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Trump’s Poll Numbers Won’t. Stop. Falling.


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Trump is shedding independents quickly, as well as it's killing his general survey numbers. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" President Donald Trump has enjoyed his ratings decrease for months, but on Wednesday 2 revered polls showed that only a third of American citizens view him favorably– a brand-new reduced less compared to 200 days right into his presidency

A brand-new Quinnipiac College Poll has the head of state's authorization rating being up to 33 percent, while Gallup shows it at 36 percent. Quinnipiac's dimension is the most affordable in the poll's monitoring of the Trump administration thus far, and also Gallup's is the most affordable three-day average it has actually signed up.

While Gallup tracks voter point of views daily, Quinnipiac's most recent survey digs deeper right into beliefs about the president, revealing him striking new lows throughout the board." *.

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  1. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    I am so glad my fellow Americans are slowly but surely seeing Trump for the scumbag that he is, but STILL his approval rating is too high! Anything more than 10% is too high for Trump! Impeach this scumbag already!

    • Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

      PK Lifeup a You know how we do it? We vote the Republicans out in 2018!

  2. Posted by Stanley james, at Reply

    $50 he resigns by October 2017!!!

    • Posted by Pussygrabber 45, at Reply

      Stanley james If only he would.

    • Posted by Russell, at Reply

      If he resigns or is impeached, if Pence takes his place does his term start over? Or will he be picking up the scraps?

    • Posted by Pussygrabber 45, at Reply

      Russell Pence wouldn’t be much better either.

    • Posted by Russell, at Reply

      I know, I’m just curious how much time Pence would have left to cause damage. But seeing as Congress is more than likely going to completely flip in 2018, he’ll probably be a lame duck regardless.

    • Posted by Stanley james, at Reply

      Pence would pick up the existing term as the 45th POTUS.

  3. Posted by Karan Trivedi, at Reply

    29 % approval amongst white mellenials is pretty embarrassing.

    • Posted by The 4th Reich, at Reply

      stradale13 in fact by the time the police caught up to me your leaders would already be eliminated

  4. Posted by richard bloor, at Reply

    Fans of Lumpy Trumpy. TYT is just reporting the poll numbers. You can’t really argue with that. Can you?

    • Posted by I N N E R H E A V E N, at Reply

      The reason he got into power was because people believed the polls (which were very wrong) and didnt think they needed to vote but yea lets believe the polls this time round… naive thinking buddy

    • Posted by Pokey Minch, at Reply

      Polls track popular votes unfortunately.

    • Posted by Abhishek Krishnan, at Reply

      Of course they can, have you met them?

    • Posted by richard bloor, at Reply

      Abhishek Krishnan I thankfully live in Norway so I’ll probably never have the ‘pleasure’ of meeting a Lumpy Trumpy’ supporter. They don’t tend to travel……

  5. Posted by downphoenix, at Reply

    Who the hell is the 2% of democrats? In guessing 1% must be rich people that look forward to the tax cuts, so what’s up with the other 1%?

    • Posted by Adam Greenan, at Reply

      Not all Idiots are Republican.

    • Posted by downphoenix, at Reply

      But all republicans are idiots 😉

  6. Posted by Richard Calf, at Reply

    1 in 3 people are so stupid, that they support donald trump.

    • Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply


    • Posted by orangeedo, at Reply

      Richard Calf this poll was 53% democrats. 1/2 people support him and if you don’t understand why, that’s as a result of ignorance on your part.

    • Posted by Enrique Sanchez, at Reply

      “if you don’t understand why” oh we understand very well why there’s still people supporting him: because a lot of people in America are far right fascists. Only fascists could possibly support someone like him at this point. He’s a demented failure. Only actual ignorant people could support him.

  7. Posted by kirkgrniis, at Reply

    Cletus rolls off his sister in West Virginia……”We don’t believe no stinkin’ polls……Trump Trump Trump”

    • Posted by Orange Reptilian, at Reply

      kirkgrniis LOL!!!

    • Posted by onefatstratcat, at Reply

      He’s Trump’n while he’s hump’n! Sueeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    • Posted by QUESTIONS, at Reply

      so funny. trump lemming

    • Posted by QUESTIONS, at Reply

      I know so weird people still think positive of him, isn’t it so strange?

  8. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    And Trump supporters think Trump will be a two term president? lololll

    • Posted by QUESTIONS, at Reply

      I know strange huh…blind followers

    • Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

      Just don’t take it for granted. It didn’t make any sense that he’d win in the first place.

    • Posted by Nymeria64, at Reply

      It remains to be seen if he will even be a one-term president…

  9. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    Trump also keeps going down on Ivanka.

    • Posted by Dr Orgasm donor, at Reply

      Joe Smith who wouldn’t

  10. Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

    True story but a hardcore Trumper I knew, who I had to unfriend because he got out of control apologized to me and said he was wrong. He’s ashamed he voted for him.

    • Posted by Dr Dermix Girl, at Reply

      RadioLaPrincess—-the tide is turning

  11. Posted by Zenith, at Reply

    Disturbing to think that 76% of republicans still think he is awesome.

    • Posted by rythmjc3, at Reply

      Might as well call them racist confederates at this point

    • Posted by bulldogsbob, at Reply

      Becuase his policies have been great.

    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      his policies have been great for who???

    • Posted by rythmjc3, at Reply

      It has been great for the super rich

  12. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    76% of republicans approve? Are they paying attention?

    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      @ the people who still support trump just dont giv’a damn about this country. and would rather see this country blowed to bits if they cant have it all their way…

  13. Posted by Phoenix Faure, at Reply

    America is much greater than the pea brained ape we have currently making a fool of himself every day. Kids can even see that. As they ask their parents questions about truth, honor and integrity. It boggles the mind that we have a toxic, unhinged and chaotic presidency that seems to get worse and worse every day. With a cast of characters that seem mined from the underbelly of society. Who have zero conscience and seem to enjoy lying and presenting themselves as people who will MAGA. Isn’t that their “stolen” motto from Reagan’s time? The only difference is Reagan was a man of decorum and class and a voice of hope and inclusiveness. Trump is a blowhard bigot. A moron of the highest order. He makes Nixon look like a choir boy. He uses racist rhetoric and xenophobia to stir the ignorant up in this nation. His brand of nationalism can only be described as hateful and dark. People of color and diversity throughout this country have silently channeled their intellect to rise above this carnival of corruption and let’s see how all of this plays out. America is much much much greater than Trump’s hate filled words. And America has always been great until now.

    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      @ Phoenix Faure….this country is still great and will be great for a longtime. this is just a mere bump in the road. there are many people who know and will do the right things….HAVE FAITH BRO.

    • Posted by Phoenix Faure, at Reply

      Levi Rawls well said. I’m just sick of listening to this lame brained orange baboon and his litany of lies.

  14. Posted by Frank Matthews, at Reply

    White people believe in trump like white people believing racism doesn’t exist

    • Posted by Victor Alexander, at Reply

      BUT whose fault is it. tre racist turn up to vote just look at the low turn out look at what happen when theresa may wanted to increase her majority we turn up then

    • Posted by Hekat the Evil B-tch, at Reply

      Frank Matthews The only people I know still supporting Trump are so creepy; racist, minimal education, judgmental & seemingly unhinged, that I feel I need a shower after coming in range of them… I only know 3 people that still openly support him. Thankfully I rarely encounter these people… Of course racism still exists, but people judge others for all kinds of nonsense. I think we could be on the mend, in spite of Trump. Maybe just the last gasp of hatred before the ultra conservative ‘stuck in their ways’ people finally realize things are not going backwards… Statistics show there are more blended couples than ever, gender identity is changing rapidly. We are a multi-cultural country & that’s not gonna change no matter what Trump & his ilk do…

    • Posted by Victor Alexander, at Reply

      they ar so blind can not see the bus is heading off the cliff

    • Posted by lizzie bower, at Reply

      None of that’s true I’m white I hate Trump and I definitely know that there’s racism in this country

  15. Posted by Tyrone Harris, at Reply

    The more you trust Trump, the more he’ll screw you over.

    • Posted by Xavier Haymaker, at Reply


    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      Tyrone Harris Even Russia got screwed over

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Tyrone Harris absolutely true. Trump voters. You screw is coming with health care. Taxes and budget. You sing a different tune when you lose lose lose

  16. Posted by lizzie bower, at Reply

    Because he’s doing illegal things because he lies every 5 Seconds that’s why we need to fire him and Peach him and throw him in jail

    • Posted by TheJimtanker, at Reply

      Peach him?  How cute.

    • Posted by lizzie bower, at Reply

      TheJimtanker how is that cute?? It’s been done before over a lot less you think it can’t happen again just because it’s 2017

    • Posted by Elena Duran, at Reply

      @ lizzie bower: he thought you were playing on the word “impeach”, which is the accurate term. But since you said to “Peach” him, it was taken as throwing peaches at him. He meant no insult. You simply used the incorrect word.

    • Posted by TheJimtanker, at Reply

      lizzie bower
      Because you said “peach” instead of “impeach”.

    • Posted by B Dynm, at Reply

      Nah, we should kale him. Fat bastard need some greens in his diet.

  17. Posted by Jack C, at Reply

    I just think it’s funny that we may see the second president in history to be removed from office. Speaking from no political view point just historically speaking this is a fascinating time..

  18. Posted by Jess Whetstone, at Reply

    Trump is worse than anyone thinks. If the truth about him ever comes out, people will be totally shocked. There is nothing he will not do if he wants to do it.

    • Posted by Grim Reefer, at Reply

      Hopefully soon Trumps attitude will come to an end.

    • Posted by Lee Johnson, at Reply

      You have that right when you say there is nothing he will not do, no matter how dishonest and Crooked it might be.

    • Posted by Pablo Jay, at Reply

      His voters will not be shocked because they will be unable to process that data.

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Jess Whetstone I believe that. Too.

  19. Posted by Grim Reefer, at Reply

    I am part of that 60% disapproved. I am an independent. I think for myself and Trump is fully incompetent!

    • Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

      Grim Reefer Congragulations! You have a brain! 🙂

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      Grim Reefer i’m not American, but don’t “independent” people still have to vote either democrat or republican?

    • Posted by Diana Lopez, at Reply

      You’re not completely off – we have 2 major parties and any other polit. parties have (if i remember correctly) never been elected. You can vote what you want

    • Posted by Grim Reefer, at Reply

      Seen the Grateful Dead in the early ninety’s, Jerry was still alive. We do have independents running for seats in our government, even president.