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President Trump appears to be assisting investigators build an instance against him on a daily basis. (He's like a clever individual.) Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you assume in the comment section below.

" President Donald Trump pushed a "reluctant" Michael Flynn right into approving a work as the White Residence's leading nationwide security authorities after Flynn advised the president that he was under examination over concealed lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, The Daily Beast has found out.

The president's ongoing loyalty to his ousted previous assistant is so strong, as a matter of fact, that the two have continued to be in touch in spite of the capacity that their interaction could be portrayed as White Home interference in a federal investigation.

Currently both men could pay a significant cost for it.

" He did not wish to be nationwide protection consultant," Michael Ledeen, a close friend of the retired Military basic, informed The Daily Monster on Thursday. "He really did not want to remain in the government. He wished to go back to exclusive life."

" However Trump demanded it," said historian Ledeen, co-author of Flynn's 2016 book The Field of Battle, their manifesto for beating Islamic militancy. "He likes him, he trusted him, he was comfortable with him," he said." *.

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  1. Posted by MrFooFoo14, at Reply

    Can we get rid of Dumpster already? I wanna celebrate his downfall early!

    • Posted by Queen Bee, at Reply

      MrFooFoo14 What a great 4th of July!!!!!

    • Posted by bouncingBrain, at Reply

      I prefer that the investigation drag out a little bit — so that the Republican Congress wouldn’t get anything done. Besides, do we really want Pence — an ultra-conservative — to be president?

    • Posted by Venise Patrick, at Reply

      bouncingBrain πŸ˜€πŸ˜–πŸ˜¦πŸ˜‘ Ah NOπŸ‘Ž

    • Posted by Penny Ragan, at Reply

      I agree that Pence isn’t’ much better. Except that the damage Pence will do in which will set us back about a hundred years is easier fixed then the damage Trump can and is doing. The one thing Pence has on Trump is experience. The idiotic things that Trump is doing that puts us into danger Pence knows better then to do. Pence can handle foreign polices , leaders and information better than Trump. If you think about it. Trump is doing everything Pence would do that puts us back 100 years plus the added Russia Influence and Threat to our security with his ignorance. So yes, I’m not a Pence fan at all… He is still better then Trump, If you think about it.. If what I suspect Trump, Pence and Ran Paul my all be in a heap of trouble and all go down over this.

    • Posted by JFK, at Reply

      Both Pence and Paul Ryan are subjects of the FBI investigation as are many other high ranking members of the GOP. It has also been reported that Orrin Hatch (4th in succession to the POTUS) has been getting daily security briefings since May 9th.

  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Trump sure does put the AWFUL in UNLAWFUL!

    • Posted by Brian Anderson, at Reply

      WKZ On Tech lol.

    • Posted by Brian Anderson, at Reply

      beastalchemist Hay ! you can’t say that about RATPUBLICONS​

    • Posted by Brian Anderson, at Reply

      jungle305 Is that you Kelly Anne conjob?

    • Posted by RML 3000 v, at Reply

      beastalchemist …. im not sure Donald chump and his chimps can be removed from office regardless of what crimes they commit. I feel they are getting more and more entrenched and it might take us to forcefully remove them from office before this turns into a full blown dictatorship

  3. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    The great thing about sociopaths is that they think they’re untouchable.

    • Posted by Reed Rasmussen, at Reply

      blinkin narcisisim is a mental disorder. truely

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      Yeah he has narcissistic personality disorder, just as bad as sociopathy honestly

    • Posted by Reed Rasmussen, at Reply

      Satanic Satanist almost worse because to be treated for it, you have to admit you have a problem. And and a narsisist to do that. . . . right. . . not

    • Posted by Queen Bee, at Reply

      el80ne I guess he evidences that each new day. The question is: will WE survive HIS illness?

  4. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    I’m really starting to wonder what kind of relationship Trump and Flynn have. He seems obsessed with him.

    • Posted by Gabriel Chia, at Reply

      He wants Flynn to continue explaining economics to him. Trump still doesn’t understand how economics work after all.

    • Posted by Ernica Stanford, at Reply

      He’s just terrified of Flynn coming clean with everything he knows. Flynn already asked for immunity for testifying so he must know he’s got the upper hand.

    • Posted by owyn thepirateking, at Reply


  5. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    I’m the best criminal ever!

    • Posted by Bryce Kayski, at Reply

      Donald Trump your crimes are so bigly you don’t even attempt to cover them up, tremendous acts of crime, bigly and not sad !

    • Posted by Bryce Kayski, at Reply

      Get the Joke! Lmao yep right after him

  6. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

    • Posted by Bhalgrum Tahnuehuk, at Reply

      Tom McCann replace trumps name with obama or hillary’s and then tell me if you would defend the actions from the white house.

  7. Posted by VehementiNacon, at Reply

    So uh i got to thinkin about trump on my way home. Trump loves reality tv. He’s run his presidency as a B rated version of House of cards… He’s poly gonna end his presidency on a cliff hanger.. He’s gonna go over seas and hide there as his impeachment process starts and just abandon the presidency. It’s gonna be the worst TV show ending in history. No justice.. No closure. Horrible ratings. Bigly sad.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      catching the villains is one thing.. the damage he’s done to america’s confidence, and image… years to repair.. and he’s not done doing damage yet..

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      VehementiNacon I hope he gets impeached….I hope he has no ride back from overseas like he did Comey….let him do room and board with those dictators out there

    • Posted by Queen Bee, at Reply

      Ryan Reed Impeached AND found guilty.

  8. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Why is anyone surprised that electing a childish sociopath who can’t tell the truth would end up this way?

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      childish, yes. sociopath, i don’t think so. he is too obsessed with what everyone thinks about him to be a sociopath. a real sociopath wouldn’t care as long as no one got in the way of their agenda. Trump holds rallies and bombs Syria because he likes people cheering and praising him. some other mental disorder most likely but i can’t believe he is a sociopath.

    • Posted by lordsysop, at Reply

      Guido Lizzi actually he bailed on alot of things he promised.. hes the king of spin

    • Posted by Guido Lizzi, at Reply

      lordsysop Yep. That’s why I said he’s doing what the “showed” he would and not what the said. He showed many times to be a big mouth, too much talk and nothing else. So yeah, he will keep bailing on things you’ll see.

  9. Posted by pogo575, at Reply

    If someone makes a movie about the Trump Presidency it will start out as a tragedy and end as a comedy.

    • Posted by TheRhinehart86, at Reply

      It’ll definitely be a Cohen Brothers film

    • Posted by Nonov Yerbusiness, at Reply

      Starring Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as Mike Pence!

    • Posted by Shawn O'Regan, at Reply

      pogo575 its waaaaaaaaay to long to be a movie… could probably be a 4 season TV show…. season 1 campaign, season 2 the transition, season 3 his presidency, season 4 process to his impeachment….

  10. Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

    So what’s going on with Ivanka and Jared? They seem to have seen the writing on the wall and ran off into the woods.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      DonJarVanka the three-headed beast president remain kicking and vicious! When Trump called for inner swamp circle meeting to deal with the shock of Robert Mueller appointment, Jared suggested countering with brute force! Ivanka is busy overseas masterminding escape plan B and plan C! Never judge sociopaths by their metro-sexual cover! πŸ™‚

    • Posted by griffinwm, at Reply

      Jared is busy selling American citizen ships for 500,000 a pop. His sister hopped on the gravy train with the rest of the grifters.

  11. Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

    Trump is not the worlds dumbest man, his supporters are way dumber than him.

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

      +Layne Staley If I had been a trump supporter I would’ve been through with him when he broke his first campaign promise, or when he started doing everything he accused Hillary of, but as an avid weed legalization advocate I can respect that.

    • Posted by Layne Staley, at Reply

      R. A. S.
      Well, I know everything that Hillary has done and it pales in comparison to the Donald. Also, everyone breaks campaign promises. I wasn’t crying when Obama passed the Big Brother act to make it legal to spy on everyone. I was a democrat back then.

  12. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    Trump is a national embarrassment and he should be impeached ASAP.

    • Posted by Barry Sabahat, at Reply

      Mark Cruise but then what would we Laugh at?

    • Posted by SolosDragon, at Reply

      it’s too early to impeach him, I’d give it a year at least. I could use some more laughs πŸ˜€ Not a single day goes by without trump or his stupid staff being in it!

  13. Posted by JOEY SANT, at Reply

    Trump and Flynn 69ed each other

    • Posted by Barry Sabahat, at Reply

      JOEY SANT thanks for that visual. As if I didn’t have a tough enough time getting it up.

    • Posted by Detra McFadden, at Reply

      JOEY SANT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Stan Buczak, at Reply

      don’t be pissed about it
      urine trouble
      dRump dRump dRump

    • Posted by Najat Mokarram, at Reply

      JOEY SANT Hilarious!!!!

  14. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    but but but EMAILS!!!!
    but but but Bang-GAZZY

    • Posted by saikyoftw, at Reply

      What happened to Seth Rich smart guy?
      What happen to Bernie’s donors money?

    • Posted by TheIDGE, at Reply

      Seth Rich was the victim of an apparent robbery gone bad, unless all you believe are right-wing conspiracies. I expect Bernie’s donors money went to the campaign. I’m sure the right-wing bubble you live in has other ideas, which will also be lies.

    • Posted by Candy and Violence, at Reply


  15. Posted by Blue Avenue, at Reply

    You Trump supporters will blindly defend him all the way to his impeachment. You willfully ignorant, anti-intellectual brigands will be remembered terribly in history.

    • Posted by CoolPapaCash, at Reply

      Amen. This blind devotion is not the earmarks of a critical thinking person..

  16. Posted by billfromEtown, at Reply

    even if trump gets removed, that bastard is going to love leaving a trail of destruction and blame america it happened because he was removed. (remember my quote) this is the character of narcissistic sociopaths andnhe will GLADLY go back to his past life….no karma for him unless hes in prison. lock this mother fucker up.

    • Posted by Code951, at Reply

      billfromEtown he’ll just say that it wasn’t his fault because it was too hard or some other bullshit. That trail of destruction that you mentioned is going to take a really long time too fix, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his supporters tries to burn down the White House. That’s not even the worst case scenario…America is fucked 😰

  17. Posted by biba spainhour, at Reply

    stupidity is not an excuse under the law

    • Posted by MC Hammer daddy, at Reply

      Yeh but mentally handicapped is

    • Posted by Nonov Yerbusiness, at Reply

      Hence the Alzheimer’s Disease defense that Roger Stone is reportedly prepping.

    • Posted by Queen Bee, at Reply

      Nonov Yerbusiness Really?