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Trump’s Even Losing Ann Coulter


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Ann Coulter may be jumping off the Trump train. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Erstwhile staunch Donald Trump booster Ann Coulter has called the head of state "grotesque" as well as frustrating as she appeared poised to bail on him also prior to The Washington Message reported Monday that he leaked categorized info to the Russians.

" Every person that elected him recognized his individuality was monstrous," yet it was the problems, the conventional commentator and author told The Daily Caller in an interview Sunday. Currently, regarding the concerns go, "child, points don't look good," she said.

" I'm not extremely delighted with just what has actually taken place thus far," Coulter included. "I think we have to attempt to push him to keep his guarantees. But … if he does not keep his pledges I'm out."" *.

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  1. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    Grab your life preservers….
    *Everyone is bailing from the Trumptantic before the ship sinks!*

    • Posted by Thoranzalar Vhazen, at Reply

      I had no idea what icebergs were before I ran for election. When I was running for president I said I would learn so much about icebergs, it wouldn’t even be funny – I’d know icebergs inside and out. Now that I’m president, I know all about icebergs.

    • Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

      The Titanic = The Republicans
      The Iceberg = TYT exposing them!
      The poor = Dumbass poor redneck voters
      The Rich = corporate donors

  2. Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

    He still has his UK Ball licker Sargon.

    • Posted by OTBWY, at Reply

      Nice try alt-righter, but I didn’t accuse Sargon of being a white nationalist. I was talking about his audience, which he obviously caters to. How? Well look at his videos. Every goddamned black person or otherwise immigrant, brown non-white is instantly assumed to be guilty or a danger to western culture. It’s the same as Molyneux and his “truth about” videos. All it ever does is come back to one simple argument which is non-white people being less than. This is the same thing used by sargon except he insinuates it through his selective articles and commentary on them. Also, look at his absurd opposition to black lives matter. How are they different than any other alt-righter?

      Lastly, he is hilariously wrong about tyt falling apart, ignoring the fact that he uses a clickbait title which is hates so much, he is factually just wrong about them. Tyt is growing in popularity if anything. He simply doesn’t like tyt because his audience doesn’t like them, which is why he made that video (get the crowder audience quick!).

    • Posted by MinesAGuinness, at Reply

      I once subscribed to Sargon of Akkad, and found it entertaining to listen to and engage with people with different points of view. Ultimately, though, the level of abuse and the lack of interest in discussion or debate put me off. I finally stopped following Sargon when he went on a hour-long rant about some research into whether playing video games had a causal link to real-life violence (note: it doesn’t!), and he managed to completely misinterpret the study. He hadn’t read it carefully enough, and failed to realise that it actually, and categorically, supported his own position. Of course, my message to him was ignored, and the video still stands unaltered. I’ve no time for someone who is more interested in raging for effect, and making personal attacks on someone else’s reputation, but cannot be bothered to check his own understanding.

  3. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    Ann Coulter is one of the most hideous, regressive bitches alive but its never too late. She could kill herself.

    • Posted by ind0ctr1n3, at Reply

      Fine; Hypocrisy*.

      But before you feel too proud of yourself; I doubt you can speak Dutch, which is my first language.

    • Posted by ind0ctr1n3, at Reply

      Burger King; No I’m not. I asked a question. Do you know the difference between questions and opinions?

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      *Mae* I have never been a Trunp supporter.

  4. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    She’s mad that I pulled out.

    • Posted by Ryan Walthuis, at Reply

      go back to reality TV. you were funny there and i liked you. your making me dislike you thoroughly since your now in a serious role.

    • Posted by sheila taylor, at Reply

      Pickles …he probably use depends cause I heard he smells like pee and he loves to get peed on…. mr pee body!!!! Lol….roll the tape Putin!!!!!

    • Posted by edward james, at Reply

      justine greene, that’s exactly right. he constantly wants strangers to give him a pat on the back.

    • Posted by Steve R, at Reply

      cash me outside the white house, how bout dah

  5. Posted by Zo King, at Reply

    Ann Coulter looks like the plastic skeleton that I hang on my door to scare away the kids on Halloween.

    • Posted by Delvin Minor, at Reply

      cenk will never get over losing so badly to her in the debate

    • Posted by Wink Edelman, at Reply

      I more strongly suspect she was once a he. amiright.

    • Posted by minicosmo minicosmo, at Reply

      Wink Eldelman…sooo true

    • Posted by Napoleon inRags, at Reply

      Plastic skeleton with an Adam`s Apple

  6. Posted by denveroutlaws06, at Reply

    Are Trump voters tired of all this winning?

    • Posted by Clavis Janes, at Reply

      Who cares if America is no 1 or not? Why is that important?

    • Posted by Neravine, at Reply

      85% of jobs lost in the US have been lost to automation, not trade.

    • Posted by Jürgen Sven Fuchs, at Reply

      Moreover, as technology advances even lower wage workers get replaced by robots. Foxconn has produced iPhones with a huge workforce and is about to replace ten thousands of workers with robots.

  7. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    You know Trump’s in trouble when Cruella Deville disses him.

    • Posted by raven3moon, at Reply


    • Posted by Bluesky, at Reply

      Someone once said Ann reminded them of a praying mantis in a blondes wig!

  8. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Ann Coulter has seen the light, and realizes trump is like a ship without a Rutter and heading directly into the storm and is intent on taking the Republican party down with him!

    side note: Ann COULTER is one ugly olive oil looking woman!

    • Posted by Daisy Chains, at Reply

      Ann Coulter is a proto-fascist authoritarian. Why is her sexual attractiveness a topic?

    • Posted by 13tuyuti, at Reply

      Ann Coulter a proto-fascist? Is she that old?

  9. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Trump supporters who still think they’re winning are in denial and should seek psychiatric help.

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +ryan braun – On a number of times TYT “reported” that the Orlando shooter wasn’t a terrorist.

    • Posted by larsthegunslinger, at Reply

      vorsye citation?

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +larsthegunslinger – Go to the TYT youtube channel homepage. Go to the search channel box. Put in “Omar Mateen gay”. To many videos for me to list.

    • Posted by larsthegunslinger, at Reply

      vorsye yeah, they called him a terrorist. they even said he was gay….. are you just trying to get shown how wrong you are in as many subjects as possible?

    • Posted by mb1968nz, at Reply

      vorsye I saw no such claim from TYT…if your going to make a claim you need to back it up. It seems he had a double life according to his wife and others that knew him. He liked to party and the night-life he also had a gay relationship according to many news sources, this does not match the profile of a Jihadist. so ask the question…Hate Crime or Religious Terrorism? Its not a straight forward case or do you need FOX and CNN to spoon feed you an opinion…

  10. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    The Right has absolutely no credibility. Sadly, they’ll all don their brown shirts and jack boots for the next strongman who comes along.

    • Posted by Marcus Yates, at Reply

      Yeah Cenk always loves a reasonable discussion with people who already agree with him,-anything else is far too challenging for the little toddler & he just gets angry and then BANS people he disagrees with,- so progressive, much tolerance 🙂

    • Posted by Bob Alysia Haras, at Reply

      Cent has debated Coulter in person before, I doubt he’s afraid to do it again, seeing has he kicked her butt the last time, simply by stating facts.

    • Posted by John Wilson, at Reply

      Marcus Yates well stop cryin and challenge him then!

  11. Posted by hungfao, at Reply

    What is hard to fathom is why does it take the morons so long to finally see the things that were so obvious to the rest of us?

    • Posted by DaniH, at Reply

      Because they’re morons….

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      +Alex .. Yep it was hope! Think about it. Trump = Hope, Clinton = No Hope.

    • Posted by writerconsidered, at Reply

      The answer you seek is in the question you asked.

    • Posted by havocc, at Reply

      hungfao thats a great question, and I believe it’s because of a blindfold to the truth we all have it but they have it at a beginning stage.. we too ignore truth but will become awake at different times and levels if we seek Truth..

    • Posted by Callme Mr., at Reply

      hungfao common sense is not common.

  12. Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

    trump voters are scum, whether they regret it or not.

    • Posted by Tom Wilson, at Reply

      Dont drop down to their level

    • Posted by Brendon Tompa-Clinch, at Reply

      lol extremists on both sides are scum. So u being a radical liberal looks bad compared a moderate republican. That’s why TYT, CNN, Rebel Media, And the Alex Jones channel are not great because they are so polarised. I enjoy watching many different views on political issues, and coming up with my own opinion. Instead of eating up and joining in on polarised political narratives.

      In the words of Rick Sanchez “Think for yourself, don’t be sheep”

  13. Posted by Tamara Figge, at Reply

    That lady has one fugly mug.

    • Posted by Jade Paulsen, at Reply

      Tamara Figge glass houses tam tam, glass houses.

    • Posted by Daisy Chains, at Reply

      OP looks like my grandmother and still thinks conventional beauty is more important than brains.
      Do you really think the problem with Ann Coulter are her looks? Is this what we should criticize about her? Would winning a beauty pageant make such a person less despicable?

    • Posted by keevee09, at Reply

      No. To me the two factors: beauty and intelligence; are mutually exclusive. That is kind of the pint. Or point, for what it matters. She clearly thinks that projective strength is pre-eminent to intrinsic truth. She lives in denial. Ann Coulter. So, that, in essence is my light-hearted take on the topic.

  14. Posted by Kyle Herbz, at Reply

    Ann Coulter is supremely stupid

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      Kyle Herbz Actually…she’s extremely smart. She has made a business of ‘stupidity’….sigh….the pied pipers of the world…

    • Posted by K Gizzi, at Reply

      Lets see you make an argument against her arguments then, idiot.

  15. Posted by mr patrick, at Reply

    loser ann. loser donald. the alt rights heads are exploding

    • Posted by Jirka Zalabák, at Reply

      Give her a little credit. She admitted her mistake, unlike most democrats, who still worship Hillary and blame Russians, racism and sexism. In that sense, she is more honest than all these DNC jackasses combined.

    • Posted by Philipp Schwarz, at Reply

      Jirka Zalabák How sad is that?

    • Posted by David Stagg, at Reply

      +Jirka Zalabák ” unlike most democrats, who still worship Hillary and blame Russians, racism and sexism.”

      Yep, because if there is one thing we’ve learned from Trump and his supporters it’s that Russia, racism and sexism are no longer things to worry about!………I mean, do you even listen to yourself?

    • Posted by Jirka Zalabák, at Reply

      +David I meant that they blame them for her loss. Russia might be a problem, but racism and sexism are no worse than they were under Obama. I mean, when you have to pretty much make up topics for feminism(rape culture, wage gap and so on) and racism(halloween costumes), you know you are doing well on these issues. None of those issues contributed significantly to her loss.

  16. Posted by Nick Gagnon, at Reply

    Ann Coulter is one crazy dude.

    • Posted by Kevin Russell, at Reply

      Nick Gagnon yeah but Ill bet she would go off like a frog in a sock

    • Posted by Kneill Ryan, at Reply

      Laces out Anne. Laces OUT!

    • Posted by Calvin Nelson Jr, at Reply

      Nick Gagnon 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Eric Connor, at Reply

      @Kneill Ryan: LOL. Nice timing there with an Ace Ventura reference.

    • Posted by tpt213, at Reply

      Nick Gagnon not nice. leave trannys alone.

  17. Posted by Ari Monet, at Reply

    she looks like the crypt keeper in a wig

    • Posted by Paul Trieglaff, at Reply

      Ari Monet with shittier makeup.

    • Posted by Niecy Mobe, at Reply

      Ari Monet Wait now, Kelly Anne’s the crypt keeper Ann’s the cousin!!

    • Posted by Dumdumdumdum Dum, at Reply

      I’ve never seen her and the crypt keeper in the same room before.

    • Posted by Naj_Singhs, at Reply

      Ari Monet HAHAHA!!! This comment gave me life😂❤😂 Too funny

  18. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Trump isn’t draining the Swamp, he’s the Swamp Thing

    • Posted by Bathrobe Battousai, at Reply

      Boy Blue don’t you dare insult Swamp Thing in such a way!

    • Posted by Melty Melt, at Reply

      Boy Blue don’t ever insult swamp thing like that

    • Posted by Nyte, at Reply

      Boy Blue but Swamp Thing is amazing
      🙁 Donald is garbage