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Trump’s Security Briefings Basically A Bunch Of Pictures


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Words are difficult. CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed how Head of state Trump suches as much more pictures and also much less words for his knowledge instructions. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us what you believe in the remark area below.

" Donald Trump likes his day-to-day intelligence rundowns to be short and also with "killer graphics," The Washington Post reported on Monday.

" That's our task, right? To provide the product in a way that he can best comprehend the information we're attempting to interact," CIA Director Mike Pompeo told The Blog post, adding that Trump frequently quits instructions to ask questions as well as prefers to look over graphics such as maps and also charts.

According to The Post, Trump obtains his daily knowledge briefings over a glass of Diet Coke at around 10:30 a.m. While intelligence analysts present the information, Trump firmly insists that top appointees such as Pompeo and also Supervisor of National Knowledge Dan Coats be present.

" I like bullets, or I like as little as possible," Trump told the news internet site Axios before his inauguration in January. "I don't require, you understand, 200-page reports on something that could be dealt with on a page."" *.

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  1. Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

    At this point we can no longer give any foreigner crap when they laugh at our country. NONE.

    • Posted by RandomThoughts, at Reply

      I can tell that you’re doing very well for yourself.

    • Posted by Murray Flewelling, at Reply

      Before he won I had wrote a long joke about how Trump had secretly conspired with Obama and the DNC, then goes off in to the sunset after they shake hands , for Trump had managed the impossible, successfully destroying the republican party.
      It was funny then but he’s for real!

    • Posted by Jitka Soliman, at Reply

      Murray Flewelling Great plot but he’d rather destroy the entire world..

  2. Posted by That Guy, at Reply

    Maybe they can start making him security briefing pop-up books.

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      That Guy, I loved those when I was a kid!

    • Posted by Patrick Blanchette, at Reply

      Maybe we can open a new agency to animate them like a child cartoon. I smell jobs creation.

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    Trump= child in chief.

    • Posted by Lonely Wolf, at Reply

      hmmm .. ironicaly ” Boss baby ” came up after him

    • Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

      Trump = problem child with nukes

  4. Posted by Albert Hu, at Reply

    They should also give Trump a coloring book and crayons to fit his tiny hands.

    • Posted by Eazy, at Reply

      +c mac A moron who inherited millions of dollars. That automatically makes you successful and smart in america.

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      He draws and colors on special tablecloths at Mar-a-Lago.

    • Posted by The Poontang Clan, at Reply

      Porkchop Periwinkle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I pictured the whole scene in my head….and almost died laughing

  5. Posted by DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest, at Reply

    They really need to fire that idiot that keeps leaking tweets on Trumps twitter

    • Posted by Ethan Poole, at Reply

      DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest I’m afraid that even a leek has more intelligence than Trump. Heck, he and his team have already mistaken the Onion for real news and demanded retractions over parodies.

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      He can’t focus because of all the covfefe.

    • Posted by Leo Reyna, at Reply

      #IAmTheDaBest and kill yall self!

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      I know, studies have shown that too much covfefe will make you tweet at three in the morning.

    • Posted by Ben Baxter, at Reply

      he should be proud to be fired for doing that

  6. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    And then he gets mad because he can’t read pictures.

    • Posted by EmperorWildManChan, at Reply

      No. he will get bored because there will be too many pictures.

    • Posted by harooni22, at Reply

      he is like a smart man. like

  7. Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

    Is this another one of these Trump-is-a-stupid-man segments?

    • Posted by Kawiboy, at Reply

      @Simon Giles _What cannot then be drawn is the conclusion that he is therefore, by dint of winning the election alone, a better President_

      Agree. Same applies to Bush vs. Gore & Obama vs. McCain etc. So basically, there is nothing different. The only thing *different* is unlike other races, candidate Trump was literally written off as an inexperienced loser by the same media/pundits who are continuing to cling onto their false themes while reality marches on…

    • Posted by Gizmo fromPizmo, at Reply

      +Kawiboy I don’t see how anyone could call him anything else but an inexperienced loser. That’s probably the nicest thing I could call him.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      Oh, hunty, if you’re sitting in your trailer waiting for a Trump-is-a-smart-man segment, I have tragic news for you…..

  8. Posted by tina tullin, at Reply

    “a lot of intelligence in the world..”, not so much in the White House.

    • Posted by V H, at Reply

      Milo and whyamimrpink78 Its nice you think so highly of yourself whyami, are you like Donny and say “you know I’m like the smartest person.” lmao. The problem with your reasoning is that wanting pictures and graphs instead of regular briefings doesn’t correlate to intelligence all the time. And if you can’t do both then you aren’t that smart. There is obviously reason to believe that this is the case for Trump when you have people saying now and since he started that you need pictures to keep his attention, along with mentioning his name and keeping it condensed to as basic and fast as you can give it to him.
      And as another mentioned you absolutely cannot get all the info you need by graphs and pictures. This is the president and he can’t hold his attention span and process information longer than what should be required of someone sitting in office.
      And are you guys using he is busy as an excuse?? That is weak…of course he’s busy, he’s the president. That’s not an excuse for not doing your job. I think he can’t understand, and he also doesn’t want to waste his time because he doesn’t care enough to want to be briefed properly. He is a joke and a scam artist. Yes Milo he made it to the top, but there are plenty of other people now and in the past who have played people to become famous or come into power. He feed off of the feelings and concerns of conservatives, and ran against a weak candidate.
      I don’t have to prove myself, he will do that for us. Unfortunately the people who voted for him will just have to learn the hard way.

    • Posted by The Bee Factory, at Reply

      V H Don’t believe a word mrpink says. He spends day and night making hundreds of troll comments on TYT videos. He’s not a doctoral student or anything even close to smart. He’s a basement dwelling alt-right troll.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      V H, theses are briefings. Briefings are short and to the point. Charts and graphs allows for that and can give a lot of information. What you have to realize is that a great manager will hire people beneath them to take care of the details and micromanage along with giving them freedom. It works very well. Using my grad studies for an example professors will hire post-docs to manage the lab and the adviser will hardly step foot in the lab. He may get briefings that are simply figures.

      The president is not micromanaging the departments unless if he really needs to. Now you may say that will cause a problem, but at the same time if Trump were to try to micromanage everything then he will become over worked and that too will cause a problem. If you work too hard your productivity becomes negative. There is that as well.

      To expect Trump to do everything is asinine. He won’t. No president has ever done that. They hire people beneath them to manage those departments. All he needs are briefings. If something major happens he will take care of it. But trusting the people you hire and giving them autonomy is what great managers do. Trying to micromanage things is not the approach you want to take.

  9. Posted by Green Eyes, at Reply

    Im falling in love with Tulsi Gabbard with each passing President Trump days.


    • Posted by Shawn C., at Reply

      Read the Jacobin Magazine on Tulsi. I use to love her. But I recently found out she has some problems.

    • Posted by Green Eyes, at Reply

      Shawn C. no one is ever going to be perfect. what problems are you referring to??

    • Posted by 295Phoenix, at Reply

      +Shawn C.


  10. Posted by donald trump, at Reply

    yes it is and yes he is

    • Posted by kaizenx68, at Reply

      LMAO! Love that pic.

  11. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Book one of A Song of Ice and FireΒ has more words than Trump has read in his life. Sad.

    • Posted by Eduardo Alfonso, at Reply

      That book is Amazing!!!

    • Posted by Art Pouchet, at Reply

      Matthew Graey ju

    • Posted by V H, at Reply

      TheBlazersfan22 Kind of sad…Trump will never know that he ended up actually liking green eggs and ham. Makes you kind of feel for him doesn’t it?…

    • Posted by Ben Baxter, at Reply


    • Posted by Iamthenoi, at Reply

      Hahahaha xD

  12. Posted by Baron MUx, at Reply

    well, you know what they say a “picture is worth a thousand words”

    • Posted by Mike Choke, at Reply

      Baron MUx thoushand words that trump will never understand

    • Posted by Controversy Owl, at Reply

      Baron MUx
      I would laugh if that wasn’t already in the video.

  13. Posted by Yo Soy Bob Oso, at Reply

    They probably also use puppets for his intelligence briefings.

    • Posted by xamarmm, at Reply

      Why am I thinking of the scene in Spaceballs where Dark Helmet is playing with his action hero dolls…

      You can just picture an orange clown inside that dark helmet suit and it fits perfectly.

  14. Posted by TheCanadian Squid, at Reply

    As a Canadian, America is the biggest joke in the world now. We laugh at you Americunts

    • Posted by SpaceGoat, at Reply

      @Owler I’m getting at you being a mass of self-contradicting points of view that make little to no sense. One minute you’re telling us how much Canada needs the U.S., next providing examples of U.S. inspired terrorism in Canada that illustrates the exact opposite. As for “you nationalists”: Ok kid. I haven’t even identified my nationality, let alone my degree of attachment to it, while you beat your chest about how poor little Canada needs protection from big strong America. I suspect you should probably go back to daddy and tell him that all the political views of his that you’re regurgitating are making you look like an idiot. Better yet, let him take over your end of the conversation directly so I can directly call him a moron and cut out the middle man.

  15. Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

    ROFL. We need Cenk to go on SNL as Baldwin’s frustrated teacher.

    • Posted by Vincent Pareren, at Reply

      Dom Trussardi YES!

    • Posted by Eduardo Alfonso, at Reply


    • Posted by Snigdha M, at Reply

      Dom Trussardi oh my gosh! that’s just brilliant!!!

    • Posted by Evil Fingers, at Reply

      Dom Trussardi that’s an awesome idea!

    • Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply

      THIS !!!!!!

  16. Posted by Gun Rule, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael Ray, at Reply


    • Posted by bohemianwriter1, at Reply

      That’s not it.

      It’s a 4th grade brain with the reading skills of a 1st grader in a 70 year old half orangutan’s body.

  17. Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

    If you haven’t seen the video of trump on Memorial day at Arlington Cemetery, you should. He bounces around, fidgets his tiny hands, and makes faces like a toddler during the national anthem. You’ll be amazed at how ridiculous the ‘president’ is acting during a service for fallen soldiers. Then you’ll be pissed.

    • Posted by Christian Dauz, at Reply

      He already killed a Navy Seal and blow up an EIGHTY MILLION DOLLAR plane in the Yemen Raid!

    • Posted by James Soltis, at Reply

      TrumpU Gradguate …cut Brave Sir Donny some slack. Those ‘bone spurs’ that kept Donny from serving his country were probably causing him great pain. I bet those couple of steps Trumpy took to put that wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Guy That Was Unlucky Enough Not To Have a Rich Daddy caused quite a bit of discomfort to Donny Trump, brave brigadier of the Bone Spur Brigade.

    • Posted by Ethan Poole, at Reply

      TrumpU Gradguate The sad thing is that while watching I would have been only ever so slightly surprised had he ventured from the prepared remarks to start extemporaneously commenting about how much his own life sacrifices were equal t,o or even greater, than our fallen Heroes. His need to perpetually massage his own ego and make nearly everything he does or says somehow about himself and how great and tremendous” he is just gets plain exhausting after awhile. I was just grateful that for this one moment in time he somehow managed to find the inner strength to confine himself to just the prepared remarks someone else thankfully wrote for him. I just wish he would actually take some lessons so that he could actually learn how to convincingly act sincere while reading those same words rather than it looking like that was the last place on earth he wanted to spend an hour of his life on that day.

      The rest of us are just grateful that this country has had no lack of amazing Heroes willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedoms and deserve to be honored. I would also like to see us better deliver on our promises to take care of our living veterans as well because we owe them so very much.

  18. Posted by Scott Cox, at Reply

    This actually works in his favor because republicans actually respect stupidity. They see it as a virtue.

    • Posted by Warrendoe, at Reply

      Is he supposed to have gained a degree? He’s got no idea or complex ideas…imagine him having to write a thesis on American politics??? I’d pay to see the pain on his face!

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      The salt of the earth, the common people–you know, morons.

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      that’s why they are trying to get rid of schools. They put Tipsy Betty DeVos in charge for chirist sake.

    • Posted by theizza68, at Reply

      Scott Cox you know who thinks Republicans are stupid? Trump.

  19. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Donald Trump and the word intelligence shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Lord Luke Lightbringer Without qualifiers such as “does not have” between them.

    • Posted by Carl Taylor, at Reply

      The expression “Trump thinks…” should never be used.

    • Posted by twocsies, at Reply

      Here you go. One billion jokes and they start this way: “Trump is so stupid, he …”

    • Posted by Jabbatic, at Reply

      @ Lord Luke Lightbringer – unless you insert the word ‘lacks’ between ‘Trump’ and ‘intelligence’. Those 3 words then exactly sum up the reality of Donald Gump.

  20. Posted by sooph1e, at Reply

    Thats the CIA saying Trump is unprepared, uninformed and unable to acquire any clues even when served on a silver platter in a more than generous portion.

    • Posted by Ciaran O Sullivan, at Reply

      sooph1e My upstairs neighbor is still behind him 100 percent. she told me a few days back the evil cabal of Clinton ,Obama and Soros were trying to take down Trump. she got that info from watching Hannity .

    • Posted by sooph1e, at Reply

      Ciaran O Sullivan I just watched a clip from NBC I believe, featuring a panel of 6 die hard Trump voters. There was a guy who completely flipped out on the other panelists for their BS defence of Trump’s actions. Let me know your thoughts if you look it up πŸ™‚