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Trump’s SILENCE Over Black Lives Speaks VOLUMES.


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Trump's SILENCE over black lives speaks VOLUMES. Jordan Edwards was simply 15 years of ages & people question why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER. Organized by Francis Maxwell. See extra TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by MrHairyBrit #NSFW #Funny #News #Vlogs, at Reply

    Does PINEAPPLE belong on a PIZZA?

    • Posted by MrHairyBrit #NSFW #Funny #News #Vlogs, at Reply

      lol thanks

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Do black people belong in America?

    • Posted by keyboard warrior, at Reply

      do americans belong in america?

    • Posted by keyboard warrior, at Reply

      i think not

  2. Posted by dangrabat, at Reply

    Blacks account for 13 percent of the population but commit 50% of the murders. I think that’s a bigger issue. Just saying..

    • Posted by Marky Marc, at Reply

      +Nez Google FBI crime table 43

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply


    • Posted by Cool sushi, at Reply

      +Keith Demons actually white people commit more rapes.

  3. Posted by Brother Malcolm, at Reply


    • Posted by Brother Malcolm, at Reply

      Rocky Harlem you from harlem bruh?

    • Posted by Sean, at Reply

      Brother Malcolm #alllivesmatterwhenblackpeoplestopkillingotherblackpeople

    • Posted by Bill Kerner, at Reply

      yo brudda makkum I heard you work for Cenk Uygur now and done gave up on the horable elija mohamedd?

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply


  4. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    TYT’s silence over 72% of black kids raised in single parent household speaks volumes.

    TYT’s silence over black People commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime speaks volumes.

    TYT’s silence over Islamic terrorism speaks volumes.

    TYT’s silence over Muslim gang rapists speaks volumes

    TYT’s silence over leftist terrorist groups like Antifa speaks volumes.


    • Posted by Anonymous Killer Destroyer, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism ok you put it like that. Let’s switch back around: Trumps silence about Sikhs(a separate religion)/any other innocent brown people in America being targeted wrongly by islamophobia speaks volume. Since 9/11 more Sikhs have been targeted in America for simply wearing turbans and having beards. Despite them fighting Muslims their whole life, kicking them out of India and even earning a disproportion amount of medal/Victoria crosses for British and allies in WW1 and 2. You only look at the negatives what about the positives….

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Inb4 TYT mods remove this comment

    • Posted by ross blair, at Reply

      nothing he said was racist though

  5. Posted by James Reeno, at Reply

    Lol. What did Obama do during his 8 year tenure regarding the killing of African Americans by police???

    • Posted by Amer Amr, at Reply

      James Reeno I understand that you may have that sentiment, but didn’t Francis at 3:00 just talk about Obama era police reform in the video that the Trump administration is reviewing all police reform to the benefit of the police? Also, there were Obama era actions toward solving this sort of conflict in the last year alone, such as the negotiations in Chicago to prevent such situations (Zapotosky). I personally think Obama could have pushed more for weakening the power of discrimination to African Americans in our justice system, but no one can say that the Obama administration has done nothing positive for police reform. Either way, I would argue that whatever Obama has done before is not as important as the impact that the Trump administration will have in their current position on police reform, positive or negative (Swaine, Beckett). Police reform is being affected to “boost law enforcement morale and independence” (Chakraborty). On the other hand, I would like your position on this issue. Could you please give any reason for your stance on anything I’ve talked about? I included sources because I hope you look into this issue deeper. Thank you for taking time to read my response.

      Sources (Shortened for convenience):

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      What did lazy fxxkwit do except slumping over his couch and bitched and whined when America was being hijacked in broad daylight by fxxking fascist mobsters?

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      +Diva Artist got em

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Brandon Jackson – Obummer had the entire support of his party but you excuse him for doing the same thing you complain Trump does. You are truly a hypocrite

  6. Posted by Laura Jacobs, at Reply

    9 out of 10 comments I’ve read so far come from trump supporters spewing inaccurate, out of context half-truths. What happened snowflakes? Got offended by the truth? Must suck being confronted with the fact that you’re failing at being a decent human being. Must be worse having no balls to admit you’re wrong and need to change. You have no backbone. Shame on you.

    • Posted by The One, at Reply

      You’re projecting. You haven’t come up with any facts.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Zero facts here

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Black people are offended by the truth.


  7. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    “But what about single moms and out of wedlock birth rates”……oh please you racist idiots dont care about single mothers or out of wedlock births. You just elected Donald Trump who has multipile kids by multipile women who he is not married to. Sit down and shut up!

    • Posted by jfsfrnd, at Reply

      José Guzman Is that the only thing you are paying taxes to fund? Then why dont you talk about the bureaucracy created around those programs that keep them in poverty.

    • Posted by Harambit, at Reply

      Вut уоu knоw whаt’s thе diffеrеnсе? Unlikе blасk mеn, hе suрроrtеd аnd rаisеd his kids. Аs а blасk mаn, thе mоst rаdiсаl stер уоu саn tаkе tо stор еnd роliсе shооtings, is tо stау with уоur kids аnd rаisе thеm аs wеll аs уоu саn.

    • Posted by jfsfrnd, at Reply

      Harambit Any father could say that.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      You must be black.

    • Posted by Zach Schmied, at Reply

      You’re right, most people don’t care about “out of wedlock birth rates” because we don’t live in the 1800s. Many couples raise families without ever getting married, it’s a choice. As far as single mother’s, most divorce papers are filed by women, we should be more concerned about fathers that have been separated from their children.

  8. Posted by Cenk Ooogyr, at Reply

    White people are evil

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      so are the black kings that sold use there people

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply


    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      +atheist zealot I love the one where they get run over for blocking traffic yeah I’m going to stand in front of a vehicle and hopefully they’ll stop why they’re either trying to go to work go home or get to the hospital

  9. Posted by Daniel the Spaniel, at Reply

    Proportionally more white people are killed by police even tho blacks commit 50% of crime and are 12% of the population. BLM have no relevant points.

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      Lmao i wounder how many liberals started shaking and raging at their monitor after they read your comment. Liberal never have facts on their side, they’re all about emotions.

    • Posted by James Heusner, at Reply

      Daniel the Spaniel it doesn’t matter what people call them selves, they just want to win a debate and that is the sad thing about this. well back to work I go y’all have a great day!

    • Posted by Third Position Pepe, at Reply

      @Dan… liberals would call that a “HATE FACT”.

    • Posted by Roderick Vincent, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism but there not facts and its easy to tell cause one he didn’t even state a source two he can justify the creditably of his sources meaning was there any peer review or licence professional to back this statement up idk maybe and FBI agent and three America has a history meaning you can actually find these in BOOKS of using black properganda to pass laws in America like Jim Crow and segregation

    • Posted by Third Position Pepe, at Reply

      Disagree with a liberals view on race … “RACIST!”
      Disagree with a liberals view on gender… “SEXIST!”
      Disagree with a liberals views on sexuality … “HOMOPHOBE/TRANSOPHOBE!”
      Disagree with a liberals view on culture… “XENOPHOBE”
      Disagree with a liberals view on Islam… “ISLAMOPHOBE!”
      Disagree with a liberals view on… well you get the idea.

  10. Posted by KratosLink, at Reply

    This is sad and the cop should be in jail but tyt is silent on muslim rap gangs in Europe. A girl name Chelsey wright was rape and her rapist is allowed to walk free. A girl was raped live on face book tyt said nothing. In Canada multiple girls were raped one was branded with the letter m for property of Muhammad yet no one said anything other then Rebel media. TYT and the mainstream media is silent on Muslim violence When they do talk about Muslim violence they make excuses.

    • Posted by KratosLink, at Reply

      +Wordavee1 Look up on YouTube rebel media Muslim rape gangs or look up rebel media Chelsey wright. You can also look up Muslim rape gangs in Europe there are multiple videos about it. You can look up girl raped live on Facebook.

    • Posted by KratosLink, at Reply

      +Wordavee1 You can also use yahoo to search these stories.

  11. Posted by Ryu Hayabusa, at Reply

    President Orange egomaniac will never break his silence when the minority are being oppressed or killed, he only reacts when white people are killed by those so called “Muslim terrorists”, then all hell will break loose on his Twitter account. He said nothing when a mosque was burned in Texas, he was silent about the Quebec mosque and he was silent about the countless black people being gunned down by racist white cops, he will never break his silence, because he is just like them, same mentality, same racist disease add ego on top of it.

    • Posted by Ryu Hayabusa, at Reply

      if i hads me sum chicken! Oh ouch that almost hurt

  12. Posted by fredjma, at Reply

    The amount of racist and idiotic comments I read on this in response to this video is incredible. The evil of America is truly coming out of the wood with this President. The world now can sees America for what it truly is and believe me not many countries see it as a “great” country. Hopefully the new generation who followed Bernie will restore a bit of dignity in the future.

    • Posted by Aritul, at Reply

      fredjma Trump won because of the latent racism in America. Many of these comments near witness to that racism.

    • Posted by TheSlylem, at Reply

      Stop using race as a weapon and or argument and racism will go away, besides most of the “racist” comments you see here are just JOKES ya moron. They know it makes you butthurted, it also makes you look like a complete idiot for beliveing they are for real, wake up or die an usefull idiot i dont care.

    • Posted by Mantis Toboggan, at Reply

      it’s not been a great country for a while.
      if there are ANY mericans that think the world views their country in a favourable light, they are utterly deluded

    • Posted by TheSlylem, at Reply

      You my friend are uttlerly deluded as well, it may not be a great country, but it served the entire globe many times, sure it fucked up many times, but it also saved it many other. This is comming from a soviet union descendent. The aumont of anti america propaganda is lready huge, concidering that most genocides came from europe( holocaust) and euro asia (china and soviet union) While it was the americans who hugely oposed these evil communist/nazi forces. So give then americanskies a break.

  13. Posted by af dadE, at Reply

    tyt’s silence on blm’s body count, property damage count and violence speaks volumes.

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +af dadE you really should read the link you just posted lmao

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +af dadE lmfao

    • Posted by af dadE, at Reply

      +bryan ward hahaha spamming that’s how you know you’re wrong and an idiot. He stated “I’m upset about police shootings. I’m upset about black lives matter” now THAT is his exact words while he was killing police.

      What your saying is nonsense injected afterwards. … not his words 🙂 and tell the family of all the isis killers in europe and the us most have no affiliation to isis and are self radicalized. That according to you absolves isis lol terrorist sympathizer… obviously you’re a leftist ha

  14. Posted by Venom, at Reply

    Blacks in the US: 13% of the population, commit 50% of all murders, make 24% of all people being shot by the police.

    End of discussion!

    • Posted by The Angry Sloth, at Reply

      +Sly_Solace They also don’t face due process when innocent/unarmed white people are killed, which happens around twice as much as it does to blacks, yet never reaches the national media because it doesn’t allign with the BLM and liberal media narrative.
      Over 60% of the unarmed people killed by police every year are white, and over 65% of the people killed whilst holding toy guns.
      Excessive police force and brutality are not racial issues, and TYT trying to make them racial issues simply makes people less inclined to talk about brutality, since you are coming from a place of bias and propaganda.

    • Posted by Sly_Solace, at Reply

      The Angry Sloth except the justice department has done an internal investigation and found that in these researched communities enough evidence has been found that racial bias against minorities is a problem in departments across the country.

    • Posted by Sly_Solace, at Reply

      The Angry Sloth not the only problem but you can’t expect poorer communities to “fall in line” when is been found to happen and that’s on police to fix

    • Posted by Jason Judd, at Reply

      EBONY GODDESS and I’m sick of people like you spewing racism and going backwards not forwards. why do you continue to talk like this you don’t even know what slavery really was and only five percent of the rich owned slaves do research and you’ll find that out and by the way I don’t know who you support politically but the Democrats were the ones for slavery that’s right Democrats. and I don’t know if you support Planned Parenthood but Margaret Sanger was a real racist and she said to keep the population of the blacks down we shall abort them do some research the killing your babies to keep your population down crazy crazy. evidently you’re one of those if you’re white you’re racist and if you don’t know about it I’ll teach you that is a bunch of malarkey you have been taught to hate white people evidently must be one of those with the Reverend Wright that it will not be right until all blacks have power and authority over everything and then the whites will see what it’s like because we will enslave them as they have enslaved our forefathers which is the real Muslim like even if they get along with you kill them Infidel and Jew alike. yet most black Americans forget that they may just be that Jew

  15. Posted by Keishon Smith, at Reply

    these comments are hilarious. People love to bring up BLM property damage, etc but they can’t control the actions of every person at a protest. Why can’t we just focus on the root problem, police brutality and reforming the way things are done. Less brutality leads to less deaths which leads to less protests and damage if it were to happen.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Why can’t we focus on the real root of the problem, black criminality?


    • Posted by Keishon Smith, at Reply

      So your saying the root problem of everything that blacks face is that “blacks are more likely to commit a crime”?

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      +Keishon Smith Yes. Statistically, blacks do commit more violent felonies than any other demographic.

    • Posted by Keishon Smith, at Reply

      Okay. How can a minority that comprises 13.2% of the entire US population commit more violent felonies that any other demographic including whites? Does that even sound reasonable and if that were to even be correct why are we now addressing this, where was the government when this began to happen?

  16. Posted by GETREAL TV, at Reply

    I want to think this Irish man is calling us out… What’s that saying “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” I think we should take some advice from the I.R.A and fund a black nationalist army in response. Ur tellin me we cant get a gofundme started and turn this collective pain into wealth and strength?

    • Posted by GETREAL TV, at Reply

      Michael Evans I would sign up.

    • Posted by GETREAL TV, at Reply

      The Deep North my bad. Still my point stands. I believe there is a Scottish counterpart to the I.R.A. Not as popular tho

    • Posted by music fan, at Reply

      there is no Scottish counterpart to the i.r.a. Thats ridiculous.

    • Posted by music fan, at Reply

      Scotland doesnt have any terrorist groups.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      GETREAL TV Surely you realize that if some sort of race war / civil war gets going on a broad scale, all of us that gunned up during Obama’s time in office, say.. 120 million Americans, or more… would have a pretty easy time of it to just lock and load, and start using you people as bullet stoppers. If you can do math, 37 million blacks are a lot less than 120 million armed Americans. In the right circumstances… this whole country could be black free in a week, and only short 37 million bullets. Be careful what you wish for kid. You just might get it.

  17. Posted by Delboy0, at Reply

    Trump stole power by getting every white racist in America to vote for him. His base are white supremacist who love the fact that Police can kill black people and get away with it. So of course he isn’t going to be civilised and talk about justice for black people because his base hates that and his base is small enough as it is after the crap with healthcare and Comey.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Delboy0 COLIN FLAHERTYS YOUTUBE CHANNEL shows black mob and black on everyone from DAILY tv news reports from across the country. Finding any other demographic doing this stuff on video is harder than finding BIGFOOT. Blacks are violent predators, and thousands and thousands of hours of video prove it.

    • Posted by Delboy0, at Reply

      @Hayden greenwood have you looked at a breakdown of the last election? I have. The areas Trump did the best were white areas that had an influx ethnic people in recent years. Number of people who voted for him for his policies were very small. Majority voted for him on white identity politics, which is why 36% approval has not changed since the election because the majority of people voted for him due white identity politics.

    • Posted by A-Jay Franklin, at Reply

      +Delboy0 when did he ever play white identity politics

    • Posted by Jason Judd, at Reply

      did you know the Democrats were for slavery the Republicans won the fight against slavery has nothing to do a trump butt neither does being racist because I’m white malarkey

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      Whites aren’t racist, we’re sick of you retards actually thinking that, as if racism was genetic.

  18. Posted by bestsnowboarderuknow, at Reply

    3:30 Funny how they don’t mention that the vast majority of those deaths are whites… goes to show their blatant bias instead of truth seeking. Blacks die by the hands of police at the appropriate rate that you would expect based on what percentage of the population they are in America. Not to mention black males make up about 6 percent of the population yet commit 50 percent of the murders… Quit deluding yourselves.

    • Posted by Ron'del White, at Reply

      bestsnowboarderuknow Nice fantasy you live in always try to lie and justify wrong.

    • Posted by T. H., at Reply

      PS nobody should be getting shot down the street by the by the police how stupid are you???

    • Posted by David Lopez, at Reply

      +bestsnowboarderuknow That’s the problem of the get go, it isn’t a race issue it’s a systemic problem! It affects everyone. If anything I believe what’s best is to have Veterans who are trained vigorously and had been exposed to it not to fire first. Your lives (race) matters just as much if anything it’s being presented from historical evidence that minorities are targeted more often, which outcome is as such while there’s “visual evidence” that minorities aren’t being held to the same level. Should they had mentioned yeah they should but is it a more common occurrence with minorities (while there’s clear evidence) that shows otherwise, your life is as important as everyone else.

  19. Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

    All lives matter tho