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Trump’s Covfefe Tweet Explained


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Trump requires a Twitter babysitter. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area below.

" LEAVE IT TO Donald Trump to maintain Twitter thinking. Following midnight Eastern today, the president did exactly what the president commonly does at strange hours: He sent a tweet. But this, instead of assaulting a political challenger or offering up a 140-character plan placement, simply plain made no sense: "In spite of the consistent negative press covfefe." Wait, "covfefe"? No person recognized just what it suggested. Certainly it was a mistake that the president would certainly quickly erase. Yet after five minutes, he really did not. After that a few more passed. Soon, social networks remained in a crazy dash to aim to specify Trump's typo. News reports complied with, as well as soon a five-alarm net fire was burning.

When Trump was chosen last loss, the not-so-funny joke on 4chan was that the USA had "chosen a meme as president." This has never felt more real than in the previous pair weeks, as photos of Trump touching a radiant orb and standing with an unthrilled Pope Francis have ended up being extensively Photoshopped and transformeded into right stuff of LOLs. Unintentionally or otherwise, the head of state is always helpful for providing a chance for slightly Dadaist wit– tweeting "covfefe" in the middle of the evening is just the most up to date example of that." *.

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  1. Posted by Chris Rad, at Reply

    I start every day with a fresh cup of Folgers covfefe

    • Posted by Earthwind Presas, at Reply

      Chris Rad Haha Hands up!

    • Posted by Splash Attack, at Reply

      *When I wake up in the morning and want to start my day off wrong, I have a cup of COVFEFE.*

    • Posted by Sarah Bearheart, at Reply

      On the decaf covfefe myself.

  2. Posted by Patrick Nzengu, at Reply

    Grab’em by the COVFEFE !!!

    • Posted by Luis Colin, at Reply

      Who would’ve guessed COVFEFE was so complicated?

    • Posted by Karl Cambridge, at Reply

      I think it means trump will go down as the stupidest president of all time and he proves that everyday

    • Posted by tolai coco, at Reply

      I lol’d hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    That orb in Saudi Arabia really covfefe him.

    • Posted by Martin Ε riber, at Reply

      That’s not how you conjugate covfefe!

  4. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    he’s beginning to break

    • Posted by Antonio Sarmiento, at Reply

      Archduke Franz Ferdinand Serbians still think of you Freddie

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      I’m still waiting for him to run naked out on the White House lawn with a tinfoil hat.

    • Posted by gorrillawarfair, at Reply

      ffs he was broken before he won the rnc. nobody had the balls to shut him up then because they thought it was a waste of time. and nobody has the balls to shut him up now because the gop finally gets to be the older sibling while the parents are away.

  5. Posted by Redon Rexhepi, at Reply

    ALL these political jokes causing me to have a #headfefe

    • Posted by MsColdCanada, at Reply

      Take two acetafefe and call a doc in the morning if it’s not byebyefefe.

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply


    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      lol get some rest boo-fefe

  6. Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

    Let’s hope “COVFEFE” was Trump having a stroke at that moment…

    • Posted by Chris Reflections, at Reply

      DNAsGhostzHouze best reply ever

    • Posted by MrBean21320, at Reply

      Despite the negative press coverage. Still doesn’t make sense. Covfefe coverage not even close. What was he trying to say?

    • Posted by Canadian97467, at Reply

      Making incomplete/disjointed statements is also a symptom of dementia.

    • Posted by MrBean21320, at Reply

      Thank you!

    • Posted by Lady Legasus, at Reply

      DNAsGhostzHouze too bad it didn’t take him out of the white house permanently, as in make him no longer president with effects reaching pence and ryan also making them permanently unavailable for the position.

  7. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Ever since I read about this incident this morning, I have had the image of a half naked Trump slouched in his chair, his phone in his lap and a single stream of drool hanging from his mouth hitting the post key….

    • Posted by merlynjep, at Reply

      OK, fully naked. Better now?

    • Posted by KLM, at Reply

      When you say “half-naked”, is it:
      β€’ Front half/back half
      β€’ Top half/bottom half
      β€’ Left half/Right half?
      Leave it to “The Donald” to have six halves…. we’re all quite happy with our allocation of two! πŸ€”

  8. Posted by Bailey E, at Reply

    Hands too small to reach all the buttons… SAD

    • Posted by BushidoBrownSama, at Reply


    • Posted by Joseph Gagne, at Reply

      Logan Galloway well I’d hope so… he is a male after all

    • Posted by Ed Sherman, at Reply

      Bailey E-Good one ! Covfefe !!!

  9. Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

    covfefe is pedo lingo. Trump is a pedo #pizzaCovfefegate

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      +joefish41 wow you’re a pedo apologist?

    • Posted by 1990chrism, at Reply


    • Posted by Matthew Califana, at Reply

      maybe Loco in the Coco !

    • Posted by WorksopGimp, at Reply

      Well you would know

  10. Posted by Marco Bonechi, at Reply

    it’s a security code for Putin

    • Posted by Marco Bonechi, at Reply

      of trump’s money? i don’t know

    • Posted by Marco Bonechi, at Reply

      they didn’t have to

    • Posted by Marco Bonechi, at Reply

      ivanka was texting him asking for his password on the citi bank account to log in and wire money abroad, he was writing his tweet and didn’t realize that the focus was on the other app

    • Posted by Marco Bonechi, at Reply

      it’s a password. initials to a phrase.

    • Posted by ShutUpAndDance!, at Reply

      covfefe is Russian for “all clear.”

  11. Posted by X IV, at Reply

    TYT with Covfefenk Uygur

    • Posted by Sjwatts, at Reply

      X IV πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by El John, at Reply


    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      What do you think ?
      The peoplefefe are in charge ?!

  12. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    Half a brain, half a tweet! Go figure, he’s a moron.

    • Posted by jjmav9, at Reply

      Covfefe actually means “I will stand up” in Arabic, it’s just spelled cov fe’fe (If you don’t believe me, detect language on google translate.)

    • Posted by Andrew_Owens, at Reply

      There is no v sound in the Arabic alphabet. It does exist in other languages that use the same alphabet (Farsi, Maylay), but they need to add three dots over the letter fa instead of one. Second, the ‘ transliteration means you are adding the letter hamsa. That then is not the same spelling at any rate.

    • Posted by nassim kitouni, at Reply

      jjmav9 I’m arab and i don’t find anything close to that word not to mention standing up

    • Posted by Andrew_Owens, at Reply

      Ramadan mubarek! Hey, maybe THAT’s what he was trying to say.

    • Posted by ShutUpAndDance!, at Reply

      I don’t know what he would do without his daughter wife, Ivanka, and his sugar daddy, Vladimir Putitinmyass

  13. Posted by Lin Dzay, at Reply

    OK is it
    1. Koh-feh-feh
    2. Koh-fee-fee
    3. Koh-fay-fay

    • Posted by David Harrison, at Reply


    • Posted by Steve Harvey lewis, at Reply

      Lin Dzay yes baby it’s a magfufum πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Robert X., at Reply

      David Harrison If youre from Bahston or Bahtimore then yeah go get yahself some cahfefeh dahlin’

    • Posted by biznu bizzness, at Reply

      koh fee fee

  14. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    COVFEFE is short for…..
    COVer-up FEderal FElony

    • Posted by dildoswaggins skankhunt, at Reply

      whatever guys. It’s Putin’s winter soldier Manchurian candidate code word. “soldier, can you hear Me? day break, benign, seventeen, covfefe

    • Posted by Albita Jofili, at Reply

      I aplaude you, sir.

    • Posted by DrTreAllDay, at Reply

      UNC Grad W for being a UNC Grad. UNCG Grad here

  15. Posted by VastVoidward, at Reply

    Great. In addition to “alternative facts” we now have “alternative spelling.” SAD!

    • Posted by Manuel, at Reply

      VastVoidward that’s called “British English”

    • Posted by Lord Dim 1, at Reply

      πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ-English (simplified)

  16. Posted by onionring101, at Reply

    Low IQ conservatives

    • Posted by Galva Tron, at Reply

      onionring101 conservafefe’s you mean

    • Posted by God satan, at Reply

      Justaperson ok
      i just don’t like people getting mad over politics
      a respectful disagreement ok
      but saying half the country are retards is just dump
      this is why i hate party politics
      groups no matter how honest the individuals that make up said group are inherently dishonest
      if you want to know the truth hold no opinions

  17. Posted by erdvilla, at Reply

    Covalent Fe-Fe bond. He might saw some molecular chemistry on Discovery while trying to find FOX NEWS in the middle of the night.

    • Posted by Rip Steakface, at Reply

      +박봉봉 don’t sweat the facts, especially when it comes to science

    • Posted by Hoyuna Scipter, at Reply

      erdvilla Oh my, we’ve discovered a new allotrope of iron.

    • Posted by jimmybandme, at Reply

      how iron-ic

    • Posted by Chris Reflections, at Reply

      erdvilla nice…..

    • Posted by Chris Reflections, at Reply

      박봉봉 don’t mess this up for us