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Trump’s Russia Probe VS Benghazi And Whitewater Investigations


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Republican politicians are all over Fox News calling for an end to the examination into Trump's Russian connections, what have they reached hide? Just how does the Russia examination compare with the Benghazi and also Whitewater investigation? Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section listed below.

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" BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Is it time to end the Russia examination? One Republican congressman says indeed, and quickly. He's proposing regulations to eliminate the special advise Robert Mueller's probe right into the presidential's (sic) connections into Russia six months after it passes. It seems reasonable. Right here to describe his brand-new procedure is Florida GOP congressman, participant of your house Oversight Committee of Federal government Reform Ron DeSantis. Congressman, 6 months suffices. Plus, you had James Comey investigating before this. Where's this proposition going?

REP. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Well, Brian, just what we want to do is say very plainly we don't wish to fund angling expeditions, when Replacement Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein] selected Mueller, he issued an order that did not identify a crime. He recognized a counterintelligence examination that Comey had actually been carrying out. So you remain in a situation where you don't have any restriction, you do not have any range, and what takes place is with a special counsel, it's not such as the typical district attorney where have you all these other cases you reached worry about. This is all you're doing. Therefore, if you do not have an obvious evidence of a crime, your incentive is to simply locate something. And so, my change generally claims, appearance, this point needs to be limited to the campaign and Russia and it has to have an end date. If you have not generated evidence of a criminal offense after practically 2 years of checking out, since Comey explored for a year prior to Mueller was appointed, after that at some time we have to go on with the American people's business.

KILMEADE: Does it problem you exactly what you've understood thus far, the fact that they raid Paul Manafort's home? They are taking a look at his worldwide calls. Does it trouble you that Robert Mueller supposedly conferring with the nemesis of Head of state Trump, the [New York] Attorney general of the United States Schneiderman, who's– they have actually been going at each various other for several years. Now they're providing straight. Does that trouble you or urge you that they're attempting to reach the end of this?

DESANTIS: It worries me due to the fact that a great deal of the Manafort stuff happened way before the project. Perhaps he did things 2, three years back. Yet that's not really– you don't need an unique guidance for that. Then, yeah, the replacement– attorney general of the United States in New york city is an archenemy of the president. Mueller generated these district attorneys, much of them allowed Autonomous factors, as well as, obviously, there's been a lot of dripping in this examination. So, yeah, I've been worried about exactly how it's been performed. I suggest, we don't know what all is taking place, but I understand this: The assigning order that Rosenstein issued to assign Mueller, it invites an angling exploration since there is no limitations to it. Congress should supply those restrictions.

KILMEADE: Rosenstein appears to be a gift to Democrats and also anti-Trumpers that simply want to see this president not be successful. The method this was written appears criminal." *.

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  1. Posted by Duane Locsin, at Reply

    Trump is getting probed up the a%$ and it’s going to take a while.

    Sorry paid trolls, and Fox News loyal viewers, you know how this works.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Trump is not under investigation you idiot. They’re after a guy from his campaign and Trump already fired him.

  2. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    The well of Republican hypocrisy is bottomless.

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      Not as far down as Dem hypocrisy. Make sure your house is in order before calling out others.. Your logic is why Dems hold no power!

    • Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

      Bullshit. Gerrymandering is principally why Democrats don’t hold as much power.

    • Posted by Mark Stinson, at Reply

      Democrats have nothing but Trump is bad that’s why they have no power

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      BU, bu, but… her emails!

  3. Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

    Republicans are disgusting.

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      WHat are you, 10 years old? By the way, based in reality, the Dems are far worse.

  4. Posted by Marley J, at Reply

    “Six months is enough” ; but the Watergate investigation took 2 years; soooooooo!!!

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      Some republicans want more benghazi hearings still after 5 year … after 9 report all several hundred pages long that put the blame on security funding cut republicans did under Obama.
      9/11 attack had one hearing and evidence was sold to China … FBI has still not found any of those 8 black boxes from those 4 planes when that how incompetent they are .

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      IT took 2 years because they had something to go on… 6 months and still don’t have any starter evidence.

    • Posted by Marley J, at Reply

      The Grape Debate; First of all; Bengahzi took 4 years and Whitewater took 6 years with no results ; talk about hypocrisy.  Also; the Russia case has so much evidence, there’s tons of it. You don’t know what the word “evidence” means, do you? Evidence doesn’t have to be the smoking gun in your hand, it can be your fingerprints at the scene, and that can be enough to condemn you. That is circumstantial evidence, which nearly all evidence is. Circumstantial evidence convicts people ALL THE TIME. You just think it doesn’t because you get your life cues from movies and TV!!!!.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      Grape: Ignoring all the evidence we’ve already seen, and the Congress’ near unanimous conclusion that Russia interfered… So you believe Mueller convened a Grand Jury because he has no evidence to present to them and no reason to substantiate calling one? You really are a brainwashed tool.

  5. Posted by Christopher Colangelo, at Reply

    Evidence is not presented until charges are pressed. Why is this investigation looked at differently than any other investigation done in America? Yes, It is high profile, but the investigation is still an investigation, not to be rushed. In essence, what a baseless talking point.

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      Republican party should change their name to Hypocritical Party of stupid people .

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      They’re used to Republican driven investigations where evidence is leaked for political gain.

  6. Posted by 27,700,401 views, at Reply

    Covfefe = covering up federal felony 100% let’s see where the “nothing burger” trumptards claim, will lead us.

  7. Posted by Alexis Grunden, at Reply

    And yet the Republicunts will happily blow MILLIONS of taxpayers’ dollars on hearing and committee after hearing and committee for Hillary and Benghazi, even though _every single one_ had to admit they could fine zero evidence of wrongdoing. The hypocrisy is truly staggering, reprehensible, and sickening. Every last one of them should have all of their exploits, from dark money contributions to escort scandals, put forward in one massive deluge of shame. Why? They like to claim that they’re the ‘Party of Lincoln’.
    I say poor Abe would vomit if he could see what they are doing to his party and to the American people.

  8. Posted by MegaLacedup, at Reply

    Republicans choose party and money over country

  9. Posted by Crimson Halo, at Reply

    Go ahead, kill the investigation. You’ll just vindicate everyone who’s screaming “conspiracy,” especially given there’s now a money laundering investigation ramping up and Trump refuses to give up his tax returns.

  10. Posted by Cee Montana, at Reply

    GOP members are the biggest hypocrites and most corrupt.

  11. Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

    Muller has lots of dirt already on Trump. If he is forced to show some cards early it’s only gonna hurt Trump sooner. They know its about to go down and they still think it’s possible to stop it even after Trump himself has tried…or actually he did obstruct justice by hindering the investigation. That’s what caused us to need a special prosecutor to begin with and this is just mire of the same…attempting to cover up crimes they know have been committed. Trump IS going down…just not soon enough to make most of us happy.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      Exactly! You don’t bring in a grand jury and the best lawyers in the country for a “nothing burger”.

  12. Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

    Not a fan of the Russia hysteria but for birtherism and Benghazi, i’m happy for this investigation to go on until Trump leaves office.

  13. Posted by CerBoris, at Reply

    These Republicans never have any sense of hypocrisy. It’s amazing that the rules they apply to others they feel don’t apply to themselves. These Republicans do not believe in Democracy.

    • Posted by gotyt gotyt, at Reply

      CerBoris , trump’s far right repugnicans cannot govern, they only play the firing game of thrones , and build walls that enrich themselves instead of building the country.

    • Posted by Banana Republic USA, at Reply

      Repubs don’t like Mueller and he’s biased, because he’s not pro-Trump – although they loved him when he was appointed. They don’t like Rosenstein, because even though Trump selected and appointed him, he hasn’t been biased toward Trump.
      Hypocrisy reigns supreme in Republican circles. They have no shame.

  14. Posted by axion, at Reply

    just a guy trying to get brown nose points with trump

  15. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    Did you see that police guy that arrested the nurse, why not let him investigate Trump, it could be fun.

    • Posted by tamperresistant mind, at Reply

      Ake Hilding pass, on the incompetence, please.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      How about using that Wash. state cop who held the biker at gunpoint, demanding his ID? Imagine what he would do if he was actually investigating a crime!

  16. Posted by TheSchmuckLook, at Reply

    To paraphrase Shakespeare. “What assholes these Republicans be.”

    • Posted by Akhil Vemula, at Reply

      TheSchmuckLook I think Jesus said that

    • Posted by Quelogue1, at Reply

      This is what Jesus said of the Republicans…

      Do unto the Republicans before they do unto you!

  17. Posted by Robert Newberg, at Reply


    • Posted by Kevin Prasad, at Reply

      Robert Newberg and the republicans are complicit… and also should be impeached

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      I think only the President can be impeached, but you could certainly remove them from office etc.

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      Stop wining Gaylord..You and your corrupt vagina crusader lost, just get over it.

  18. Posted by Chris Gajda, at Reply

    the hypocrisy of the conservatives has no boundaries

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      It absolutely is credible. There is massive amounts of evidence against the Clinton’s. You are the one buying into the BS. IF HRC ever saw a court of law with an actual jury, she would be in prison. The fact that she was never indicted only shows how far the corruption goes. There is a second set of rules for establishment politicians, this is clear as day, and that should bother you!

    • Posted by chimpakawanzelu, at Reply

      Grape: I think that you have too much of the Kool-Aid… grape flavored, perhaps.

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      I think it’s you who drinks the Kool-Aid. You bought the establishment propaganda like it was fact… I hope you got a receipt. Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as a politicial can get, to think otherwise is a product of successful brainwashing.

  19. Posted by Darya Ionesco, at Reply

    And how long did republicans spend on a blowjob? But six months for this is too much.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      Why? The Nixon investigation lasted 18 months. When you’re looking into anything financial, it takes a long time. This isn’t like what you see on Law & Order, where an investigation takes about a week to finish.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      Darya was being sarcastic.

  20. Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

    LOL. Republicans are pathetic.

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply

      Right, because letting Hilary skate on global corruption is not pathetic at all….

    • Posted by Richard Watson, at Reply

      Last time i checked, Hilary isn’t president.