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Trump’s Lawyers Wanted Jared Kushner Fired For His Ties To Russia


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Inning accordance with a brand-new record, lawyers for Donald Trump alerted the Head of state back in June that he ought to eliminate Jared Kushner from his management due to Kushner's ties to Russia. The head of state really did not listen, as well as points worsened from there. Ring of Fire's Farron Relatives discusses why Trump didn't wish to fire Kushner and just how that decision could signify the eventual end of his presidency.

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  1. Posted by taylor swift is a thug #1400 #glogang #chiraq, at Reply

    Trump just cancelled that walll wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      What do you mean? He said he’s fixing the fence that’s already there! Obama never patched the rodent holes and filled the cracks in the sidewalk!

  2. Posted by Corey Hunter, at Reply

    Wow, you just insulted trailer park people by comparing them to the Trumps.

    • Posted by markponicki, at Reply

      who’s the most intelligent trailer park person you know? i don’t think it’s an insult to compare them at least on an intellectual level.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      If the Trumps lived in a trailer it would be solid gold.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1: It would be gold plated, not solid gold. Everything about Trump is a lie.

  3. Posted by Jodi Van Zaig, at Reply

    Your comment about ‘trailer people’ says a lot about you. There is dishonesty at all levels of society; why single them out? ‘Cause they’re poor? Interesting. (And no, i am not a trailer resident).

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      At least now you see the “real lib” (bigots).

    • Posted by Niqui H, at Reply

      Jodi Van Zaig Stfu mi sung yu

  4. Posted by Nicole Judah, at Reply

    It’s always been about greed and power

  5. Posted by EightDaysAWeek00, at Reply

    We all want him fired

  6. Posted by MrDoodlewatson, at Reply

    Is this like the coke zero version of TYT?

  7. Posted by LBF522, at Reply

    This why nepotism is a bad idea for government. Family member are never fired no matter what.

  8. Posted by Mrreciprocat, at Reply

    This is simple…The reason Trump can’t get rid of him is because the boy knows too much. The boy has him by his vagina.

    • Posted by David Szeto, at Reply

      Correction: the boy grabbed him by his pu**y

  9. Posted by Amanda Bell, at Reply

    These people are dumb, greedy, and believe they are above the law.

  10. Posted by Mel Dempsey, at Reply

    Lol, if Trump were my dad I would be selfish too!

  11. Posted by Frank Kelley, at Reply

    Kushner lied multiple times on his application for a security clearance. How’s he not been charged!

  12. Posted by The Drewman, at Reply

    People were warned this was going to happen. Not how can I serve the country, how much can I make off of this. If and when Kushner goes to jail, it will be like father like son. I wonder if he can get the same cell as his father, maybe the same prisoner number

  13. Posted by David Beale, at Reply

    The Evil Trumps are Leaches and Vampires!
    Humiliate him daily!
    Remove our Failing, Nut Job so called President and save America!

  14. Posted by Kris Dolbow, at Reply

    Trump won’t fire JK. Admit family failure? Never.

  15. Posted by Mr. Bungle, at Reply

    You classist bastard.Poor people rely on each other, especially family, just to get by. You most definitely would be hard pressed to find this type of attitude and behavior at a trailer park. You don’t have to climb very far up the economic ladder before this attitude starts to rear its ugly head. A family of billionaires, narcissists, and power hungry players is EXACTLY where one should expect to find it. Keep your derision, prejudice, and disdain for the poor to yourself sir.

  16. Posted by Charles van der Hoog, at Reply

    The corrupt Rome of yore all over again.

  17. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Trump? Not listen to advice or new information? Go figure

  18. Posted by Andrew Eagle, at Reply

    So true, and it was frump himself that taught the whole family how to not care about anything but their personal wealth, he set the example!

  19. Posted by rhonda vosburgh, at Reply

    The trailer park comment was in bad taste and poor judgement.

  20. Posted by Michi Mus, at Reply