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Trump’s Son Auctioning Off His Sister


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Eric Trump will let you spend time with Ivanka…for a price. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Donald Trump’s children are — or, were — literally auctioning off access to the highest bidder.

Eric Trump set up an online fundraiser for his charitable foundation by auctioning off a coffee meeting with his sister, Ivanka Trump, and the bidding exceeded $72,000 before he abruptly ended the fundraiser with four days to go, reported the New York Times.

The president-elect has raised concerns about unconstitutional conflicts of interest by handing over his real estate business to his three oldest children and then allowing them to sit in on meetings with his transition team.

The involvement of Trump’s children and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may also violate anti-nepotism laws."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Pranay, at Reply

    Trump supporters are too stupid to understand conflict of interest and why
    the Trump admin is already violating US law. Just read their comments below
    it is a bunch of brainwashed shills.

    • Posted by Ariel Rodriguez, at Reply

      +starflower1080 Hes like a mafia boss setting up a hit. Just because it
      hasn’t happened doesnt mean it shouldn’t cause concern. This is a problem
      if any president did this.

    • Posted by metroidM1A1, at Reply

      +teedonster2 What do you mean by “no wonder you lost”? All a candidate has
      to do to win an election is to bring out a bunch of toothless retards with
      a 3rd grade education (by using white supremacist rhetoric), call them
      “hard working Americans”, and promise things he wont actually deliver, like
      a wall on our southern border or not to fill his cabinet with the
      establishment (like the Goldman Sachs executives he’s already hired). Then
      after he wins, he goes back on all of his promises and does what any other
      corrupt politician would do if they were elected president. Then his idiot
      supporters, who’re now in denial, won’t even notice because they didn’t
      understand the process or care about whether their candidate conned them or
      not. They just wanted a white supremacist in office and they got one.

  2. Posted by dutchsinse, at Reply

    At my highschool, and at my college, they did fundraisers for the
    schools… they auctioned off lunch and dinner meetings with teachers and

    I guess that was wrong of these schools to do…. shame on the schools here
    in the United States for doing fundraisers where they auction people LIKE
    SLAVES !

    Young Turks are so edgy and rebellious… I’m so glad they’re on top of
    issues that matter like this. *sarcasm

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +dutchsinse they never said it was OK to sell access to Hillary Clinton for
      the Clinton foundation you liar lol

    • Posted by Ronald McDonald Trump, at Reply

      +dutchsinse I’m not cover for Hillary (i didnt even vote for her)and don’t
      change the subject makes you even less credible

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      Those schools are probably underfunded and desperately need the money. How
      are you even comparing that to a millionaire president-elect’s son
      auctioning off his sister?! For the life of me I can’t understand how a
      right winger’s brain functions.

    • Posted by Alex Lowey, at Reply

      +Fawkzzz comrade I must remind you thanks to Vladimir Putin America has
      Donald Trump. language like you speak my trigger many supporters of Donald
      Trump we might have to lock you up in safe space. until you see the reason
      you are truly butt hurt. Maybe no more food stamps no more Pell Grant no
      more public housing. just saying comrade

  3. Posted by Alex Ntebe, at Reply

    I love TYT and watch almost every video but this title, like a few others
    lately, is deeply misleading. coming like two or three videos after you
    guys complaining about fake news and other media organisations making
    misleading titles and people spreading that message. Also, the logic is a
    bit off. Just because those bidders said they made their bids so that they
    could have conversations about her fathers dealings with foreign
    governments DOES NOT on its own mean that she would have entertained them.
    Although their is an argument that she would because of the families
    history with shady business dealings but that is a separate issue. It just
    sucks to see hypocrisy like this from a show that i like so much… Bernie
    for president

    • Posted by Alex Ntebe, at Reply

      @LLoyd: yes they should have. Those two words, just like simple punctuation
      in some cases, would have changed the entire meaning of the title. I
      suspect the title will be changed soon like has been done with other
      arguably intentionally misleading titles in previous videos

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +Alex Ntebe I think you’re getting a little too much bent out of shape over
      this. It’s not that serious

    • Posted by Alex Ntebe, at Reply

      @Lloyd: I agree with you that this is in no way a big deal but its not
      about this video in particular, its about principle. You can’t complain
      about other media organisations using clickbait titles to cause false hype
      and to get views when you are doing it yourself. either take the high road
      and complain about others lol… Or carry on clickbaiting your fans and
      then don’t comment on others doing it too

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +Alex Ntebe yes sensationalist headlines for clickbait are annoying. But I
      wouldn’t go as far as to call this fake news like some are doing. You don’t
      seem to be doing that

  4. Posted by Slim Jim, at Reply

    And the Trump corruption continues

    • Posted by Slim Jim, at Reply

      Hi dutch, I follow your your channel. Be ready for more earthquakes with
      Trump’s oil team in office.

    • Posted by Slim Jim, at Reply

      High-profile bidders in a feverish competition to win time with one of Mr.
      Trump’s children just sounds like corruption to me. Nevermind the donation
      part they are paying to influence Ivanka who is Trump’s sidekick.

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      Corruption? Has the definition of corruption changed in 2016 or something?

    • Posted by Enigmatic, at Reply

      Pay to Play

  5. Posted by A Santi, at Reply

    There is absolutely no reason why his daughter should be involved in any
    work that involves the president if she is going to be running his
    businesses. They shouldn’t even communicate with each other for the next 4

    Somebody needs to address Trump and his family’s practices, we can’t have a
    leader thats only looking out for their own self interest. So far that
    seems to be the case with his daughter.

    If trump wants to be honest and be a true leader for the American people
    then he needs to give everything up. And run the country for the people not
    for him self.

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      She’s apparently leaving the company, His 2 sons are going to run it.

    • Posted by ALS ALS, at Reply

      John Charles …when his 2 sons aren’t busy selling her to improve the
      FAMILY private business. Nice gov’t work if you can get it…and they sure
      are trying. we

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      +ALS ALS The auction was for charity….

    • Posted by Justin Whittington, at Reply

      +John Charles
      So is the Trump Foundation. Looked into how well that worked out?

  6. Posted by Gales99, at Reply

    The Trump admin may turn out to be one of the most brazenly corrupt in
    American history.

    • Posted by David Ortiz, at Reply

      Gales99 there not even hiding it anymore man Hillary was a fox Trumps a

    • Posted by Carl Gibbons, at Reply

      It already is before taking office.

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      Because an auction for charity is just sooo corrupt…..

    • Posted by Alex Lowey, at Reply

      +John Charles comrade I must warn you to say such things my trigger mini
      friend of comrade Trump. the Communist Party has spoken you must submit

  7. Posted by Brijan B, at Reply

    Trump: Everything is for sale!

    • Posted by Exavior31, at Reply

      Brijan B
      human rights of American people, land, oil, arms, nukes, whatever you
      desire for the right price! buy now and get several million in tax breaks
      for free!

    • Posted by ALS ALS, at Reply

      Brijan B Absolutely! Do you know they have been sending merchandising
      e-mails even AFTER the election…Get your trump Christmas ornaments, “Deal
      of the day: NEW Trump Coffee Mug”, T-shirts and buttons, hats,…. Oh,
      wait, he dares not spend the “billions and billions and billions of
      dollars” he doesn’t have so he can’t really be self-funded. Sad.

      They’ve even sent an appeal from Pence soliciting donations for the
      Transition Team’s work. I thought The Donald’s campaign was to be
      self-funded. Why can’t they hit up the kochs, linda McMahon, betsy

    • Posted by Brijan B, at Reply

      +ALS ALS Yeah! I even ordered my Make- Happy- Holidays- Happy- X-mas -Again
      mugs yesterday.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      +ALS ALS
      koch’s don’t like t’rump

  8. Posted by Carl Gibbons, at Reply

    So Eric Trump cancels the auction and says “the real losers here are the
    charity”. What? Why doesn’t Eric just give charity the money out of his own
    pocket? You know why? It’s because he was taught by his Daddy. Trump
    doesn’t give crap to charity and we would know it with a release of those

    • Posted by ALS ALS, at Reply

      Carl Gibbons Oh, but haven’t you heard? There is nothing to release since
      The Donald’s excused from paying any for 18 Years! So, move along folks,
      nothing to see here….

    • Posted by Carl Gibbons, at Reply

      Plenty to see here. Business conflicts and shady dealings all around the
      world, no charitable donations out of Trump’s own pocket, Trump not near as
      much as he claims to be. There is a reason he wants to be President other
      than his ego. He stands to make a fortune at the expense of American

  9. Posted by Colin C., at Reply

    Any negative news story on Trump now triggers his supporters to claim “fake
    news”. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Carl Gibbons, at Reply

      That’s because they are “fake Americans”. We are deporting the wrong people
      in this country. Trump supporters are really the ones that don’t stand for
      American values.

    • Posted by lightning123456, at Reply

      Both right wingers and leftists make false news. That’s how you people

  10. Posted by BryceStawski, at Reply

    “A coffee meeting” Is that code word for a blowjob?

    • Posted by Jesus Perez, at Reply

      Naj, thats what Obama does to proven tranny Michelle, or when he also goes
      to SaudiArabia to literally bow down to rhe Saudi king.

    • Posted by BryceStawski, at Reply

      Hee Sing Sia ‘Dinner with Ivanka Trump”

    • Posted by Jo Lu, at Reply

      Coffeegate. Some redneck with a gun should go to the meeting to investigate.

  11. Posted by OdraNoel, at Reply

    How this any different then hillary’s million dollar dinners? you think
    there not talking about what she would have done in the white house?

    • Posted by OdraNoel, at Reply

      man…..were in for a turbulent 4 years. at least for a change people are
      questioning his mental sanity. i guess trump truely is the mirror to our
      broken system. and to think that if we had actual fair elections, we could
      of had bernie….. like i said, the DNC and hillary are directly
      responsible for EVERYTHING trump does. their pied piper strategy purposely
      made the most unelectable person viable. all the anger directed at trump,
      should be directed at the corrupt democratic party and hillary.

    • Posted by OdraNoel, at Reply

      to be clear, the people didnt “pick” trump. they rejected hillary.

    • Posted by Jose C, at Reply

      OdraNoel that’s why she almost have 3 million votes over trump. Cause they
      rejected her. What a joke you guys are.

    • Posted by Jose C, at Reply

      OdraNoel you guys had the Russians help and fucked with the voting
      machines, so like always, you guys need to cheat to win. Most of America
      does not agree with your ideology. Don’t worry you guys are going to be
      extinct like the dinosaurs you guys are.

    • Posted by Alex Lowey, at Reply

      +Jose C Joe C is that how you thank our great leader Vladimir Putin. for
      helping you elect your great president Donald Trump there is new political
      correctness. you have triggered really of Donald Trump supporters. You must
      go to save space didn’t we give you a real reason to be butthurt. How about
      no food stamps no Paul Grant no housing even in Mom’s basement no more talk
      bad about Donald Trump okay

  12. Posted by James Ryan, at Reply

    And people complained about Hillary’s corruption… America, right
    wingers… you’re a joke to the rest of the planet and we can’t wait for
    your generation to die naturally and the world to be a better place.

    • Posted by Sloth7d, at Reply

      James Ryan If you think you can twiddle your thumbs and just wait for an
      ideology to disappear, you are in for a rude awakening. This on top of the
      fact that many conservatives are all about sheltering their children from
      certain findings in science and history, having lots of said children per
      family, dogmatic biblical literalism, and proselytizing dogmatic biblical
      literalism whenever possible means that in this case, it is especially
      unlikely that you can just wait them out.

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      How is an auction for charity in any way similar to what Hillary did? TyT
      and Trevor Noah have among the dumbest comment sections in the world. You
      guys make Alex Jones fans seem like a brain trust.

    • Posted by Alex Lowey, at Reply

      Comrade you have triggered Mini Trump supporters. there is a new political
      correctness now. maybe you need safe space so you can see what really hurts
      your butt. no more food stamps for you sissy boy. no more Pell grant for
      you sissy boy no more public housing for you sissy boy so unless you want
      to build wall for real education I suggest you not talk bad about Donald
      Trump are vitamin Putin

  13. Posted by Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly, at Reply

    conservatives are going to be humiliated for a long time.

    • Posted by iLoveEritrea, at Reply

      Thats what democrats and liberal media said for months before the election.
      And then reality set in and democrats and liberals everywhere were crushed,
      defeated, annihilated, etc etc. It was the destruction of the democratic
      party and what a beautiful sight it was. ahhhhh makes me so horny.

    • Posted by pete275, at Reply

      yeah they’ll be so humiliated while they have total control of the 3
      branches of government, it’ll be horrible for them. I bet the democrats
      right now are saying “we lost everything but at least we’re not humiliated,
      that’s the important thing”

    • Posted by Angel OfTheRedSands, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly Atleast we need help to be humiliated unlike you guys. For
      you its just the daily norm 😉

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      pete275 Governing is ALOT harder than bitching. By the time his term is up,
      Republicans are going to feel like a dog that caught the car it was chasing.

  14. Posted by The Trump Train!, at Reply

    Cenk is obsessed with Trump. SAD!

    • Posted by The Trump Train!, at Reply

      +True Tech ah more fake news. You should watch more MSM because you seem to
      be really misinformed.

      As for myself, I’m secular, internet-savy, educated, and young. Much of
      Trump’s online supporters are like me. Progressives love to think that all
      trump supporters are either uneducated, religious, or white supremacists. I
      don’t fit into that puzzle. The closest thing you could associate me with
      would pry be the Alt-Right, but I differ a lot with some of their core
      ideas such as the JQ and ethnic nationalism.

    • Posted by The Trump Train!, at Reply

      +Kif woo Why are you wasting your time trying to convince someone named
      “The Trump Train” lol

  15. Posted by FuujinZakii, at Reply

    Interesting title… sorta like this one here…
    “Man gets shot in the back”……

    viewers assume it is another police incident..

    “Man get shot in the back with a slingshot while playing around with his
    friends at a party.. He’s total fine though, they were just horse playing

    in other news..”

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      FuujinZakii Exactly. Other than the fact that Drumpf’s psycho killer son
      WAS, in actual fact, auctioning off his dad’s sexual fantasy girl. For
      money. To the highest bidder. Which is what happens in auctions.

    • Posted by VicInNocal, at Reply

      You’re a fucktard. And your liberal cuck tears taste delicious LOL Enjoy
      the next 8 years cupcake.

  16. Posted by Johnny 5.0, at Reply

    Trumps son looks like he should be staring in American phyco.

    • Posted by justin mccoy, at Reply

      Johnny 5.0 wow a hypocritical liberal criticizing someone for their
      looks… surprise surprise

    • Posted by Johnny 5.0, at Reply

      +justin mccoy your right, I was being critical there, maybe I should just
      leave it to his daddy, he does it better anyways.

    • Posted by gap949, at Reply

      Johnny 5.0 Ivanka…taking the place of Monica ?

    • Posted by Johnny 5.0, at Reply

      +gap949 who’s your daddy XD

    • Posted by Bryan Mack, at Reply

      how is that a criticism? Patrick Bateman and his pals are the perfect

  17. Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

    Trump is a predator of women and children with mob ties. Don’t expect his
    children to be any better.

    • Posted by David Mendoza, at Reply

      Mirquella Santos oh shut up. it was coffee.

  18. Posted by Marcus NL, at Reply

    One word … impeachment!!!

    • Posted by Bryan Coverdale, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed then we will get him out after he’s in phallusface

    • Posted by Novusod, at Reply

      Impeachment won’t happen with Republican congress.

    • Posted by Marcus NL, at Reply

      +Novusod Impeachment has been the goal of Democrats since the day after
      Trump won the election, and the Republican establishment will use the
      veiled threat as leverage to win concession after concession from the Trump
      White House.

    • Posted by Johnny Lewis, at Reply

      Marcus NL you have to do something illegal to be impeached and Trump
      himself has done nothing illegal so for now you can only hope that he does
      something illegal