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Trump’s Lawyer Caught Lying About Russia Meeting Cover-Up


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Jay Sekulow has actually been caught red-handed lying regarding Trump. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area below.

" As Tapper kept in mind Tuesday, he pressed Sekulow on a New york city Times record, published last month, that showed Trump okay would certainly his child's original statement regarding the conference– a declaration Trump Jr. was forced to clarify several times.

" That's not real," Sekulow insisted because July interview with Tapper.

" The president did not approve a declaration?" Tapper asked.

" No, he did not. The statement was issued by Donald Tump Jr.," Sekulow said. "Individuals can claim whatever they desire, yet the reality is it's simply not real."

Referencing a report Monday by the Washington Article that Trump "directly determined" Trump Jr.'s statement, Tapper called out Sekulow's lies." *.

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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    Anyone caught lying in politics should be publicly beheaded, that’ll shut those conservative fuckers up

    • Posted by Hhaze, at Reply

      JONNY: trump would be dead every five minutes.

    • Posted by James Lewis, at Reply

      ElChapo Junior is he in politics? I mean he’s the LAWYER to several people who are but that’s not the same thing Is it?

    • Posted by Vdyr tss, at Reply

      can’t handle the truth??

    • Posted by Hermes Trismegistus, at Reply

      *ElChapo Junior* I appreciate the enthusiasm (lol), but I think putting them in prison would be sufficient suffering for these utterly corrupt, insidious politicians of ours.

  2. Posted by Jonathan Henly, at Reply

    Have you noticed how liberals don’t go whining in the comments of cuckservative videos, we just let them be in their safe spaces, but liberal videos are full of triggered con-servatives screaming their heads off in the comments.

    So who are the real snowflakes?

    • Posted by Tori Hairston, at Reply

      You can’t argue with a conservative. Its a pointless venter to express to them what facts are at this point. Beating them in a logical argument using facts only results in them Turing to insults and demeaning statements because they can’t prove their point.

    • Posted by Jonathan Henly, at Reply

      Except you don’t go out to talk to people with different opinions. You go out and scream and rant at them. You really didn’t think that through did you?

  3. Posted by just me, at Reply

    Trump can shoot one of his own supporters and the rest of the idiots would still follow him. That’s how far gone they are. πŸ˜“

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      +Niccole Duquette
      got some ugly news for you snowflake.
      there’s no ‘agenda’ child, trumps a PROVEN liar, cheat, hypocrite, traitor, and a host of other things but that list is huge so i’ll stop there.

      secondly, conservatism HISTORICALLY always fails child. don’t believe me? get an education in history…or any education. trump and the retardicans are prime examples of FAILURE writ large.

    • Posted by BuyLow SellHigh, at Reply

      sadly, trump actually said that himself.

    • Posted by funk toon, at Reply

      trump should just cut the middleman out and sell kool aid

    • Posted by Imran Khan, at Reply

      just me I met with 6 Russians last year, they said VOTESKI TRUMPSKI NOWSKI, so I did.

  4. Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

    Yes Cenk, don’t even worry about covering Debbie Wasserman Shultz who paid her Pakistani IT guy $4M for who knows what, stealing the nomination from your beloved Bernie last year, but let’s keep beating the dead horse Russia. Oh no, the Russians are coming!

    • Posted by Taralya Mcdonough, at Reply

      Patriot 1776 I’ve seen a TYT video covering this already.

    • Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

      On TYT Politics? Sorry, I forgot I was on their Gossip and Fake News channel. I’ll check there right away. As I said that scandal deserves a lot more coverage, especially because of what DNC did to Bernie last year, which he probably forgot.

    • Posted by Phil Exley, at Reply

      Can you tell me what’s fake? Sekulow saying Trump had no hand in the lie or Huckabee Sanders saying he “weighed in on it”?

    • Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

      Phil Exley what’s fake is the whole Russia collusion nonsense. Whether the old man weighed in or not, and whether Sekulow knew about it or not is completely irrelevant. If the Russians hackers did anything is they made the DNC’s dirth available to the public, and nobody even talks about the substance of it. For all we know, the data could’ve came from their own staffer who misteriously got killed, or their Pakistani IT who made $4M just because he was an IT person and kept their IT infrastructure “secure”. DNC could’t hire an American IT person? That crap is much much deeper than the Russia BS, and you should be concerned about it, especially since part of it cost Bernie the nomination. On the other hand, why should you be, if the sellout Bernie himself is not concerned about it. All the Sociallists in past have started off by being for the people, until they got into that seat, or in other way got rewarded. Just like Maduro now, is he starving too like the rest of Venezuela is? Has Cuba been worse or better off since their revolution. How about North vs. South Korea, who lives better. And save me the lecture about socialism vs democratic socialism, I lived through it, unlike most of you that have nothing but the fairytales.

  5. Posted by Angel Magana, at Reply

    Why hasn’t TYT reported on the guy named Imran Awan who worked at the DNC setting up the computers who was arrested at the airport trying to flee the country?
    Cenk doesn’t want to upset his masters

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      “But I want to derail the comment feed with my distractions tooooooooooooooooo!”

    • Posted by BlackHateMatrix, at Reply

      TYT has 30 other channels, check them out and you will find it on TYT Politics!

    • Posted by Phil Exley, at Reply

      Angel magana Who cares?! If the Democrats are guilty of corruption prosecute them. They can go in the next cell to Donny and Donny Jr and Jared etc.

  6. Posted by Fenrir The Wolf, at Reply

    TYT BUSTED while attempting to pose as real news!!

    • Posted by Dj Eisenberger, at Reply

      Fenrir The Wolf republicans BUSTED trying to stay relevant in modern society!!

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      Fenrir The Wolf aw trigered cuckservative snowflake claiming fake news without anything to back it up how cute

    • Posted by Biggerstoriessmallerminds, at Reply

      Dj Eisenberger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Tom Greenfield, at Reply

      He has a point. I remember Jordan covering tainted water in Chicago and showing test results from water at the bottom of people’s hot water heaters. There was a mess of plumbers in the comment section saying that all manner of things build up in the bottom of a water heater and sink to the bottom, which is why the water that gets used comes out of the top instead.

    • Posted by Fernando Arista, at Reply

      I think you trolls need to have a convention or something. You should at least be required to have a little bit of substance about the subject of the video in order to troll. And just reading the title of the video & making a comment about it doesn’t cut it

  7. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    50years from now, look up “Lie” in the dictionary. There will be a photo of Trump’s entire administration beside it

    • Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

      Optimus Fine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      Yes, and that photo will appear next to the word “hypocrite” as well. ..Atleast if it’s any decent, reputable dictionary.

    • Posted by Mikey, at Reply

      wow, do you really think it will take that long?

  8. Posted by WCR2, at Reply

    This Administration is a giant circus

    • Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

      WCR2 Lol

    • Posted by Mikey, at Reply

      yep and they all live in the clown house.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      The difference being that a circus is actually enjoyable to watch.

    • Posted by Tom Greenfield, at Reply

      Carnival barker is a very appropriate moniker for Donny Tiny Hands

    • Posted by Jason fox, at Reply

      Napalm Warrior This is enjoyable to watch. It’s hilarious

  9. Posted by DonaldTrump Jr, at Reply

    jiminy jillikers Dad! They’re on to us!

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      “jiminy jillikers”


  10. Posted by 40INTENSITY, at Reply

    America is now in a new place. We have fallen so far dude! How much further will this go?

    • Posted by Cider Yeti, at Reply

      It does seem a political race to the bottom, With the ‘murican’s cheering them on wanting to get there as fast they can.

  11. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    I have to get out of this country.

    • Posted by MR. ALL IT KNOW, at Reply

      Donald Trump
      Mr. President…you’re not going anywhere. M.P.’s guard the President.

    • Posted by Ronisexy 123, at Reply

      But if you leave who will be the puppet for our motherland, Russia!?! D:

  12. Posted by Colin C., at Reply

    It’s slimy, lying “Simpson’s lawyer” guy again!

    • Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

      Cunty McShitface there illustrates perfectly why people hate liars. I mean lawyers.

  13. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    In the voice of maury Povich , Trump when it comes to the 6,000+ lies you’ve told so far? YOU ARE THE FATHER! πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†

    • Posted by Donnie, at Reply

      Jamie Cox. Ha ! Too funny. Its the truth !

  14. Posted by HRH, at Reply

    Sekulow is a lawyer (i.e. an emissary of Satan). On top of that he’s Trump’s lawyer! Double whammy.

  15. Posted by Andrew Thomas, at Reply

    Trump is merely the manifestation of modern America

  16. Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

    Right wing Christians I am sorry to be a tattle tale but you should know, Trump is the one who has been teaching cuss words to sweet little Jay.

  17. Posted by Annatar, at Reply

    A lawyer who lies? No way!

  18. Posted by Chaotic Entropy, at Reply

    I kind of feel bad for Jr because I can only assume that it is going to be heartbreaking when Trump throws his own son on to the pile of bodies under his campaign bus.

  19. Posted by McRocket, at Reply

    That lawyer is just soooooo slimy.