Trump’s HHS Pick: Alex Azar, a Big Pharma Insider Who Pushed Drug Price Increases For a Decade | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Trump’s HHS Pick: Alex Azar, a Big Pharma Insider Who Pushed Drug Price Increases For a Decade


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TYT Contributor David Sirota reviews Donald Trump's pick for Wellness as well as Person Solutions (HHS) Assistant: Alex Azar. Unsurprisingly, Azar's résumé is exactly like all of Trump's other choices: specifically the reverse of exactly what you would certainly wish for. Azar was head of state of Eli Lilly during a duration of rapid drug-price increases, and Eli Lilly has been lobbying HHS for years for modifications that would help drugmakers at the expense of the public.

Read TYT Investigates' reporting on Eli Lilly here:

Go to for original reporting from The Young Turks.

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  1. Posted by C Robinson, at Reply

    I don’t get it, so does Trump just out source these picks to a group of vile corporate sellouts or is Trump actually hand picking these people.

    • Posted by terriej123, at Reply

      C Robinson what’s the difference?

    • Posted by A Voter, at Reply

      C Robinson…I think these ‘vile corporate sellouts’ hand picked Trump, sadly…..

    • Posted by Beau Ioannides, at Reply

      I have absolutely ZERO doubt that Trump has not picked these people, he had never met Rex Tillerson before he picked him! He is just being told “here, pick this guy” and so he does it, he is nothing more than a marionette

  2. Posted by Om Eyehead, at Reply

    I’m convinced trump has dementia

    • Posted by Anonymous DueToFascists, at Reply

      I’m convinced he’s really really really fat. And stupid. And evil. And a prick. And fucks Ivanka.

    • Posted by Beau Ioannides, at Reply

      he has pretty much every indicator of dementia, also if you go back and look at the “water bottle” incident, where he required 2 hands to drink the water and it looked like a very difficult process for him, that is because his hand-eye coordination is clearly failing him and he was trying extra hard not to spill it, this is because he is a 70 year old man who doesn’t exercise and eats junk food, the neurons in his brain are not firing at the rate they should
      ALSO, if you notice whenever Trump has to either climb or go down a set of stairs (no matter the amount of steps) he will hold the hand of the person next to him, almost as a unconscious reaction, this shows he has a fear of falling down the stairs and that he probably has had a couple of falls, this, again would relate back to the hand-eye coordination and failing depth perception as a result of the neurons in his brain not firing properly, mix all that with CLEARLY early-onset dementia and you have someone who is barley able to keep it together, then wrap that up in the mind of a arrogant, egotistical, compulsive lying, narcissist with no impulse control and the nuke codes and you have got a VERY VERY dangerous combination

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Om Eyehead: HHS. Hypocritical & High-priced Services.

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      I’m convinced Jimmy Dore has schizophrenia.

  3. Posted by Ange Waters, at Reply

    THIS IS HOW TO KEEP PRICES DOWN. In Canada, drug companies have one year before they Have to release their formula to all other producers. It’s a way to keep the real cost available to the public. Fight for this, Americans.

    • Posted by A Voter, at Reply

      Mike C…Mueller has turned Flynn, Clovis and Papadopoulos. Word is Trump jnr and Kuchner are shitting bricks. More to follow……

    • Posted by Nurlinda F Sihotang, at Reply

      +Mike C errrr…..liberals and sane republicans screams bloody murders about ACA/obamacare, tax plan that gives tax cuts to corporations and estate in expense of education, medicaid and medicare, environmental while rising military budget, also net neutrality.
      either you are not US citizens or you are special kind of stupid. btw kamerad, did you ever think how russia without putin?

    • Posted by Nurlinda F Sihotang, at Reply

      even in indonesia, the backwater 3rd country that you all so love to loaths, the pharmaceutical tries to fight the gov when implementing options to use non patent/generic drugs for medical use in private clinic/hospital to the public hospital, and we the people of indonesia backs up our gov and threatens our pro big pharma rep with murder, thus now cheap and quality non patent drugs were the first to offered to patients.

    • Posted by A Voter, at Reply

      Nurlinda…Third World? Sounds like a comensense non First World outcome to me.

  4. Posted by John Van Raak, at Reply

    This is how “we the people” got sold to companies.

    • Posted by Nurlinda F Sihotang, at Reply

      and if “the people” acted like sheeps instead people when escorted to the slaughter, they deserves it.
      viva la revolucion!! vive le resìstance!!!

  5. Posted by Beau Ioannides, at Reply

    look, the reason Americans pay MORE for the same medication than people in say Canada or Australia or England is VERY SIMPLE.
    In all of those countries the GOVERNMENT negotiates drug prices on behalf of the people and buys medication IN BULK (hence reducing the price)
    meanwhile Americans have Insurance companies or have to pay for drugs on an individual basis
    it is simple economics, if you’re negotiating on the sale of 1 item you don’t have much room to budge on price BUT when you’re negotiating on the sale of say 100,000 or more of the item, you have A LOT of room to work with when talking about price

    • Posted by Beau Ioannides, at Reply

      only 1 way to fix the shooting.. MORE GUNS. that is what you need MORE GUNS

    • Posted by A Voter, at Reply

      Beau…Sadly, the ‘Catch 22’ seems to apply…

    • Posted by Gollum Sessions, at Reply

      I pledge to my lord to empower my violent minions to be more violent. I will help corps sell more guns more rhoids, the twin evils of America. I will reopen our private prisons closed by that damn Kenyan Obummer. I will fill them with cute- I mean children of the bad bad skin color. Then we will pay them prison slave wages at Ivanka’s Africa shoe factory rate! Roy and Trump and men like me can then pick and choose the girls to be our sex, I mean servants. This is how y’all MAGA!

    • Posted by Gollum Sessions, at Reply

      I also pledge to add more antibiotics and mind-splitting preservatives to the food chain and increase mass cow farm size. We need to make the girls grow up faster for Roy and Trump consumption, and as child beauty contestants and underage models. We need them to stay dumb and shallow so they will buy more Ivanka bags and shoes.

    • Posted by A Voter, at Reply

      Gollum….LOL…You nailed it….Bahahaha…..Brilliant….

  6. Posted by Turandot29, at Reply

    And Trump’s swamp grows deeper ……..

  7. Posted by Chris Tsuke, at Reply

    get rid of :TRUMP NOW

  8. Posted by Rubben Delgado, at Reply

    Really, I thought he was gonna pick Shkrelli

  9. Posted by marty704, at Reply

    “Drain the swamp.” By hiring lobbyists and corporate insiders.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      marty704 the DNC had the same plan

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      +Barry Nichols
      prove it.

  10. Posted by Real UFO Videos, at Reply

    Moron picks people that hate people! Moron raises my taxes 13%! Moron has more criminal friends than Al Capone! Should have been impeached and arrested months ago! Will the moron finish four years? Will Congress tolerate moronic behavior and criminal activity, from the moron? Is Congress full of morons, too? Stay tune for more, puke in the bucket, Trump news.

    • Posted by Tony León, at Reply

      Real UFO Videos hahaha so triggered

    • Posted by Real UFO Videos, at Reply

      Tony Leon: WTF does that mean?

  11. Posted by Rebecca Mæd, at Reply

    What does anyone expect? Of course he’s hiring corporate moguls!! Drain the swamp was a code phrase for finally getting rid of officials who actually care about & work for the people. Derp! 🤪😡🤪

    • Posted by Mark El, at Reply

      Rebecca Mæd, Clinton would have dome the sane things.

      The only option for change is to elect independent/third party candidates.

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Hitlery would’ve banned weed and locked up all uterus. All politicians are crooks it’s the end of America. Join Jill Stein’s CommieTopia in Chernobyl and farm the best Russian weed. Join Gary Johnson’s tax-free Johnson’s Town in Argentina with no taxes no roads no walls no children no disease.

    • Posted by Mark El, at Reply

      Free Range MooMoo, you must not know much about Stein. Where do you get the idea she is “communist?” Because she got invited to a dinner in Russia? It’s called diplomacy.

      By the way, Russia isn’t truly communist, anymore. They have a lot of elements of capitalism, now. They have ever since we meddled in their elections to get Yelstin elected.

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Mark El – come off your fluffly cloud. By now everyone can see the obvious: on that Putin dinner table with murderous billionaire tyrants, sat the twin-pillar traitors of America. Michael Flynn the right wing smear agent, Jill Stein the left wing smear agent. Mike Flynn returned to spew Pizzagate-type evil lies that almost got innocent lunch-eating families killed. Russian-blood-money and vanity-fueled Jill Stein proceeded to spread idiotic false-equivalency divisive poison ‘Both sides are evil! Trump and Hitlery both have blood on their hands!’ Do you even notice the Syrian and Ukrainian blood on Putin’s and his henchmen hands? Do you know how they treat drug addicts in Russia? No? Why?

  12. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    It would be funny if Trump nominated himself for every position

    • Posted by Sam Nasab, at Reply

      We wouldn’t laugh for long…

  13. Posted by billy the dead, at Reply

    What do you expect really what has the moron and chief done since he’s been in office he’s 💩 on we the people in every way

    • Posted by Karen Smith, at Reply

      billy the dead agreed..

    • Posted by Shittum Wood, at Reply

      billy the dead He has

    • Posted by Shittum Wood, at Reply

      billy the dead It’s unfortunate

    • Posted by Big Lenny Persin, at Reply

      President Trump and First Lady Melania are bringing back the nativity scene that was banned by the Obamas. It will be presented front and center of the White House. The theme is “Christmas Traditions”. MAKING CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN.

  14. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    I’ve gotta be honest… idk if TYT is just trying to appeal to kids, but they need to step it up. They don’t have to be polished, but a little more professionalism, real news (as in the important stuff), more facts, less bad jokes and bullshit commentary.

    They need to make $$$ thooooo

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      I must admit, it is my fault for posting this on the wrong video 😂 if I had known this video was done by Dylan (or if I had even looked at the title) I would’ve chosen a different video to rant on.

      Or maybe I’m a Russia troll like that fat McNugget of a lady suggested… hmmm

  15. Posted by River Dantes, at Reply

    Thanks TYT. I wish this report were more surprising.

  16. Posted by just us, at Reply

    We are fu¢ked

  17. Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

    And the swamp gets thicker and smellier..

  18. Posted by NGS DWT, at Reply

    He’s renovating the swamp.

  19. Posted by Alexander Walker, at Reply

    Funny how hate comment are all syaing “oh triggered snowflake fake news cuck” when all thats happening in the video is hes reading out facts. So relayig information is getting triggered? How?

    • Posted by Rene Mateo, at Reply

      Alexander Walker easy they are stupid

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      They don’t like to realized that their wrong and got con

  20. Posted by Captain Black, at Reply

    Filling the swamp.