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Trump’s New Opioid Policy Will Kill EVEN MORE People


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He intends to cut the Workplace of National Medicine Control Plan by 95%. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, as well as Abby Martin, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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" President Donald Trump is intending to slash the budget of the Workplace of National Medicine Control Policy, in exactly what notes his management's 2nd attempt to digestive tract the top workplace responsible for coordinating the government response to the opioid crisis.

The plan would shift the workplace's two main give programs, the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas grant as well as the Drug Free Communities Act, to the Justice and Wellness and also Human Providers departments, specifically, several sources in the management and others dealing with the government on the opioid crisis informed POLITICO.

The relocation would lead to a decrease of regarding $340 million, or 95 percent of the ONDCP's budget. Trump administration authorities say the office would certainly still function as the White Home's medication policy store, while the grants would be provided by larger companies." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.


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Youthful Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, motion, or political celebration. 2. A young person that rebels versus authority or social assumptions.( American Heritage Thesaurus).

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  1. Posted by Trust Me, at Reply


    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply


    • Posted by Trust Me, at Reply

      Darkman J lies, everyone knows if that’s true I’d be second 2 ur mother. Everyone’s always second to ur mother.

    • Posted by gumptown7414, at Reply

      Trust Me So

  2. Posted by Darkman J, at Reply

    Speaking of killing people: young turks

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Whataboutism makes you look real dumb, bud.

    • Posted by M Gonzo, at Reply

      some body Who do you mean by “white people”? Their are white Latinos and Arabs. Also, Caucasian doesn’t mean white. You can be black Caucasian.

    • Posted by Henbot, at Reply

      the young turks also means
      2. an insurgent in a political party, especially one belonging to a group or faction that supports liberal or progressive policies:
      The leadership of the party passed from the cautious old-line conservatives to the zealous Young Turks.
      Also, young Turk, young turk. any person aggressively or impatiently advocating reform within an organization.

    • Posted by ODIEkriss, at Reply

      A faction of the young turks, like 100 years ago, how is that relevant?

    • Posted by Andrew Stevenson, at Reply

      Whatabout whatabout whatabout

  3. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    People say Isis was defeated but I think they just went home to watch Trump and the Republicans killing more Americans than they ever dream in the wildest imagination.

    • Posted by Steve Crane, at Reply

      Ying Fosukomo There. Are places all over the world Opioids are manufactured. Educate yourself.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      chairman lmao Where does opium come from??

    • Posted by Eddie Castaner, at Reply

      Carl Taylor which is exactly what the NWO wants.

  4. Posted by blistified, at Reply

    nobody is killing them except themselves!

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      I hear ya, a lot of my friends from high school got addicted to oxy and they went down bad paths. i dont even know the answer but the person needs to realize there is hope, i dont know…..

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Most don’t even know they’ve got a problem.

    • Posted by Redoralive, at Reply

      In the UK we have all the same drugs but don’t have as serious an opioid problem.

      Blame people for their mistakes; but it’s apparent something is very different in America. And I don’t think it’s the people.

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      blistified Exactly!

    • Posted by Jay K, at Reply

      Chad Austin – Chad its exactly the opposite, they know they have a problem but its very, very hard to quit.

  5. Posted by renegado100, at Reply

    Opioid crisis began with Obama. He allowed to sell opioid without control or law .

    • Posted by Annabelle B, at Reply

      Troll; and a stupid comment.

    • Posted by Rodrigo Rod, at Reply

      In fact he did it, ,he changed one single law to stop FBI and DEA investigating pharmacies and pharmaceuticals selling high volume of this drugs

  6. Posted by Moninn Yem, at Reply

    We love ya Abby! Keep visiting TYT please.

    • Posted by Kristian Veijola, at Reply

      Agree! More Abby pls.

    • Posted by KN, at Reply

      BartJ583 maybe don’t shame sex workers to prove your point? I’ve met current and former prostiutes who are clearly a lot nicer than you.

    • Posted by KN, at Reply

      Mel and ur a capitalist pig

    • Posted by jeommy kin, at Reply

      BartJ583 what’s wrong with being a prostitute?

  7. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    The only thing the orange buffoon thought was a national crisis was the wealthy Americans tax problem. He solved that issue, what does he care if people die.

  8. Posted by Eugene Travis, at Reply

    Notice how when they put drugs in the black community, they called it a war on drugs, but now that white people are voluntarily using opiods and dying as a result, it’s a tragedy and something must be done. When black people were dying of crack and other drugs, they said lock them up! Now that white are voluntarily using drugs it’s now a crisis. No matter how much privilege you give them, they will still be degenerate.

    • Posted by Eugene Travis, at Reply

      Ronnie Dingus there is no link between population size and the propensity to commit crime. You can ask any crime forensics expert and they will say what determines your ability to commit crime. They are lack of education, no job opportunities and lack of moral. So what you are saying is that white people Should be committing crime! No one should be committing crime, it doesn’t matter what population size you have.

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      Always how it’s been bro. Black people been warning everyone about Policy brutality nobody took it seriously they keep blaming black people, now that white guy was brutally murdered by the officer while obeying his instructions people are now starting to see there may be a problem. It’s how it always is.

    • Posted by Hiarhu, at Reply

      Eugene Travis. Tell me, do two wrongs make a right? No, they don’t. So how can two acts of racism make a right? Yeah, the American drug policies are pretty obviously racist in places, how does coming to harbor your own obvious racism against white people help? Does it make you feel better to lump us all in with our race and blame us for every individuals action? There’s lots of white people that like to do that to you, why do you chose to be exactly like those you despise?

      I’ve never understood this line of thinking. You wish to condemn racism in the same breath as uttering racist statements yourself. Your being hypocritical. You don’t think racism is wrong because it is insanity to judge human beings by such a simplistic metric, you think it’s wrong because white people are “degenerates”. Please have enough respect for us both not to try and say you can’t be racist against white people. If you try and say the race of someone prevents racially motivated hostility directed towards them from counting as racism…you’ve just demonstrated your racism. Using racist beliefs to justify racist actions does not somehow make either of them not racist.

      Here try this on for size. Racism is wrong because racism is wrong. People are not their race and should always be judged as individuals based on the choices they make and the actions they take. Anything less dishonors not only them but ourselves.

  9. Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

    As a recovering addict with 4 yrs clean, reading some of these comments cracks me up. Some people are literally so stupid they say “How about people just stop doing drugs?” Hahahaha I have never seen a more idiotic sentence in my life. There is a reason it is called addiction? Remember? It’s not that simple. Sometimes it takes decades for people to finally have enough of the lifestyle and call it quits. Some never make it at all. Just the name of the game.

    I got lucky, getting clean. But I am not arrogant. I know that is a day by day feat I have successfully pulled off 4 yrs now. Tomorrow is never promised. Legalize, regulate, educate. Give treatment to those that want to give sobriety a shot. Forcing someone will never work, it sometimes backfires and kills people earlier than expected. As they get out of rehab and use right away. The person’s tolerance obviously lowers very far down making that first dose in a month more dangerous than usual.

    • Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

      the critico alternative libertarian media thank you man, it means alot. Trust me when I say I still have my battles every so often, but with time it does get better.

    • Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

      chloweful Well I used heroin so I wasn’t apart of the pharma scene. Sure, I started on Vics and Oxys but I haven’t even touched a pain med in like 7 yrs. I do have sympathy though for doctors blaming you, when you need it for medical reasons.

    • Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

      TheStevoh1 I used Methadone for 3 yrs, been off of it almost a year. Don’t screw yourself and get on an insanely high dose, you’ll pay for it later. I just tapered slowly to where my body had time to adjust without opioids. Methadone helped me immensely. Time is your best friend, use it as a tool and get off when you feel comfortable.

    • Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

      Andrew Stevenson I am upset because it hits close to home, that’s all. By the way, addicts come in every shape and size. Liberal, conservative, religious, secular, rich, poor, etc. It doesn’t matter.

    • Posted by Sun Behind the Sun 777, at Reply

      zammmerjammer Bravo man, you literally summed up all my thoughts on this.

  10. Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

    If he cared about the opoid epidemic he’d be legalizing marijuana. Too bad these establishment puppets only care about appeasing their donors..

    • Posted by Skcit420, at Reply

      Bill Anderson I didn’t even know. As far as I understood, it came with no withdrawal. I’ll check it out.

  11. Posted by Antenman, at Reply

    Oh, hi Abby!!!

  12. Posted by Thomas Taenzer, at Reply

    The seriousness of the political landscape in America is at a critical point, the destruction that Trump and his cronies are wreaking is deserving of alarm bells and a call to action. Trump is not a patriot. He is a capitalist who believes in only money and doesn’t give a damn about the American people. Trump is a member of an elite group that still considers genocide an option if it will benefit them. These are not common men, but filthy rich sh*theads who are having the time of their lives screwing the working class and stripping America’s wealth to line their own pockets. TYT is an essential source for information on the reality of today’s chaotic world. Fight for what is right, for the people, by the people. Spread the word…

    • Posted by Eamenic1, at Reply

      Thomas Taenzer

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Posted by Nero Onnyx, at Reply

      . . .and you knew all of this about trump and the politicians, but you voted him in anyway! MAGA BITCHES! YOU KNEW WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR! DOES IT HURT YET?

  13. Posted by MrJreed1000, at Reply

    Fucc.. now everyone’s going to run out of tide pods..

    • Posted by Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing on Rainbows, at Reply

      MrJreed1000 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Posted by Lisa Kazmier, at Reply

    Apparently Tom Petty had an opioid problem, just came out.

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      “Just came out”? Yeah if you’re a twenty-something. TP fans from the 70’s have known about his drug issues for decades.

    • Posted by Lisa Kazmier, at Reply

      I mean I saw on Facebook a note from his survivors saying he died of an accidental drug overdose.

    • Posted by pardyhardly, at Reply

      Yet another victim.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      Gee, ya think so?

  15. Posted by horsemalph, at Reply

    Fake President Donald J. Shithole

    • Posted by Cherkov Binfaggenov, at Reply

      horsemalph hahaha look in the mirror lady.

    • Posted by Cherkov Binfaggenov, at Reply

      horsemalph that was mature are you a liberal? That comeback was amazing it showed the level of intelligence that clearly reflects the democrat mindset. Thanks for making my point for me.

    • Posted by Andrew Stevenson, at Reply

      Cherkov Binfaggenov

      Greetings comrade

  16. Posted by ssddsquare, at Reply


  17. Posted by WaiSide 93, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders 2020

    • Posted by John Rambo, at Reply

      WaiSide 93 No thanks. Americans deserve better than Venezuela type politics

  18. Posted by Young Style, at Reply

    This is white supremacy’s Karma!!!

  19. Posted by jabbermocky, at Reply

    I live in a small city that’s blue collar/working class with mixed ethnicities. Most of my great neighbors are originally from Central America, the Cape Verde Islands (Africa ) and the Azores ( Portugal ). The countries that Trump calls shitholes. Very few opioid ODs happen here. Go over to the next town which is 98% white, extremely affluent with lots of yacht clubs, golf courses, private boarding schools and multi-million dollar houses. They’re dropping like flies from heroin/fentanyl ODs in that “special” place every day. All ages. Guess that particular elite demographic has nothing better to do with their time and money than get high ’til they die or something.

    • Posted by Disinfectant Spray, at Reply

      jabbermocky LOL Same in my neighborhood. In my hood, go to any gym in the morning or evening, it’s packed with pic getting their healthy on. I see people in the parks, afternoon walks with family. I don’t see overdoses.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      When you’re so rich that you have nothing to look forward to (because you can attain anything with the flick of the pen on your cheque book), life becomes very boring. Got to fill those hours with something. For many it is merely collecting more wealth, or getting shitfaced on drugs.

    • Posted by stealthballer, at Reply

      no one calls the azores a shithole, it’s absolutely amazing.

    • Posted by jabbermocky, at Reply

      stealthballer: According to a close neighbor who was born on Sao Miguel, Azores, in the 1940s, the island was poverty stricken and suffering from deadly droughts when she emigrated to New England as a teenager. Nowadays, there is a booming international tourist industry in the Azores, I hear. Especially on Madeira. Of course the Azores are technically European and have benefited from EU investment over the past decades, unlike Central America and Cape Verde, which are associated with entirely different continents and indigenous cultures. Personally, I wouldn’t refer to anybody’s country of origin as a “shithole”. I’m much too educated and polite for that.

  20. Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

    Don’t just blame the pharmaceutical companies. The prison industrial complex stands to lose billions from the end of prohibition as well.