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Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage To Send Premiums SKYROCKETING


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Trump will obviously attempt to pin this all on Obama. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

" Despite the repetitive failing of Republicans in Congress to rescind as well as replace the Affordable Care Act, Trump has prospered in raising health care premiums.

A number of insurance companies that offer insurance coverage with the Obamacare markets have actually requested double figure rate boosts for the coming year, and also the majority cite unpredictability regarding the actions of the Trump administrations as the factor for the requested rises, according to a new study launched Thursday.

The research study, from the Kaiser Family Structure, checked out plans used in 20 various states as well as in Washington D.C. The rates the study considers are requests as well as can be adjusted by regulatory authorities, but less insurance firms have also consented to join the Obamacare exchanges in 2018." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by A big sloppy poo, at Reply

    Somebody please hurry up and assassinate Trump

    • Posted by steal threaded, at Reply

      perferably in an obamacare facility with obama’s face on it.

    • Posted by Kevin Clements, at Reply

      Noooo, I want impeachment, trial (which meams imprisonment ) and then death for treason

    • Posted by No Peace, at Reply

      Trump will just pardon himself and his family. They won’t do a second in jail.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      While this might seem like a way to get rid of him, it’s not our way. He’s already turned us into a banana republic – let’s not go down the rest of that path. Voting him out of office (or perhaps impeachment) will happen soon enough to save us.

    • Posted by Not Sure, at Reply

      *Less than 3 years until another election and the leftwat plan appears to be :*

      1- Offer no one anyone wants to vote for
      2- Throw wrenches in the system to cause havoc
      3- Kill people

      You guys are going to really lose it as it becomes more and more apparent that with that way of thinking you will continue to lose support.

  2. Posted by Left Wing Watch, at Reply

    Premiums were skyrocketing before Trump even took office. You can try and blame Trump all you want but Obamacare’s failures is 100% the fault of the Dems.

    • Posted by steal threaded, at Reply

      the PPACA slowed the rising costs
      You are an ill informed liar.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Left Wing Watch you are a short-sighted fool. FYI – this isn’t about blaming Trump, it’s about the insurance companies using his idiocy as an excuse to jack premiums again.

    • Posted by I am Gumby, dammit, at Reply

      Left Wing What: Premiums have been skyrocketing for decades. Forty years or more. Only people who had someone else paying for their insurance didn’t know that.

  3. Posted by Carewolf, at Reply

    Probably true, then again the insurance companies would use any excuse to try to defend their rising premiums.

    • Posted by Kevin Clements, at Reply

      that’s why we need single payer and insurance companies need to collapse

  4. Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

    Premiums were already skyrocketing under Obamacare. This isn’t Trump’s fault. Funny how they blame the left’s failures on Republicans.

    I’ve never voted for a Republican and likely never will, but facts are facts.

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      What’s your opinion on the economy now that Chump and his minions are touting as their achievement? Fair and consistent, right?

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      Scott: I’m guessing you never looked at rates and policies until recently. You need to go way back to around 1980 and educate yourself about policies, coverage, deductibles, and rates.
      I forgive you for your ignorance – if you go educate yourself.

    • Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

      Jesus Christ, Part Deux Your comment contained no argument and no information of any kind.

    • Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

      Crimson King The economic situation is the same as it was under Obama. The stock market, the auto market, the housing market and the bond market are massive bubbles that are about to pop. Artificially low interest rates are the primary cause of this.

    • Posted by Scott Endres, at Reply

      Kevin Clements I think your right about single payer being inevitable. However, this will lead to rationing because when the govt makes a whole part of the economy free for it’s citizens, there becomes no incentive for individual citizens to limit how much of these goods and services they consume.

      Imagine if water was provided for free by the govt. What incentive would there be to limit how much water you used? They would have to ration the water to prevent waste. The problem is some people need or desire more of a certain resource than others do. You would need to rely on govt bureaucrats to determine how much individuals need. Letting individuals decide how much they are willing to spend is a much better system in my opinion. People provide services to others to make money and then spend that money on services they want other people to do for them. That goes out the window when govt makes something free. You lose the incentives for innovation and excellence as well.

      Resources are finite and human desire is infinite.

  5. Posted by wearypirates, at Reply

    These insurance companies are going to boost the premiums so high that we will have no choice but to go to single payer.

    • Posted by Kevin Clements, at Reply

      Yep, I think this plays in favor of single payer ……doing this will kill the insurance companues…..because if no one can afford insurance they they will have to lower premiums and if they refuse then the people will demand it….it’s going to be interesting to see if people will get out in the streets en mass to demonstrate for it, and how will Trump respond ?

    • Posted by Michelle R, at Reply

      wearypirates or trumpcare

  6. Posted by GOD EMPEROR, at Reply

    Premiums have been skyrocketing since Obamacare was implemented, oh yeah wait Liberals want to keep bailing out insurance companies

    • Posted by steal threaded, at Reply

      it slowed significantly actually, dumbass.

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      We’d like do away with health insurance companies completely. But we all know that will never happen.

  7. Posted by smokey bear, at Reply

    Why do this. I mean make it almost impossible for “The everyday Joe” to get health care!! Why??

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      smokey bear because undoing everything obama did is why trump became president in the first place

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      Because, smokey bear, they don’t care about the everyday Joe. They care about the rich and the corporations.
      Republicans know me not, nor my ways, though they claim to and ask me for forgiveness.

    • Posted by Phoenix Rising, at Reply

      Thanks Jesus for the insight.
      Why did you allow these morons to continue to populate the earth and use your book to spread death and misery among the actual human population?

  8. Posted by Trent Vitri, at Reply

    How is it sabotage when it’s a failed system from the start? Even Democrats had no idea what bill they were passing with the iconic statement “We don’t know whats in our healthcare bill until we pass it” thanks to Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are blaming Republicans for their failed healthcare just like how Democrats are blaming Republicans on their failed racist group of the KKK.

    • Posted by No Peace, at Reply

      Republicans have been sabotaging Obamacare from the beginning. Republicans didn’t even read the healthcare bill before that passed it. That’s a proven fact. So everything you said is complete bullshit.

    • Posted by Trent Vitri, at Reply

      +No Peace I dont think you understand the difference between Republican and Democrat. The ones who created the bill are Democrats. The ones who said “We dont know what in the healthcare bill until we pass it” are Democrats. Please understand the political differences before commenting.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Trent: Regardless, it doesn’t matter what dimwit Nancy Pelosi said. FWIW, she has little support amongst the rank and file. The fact is that Obamacare IS WORKING. Yes, it needs fine tuning, but it doesn’t need a new foundation. That’s the fact you zealots don’t want to admit to.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      FYI, Trent, since you like historical fact: Obamacare is based closely on a proposal from the Heritage Foundation. I bet you know who they are.

    • Posted by Trent Vitri, at Reply

      The fact that you think skyrocketing premiums and broken promises of keeping your plan & your doctor “is working” just shows how detached you are from the common man. You really need to get out of this TYT echochamber of stupidity.

  9. Posted by maxxxbensleyyy, at Reply

    He’s just so jealous obama humiliated him so in revenge he ran for president won and now he’s taking away everything obama did because he cares so muc about his ego.

    • Posted by wesley Hempoli, at Reply

      maxxxbensleyyy ya uh huh thats what this is about. Btw you dropped your tin foil hat bro. Nice peace sign….

    • Posted by Drunkn Master, at Reply

      wesley Hempoli That’s the truth Dumbass.Everything Obama approved of or put his name on Dump is against, and it’s not hard to see unless you own something with MAGA on it.

    • Posted by wesley Hempoli, at Reply

      Drunkn Master i agree. But jealousy has nothing to do with this.

  10. Posted by Al Somethin, at Reply

    Obama care is the law of the land. If Trump sabotages the law of the land (the constitution and its amendments) or even tries he is going against his oath of office to uphold the laws of the land ( the constitution and its amendments) This is treason or somthing worse.

    • Posted by CS Lew, at Reply

      He thinks he’s above the law. He also thinks that if he let’s Obamacare (ACA) fail, he won’t be blamed. He’s wrong. People are learning about the healthcare.

    • Posted by GOD EMPEROR, at Reply

      Bailing out insurance companies is constitutionally illegal, Obamacare as a system is half-herently illegal. It was illegal so, that congress filed a lawsuit, and won

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      CS Lew: Republicans (politicians) failed to realize how many of their own people have grown to like Obamacare. The Trump/Republican plans will cause a YUGE backlash.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      The premiums are already skyrocketing .
      They have been for years you genius.
      Half of the 3% of Americans that use it probably can no longer even afford it even though they are enrolled.
      You are a special kind of stupid.

  11. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Conservatives creates problems, and then blame everyone else for the problems.

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Not only that but when they have a chance to fix it, they can’t.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Conservatives don’t fix problems. They create problems, so as to then benefit from the spoils of the problems.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      The premiums are already skyrocketing Hal.
      They have been for years you genius.
      Half of the 3% of Americans that use it probably can no longer even afford it even though they are enrolled.
      You are a special kind of stupid.

  12. Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

    Rates have been a problem since at least the late 80’s. The only reason they went up with Obamacare is that employers and insurers took advantage of the change to jack premiums and cut coverage and place the blame on Obamacare. Now they’re doing it again. SSDD.

    • Posted by I am Gumby, dammit, at Reply

      No kidding. No matter what happens, Insurance companies jack rates. It’s just a question of how much they think they can get away with. Any excuse of any sort is used to justify another hike or coverage reduction or deductible/co-pay increase.

  13. Posted by Arian Sanders, at Reply

    I don’t think the insurance companies realize their greed is what will lead to universal healthcare.

    • Posted by JB252, at Reply

      They just don’t care. These business are short sighted, they want whatever money they can make in the here and now

    • Posted by Phoenix Rising, at Reply

      Did you see the TYT video about bernies bill asking for concessions for the american taxpayer from pharmaceutical companies that are GIVEN the drug by the government (Who funded research AND developed the drug) and they said no????

      What a crazy and corrupt system. Its indefensible but so long as they have a base among the ideologically driving these fuckers will just keep chipping away and lining their pockets ironically at the cost of lefties and your average conservative. Money out of politics really is the only way forward.

  14. Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

    So the Republicans, as usual, purposefully create a problem that they can point at and blame Democrats for. At what point do we just call for the death penalty for these kinds of “politicians?” Honestly, the only fate that Trump and both Republican controlled houses deserve is a lethal injection.

    • Posted by Dee Bates, at Reply

      No Peace As is the America we grew up with.

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      “Republicans create the problem? Obamacare was passed by democrats”

      The ACA is working fine right now, but if you take away the mandate, the thing that pays for the ACA, then the ACA forces premiums to go up to compensate, thereby destroying the ACA (because no one likes higher premiums). The Republicans are taking away the mandate in a purposeful effort to CREATE A PROBLEM and then blame that problem on Democrats.

      Now, I wonder how much mental acrobatics you’re going to use to slime your way out of this basic fact. Maybe you’ll just totally ignore everything I said and simply type “But, da democrats made da obamacare!”

    • Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

      Thad Stevens The ACA is most certainly not working fine right now. It never worked well at all.

    • Posted by Dee Bates, at Reply

      Narwhocalypse better than nuthin’. Which was the choice the Obama administration had. Try universal like Canada with suplimentary extended coverage through private carriers for prescriptions etc .Take corporate profits out of greedy corporate hands as much as possible. Healthy people with low healthcare premiums are more productive and contribute to the overall economy more.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Not true even in the slightest.
      Obamacare premiums have already quadrupled over the past 2 years.
      Half of the 3% of Americans enrolled probably can’t afford it even now.
      Are you just going to ignore the last 2 years of premium hikes?

  15. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    Nice try libtards. Trump called the impending failure of Obamacare and now these slimy hacks are trying to spin for damage control.

    • Posted by econley64, at Reply

      Django Freeman Bullshit

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      “Trump called the impending failure of Obamacare and now these slimy hacks are trying to spin for damage control”

      So Republicans taking away the personal mandate, the thing that pays for Obamacare, has nothing to do with it then? Republicans have become a cult of compulsive liars and racist buffoons.

    • Posted by Matthew Dobbs, at Reply

      Django Freeman All you have to do is read the information available to find out the truth, its really not that hard; or you could do what you seem to be doing now and wait to be told what is going on, by say fox or trump or even TYT. Dont believe everything you hear without checking, but actually on this one, you will find out that the report is true….Trump is deliberately working to sabotage the system, leaving people without health care….not what a president should do under any circumstances.

    • Posted by Brian Rosado, at Reply

      Django Freeman it is their jobs now to fix it

  16. Posted by Donny's safe space, at Reply

    Poor red states are gonna taste their stupidity real soon

    • Posted by RationalMinded, at Reply

      Donny’s safe space: With the way they act, you’d think they haven’t already.

  17. Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

    right wingers don’t care about healthcare prices – they suck off the system – if it ain’t welfare it ain’t for a conservative

    • Posted by Michael Campbell, at Reply

      We spend more per capita on health care than any country in the world.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Right wingers are associated with hard work, success and higher incomes. Check your comment.

    • Posted by Michelle R, at Reply

      Dragon1717 you mean the uneducated cousin fuckers that are still waiting on steel jobs??

  18. Posted by Nicole K, at Reply

    Last year I had one of the first silver health care plans. I pay 100% of my premium, I don’t receive a government subsidiary. My premium went up 47% last year. I had to go with one of the lowest bronze plans, which is $380 a month. If health insurance premiums go up anymore, I won’t be able to afford health insurance next year. Healthcare is expensive because of greed. Big pharmaceutical companies charging outrageous prices. Inflated bills to cover the rising loss from un insured patients, is another reason. People don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to pay their bill, the prices go up for everyone else.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      So you must support medicare for all, like I do.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Same boat my wife and I were last year. You better hope you don;t need to use that crappy bronze plan either. Specialist copay’s are $120, Rx coverage is crap, and the deductible’s are over $12k. We can afford to pay the premiums, but we can’t afford to actually use the coverage and the insurance companies know that which is why they did this.

  19. Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

    The GOP is sabotaging the ACA. That’s a fact. As a Canadian I want nothing more than my American friends to have a single payer system. It works for everyone, and it’s cheaper than what you pay now.

    • Posted by Jf H, at Reply

      If you make a lot of money, you dont want to pay percentage, you want to pay a flat amount. Im Canadian too and i do pity the American for their archaic healthcare by insurance system.

      But to understand the problem, we need to have real facts. And the fact is, your comment is slightly incorrect because of that part here: “It works for everyone, and it’s cheaper”

      For rich people, insurance allows them to keep more of their money, so a public system doesnt work so well nor is it cheaper for them. Propaganda does the rest.

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      I think it’s easy for a lot rich people to think they’re paying less in an private insurance vs. single payer system. However you have to take into account the societal problems and reduced wealth generation from having people who don’t have medical coverage.

      If you’re wealthy because you sell a service or goods, then it’s in your own interest that your customers have as much disposable income as possible. Having people lose their houses and become homeless to cover medical bills has a negative effect on their wealth generation. Their children may not have money from their parents to attend school, buy their first car or home, etc. The lost revenue from taxes is enormous. Not having insurance for all is a drag on the economy and in the end it hits the pockets of the rich and poor.

      Anyway it’s a lot to talk about in you tube comment…