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Trump’s EPA: Radiation Not That Bad, Actually


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Mr. Burns might also be running the EPA currently. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" Donald Trump's visit of previous Oklahoma Chief law officer Scott Pruitt as principal of the Epa this year attracted brows, since Pruitt had made his job as a longstanding legal challenger of the EPA as well as a prominent climate change doubter. Since he's been put in cost of the company, Pruitt has allegedly made strategies to diluted federal scientific research study on the environment, deflected from the concern throughout all-natural catastrophes, and cut loose hundreds of staff members in a deregulation push.

Now some are concerned he's attempting to lower bench for, uh, lethal radiation. In new guidelines for regional officials released in September, the EPA recommended that radiation direct exposure throughout catastrophes 10 or even more times more than standards under Barack Obama's management is safe, Bloomberg reported." *.

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  1. Posted by SlackHax, at Reply

    There are different types of radiation you know… you can hold some alpha radiation in your hand with a pair of gloves for a long time before you are damaged in any way, but eating some is not a good idea.

  2. Posted by Satria Kurniawann Djaenal, at Reply

    I think Pruitt played Fallout and liked the mutants so much he wanted to make it a reality…

  3. Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

    libs ….please!!!! Lets have a rational discussion on topics. please dont tell me that bananas are radioactive or other stuff like that

  4. Posted by Zokizzy Foshizzy, at Reply

    Republicans are so stubborn they’ll defend nuke’s as being safe if they wanted to.

  5. Posted by Redoralive, at Reply

    Trump said he would deregulate American industries. Regulations tend to be set to protect people and the environment.

    You voted for it.

  6. Posted by Lilitha11, at Reply

    Low levels of radiation is unavoidable, however it is pretty obvious we should be avoiding radiation whenever possible. If we have been able to meet the former guidelines of radiation safety, there is no reason to relax the rules and allow more radiation.

  7. Posted by Alcidedable, at Reply

    Cenk you clearly has no idea what radiation is. You said no amount of radiation is ok? wtf the sun emit radiation, so does ur phone. Stop saying science this, science that when you dont even bother to look up what radiation is.

  8. Posted by ttrev007, at Reply

    Ask the every Republican you meet how they feel about the increase radiation allowed in your drinking water? I bet Fox is not telling them about this.

  9. Posted by The Gloved One, at Reply

    again, welcome to the third world America

  10. Posted by smitisan, at Reply

    Nobody drinks eight glasses of chest x-rays daily.

  11. Posted by martin austin, at Reply

    Where’s the enclave when you need them?

  12. Posted by oldi184, at Reply

    Nice. So brace yourselves guys. A tsunami of cancer is coming near you.

  13. Posted by Moises Ayala, at Reply

    I think you should be more specific about the type of radiation they are talking about. Radiation from the sun is essential for life. Take a look at Maxwell’s equations.

  14. Posted by godofwhiskey, at Reply

    Well I think the next public event someone in a rad suit can hand Scott a glass of water with his safe levels? and do it every time he talks in public. This should be the case for anyone who down voted this video. This should not be political just stupid WTF people.

  15. Posted by Marina Miranda, at Reply

    Food such as bananas, Brazil nuts, and other foods that contain potassium are healthy and yet they are radioactive. Human bodies are also radioactive. We are exposed to radiation that naturally occur in the environment all the time. However, does that mean it’s okay to drink water or swim in a spent fuel pool? That if radiation leaks from a plant into a body of water would make water safe? Of course not!!!

  16. Posted by IRREDEEMABLE AMERICA, at Reply

    this guy has no proof of what hes saying..just running his fat mouth

  17. Posted by Gabriel Castaneda, at Reply

    Cynk: radiation isn’t safe at any level

    Me: *stops eating banana

  18. Posted by Μέλ Μέλ., at Reply

    & then when our kids are born with deformations & we all get sick well…theyll just deny our coverage & let everyone die.