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Trump’s FCC Is About To Ruin The Internet By Killing Net Neutrality


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New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is damaging net neutrality … however do not fret, he has a huge, wacky cup! Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section below.

" By a 2-1 vote led by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the company suggested to curtail a 2015 choice that controlled Web carriers a lot more greatly, making use of some of the very same regulations the firm applies to communications provider. The proposition additionally recommends reversing the so-called "basic conduct" regulation that allows the FCC to explore organisation practices of Internet service providers that it suspects might be anti-competitive. As well as lastly, the proposal asks whether the agency needs to remove the most prominent components of the internet nonpartisanship guidelines: The policies prohibiting the barring and also slowing of sites, in addition to the policy prohibiting ISPs from charging web sites additional fees.

" Today we suggest to reverse utility-style policy of the Web," claimed Pai. "The proof strongly suggests this is the right way to go."

The FCC's only Democrat, Mignon Clyburn, said the choice to review the policies was just the most recent in a broader effort by Republicans to damage its very own goal." *.

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  1. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Will this affect Canadians?

    • Posted by Jeff Daniels, at Reply

      It could, If the servers are in the us and a company doesn’t want to pay. It’ll be slow on their end.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      It will affect anyone that uses the internet when the content is originated in the US.

  2. Posted by tigerbalm, at Reply

    Fukking Nazi….

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Have you looked up his policies? Strong workers union, deficit spending, free healthcare, free education, instituting national parks, national pension system, subsidies for children the list goes on and on.

    • Posted by Premium Coffee, at Reply

      +Dave Z I have looked into it, you are confusing political philosophies/methods of governing with the ideals of left/right wing beliefs, you are knit picking information to spread misinformation. I gave an actual definition, there’s nothing to discuss, nazism = far right

  3. Posted by Anthony Serocco, at Reply

    America done fucked up

    • Posted by malkolm matthews, at Reply

      Anthony Serocco its going to hell in a rocketship

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      Anthony Serocco *BIGLY*

  4. Posted by Bad Hombre, at Reply

    Why are we letting this happen? Last time they tried this there were huge demonstrations and Google and other large companies came out against it.

    • Posted by SeeriousBizness, at Reply

      Bad Hombre google is too big to care. they will just pay more.

    • Posted by Karl, at Reply

      Democrats let it get this bad, also. I agree that the whole Republican party is bought, but so are most of the Democrats. Without primarying the corrupt establishment Democrats all we are going to get, regardless of party, is more of the same.

  5. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    So, why aren’t Milo, Ann Coulter, and the other Alt-Righters screaming at this assault on free speech? They really show their true colors when it’s their side silencing voices.

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      But as soon as one of those Minorities turns around throwing “Free Speech” back in their faces…..all of a sudden, *it’s You’re taking Free Speech out of context.* Funny that?

    • Posted by RML 3000 v, at Reply

      Camille Lake they prefer to be called the Alt Reich .

  6. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    “What? It effects ME? Dave Rubin? This is bad”.

  7. Posted by Tom S, at Reply

    Fracking scum!

    MASSIVE internet companies like Google need to start becoming Internet Service Providers… and hopefully make it a lil fairer.

    • Posted by Dr. Hugh Bumazz, at Reply

      Tom S FahKing Scum. For future times, it’s Fah Ker Fah Kit Fah Q. Have fun.

    • Posted by Tom S, at Reply

      Hahaha Thank You, my bad, been watching too much Battlestar Galactica lately. 🙂

    • Posted by Santos Chavez, at Reply

      Google has tried, with Google Fiber. But of course AT&T and Comcast didn’t like that and got in their way every time they tried expanding into areas they solely controlled. Bastards don’t want competition.

    • Posted by Stephen Warbington, at Reply

      Tom S I remember hearing About Google fiber with about 1 gig speed a couple years ago. politicians got paid heavy to shut them down…

  8. Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

    This is criminal.

    • Posted by b3ng3b, at Reply

      Yes it truly is illegal. It is TREASON to be exact.

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    i hope you’re happy trump supporters, you caused this. its bad enough that the cable companies have a monopoly on the internet, and that we pay way more for a fraction of the speed, then any other country in Europe or South Korea. but net Neutrality kept them from playing favorites with website speed, but now that’s in danger. thanks for that

    • Posted by Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this, at Reply

      Orange Toad supporters are too stupid to understand the massive issue here.

    • Posted by Darin Nixon, at Reply

      i live in a small town in Canada and we have access to way faster internet then most cities in the us, I have fibre optics. Canada is also a very big country. It has nothing to do with size of country and has everything to do with keeping the american public in the dark and nice little slaves. Not that i am less of a slave , lol

    • Posted by triigga s, at Reply

      rouge1ful this was a problem b4. Trump

    • Posted by HeeroYuyZero13 aka_Aku, at Reply

      rouge1ful Hillary’s been very forward with wanting to get rid of net neutrality not a trump supporter but the shits smells on both sides.

  10. Posted by Ryan S., at Reply

    Liberal or Conservative; Bernie Bro or Trumpster; cuck or duck; let us all unite on this issue and protect our internet freedom!

    • Posted by Mark, at Reply

      capitalism is probably better for propaganda, you have companies doing the propaganda so it is not “state” run, it holds up the illusion better than state run propaganda

    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      NefariousFox, read into the history nearing WWII. Italy and Japan were both socialist states that controlled all forms of media and propaganda.that is a fact, and there are many other examples where that holds true. so again tell me how is it stupid? in Japan they thought Americans were blood thirsty monsters and would much rather kill themselves then to surrender to any American.

    • Posted by israel granados, at Reply

      You are proof that corporations are people you talk like one hell your principles are like one your argument is reasonable the only thing it lacks is a human saying it!! but let me ask you something should property be used to disadvantage people?, should property be used to create monopoly’s? this is nothing wrong with your argument but there is everything wrong with your humanity.

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      Since it is impossible for everyone to have their own personal ISP the companies know we are forced to use theirs. This is clearly them taking advantage of a situation to make more money. AKA completely evil.

  11. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Trump supporters you have literally ruined the internet, how are you gonna justify this idiots? You guys aren’t gonna be able to troll anymore

    • Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

      Another sad thing is that Trump voters can’t blame Obama for this since he literally gave us this protection and Trump knowingly appointed a guy who wanted to dismantle this. Sad.

    • Posted by Jimmy Burnel, at Reply

      Boy Blue LMFAO

    • Posted by Chris Johannsen, at Reply

      b-b-but her emails…

    • Posted by Jay Rock Jinx, at Reply

      Boy Blue Pizzagate.

  12. Posted by jacob groves, at Reply

    Republicans deserve to die.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      Is there any other kind?

    • Posted by DanteAtomosKageokami, at Reply


    • Posted by Jay Rock Jinx, at Reply

      jacob groves This comment is honest and true and I agree with it.

  13. Posted by Adalberto J., at Reply

    Ajit has such a great punchable face. (I don’t condone any type of violence)

    • Posted by Adalberto J., at Reply

      @bumtree Out of all the comments in my thread, yours I like the most. The eloquent way of expressing your desire to unleash both pair of limbs on to an unsuspecting administration official’s face fills me with lustful imagination of someone savagely pummeling his existence into a complete and momentary shutdown of his conscience.

    • Posted by Luis J, at Reply

      +bumtree yes his face would look amazing getting punched/kicked in slow motion.. I wonder if the super slow-mo guys would look into it.. That’d be something I’d watch over and over and over and over again..

    • Posted by Gitanjali Rachakonda, at Reply

      Luis J OMG YUSSSS

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      He travels everywhere with four swoll bodyguards. They have stomped out muthafuckas in the past.

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      The John Oliver piece on Ajit proved he has the most punchable face in the world.

  14. Posted by matt berl, at Reply

    Funny how trump puts Chairs in charge of each department that wants to destroy it. EPA, FCC, Education……Departments which were created to enforce, protect, and grow for the betterment of America.

    Sadly, is now just a rich mans playground. Pay to get in, enrich their buddies. FAKE DEMOCRACY!!!!! Banana republic, for which it stands, one nation, under debt …..

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      Indefensible, No liberty……Just US…..the Elite Cabal.

    • Posted by TehVorLoN, at Reply

      The funny part about this is, that everyone can see the very obvious corruption at play, yet US lawmakers just let it happen without doing anything to stop the open buying of politicians. I really fail to see how the US can call themselves a democracy anymore, when in truth it’s becoming more and more like an oligarchy.

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      Trump supporters think thats “draining the swamp”. They’re too stupid to realize its the opposite.

  15. Posted by CrazySeanDX, at Reply

    Since it was enacted by Obama, Repubs are silent about it. Same with the alt-right.

    Y’all will really punish this country for a win for your side, eh? That’s just sad.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Yep. It’s always been a Super Bowl-like event to them. As long as their team wins, who cares what damage is wrought?

  16. Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

    say goodbye to the Internet you know.

  17. Posted by Grant Scarboro, at Reply

    The end of Net Neutrality = the death of democracy

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      Do you mind enlightening me on the difference between a “democratic republic” and a “democracy”?

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      Democratic republic refers to an orwellian state like China where democratic and republic are used ironically as self-descriptors (standard fair propaganda).

    • Posted by Arsinoe Khemhetsunar, at Reply

      Democracy is majority rule and people vote directly for everything. Democratic Republic is a group of politicians each representing a particular constituency (i.e., congress, parliament, etc.)

    • Posted by Fo Reel, at Reply

      no it doesn’t. It means you democratically elect your representatives and they govern for you. If a dictatorship calls itself democratic or a republic or both that doesn’t mean jack shiite, unless the people elect their leaders.

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      You’re confusing republics with democratic republics.

  18. Posted by A Fernando, at Reply

    Americans really like to throw the word freedom around a lot lol.

    • Posted by divinuminfernum, at Reply

      it is proportional to their lack of actual consideration of its meaning, but also it is instead just a euphemism thrown about by the status quo often to just mean, – them being given full licence to do whatever they want with their power and wealth and if that means crushing civil liberties and rights and warping laws, and depriving people of access to true and accurate information, then so be it as far as they are concerned – it is their freedom to pursue profit above all else even to the very ruin of any kind of rule of law that underpins even the legal bases of capitalism

  19. Posted by Whateverfits, at Reply

    This is the perfect example that the US government does not care what it’s citizens want. Voicing your opions to them just falls on deaf ears.

    • Posted by tempgirl00711, at Reply

      why should they care. his voters wanted all of this sh that’s going on. they invited it upon every American citizen here. he told u what is was, during the campaign and it’s not rocket science, his shady open moral character was never hidden. and that’s what his voters loved… he played them like a pimp on a hoe stroll. period. if they were the top 1 percent theywould be on cloud nine right now. but sorry, poor, middle, working class, we are all screwed cuz u didn’t do ur homework. terrible. not saying I knew what hed do, just saying the signs were there. and the people around him were there. his background was there. he didn’t hide his ways. knew he’d be bad for America, just thought he’d be only bad for minorities. and poor people. trump is a gangsta pimp. he never hid that about himself. never paying his workers, filing all those bks’, not paying share of taxes, which by they way, support all the programs in America….. including roads, bridges, etc. he was always a crook and his voters were cool with that. instead really asking themselves. would a billionaire like this actually support poor, middle, working class people, are his best friends, billionaires he hangs out with every day?  never doing any community outreach, nothing to show he’d be down with every day americans. lol. those signs and many more were there to read, clear as day. people ignored them and now we all have to pay. not shockd by anything he does. because it’s not a surprise. he’s always been corrupt. and what do u think comes with a moral character like his…. more corruption….

    • Posted by Whateverfits, at Reply

      Well damn. I was just talking about how we all told the FCC that this was a bad thing and they just shrug the people off as trolls.

    • Posted by Burwayn Ardi, at Reply

      Whateverfits no, it’s the republican party..

    • Posted by bro guy, at Reply

      guns, man power, endless waves of angry americans, blood

  20. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Where are the free speech warriors when you need them. They’re conveniently silent all of the sudden.

    • Posted by sullyFL, at Reply

      I did. Those were almost certainly paid protestors meant to make net neutrality protestors look bad to conservative media. No one who actually supports net neutrality would actually make a poster like those guys had. Of course, Breitbart and Drudge used those photos to rile up their base against the whole net neutrality movement.

      Comcast paid homeless people to fill seats at the first major net neutrality hearing in order to keep net neutrality advocates from entering; Verizon tried to start a whole tech news blog to spin stories about net neutrality and govt spying. These companies are evil.