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Trump’s Labor Department Hiding ‘Disturbing’ Data


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The Labor Deprtment hid data that revealed just how poor their policies are. John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, as well as Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

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" The Division of Labor made a decision to scrub an analysis from its proposition influencing tipped employees after it found workers would certainly be burglarized of billions of bucks, inning accordance with former and also current department resources that spoke to Bloomberg Law.

In December, the Labor Department recommended a regulation that rescinded sections of Obama-administration pointer guidelines as well as would allow companies who pay the base pay to take workers' pointers. The department claimed the recommended policy would certainly permit "back of your home" employees, such as dishwashers and also cooks, who do not usually receive ideas, to be part of a tip-sharing pool. Yet the regulation additionally wouldn't stop employers from just keeping the suggestions and not rearranging them.

The department never ever used any estimate to the public of the quantity of ideas that would certainly be changed from employees to companies. The work of assessing expenses as well as benefits to proposed regulations is legally needed for the rulemaking procedure, Economic Policy Institute noted. EPI did its own analysis as well as located that tipped employees would certainly shed $5.8 billion a year in pointers as a result of this rule. Females in tipped tasks would certainly shed $4.6 billion yearly.

After seeing the yearly estimate showing that billions of dollars would move from tipped employees to their companies, elderly division authorities told personnel to modify the approach to minimize the influence, inning accordance with Bloomberg Law. After personnel changed the technique, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and his team were still not satisfied with the evaluation, so they eliminated it from the proposition, with the authorization of the White Residence."

Hosts: John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, Mark Thompson

Cast: John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by 2Bad4Grandpa, at Reply

    Leave it to Trump and even Harley Davidson soon isn’t American made anymore.

  2. Posted by James Oxford, at Reply

    That’s DT working for you main street…

  3. Posted by Timothy Call, at Reply

    They should just abolish tips and pay workers a living wage…

  4. Posted by Charles Cumberland, at Reply

    I thought that Republicans didn’t believe in a redistribution of wealth… Hmm funny when it works in thier favor

  5. Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

    Honk if you love bacon grease

  6. Posted by Baltimore Patriot, at Reply

    All administrations do this, they skew numbers and the truth to help them politically. You really think that unemployment number is that low?. LOLZ, get back to reality guys. Currently there is no honor in our politicians or the government. They and the corporations are absolute sociopaths.

  7. Posted by OHIOspikey, at Reply

    Stop tipping, so the restaurants have to pay their workers the minimum wage. Lets see how many servers will work for that amount. Lets stop subsidizing restaurants through this absurd process. Restaurants need to start paying their workers a living wage. If they cannot afford to pay the workers an amount that they are willing to work for them, then they have a failed business. Make the restaurants lose profits by making them pay their workers. They deserve it by pushing this these nonsense laws. The only other option is to tip people in cash only, so that the owners can’t touch it.

    • Posted by Soolie, at Reply

      You can’t just change everything so quickly. Even well managed restaurants would go under real quick. The fact is that most restaurants have under the table workers, lie about who is full time (to avoid payroll tax) and pay everyone less than they should. Even with doing all this, restaurants still have trouble succeeding in this economy.

  8. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    Yea, make america great by destroying the restaurant industry

  9. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    I work at a sports bar and my sister works at a restaurant, and at both the kitchen crew is already paid more than double than the servers (and we know friends and family who are in similar situations), so the government’s excuse of distributing the money is b.s.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Yeah, isn’t the tipped wage already different from the normal minimum wage to account for that kind of thing?

    • Posted by Soolie, at Reply

      I’ve been in hospitality for 15+ years. If you account for hourly wage then cooks are paid more but with tips, servers make way more money than cooks. I don’t think cooks should get a part of tips but if you think servers go home with less money than kitchen staff you are way off.

  10. Posted by Michael Eyob, at Reply

    Why are they trying to do this? Who asked for this?

  11. Posted by Lauraine Garten, at Reply

    I like her!

  12. Posted by Stop Lyin, at Reply

    bet this doesnt get covered in media and instead they talk about somethin else

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      Why would the media cover this? It’s inconsequential.

  13. Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

    I used to tip cows.

  14. Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

    Can’t we just leave cash as tip? Wouldn’t that prevent the theft by management?

    • Posted by Karasu Macha, at Reply

      judyleasugar97 a lot of places force them to hand it over. They used to do it at the Denny’s I used to work at. If you didn’t you were fired and called a thief.

    • Posted by Richard Langellotti, at Reply

      Danny’s can go to he’ll, for all I care. This is just legalized wage theft. Bastards.

    • Posted by Llynnyia, at Reply

      No if you didnt hand over a certain percent of cash vs hours by the end of the night when i worked at Home town buffet you were accused of theft and made to empty your pockets in front of the rest of the staff. and if there was NO cash in them no apology was issued instead a lecture on how to flirt your way to better tips and you were told to wear a tighter shirt. assholes.

    • Posted by Richard Langellotti, at Reply

      Llynnyia what a bunch of fucks. The indignity of having to empty your pockets in front of them! I would last only one day there, as I would let them know how I felt about such harassment. And, BTW, I’m an employer, and can’t imagine doing that to anybody working for me.

  15. Posted by Stevie84s, at Reply

    The word labor involves work. Something Trump has never done.

  16. Posted by Keeper Nod, at Reply

    “I can’t afford to pay my employees… hey, customer – you pay them.”

  17. Posted by TheWholeWorldChannel, at Reply

    Trumps bragging about “his policies” that helped the African American unemployment rate reach record lows.. but all of “his policies” do nothing but screw the worker in favor of the business owner. That’s right gimps.. keep on supporting your destruction. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Posted by James Bond, at Reply


    • Posted by PAPA BEAR, at Reply

      Just White Women? You are missing out dude.

    • Posted by white christian male, at Reply

      I love black bitches

  19. Posted by kcir kcorb, at Reply

    USA made your bed. now you have to sleep with trump in that bed. didnt think about that 1 1/2 years ago?

    • Posted by JNF, at Reply

      kcir kcorb The majority of us didn’t vote for the orange idiot

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      kcir kcorb your words are read but trumptards don’t understand.

  20. Posted by Adam West, at Reply

    Whenever you go out to eat, try to bring cash for the tip even if you’re paying by card. Don’t leave it on the table — make sure you give it directly to your server and let him/her know that you want it to go specifically to them, in gratitude for their wonderful service. If management can’t see it they can’t take it.

    • Posted by Canaan, at Reply

      Adam West I thought you died