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Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Funnels Your Taxes To His Billionaire Friends


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Trump has been fooling individuals his whole grown-up life and also has no strategies to stop. John Iadarola, Michael Shure, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section below.

" Our country is in alarming requirement of massive financial investments in infrastructure, yet exactly what Donald Trump is suggesting is nothing more than a big tax giveaway for the rich.

1. It's a huge public aid to programmers and also capitalists. Instead of taxing the wealthy then using the cash to repair our precariously outdated roads, bridges, airports, water systems, Trump intends to provide rich designers as well as Wall Street investors tax obligation credit histories to encourage them to do it That indicates that for each buck they put into a job, they 'd really pay only 18 cents and we would contribute the other 82 cents via our tax dollars.

2. We would certainly be passing on public roads as well as bridges to exclusive corporations who will bill us pricey tolls and also gain large earnings. These tolls will certainly be set high in order to satisfy the profit margins required by elite Wall surface Street financiers. So– essentially– we pay twice– as soon as when we fund the designers and financiers with our tax obligation dollars, and afterwards secondly when we pay the tolls and individual fees that likewise enter into their pockets." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Provokult, at Reply

    America is like Russia but with two party’s instead of one ruling.

    Same level of corruption, same level of disinformation

    • Posted by JohnJay2142, at Reply

      It’s definitely on the way there. Reporters getting beaten up and denounced by the highest levels.

    • Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

      Except the living standard in Russia has improved drastically since the 90s, we are basically the reverse Russia

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      Provokult America has had only one party, with two factions, for generations.

  2. Posted by Alan W, at Reply

    What do you expect when we have a literal parasite for a President? He is incapable of experiencing compassion, empathy, or wisdom.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Ghostdini Stark Economists such as Waddill Catchings, William Trufant Foster, Rexford Tugwell, Adolph Berle (and later John Kenneth Galbraith), popularized a theory that had some influence on Franklin D. Roosevelt. This theory held that the economy produced more goods than consumers could purchase, because the consumers did not have enough income. According to this view, in the 1920s wages had increased at a lower rate than productivity growth, which had been high. Most of the benefit of the increased productivity went into profits, which went into the stock market bubble rather than into consumer purchases. Thus workers did not have enough income to absorb the large amount of capacity that had been added.

      According to this view, the root cause of the Great Depression was a global overinvestment while the level of wages and earnings from independent businesses fell short of creating enough purchasing power. It was argued that government should intervene by an increased taxation of the rich to help make income more equal. With the increased revenue the government could create public works to increase employment and ‘kick start’ the economy. In the USA the economic policies had been quite the opposite until 1932. The Revenue Act of 1932 and public works programmes introduced in Hoover’s last year as president and taken up by Roosevelt, created some redistribution of purchasing power.

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      +Alan W both and still more coherent and factual than you

  3. Posted by Lily Darkmoore, at Reply

    Toll roads mean that working class people have yet ANOTHER TAX that they have to PAY TO THEIR LOCAL ROAD BARON, and poor people can’t travel to health care, to work, and to educational opportunities at all! This crap is SO CORRUPT! How in the HELL can working class America not be against this!

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Toll roads are the best roads you can drive on. This video itself said that the government built roads fell apart over time because the government did not maintain it. So why allow the government to rebuild it? It seems like government failed in this one.

    • Posted by Gizmo fromPizmo, at Reply

      Jobs they’d have anyway if the GOP would’ve funded infrastructure when they were more concerned with making Obama look bad and goods and services wouldn’t cost more to transport across the country.

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      +Gizmo fromPizmo Government doesn’t make jobs moron, it redistributes them at great expense to the tax payer.

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      Ghostdini Stark inb4taxesaretheft turds

      Damn. I’m too late.

  4. Posted by Bad Man Skill, at Reply

    How did America get this way? It’s literally a joke. The whole world is watching the American Empire collapse right before our eyes. And just as the people are finally waking up to the blatant corruption it’s falling apart.

    • Posted by James Michael Campbell, at Reply

      Bad Man Skill Yeah,kinda takes poverty& climate change to wake them up.

    • Posted by GITech, at Reply

      I’m an American, a white male even, with a great deal of intelligence… even, and I’ll be the first to stand up and say “I’m with You”. America is a bad joke, a bad actor, and a bad place to live and be associated with. I would even clap if DC were to be leveled, completely, and a civil war were to break out. This country needs the reset button pushed and to be put in our place. World powers, attack us, please!

    • Posted by Cameran Manner, at Reply

      +GITech Why spend money on a attack by foreign powers when self infliction is free of charge.

  5. Posted by Chris Ashcroft, at Reply

    There are still Trumptards that refuse to believe Trump could be a charlatan. Trump is selling America piecemeal.

    • Posted by Joseph Crittell, at Reply


  6. Posted by Jitka Soliman, at Reply

    The goverment would pay decent wages and guarantee human working conditions. Something private companies based on profit most probably won’t.

    • Posted by Nick McCune, at Reply

      Jitka Soliman wut? You do realize everyone makes more money in the private sector.

    • Posted by Justin Whittington, at Reply

      People making minimum wage might disagree with you.

    • Posted by Nick McCune, at Reply

      Justin Whittington if you make minimum you are unqualified to even work for the gov. The private sector creates a market of jobs for unskilled labor.

  7. Posted by MrCarter'sRods, at Reply

    Bring our troops home, pay them more (since we will save a fotune by not having a plethora of bases out there draining our tax dollars) and have our troops rebuild infrastructure with the skills theyve been taught as well as protect America. Its a win win scenario.

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      +MrCarter’sRods you’re making too much sense. Too much truth in this section. I can’t take it…

    • Posted by MrCarter'sRods, at Reply

      avin r LMAO It can be shocking, I’m sure.
      Its only due to (regrettably) having a wealth of free time over the past 6 years to truly dive into, and reflect upon things in the modern world.
      I’d like to think that if everyone had the free time to educate themselves and ponder like I have, that we’d all come to a similar conclusion. Sadly most do not have much time to do either. It comes down to the “Three D’s” used to take over a country.
      Disinform. (Formerly known as disarm. But an armed population isnt a threat once the armed nation allows its govt and their military to become better armed than its people. And that already took place a century ago. A free society will not remain free very long once this happens. So now they use Disinformation as their weapon to replace the “D” known as “Disarm” from the past.)

    • Posted by Justin Whittington, at Reply

      Makes sense. Denied.

  8. Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply


    • Posted by SuperKane5, at Reply

      Make Prison Rape Great Again

  9. Posted by sparkplug T, at Reply

    this country is spiraling the drain and trumps gonna find out the hard way what happens when the back bone of this country being the middle class simply breaks under the weight of its over bloated fat head.

    • Posted by sparkplug T, at Reply

      xoxox no I doubt they are. sure plenty of them did and I’m sure that went down as well as a roach smoothie as soon as they saw all the damage he’s doing. frankly I was never fooled and all the damage trump is doing is aimed at draining all the money from the middle and lower class and trust me when I say all his yelling and bitching won’t do a thing when everything comes down

    • Posted by Da Martian, at Reply

      xoxox you’re an idiot!

    • Posted by sparkplug T, at Reply

      Da Martian how so? I’m I stupid for not bending over like the republican party and taking it hard from trump with grudging silence? no I think not

  10. Posted by Joe Daniels, at Reply

    We should make the roads out of solar panels, I been saying this for a few years now.

    • Posted by Einheriar83, at Reply

      How about, instead of “SOLAR FREAKIN’ ROADWAYS” we go for “SOLAR FREAKIN’ ROOFS”?

    • Posted by Justanks Jazwinskull, at Reply

      Bill Pii you know they sell panels for roads right? a little searching saves you from looking completely asinine.

    • Posted by Joe Daniels, at Reply

      Einheriar83 yeah I agree with this too. I think one of the big name companies is working on a roof panel with the energy storage built right into the panel, how cool would that be.!

    • Posted by Sketch Wurdz, at Reply

      could you not use magnets to make electricity? Weren’t they making a train system like this? Superconducters and what not?I would imagine if you wanted to you could do the same thing with roads and have self driving cars that you could program your destination into.

  11. Posted by Bete Noire, at Reply

    There’s an undeclared war going on in America. There are three factions. The rich, the poor, and the delusional. The war has been going on for a very long time. So far, the rich are winning, due to the collaboration of the delusional.

    • Posted by MARKIE GREEN, at Reply

      SO TRUE

  12. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    Billionaires need your money 😭 too ten mega yachts isn’t enough to sustain them

  13. Posted by Motionedout, at Reply

    Trump supporters are literally supporting his own robbery of them.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Motionedout they’re literally cucks.theyre projecting when they use that word.

  14. Posted by karen wagner, at Reply

    We will be paying for this president forever!!

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      And the entire GOP if we’re not careful. The conservatives are quickly trying to pass middle class killing legislation.

    • Posted by Brian, at Reply

      You people are so dumb, he is getting us out of every bad agreement Obama made, saving us billions.

  15. Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

    It’s funny, because conservatives go on about how bad the government is at running things, then will also say the military is the best in the world, which is run by the government.

    • Posted by Brian, at Reply

      John Bliss how dumb are you. It can be best without being managed in the best way possible. Smack yourself around a little bit till you feel some common sense come through your thick skull.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Brian If the government manages things so badly, why does no conservative ever push for privatized military? Not only is the military socialized in America, so is Medicare and social security, both things even Ayn Rand used. Other popular programs, again, run by the government. Libertarian thinking is all pipe dreams. The Free market ruins things. Not only is government needed, it has to be a check on the market. Can’t play a football game without refs.

  16. Posted by BeingPlainJane, at Reply

    America finally has declared war on America and has invaded the country we love.

    • Posted by Yoda Man, at Reply

      everybody knows Brian is a dog, you arent fooling anybody.

  17. Posted by Tal Moore, at Reply

    So the taxpayers pay for it, the private developers own it, and the taxpayers then pay the private developers to use it. Yup, doesn’t get more American than that.

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      Tal Moore sort of sounds like private prisons. the public “owns” the laws, pays to fill said private prisons.

      what’s left for private prisons to do? profit.

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      Tal Moore It’s typical public/private partnership stuff: the public pays all the overhead, and the corporation skims off all the profits and pays no taxes. Like most things associated with big business, it’s great for everybody except most people.

  18. Posted by Miguel Reyes, at Reply

    Drumpf has number of corrupt schemes to line his pockets and the greedy bags of his accomplices with money from taxpayers and ordinary people. Very sad that one of the most advanced societies of the world be degraded to third world strongman”s turf

    • Posted by camaroman101, at Reply

      Miguel Reyes this “advanced” society elected him as president, so don’t give us too much credit

    • Posted by Miguel Reyes, at Reply

      camaroman101 I have a feeling you did not vote for him. and there really are very educated, morally sound, adapted people in this country.

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      camaroman101 well said!!!

  19. Posted by Almericus Project, at Reply

    hahaha Trump is destroying everything.

    • Posted by AgentExcellent, at Reply


    • Posted by benny1245398, at Reply

      AgentExcellent did you watch the vodeo