Trump’s Insistence On Aggravating North Korea – The News With Dan Rather | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Trump’s Insistence On Aggravating North Korea – The News With Dan Rather


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Dan Rather mentions the irony of Donald Trump's understood "diplomacy" plans for North Korea during this year's Winter months Olympics in South Korea. Enjoy The Information with Dan Rather

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  1. Posted by cac2244, at Reply

    Love this guy…(Rather that is…)

  2. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    Kim jong Un is a despot, the only fat kid in the country, but I reckon he’ll leave us alone if we leave him alone…..His people are another story; starved, brainwashed (so they WILL fight for him)….Never thought I’d say this after past debacles – but regime change should be the goal here…

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      John Smith but if the people are starved and brainwashed then a regime change from the inside is impossible

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      Very difficult, yes……but without starting a war it’s the only way I can think of to stop having those bloody nukes pointed at us…

    • Posted by transylvanian, at Reply

      John Smith You understandably don’t want nukes pointed at you but do you think the rest of the world wants America pointing nukes at them? Did you ever stop to think that any nation with nukes is no different? It is simply unethical and irresponsible and we should make the first step and set an example, or do we no longer consider ourselves a model for the rest of the world to follow?

  3. Posted by Brittany Moretti, at Reply

    Maybe trump and Kim should both just die

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Brittany Moretti That would help both countries bigly.

    • Posted by John Blazem, at Reply

      Brittany maybe cenk should stop molesting 14 yr olds.

    • Posted by Brittany Moretti, at Reply

      John Blazem prove it, don’t just make accusations. If u show me proof, I will accept.

  4. Posted by jcaashby3, at Reply

    Dan finally got a better mic!!

  5. Posted by SMITH SMITH, at Reply


  6. Posted by Jason C, at Reply

    Trump is a Thigh rash to the world

  7. Posted by closuitm, at Reply

    I love watching TYT but Dan Rather’s voice puts me out like a horse tranquilizer

  8. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Dan is the man. One of the most trusted journalists of all time on TYT.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Optimus Fine Listening to his reports makes my Mondays worthwhile.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 I love watching his old broadcasts during the Vietnam War. Even as a young journalist, the guy knew exactly what he was doing

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 I love watching his old broadcasts during the Vietnam War. Even as a young journalist, the guy knew exactly what he was doing

    • Posted by Noah Daughhetee, at Reply

      Ok help me out guys, I haven’t made an solid opinion about Rather yet, but I do know that FAIR analyzed his Iraq War coverage and 75% was from pro-establishment sources. He kind of fell for the WMD deception didn’t he? Thoughts?

  9. Posted by Andrew Marcus, at Reply

    I wonder if people would notice if we replaced Trump with Kim Jon Un for a day…. probably not.

    • Posted by Jeff Oslin, at Reply

      Andrew Marcus
      It would be an improvement, sad

  10. Posted by Sy Sharp, at Reply

    Send dan rather to North Korea.
    He has early signs of dementia, so sad

    • Posted by Mike Ace, at Reply

      Totally agree. He pretend he has a way dealing with Tyrant so send him there.

  11. Posted by Bob Nelson, at Reply

    The USA (my beloved country that I love dearly) is the most war mongering country in the world. And it saddens me to say that. And Trump is making it even worse. Sad!

  12. Posted by Black Dominance, at Reply

    Dan Rather is a real man!

  13. Posted by LuciousVBogeymanProd, at Reply

    Trump is “aggravating” a state that well is North Korea. Really classy. Reagan perturbed the Soviet Union, Roosevelt annoyed Nazi Germany. North Korea is playing nice because they will be annhilated if they do not change course and no other reason. Very sick to paint that regime as a peacemaker.

    • Posted by Maryiam, at Reply

      LuciousVBogeymanProd Germany Japan Vietnam America didn’t silence them or control them there was no winning there were peace deals If Japan was accepted back in and America was given another chance after Iraq then if Korea can reach a peace deal it is absolutely disgusting of America to disrupt yet another democratic deal between nations you did it in Afghanistan and Syria just shut up a sit down Americans lost all respect not to mention it doesn’t involve the US

    • Posted by EL Plagua, at Reply

      Stfu. Stop being a dumb American and always tryina stick your nose in other countries affairs. Nobody asks for the US help in these matters but they think cz they might throw some money at people they get to control the law of the word 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Posted by Sabre2Dance, at Reply

    This guy has the perfect podcast voice. Maybe just give him a news podcast or something. I feel this setup to be awkward.

  15. Posted by Heath Fletcher, at Reply

    This is just a distraction by Trump to make him look tough, yet at the same time suck up to China and Russia.

    • Posted by Jane Lane, at Reply

      and his tiki torch wielding alt right “base” they are the only ones to celebrate this

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Don’t forget Saudi Arabia

  16. Posted by Johnny Murillo, at Reply

    Who in the world would down vote that? Some people need to grow the hell up & act responsible. The truth is the Trump administration wants to keep North Korea as villains to further the agenda. That’s how they “supposedly” won the election,(Overall vote lost by 3 million) on a message of fear & hate for the others. 😉👌

  17. Posted by Donna Burton, at Reply

    Trump would rather be right and start a war, rather than be diplomatic and create a semblance of peace.

  18. Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

    I prefer an adult to deal with north Korea than a man baby like trump

  19. Posted by bnose202, at Reply

    North Korea’s human rights violations can not be tolerated!!!……but Saudi Arabia and Isrehell’s, sweep those under the rug