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Trump’s EPA Replaces Scientists With Stooges


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Scott Pruitt has let go of researchers and changed them with market types. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you believe in the remark area below.

" The Epa has actually "eviscerated" an essential scientific review board by getting rid of half its members and seeking to replace them with industry-aligned numbers, inning accordance with the board's chair.

Scott Pruitt, the EPA administrator, has picked not to restore the terms of nine of the 18-member board of clinical counselors, which suggests the EPA on the quality as well as precision of the science it produces. The group, largely made up of academics, is readied to be replaced by representatives from sectors that the EPA controls.

Deborah Swackhamer, chair of the board, stated that with various other prepared separations, the panel was left with 5 members, including her, during an EPA employing freeze.

" The board has actually been eviscerated," she told the Guardian. "We assumed these individuals would be renewed as well as there was no reason or sign they wouldn't be. These individuals aren't Obama appointees, they are clinical appointees. To have a political choice to get rid of them was a shock."

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  1. Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

    Did people really not see this coming? Of course tramp will put people in who will say what he and his masters want.

    • Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

      hellcat1988 Republicans won’t. Trump is like DemiGod to them

  2. Posted by Are You Tired Of Winning Yet?, at Reply

    The fact that there are people still deny climate change shows how shockingly stupid they are.

    • Posted by MrBrybry303, at Reply

      Bongwyre2112 “Bernie has big plans” are you sort of a hypocrite because liberals say they do but they don’t?

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      They talk about their plans all the time. Bernie’s website told in detail his entire plan to fix healthcare, the economy, human rights, education, the environment so I don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Posted by Clubland Exrcixe, at Reply

      Florida and the entire rich coastal dwellers including the West Coast will all be swimming in their private seawater pools within a decade.  bye bye Trump and his deniers….

    • Posted by Luka Saracen, at Reply

      MrBrybry303 I refer you to the Solutions Project, which was undertaken by several Renewable Energy Scientists to offer a design as to how we could achieve 100% renewable energy across the world. This program is supported, among others, by Bernie Sanders, which he made clear on his podcast when he talked to Josh Fox, who helped to kickstart this project. Next?

  3. Posted by Sean 7567, at Reply

    At this rate the next president will be spending his or her entire two terms cleaning up after Trump!

    • Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

      Island Ninja Except the economy grew under Obama (not to say the crash was Bush’s fault entirely or even largely) and our deficit was slashed materially (though not enough) under Obama versus the huge increases seen under Bush.

    • Posted by Island Ninja, at Reply

      Daniel Jones yeah, the crash was Bush’s fault for deregulating the banks. The economy grew under Obama but it was the to 1% who benefitted, with hardly any gains going to the average American.

    • Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

      Island Ninja Actually, if memory serves me right, the deregulations occurred largely under Clinton. The Federal Reserve was also at least partially to blame through their low interest rate policies. Bush’s massive spending just made it harder to engage in stimulus-related spending and he was to blame for keeping regulations low.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      That’s pretty much what Obama had to do for Bush…

    • Posted by Island Ninja, at Reply

      Daniel Jones youre not incorrect. Bush further deregulated to a point where a crash was inevitable though.

  4. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    Dear Trump supporters,
    You lost too. You just don’t know it yet.

    • Posted by Halican GD, at Reply

      Izzy So
      It’s because you don’t know it yet.

    • Posted by Florence MacKenna, at Reply

      I wonder if they’ll realize they lost when they have cancer thanks to toxic contamination in their water, food and air, and no longer have the health care coverage to treat it.

    • Posted by Izzy So, at Reply

      Hahaha the same thing when libs were saying hillary won………how accurate you are libtards

    • Posted by Florence MacKenna, at Reply

      Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band

      That’s not true. We’re not all going to burn. Some of us will drown in floods, some of us will starve due to food shortages, and some of us will be killed by extreme weather.

  5. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    trump the enemy of science. prepare to have a lot more lead and mercury in the water and a crap ton of chemicals pumped into the air. trump is trying to kill us so him and his buddies can make a quick buck, but damage our health and the environment in the long run. congratulations trump voters you literally voted for a cartoon villain and this sounds like something you would find in Captain Planet.

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply


    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      We are laughing at you

    • Posted by Kai Sellgren, at Reply

      +Hitchhiking Vagabond people outside the US are laughing at you.

  6. Posted by blayne gower, at Reply

    How is clean drinking water and a clean environment a political issue? How are people still convinced this stuff is not important and beyond politics?

    • Posted by Kalin Simovski, at Reply

      blayne gower because there are ppl whose job it is to reframe these issues and cast doubt on anything they dont like.

    • Posted by Drachnon, at Reply

      Well in the past few decades the right wing of America has more and more stopped caring about what their own positions are as long as they are opposite of the left.
      Left wants clean water and air? Let’s oppose it!
      Left wants higher taxes on the wealthy? Give tax breaks for the top 0.1%!
      Left wants better public education? Defund public education and instead give vouchers for private!
      None of these make real sense if you look at whether they benefit Republican voters but they’re still popular because it opposes Democrats.

    • Posted by Vineeth Philip, at Reply

      they seem to genuinely think the “free market” will fix it

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      They’re right. The free market will fix it. After enough people die from it that the cost of the lawsuits outweighs the obscene profits.

    • Posted by Drachnon, at Reply

      Except if there’s no law that makes it illegal to not insure people there’s no grounds to sue. Also there’s a bigger concern with free market and healthcare intersecting, in a true free market everything is worth what the purchaser will pay for it. With healthcare this often boils down to the question: “How much is your life worth to you?”

  7. Posted by permeus2nd, at Reply

    It’s going the take decades to fix all the stuff that has been broken in the last 100 days.

    • Posted by bunnybreaker, at Reply

      Always easier to destroy than build.

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Too right

  8. Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

    Why are Gen Xers and boomers so gullible?

    • Posted by Einomar, at Reply

      VampireKing haha with a nickname like that you are definitely a millennial xD.

    • Posted by Roxy, at Reply

      VampireKing Kill yourself, scum.

    • Posted by Roxy, at Reply

      Gage Acosta The boomers are a parasite generation who coasted off of the prosperity created by the WWII generation, and who are now leeching off of social programs paid for by younger generations. GenX were raised fucked up by their dumbass boomer parents to the extent they were too dumb to realize mortgages had to be paid back, causing the Great Recession. Millennials were raised with the internet, we know how to find the objective truth instead of just listening to what the talking heads on CNN tell us.

  9. Posted by Mariano Dessardo, at Reply

    Trump did say that he likes the uneducated.

    • Posted by IA MERROR, at Reply

      Mariano Dessardo He’s clearly uneducated himself

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      _”I’m like a smart, smart man”_ -Dolt in Chief, D. Trumph

    • Posted by kingcopycat, at Reply

      mira tayler poorly uneducaded is worse then being poorly educated 😛

    • Posted by Florence MacKenna, at Reply

      mira taylor

      I don’t think you understand what an oxymoron is.

  10. Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

    did the epa hire spoderman?!

    • Posted by disgusted1, at Reply

      +Jason Reyes Spoder Man is the nom de plume for the new EPA Chief, Spoo swallower was taken.

  11. Posted by Johnny 5.0, at Reply

    I’m just waiting for Trump to declare a war on books.

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Johnny 5.0
      Please don’t give him any ideas…

    • Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

      Johnny 5.0
      “Reading is overrated.”
      “Books are fake news.”
      “I love the illiterate.”

    • Posted by kuuku Yankson, at Reply

      can’t stop laughing

    • Posted by monkeygraborange, at Reply

      Never happen… that’s the job of UCal Berekley who are destroting books as we speak.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply


  12. Posted by Andrew Stewart, at Reply

    Environment – Donny don’t care.
    Health – Donny don’t care.
    Justice – Donny don’t care.
    Telling the truth – Donny don’t care.

    • Posted by Wade Haden, at Reply

      Donny won’t care, until Donny gets impeached!

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Armando7654 Elaborate on that statement from your broad claims. “Donny Don’t Care about environment” that’s exactly true otherwise he would have not actively reopen coal mines and left the rest of that to automated machinery and invested more into renewable energy and not acting like it’s 1897. Most definitely he would not try to dismantle the EPA by appointing A climate change denier. He doesn’t care about the justice department because he would not implement policies that would indirectly discriminate others for their well being and Identity.

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Armando7654 the Health care is the most mind boggling, The dream is that America needs to have single payer health care. Yet the way the population size of the country we will have to rely on the competitive insurance market place to aid the civilians. I still never understood the philosophy of tax cuts to the rich. Rich people would either ship money off-shore accounts or launder their money. The middle class cannot efficiently afford to keep the government budget afloat with out taxing the rich. Which that money goes towards education promoting portfolio and skill building that leads into advancing our world! Improving our medicine and improving humanitarian way of life.

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Armando7654 if you say those words don’t mean the same thing, then by all that is Holy It’s damn well connected heavily

  13. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    But her emails!

  14. Posted by Struggle TheFear, at Reply

    another paths for USA to become the US “idiocracy”. Next time, I wouldn’t be surprised these people ordered to watered plants with brawndo.

    • Posted by Gothead420, at Reply

      But it contains electrolytes!
      Its what plants crave!

    • Posted by w anderson, at Reply

      I wish we had a President in office like Mr. Not Sure.

  15. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    We have truly failed as a society. I never thought i’d see the day when science would be under attack.

    • Posted by Phil Exley, at Reply

      hitchhiking And EVERYBODY else is laughing at you and pitying your ignorance.

    • Posted by Kami Snowpaw, at Reply

      Hitchhiking, thank you for proving that Republicunts like you are so insanely mind blowingly stupid you’ll blow off your own legs if your owners told you too.
      And more than that, proving you lack the basic abilities to think for yourself, exercise free will and have any self awareness.

      You’re laughing? Sure you are, keep it up, you have no idea what a complete an utter joke you are.. Simply to outright stupid to realize what you are.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      I am laughing at you

    • Posted by STLCODPS3123, at Reply

      “science under attack”
      kind of like how your liberals say that their are 76+ genders?

  16. Posted by Melly Kidd, at Reply

    “Making America great again” by eagerly letting it become as polluted and poisoned as possible.

    • Posted by BluePrint, at Reply

      Melly Kidd The country wasn’t the hellscape he described during his campaign, so he’s trying to create it. Then his accomplishments would seem tremendous.

    • Posted by Kalin Simovski, at Reply

      Melly Kidd it’s like chemo

    • Posted by Melly Kidd, at Reply

      +Kalin Simovski
      *If* chemo worked in reverse, and destroyed healthy cells while leaving the cancerous ones unharmed, and also cause other chronic illnesses, deformities, and disabilities.

  17. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    By ‘replaced scientists’ TYT means far left wing political activists.

    • Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

      So in your book, corporatist “scientists” are better?

    • Posted by Izzy So, at Reply

      Left wing scientists got caught manipulating data to make it appear more extreme…Fear mongering…..

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply

      Ignore “acceptjesusorburn” – they are a heretic most assuredly heading to the fires of damnation. Or, in layman’s terms, a troll.

  18. Posted by robert postman, at Reply

    Experience, education, and ability are not considerations to the Trump administration. I wonder why?

    • Posted by Richard Smith, at Reply

      robert postman you’re right-only a complete idiot could build a billion dollar empire, become world famous and then President. That guy must be a complete idiot.

    • Posted by Yvonne Nunez, at Reply

      Richard Smith First, the billionaire claim is still in question. Second, he built a pile of lies, the man was gifted millions to start his business and still managed to fail and bankrupt businesses. If everyone had wealthy parents to bail them out then we could all be “billionaires”. This man has proven to be a liar, unethical, be amoral, and a thief, but not very intelligent.

  19. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    New Name: Environmental Perversion Agency. Sad.

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      Executive Protection Agency

    • Posted by rpaul247, at Reply

      Mark Lapworth Elite Protection Agency

    • Posted by rpaul247, at Reply

      Excessive Pollution Agency