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Trump’s Coast Guard Speech Turns Into Personal Pity Party


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The alt-right loves calling individuals snows, however soft, melty Trump seems the poster youngster for snowflakery. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" This represents a go back to the self-pitying note that Trump struck during a beginning address at the Coastline Guard Academy on Wednesday. Trump has actually time out of mind abandoned the practice that says entailing the army be nonpartisan, using them to think back regarding his victory in November. On Wednesday, he added complaints to his pitch:

Check out the way I have actually been dealt with recently, particularly by the media. No politician in background– and I say this with excellent surety– has actually been treated even worse or more unfairly. You cannot allow them obtain you down. You cannot allow the doubters as well as the naysayers obstruct of your dreams. I guess that's why we won.

The grievance is, along with be somewhat distasteful for the celebration– he did at the very least send out graduates off with the command to "Enjoy your life"– historically dubious, notwithstanding Trump's "fantastic surety."" *.

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  1. Posted by Armando G, at Reply

    Why won’t the republicans impeach Trump?

    Because they believe in carrying a baby to full term

    • Posted by Carl Taylor, at Reply


    • Posted by 1981menso, at Reply

      Cameron, “Honor” like your draft dodging fucktard Prez. No you shut the hell up

    • Posted by Rata 4 U, at Reply

      Armando G I believe in abortion at the 100th trimester.

    • Posted by Darlene Pytlinski, at Reply

      Armando G Oh, Armando! Thanks for the belly laugh.

  2. Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

    Crybaby President

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Trumpass is so immature. Sad.

  3. Posted by Sam, at Reply

    trump = orange chimp

    • Posted by george green, at Reply

      Sam hey chimps are cool, and smart. he’s more of a flaming hot cheeto. ready to give people an alsor

    • Posted by Sheryl Hutton, at Reply

      can’t you even spell ULCER correctly?

    • Posted by george green, at Reply

      +Sheryl Hutton thanks for the spell check

  4. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    President snowflake. Winning indeed. Rape has gone up 56% because of this monster.

    • Posted by Jacob Williams, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian I’m gonna call bullshit on that

    • Posted by Thoth, at Reply

      +Goldstein Van Fartingham Net neutrality arguably being extremely important beyond what we think we know, yes, that is saddening. We should vote…

  5. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Donald Trump is a perfect example of how guys who constantly talk tough like Trump almost always end up being pussies.

    • Posted by ronoccc, at Reply

      Not the strong, silent type. That’s often the sign of someone with strength. Just shuts up and gets on with what they have to do

    • Posted by Garden-Variety Google User, at Reply

      Trump is like a dude who loves guns, spends time at the firing range shooting big guns, playing all the fps games talking trash and think he’s all that. Send him packing out to afghanistan and shits his pants the minute he steps off the C-130, crying in fetal position asking for his mommy. Very sad!

    • Posted by Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K, at Reply

      Garden-Variety Google User my watch cost more than your house.

  6. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Trump isn’t a victim, he’s a victimizer!
    Trump supporters you are defending the worst president in our history.

    • Posted by Oliver Kremser, at Reply

      Dolan Turmp bush was

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      sqlb3rn segfavlt  Trump shreds Andrew Jackson as a the worst.  The guy is not going to get out of his first 200 day before being impeached after a series of failures any one of which justifies kicking the whiner out.

  7. Posted by Sanskar Wagley, at Reply

    Trump is a snowflake

    • Posted by commentor2013, at Reply

      Sanskar Wagley and he’s in a world of trubber!

  8. Posted by Kyle Herbz, at Reply

    I love how the Republicans accuse left-wingers of playing the victim all the time, meanwhile they’re blindly following the worlds largest snowflake ever 🙄🖕🤣

    • Posted by denveroutlaws06, at Reply


    • Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

      remember trumps witch hunt on obama birth place and obama was a man and made a joke of it to make trump look really stupid.

  9. Posted by Goldstein Van Fartingham, at Reply

    I REALLY, REALLY hope this video trigger some Trumptards! Hold on! Let me go get my popcorn! #RightWingSnowflake

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      The majority are hiding out these days.

    • Posted by Onyx Wind, at Reply

      Where would the majority be hiding?

  10. Posted by MrFooFoo14, at Reply

    What a joke of a president. I can’t wait for this mandarin turd to be gone.

    • Posted by Saber Cave, at Reply

      who would you replace him with?

  11. Posted by NON NEGOTIABLE, at Reply

    Dump supporters: “if he’s impeached we’ll riot in the streets”
    lol no you won’t you’ll go back to hating your lives and making Hilary memes.

    • Posted by HorrorMovieReviewGuy, at Reply


    • Posted by Code951, at Reply

      NON NEGOTIABLE let’s not count them out just yet, remember Trump Supporters are dangerous as all hell, and they will go radical this time. But those are just my thoughts 💭

    • Posted by UncleMilo, at Reply

      Trump supporters will have tantrums while calling others “snowflakes”. So sad.

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      Trump supporters won’t riot because everyone including them will practically benefit from Trump’s impeachment.
      Let’s be honest here, the only reason they voted Trump was because they really needed to see some people getting bullied. It’s not the end of the world if that comes to an end.

  12. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    This man is his own worst enemy! His secret service agents need to carry a tranquilizing gun to be used the second he goes off of script.

    • Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

      Queen Queen, he is such a baby.

    • Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

      Mark Cruise, he continues to prove just what an idiot, ignorant and narcissistic he is! This man need shrink and meds. Getting more foolish by the day!

  13. Posted by Pat Daley, at Reply

    “Believe me!” If that’s the best argument he can come up with, it’s not enough. He is, after all, a serial liar.

    • Posted by Mandy C., at Reply

      he can’t even control himself enough not to say “believe me” only when
      he lies. he ONLY says it when he’s lying. I know it’s hard to tell,
      since so much of what he says is a lie, but.

      Gavin deBecker wrote in his book, “The Gift of Fear”, that when a person
      has to say ‘I promise”, “I swear”, “trust me”, or “believe me”, it’s
      because they’re lying and need you to trust them. he was talking about
      rapists and murderers, but potato-potahto…

  14. Posted by john shoffner, at Reply

    treated the worst in history??? what about Nelson Mandela who spent 20+ years in prison who just wanted to end apartied.

    • Posted by GEANIE BALLINI, at Reply

      Didn’t know that communist Mandela was a US president!

    • Posted by MobyDicksWife, at Reply

      “History” includes more than the US. Try occasionally to look beyond the States and consider the rest of the world.

    • Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

      remember obama . trump and the republican witch hunt to find if obama was born in africa. AHAHAHAHAHA the most racist witch hunt ever done in u.s history.