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Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Raided By FBI


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Trump's former project supervisor Paul Manafort obtained an unanticipated go to from the FBI. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" WASHINGTON– Investigators for the special advice, Robert S. Mueller III, lately browsed the Northern Virginia residence of President Trump's former project manager, Paul Manafort, for tax papers as well as international banking documents, a sign that the inquiry right into Mr. Manafort has actually broadened, according to a person acquainted with the matter.

The search was executed at Mr. Manafort's Alexandria, Va., house soon after Mr. Manafort consulted with private investigators for the Senate Knowledge Committee on July 25. Because meeting, Mr. Manafort responded to inquiries as well as supplied detectives with notes from a 2016 meeting between Trump campaign authorities and also Russians claiming to have damaging details on Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Manafort's spokesperson validated that an F.B.I. raid had actually been accomplished.

" Mr. Manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and also various other significant queries as well as did so on this occasion as well," claimed Jason Maloni, a spokesman for Mr. Manafort. News of the search warrant was first reported on Wednesday by The Washington Blog post." *.

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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Wonder how many Trumpanzees are going to go ‘muh nothing burger’ now?

    • Posted by Captain America, at Reply

      Red Dawn That might have been somewhat relevant in 2016! Weak sauce!

    • Posted by Titantron9000, at Reply

      Stupid people like you are practically defenseless when it comes to right wing propaganda. Sad!

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      Hal Jordan

      English please.

    • Posted by Aк. Ак., at Reply

      Hal Jordan Mwahaha, Trumpanzees!

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      Over a year later, a guy who has had nothing to do with Trump for nearly a year is targeted. Yup, you got him. The Dems Russian adventure. Dems ensureing Republican wins well into the future.
      He was campaign chair while the DNC was hacked and he was at the Trump Jr. meeting. Are you seriously not getting this?

  2. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Better check his self-tanner for polonium……just in case.

  3. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    Eating a burger right now. So yummy! ☺

    • Posted by Jon Dunmore, at Reply

      MMMMM… nothing better than a *Something* Burger!

    • Posted by Neojhun, at Reply

      That is one juicy heavy burger. Hope you don’t choke.

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      With chipotle? 🍔🌶😋

  4. Posted by Yeah Science Biyawch, at Reply

    Just hurry up and Impeach Trump before he kills us all.

    • Posted by steven clark, at Reply

      There is a few people out there who are really scared of losing there health care they receive …..I think if they did stop there health care plan am sure a few might try and shot trump ??

    • Posted by Delroy Brower, at Reply

      steven clark What most idiots don’t realize is this. If the republican succeed on repealing the ACA a lot of people who get insurance through their employers would eventually lose it as the employer mandate would be eliminated. Only high end workers and management in your better companies would continue to offer insurance and most who do would require greater employee contribution towards it.

    • Posted by Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive, at Reply

      Yeah Science Biyawch he’s not going anywhere dummy . Why not just prepare for 2018 and 2020?

    • Posted by Rich Pirhana, at Reply

      Johnny Lightning the tolerant left calling for the assassination of trump what’s new.

  5. Posted by Kyle Beck, at Reply

    This is scary part. Once the net closes in on trump he well nuke North Korea. Cuz once his world burns down. He is going to burn down the rest of the world.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      His fingers are too small to push the button. He’ll have to have his diaper changed though.

  6. Posted by rubin831, at Reply

    Oh yeah, the sh*t looks like it’s going to hit the fan. The only problem is while this happens lets hope this doesn’t give him reason to use a war as a distraction.

    • Posted by I am Gumby, dammit, at Reply

      Yep. His saber rattling is an attempt to distract from his Russian problem.

    • Posted by DrgnFlys, at Reply

      Rofl!!! Welcome to the fourth reich.

    • Posted by Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive, at Reply

      rubin831 nah

  7. Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

    Do a video on Wasserman threatening a police chief……. oh wait you wont.

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      Hopefully you will be so disappointed that you won’t come back here anymore.

    • Posted by Etham, at Reply

      They bashed Wasserman all the time and if there’s sth new i’m sure they will report it.

    • Posted by Ulek _, at Reply

      +Fennec Fox Yeah dude its not like TYT ever went in on her before. LMFAOO They will totally back her up….sure…

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      That was 2.5 months ago and nothing came of it. You’re telling me if she threatened them to their face they wouldn’t have arrested her on the spot? I saw the video and nothing happened. Everybody was laughing at her.

  8. Posted by Valk, at Reply

    “Dont ever let Ana out of that tank top!” said the guy in charge of selling TYT merchandise.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      Actually getting her out of the tank top might have occurred to one or more viewers.

  9. Posted by David Beale, at Reply

    I Love the image of Agents going through all of Manafort’s stuff!

    • Posted by Anonymous DueToFascists, at Reply

      I can see the FBI inventory list.

      1 box of Neil Diamond CD- re-writables…check.

      1 box of dvd re-writables labeled “R Kelly and Donald Trump hooker piss”…check.

      And 352 boxes filled with Russian cash containing all denominations…check.

      Oh yes, and 1 laptop labled “Hill-bot tear dispenser / Russian wire transfers”…check.

  10. Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

    When Obama took office in January 2009, America had just come off a year where they had lost 2.6 million jobs and were presently losing jobs at a rate of 800,000 per month.

    The auto industry was on the verge of collapse, threatening an additional 1.2 million real and peripheral jobs.

    The Housing market had collapsed causing millions of American families to lose their homes.

    The stock market was in free fall, wiping out the life savings of millions of Americans and costing U.S. investors $10 trillion.

    We were embroiled in 2 Middle East quagmires, being fought “off budget”, and costing U.S. taxpayers $6 trillion.

    OBL, who murdered thousands of U.S. citizens, was retired and living in comfort in a mountaintop villa protected by the Pakistani military.

    The world economy had contracted by $70 trillion in just the previous 6 months.

    Medical bills were the number one cause of personal bankruptcies in America.

    And Republicans throughout the nation were as quiet as a church mouse because a Republican President, (who for 6 straight years had a Republican House and Senate), had led us to that point.

    Obama took office and in the face of unprecedented and unrelenting opposition, he was able to turn most of that around.

    So make no mistake about it…. When you say that Obama was “the worst president ever”, we know you’re not referring to the historic record. You’re referring to his race.

    We know that you spent 8 years lying about his birth origin because of his race.

    We know that you spent 8 years lying about his religion because of his race.

    We know that you spent 8 years lying about Obamacare microchip implants and death panels because of his race.

    We know that you spent 8 years lying about gun seizures because of his race.

    We know that you spent 8 year lying about secret plans to impose Sharia Law because of his race.

    We know you spent 8 years lying about Benghazi stand down orders because of his race.

    We know that you spent 8 years lying about false Muslim Brotherhood associations because of his race.

    We know that you were lying then and you’re lying now, and we know why you’re lying.

    We know that you voted for Donald Trump in a racist hissy fit over having had a black president for 8 years.

    And before you use your blind and shallow “playing the race card”, response, let me beat you to the punch.
    You spent 8 years playing the race card in opposition to Obama. So it’s pretty ironic that you would accuse those who call out your bigotry, of “playing the race card”.
    Obama made your life better.
    And you hate him for it because he was a black man doing it.

    -by a chucky on the internet

    • Posted by Dick Fillmore, at Reply

      Mr420Spy change OBL with Bush & Cheney to be more correct.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Mr420Spy – Cool op, I don’t think I need to add much, if anything. Obama was a corporatist, that was what bothered me about him, but he had style, presence, gravitas, he was by any measure “Presidential”, would have been nice if he was progressive too. 👍🏻

  11. Posted by Summer Toney, at Reply

    “He’s not Trump, nobody’s that stupid.”

    nearly 63M people voted for him didn’t they? lol

    • Posted by Learn How To Rap, at Reply

      Summer Toney they are stupid, stupid.

    • Posted by Ulek _, at Reply

      Actually the people who voted for him has to be even more stupid if even Trump was able to convince them to vote for him.

  12. Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

    I hope Manafort sues Mueller to high heaven after Trump fires Mueller and all the Clinton hacks he hired.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson Anyone can sue anyone in America. Ask a lawyer.

    • Posted by Reginald Massey, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 you are absolutely delusional.

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 aim t gonna happen. Get over it.

    • Posted by Jon Rudin, at Reply

      At some point in the future Trumpist will realize they are on the wrong side of History. It happened before in the 1860’s, half the country on the wrong side of History. The Special prosecutor and team (if in time) will be written down as saving democracy or whats left of it. In the 80’s Trump was the punch line for shady deals and rubbed shoulders with more white collared criminals most anyone. History books will use this administration as an example of how manipulation, suppression, and propaganda makes dictatorships. This has happened many many times in many ways over history. Some people still partake in those confusing rectangles with words.

  13. Posted by malykye, at Reply

    Ana looks pretty in this video.

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      Awesome T-shirt except the writing. It should be alignment with the “Deplorables” sentiment … something like “The Young Turkeys”.

  14. Posted by Patricia MacLeod, at Reply

    Getting warmer. No wonder Money Launderer Trump wants to get going with a war, North Korea, Yemen, Iran, doesn’t really matter who. DIVERSION!

  15. Posted by Henry Adriel, at Reply

    The legal way ???? Nowadays the legal way doesn’t exist. if you money you can buy yourself out of any trouble and even become president

  16. Posted by Suez Foster, at Reply

    I love Ana even tho every blue moon she gets on my nerves

  17. Posted by john p, at Reply

    These two are so stupid. If Trump did some illegal financial deal with any Russian citizen, why in the world would Manafort know about it?? “Welcome to my campaign. Here is a list of illegal things I have done.” So stupid! If Senk had a shady financial deal with Qatar would he start telling people he recently brought to TYT? Probably not. As usual, TYT is the National Enquirer of the internet.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Because Manafort has experience doing shady and probably illegal financial deals with Russians. Trump may have brought on Manafort entirely for this reason; not to run his campaign, but to help him do dirty deals with Russians! Once it became clear that he wasn’t needed or that the election was getting serious, they fire him and bring on an actual campaign coordinator.

    • Posted by john p, at Reply

      That makes no sense. Trump waited until he was 70 years old to find someone to help him do random illegal activities? Everyone unbiased knows this fake Russia story is just a way to distract and to make Trump look bad. A private firm (working for the DNC)said there was evidence of Russian hacking on the servers but those servers have still not been given to the FBI. That is the only time anyone said there was real evidence of Russian hacking, and they were paid by the DNC to say that. There is still no evidence that the Russians hacked the emails, and definitely no evidence of “collusion”, which is not a crime.

  18. Posted by SciGuy, at Reply

    Little cleavage

  19. Posted by Jody Fulford, at Reply

    RAID!!! Love the background picture.