Trump’s Immigration Policy Seeks To Send Us Hurtling 50 Years Backward – The News With Dan Rather | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Trump’s Immigration Policy Seeks To Send Us Hurtling 50 Years Backward – The News With Dan Rather


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Dan Rather breaks down the Trump management as well as the Republican politician Party's malfunction over UNITED STATE migration policy. View The Information with Dan Rather on Mondays at

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  1. Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

    Honk if you love bacon grease.

  2. Posted by Death Star, at Reply

    Best thing about going back 50 years is that tyt wouldn’t exist

    • Posted by Yojimbo Jay, at Reply

      You love being a dickhead😐

    • Posted by Martine, at Reply

      Death Star you are right. You are so pathetic and pitiable that it’s tear inducing. Poor little mental cripple. Too bad they haven’t successfully transplanted a brain yet. Otherwise you could leverage all this pathos into some crown funding. Since you can’t get a new brain, maybe you could replace that little black thing that rattles inside your chest with an actual real heart. Sadly though, it would no doubt wither away immediately like a vine grafted on a piece of dead wood.

    • Posted by Death Star, at Reply

      Mommy better get baby her bottle!!!

    • Posted by Know Thanks, at Reply

      yeah but you’d still have JFK assassination liar Rather stinking up the airwaves with his foulness.

  3. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Yes! A powerful fact based commentary delivered with perfection by the greatest living journalist. The naked emperor has been exposed as a book hating philistine, huckster, and prince of fools. TYT=heroes. General Albert Pike>Trump.

    • Posted by Trump Allfather, at Reply

      I hate you.

  4. Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

    Stop deporting veterans.

  5. Posted by Fats Falafel, at Reply

    Dan Rather is one of the most respected journalists in the history of the country and people are turning on him because he isn’t part of the Trump cult. And people thought Obama was divisive.

    • Posted by flewjewcoop, at Reply

      Old, boomer…He is a globalist corporate shill.

    • Posted by liberal 1, at Reply

      Fats Falafel he got run off tv for making a fake news news story about george bush service in vietnam he lost all credibility . Look it up for your self

    • Posted by Nita Williams, at Reply

      Rather was not respected by all people in the history of news. No-one was.

    • Posted by Kyle, at Reply

      +Fats Falafel He’s only respected by you leftist degenerates who would have literally been classified as mentally ill back in the 50’s, when people had common sense.

    • Posted by Know Thanks, at Reply

      55 years ago Dan was lying to his audience about the JFK assassination and didn’t retract it for 12 years. He’s dogshit.

  6. Posted by ivorytower99, at Reply

    Luckily, TYT now has someone reporting with a living memory of what life was like 50 years ago in this country!

    • Posted by ChuckE Cheese, at Reply

      ivorytower99 I think he’s remembering 70 years ago or more

    • Posted by ivorytower99, at Reply

      Well, that can’t be accurate, because the screen read’s “50” years (ago).


    • Posted by Know Thanks, at Reply

      That was 5 years after lying on national TV to his audience about the JFK assassination and 7 years before his retraction.

  7. Posted by Nick Morris, at Reply

    Dan Rather is still the MAN!……great job tyt for giving us outstanding journalism!

    • Posted by M. Fink, at Reply

      Said no one ever

  8. Posted by ChuckE Cheese, at Reply

    when did Dan Rather become Tariq Nashid

  9. Posted by forrest, at Reply

    So great to see you on you tube.

  10. Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

    Dan Rather speaks the truth!

    • Posted by Kyle, at Reply

      And by truth, you mean the bullshit that low IQ morons like you want to hear.

    • Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

      If the country was full of people like you, one day we will no longer have a democracy.

  11. Posted by TheOzzk, at Reply

    It’s such a treat having Mr Rather unpack the story to its bare bones and ugly self.
    Thank you.

  12. Posted by Mark Marcus, at Reply

    Loving these Dan Rather segments. Bringing an old school professional feel to new school media. Keep em coming!

  13. Posted by rh1507, at Reply

    I agree with Mr Rather. America is and always has been a nation of immigrants. Those who came before us were all immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Eurasia and so on. Yes I am feeling like I’m leaving out those who originally had this continent the (forgive me for saying this) native Americans who we as a nation stole and murdered the proud and very resourceful people who were here first.
    As an individual who has European and Cherokee ancestors I believe that the State’s should always welcome those who wish to immigrate to this so called land of the free.

    • Posted by Michael Eyob, at Reply

      rh1507 Latin Americans used to be able to come here without documents because they were “Americans” prior to the 70s

    • Posted by rh1507, at Reply

      Thanks for the info. I did not know what you stated. I was born in the early 70’s in Marion, IL so I imagine there was a massive amount of happenings in the 70’s that I know little to nothing of.

  14. Posted by Suzanne Bennett, at Reply

    Thank you SO much Dan Rather!

  15. Posted by Jacob Green, at Reply

    this is all garbage

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      prove it

  16. Posted by Swell Sounds Underground, at Reply

    I like hearing edan rathers voice. it reminds me of better times in America. when the news media was still making an effort to make the world a better place . instead of trying to instigate civil wars for profits,

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      americans must demand rupert murdoch be taken to hague for crimes against humanity. julius streicher was just like rupert murdoch and he hung like a tea bag. rupert murdoch also hacked the phones of dead children.

  17. Posted by Alejandro, at Reply

    I like Dan Rather, old school journalist

  18. Posted by Dylan Madoff, at Reply

    This was excellent

  19. Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

    President Bonespurs McDraftdodger trying to deport a US military veteran who happens to be illegal. This is beyond shameful.

    • Posted by M Hend, at Reply

      Aes Sedai Probably because he got caught selling drugs.

    • Posted by Llynnyia, at Reply

      Once you fight for our country you are no longer a illegal immigrant serving and fighting for our country makes him more a citizen then you or I.

  20. Posted by Danica Lee, at Reply

    Still getting dismal view numbers for the 3.6 million subs you’ve got. Or should I say bots?

    • Posted by Migg C, at Reply

      Danica Lee no amount of makeup will ever help you. You’re ugly down to the bone. And speaking of bones, stay away from dogs 😉

    • Posted by Danica Lee, at Reply

      Migg C Ok, I’ll stay away from you 🙂

    • Posted by Migg C, at Reply

      Danica Lee fitting name. You look like Danica Patrick went face first through her windshield!

    • Posted by Migg C, at Reply

      Danica Lee you mad bro?
      Why the long face?