL” Since they supported
    Trump!Trump will be the 2nd President in your History that will actually
    get impeached! (FYI, I don’t count Bill Clinton cause he still finished his

    • Posted by Jaime Duran, at Reply

      Nelson I understand what you are saying and yes this country and the
      regulations for companies are held to a higher standard than in other
      countries, but that’s what makes working in the U.S safe and stops
      companies from creating sweat shops. Where people are Literally
      committing suicide by jumping off the company buildings because they make
      10 cents an hour. I would love Trump to succeed and do everything he said
      in his campaign because everything he said is what all of us are thinking
      but just to say it to get into office and then turn your back on us is
      dirty politics and the thing he campaigned against!

    • Posted by savage 88, at Reply

      Nelson King carrier is investing that money in their plants to drive down
      cost of manufacturing in the u.s by making it more automated so those
      people are still going to lose their jobs

  14. Posted by imagrandpa, at Reply

    Admit it czenk – you want trump to fail

    • Posted by Jo Vonn, at Reply

      +imagrandpa I wouldnt blame trump because he didnt do anything yet?

    • Posted by Jo Vonn, at Reply

      +imagrandpa what has trump done in 30 days.

    • Posted by Jo Vonn, at Reply

      +imagrandpa also you say obama killed 16 year olds but you do know trump
      said he would torture even if it doesnt work and he would kill the family
      of terrorists right? that means old and young. lmfao gotta love hypocrites.

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Jo Vonn yes, let us look at trump creating 6000 full time jobs in scotland,
      ooop, that was less than. 200 part time

  15. Posted by Mike Mason, at Reply

    I keep trying to figure out how everyone screams deregulation and
    capitalism. Free market. Free trade. And then say ‘cant take the jobs over
    seas.’ Isn’t that the epitome of it?

    • Posted by frasb, at Reply

      Mike Mason yea, but republicans and logic dont really stick

  16. Posted by Anne Collins, at Reply

    Did Carrier get a tax break? And did over 1000 jobs still go to Mexico

    • Posted by Anne Collins, at Reply

      +Piriathy So what happened to Let’s Make America Great Again…Let’s Make
      America Rich Again.

    • Posted by Ley GouldGrant, at Reply

      yes and yes

    • Posted by TheAznsenzation, at Reply

      Yes, they do. On top of that, if you subtract the 350 jobs that weren’t
      actually going to be sent to Mexico, he saved only 750. Subtract the 700
      that are going to Mexico from another plant, you end up with 50. Still more
      than 0 but much less than more than 1000 jobs. None of which you’d work