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Trump’s TERRIBLE Excuse for Firing James Comey


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Did Comey's investigation into Trump's Russia ties get him fired. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area below.

" FBI Director James B. Comey has actually been rejected by the president, inning accordance with White Residence spokesperson Sean Spicer – a stunning action that authorities stated come from a conclusion by Justice Division officials that he had actually mishandled the probe of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Comey was discharged as he is leading a counterintelligence examination to determine whether partners of Head of state Trump might have collaborated with Russia to meddle with the presidential political election in 2014. That probe started quietly last July but has currently end up being the subject of intense debate in Washington. It is vague just how Comey's dismissal will certainly impact that examination.

" The head of state has approved the suggestion of the Attorney general of the United States and also the deputy Attorney General pertaining to the termination of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation," Spicer informed press reporters in the rundown space.

Spicer also said that Comey was "informed a short time earlier." This is effective "promptly," he said."

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Rocco Luciano, at Reply

    <---------------------------- my reaction

    • Posted by sertaki, at Reply

      Quite fitting if I might say so.

  2. Posted by Sheldon Clark, at Reply

    Breaking news: Comey found dead from suicide from 6 gunshots to the back

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      Already got the angry trolls trying to change the subject. ANY other subject.

      By the way, you stupid trolls, I’m not going to waste any time reading beyond the words needed to justify reporting your latest fake identity. I merely hope that the nuking of your sock puppet extends to all the tripe posted before that, assuming it consumed some of your real time working as a bot-herder.

    • Posted by Kaide, at Reply

      Hillary Clinton strikes again…..

  3. Posted by Mohammad Abdul Taha, at Reply

    Drumpf is a racist criminal idiot.

    • Posted by Eric Wall, at Reply

      I was trying to imply that you were a troll and didn’t know what you were talking about… Happy (not really) to have had that confirmed. How’s your NHS working out for you? Can I presume it’s your opinion that we in the U.S. cannot achieve a national single-payer health system?

    • Posted by Howleye, at Reply

      Eric Wall NHS, a socialist nightmare rubbish healtcare system,, soon to collapse under the weight of mass uncontrolled inmigration from the eu and outside, people just love it coz they get “”free”” medication and other stuff and i say “”free”” as in real tax payers pay for it, too bad if you have a life threathening condition that appointment with a specialists in 6 months will make a huge difference betwen life and death, thanks socialised healthcare. btw im not less of a troll than the person i was originally replying to, let that sink in

    • Posted by Jethro Troll, at Reply

      Hillary. Lost.

  4. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    Short answer: Yes
    Long answer: Yes

    • Posted by Abhishek Mahendru, at Reply

      A Squirrel! Basically tyt and rest of don’t realize that DC is filled with corrupt people in office. Both dems and Republicans will not do anything. Someone like Grayson, Bernie, or Warren may draw up article of impeachment but otherwise nothing is going to happen. It’s utter fantasy. If we were talking about 1930 to 1990 where we had journalism and accountability, then yes, but not by today’s standards. Our standards are pretty low. Hell Trump getting impeached is high if he was having sexual affair than this legit reason.

    • Posted by muerganaz, at Reply

      Trump will have to start a war this week to distract people from this

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Could be anything — a war, more Obama wiretap, Clinton whatever, a false flag at home, or Putin help him start something anywhere on earth. It’s time to give the Congress a serious reality check before things get out of control. No joke.

  5. Posted by reelreeler, at Reply

    *Nixon’s ba-ack*

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      Which is the biggest coverup: (1) Firing Comey, (2) Trump’s tax returns, (3) The Donald’s bromance with Putin, or (4) Other?

    • Posted by Joel Bateman, at Reply

      J. Muller I voted for Trump there’s a misunderstanding.

    • Posted by reelreeler, at Reply

      joel bateman      a trump voter calling anyone else clueless     lol

    • Posted by Joel Bateman, at Reply

      reelreeler It’s pointless to argue with a Demtard.

  6. Posted by Zaid Malack, at Reply

    The things this administration is doing is just pathetic. Its laughable that a first world super power allows such corruption.

    • Posted by trophypages, at Reply

      ???? are u serious, have you been paying attention????

  7. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    Just put all these cocksuckers in federal prison and call it TRUMP GOLDEN PEE PEE TOWER. Tasty old sweaty Dumpty balls! His supporters mouths are watering.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +OutlawRebel117 The Grand Jury just issued subpoenas!!! 💥💥💥💥. I wish I could personally high five you ✋️

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U The feeling’s mutual 🙂

    • Posted by Junior Mendiola, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U Trump supporters will burn in hell 😈💀👿💀.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +Junior Mendiola 🔥💀☠️🔥

  8. Posted by unwishfulthink, at Reply

    Sadly no, the Orangutan is not done. You are seriously underestimating the depravity of Republicans.

    • Posted by Jethro Troll, at Reply

      Hillary. Lost.

    • Posted by Space Alien Radio, at Reply

      Jethro Troll Jethro Troll …. LMAO! Absolutely brilliant !

    • Posted by Mike Alexandre, at Reply

      +Jethrol Troll, Hi Troll, I understand your a special snowflake that is stuck in November 2016. It’s 2017, please get with the program. Acting like a contard is so 2016. Thanks.

      From: Your fellow Americans.

    • Posted by The S3, at Reply

      2 years or less is my bet

  9. Posted by dwilldarren0406, at Reply

    Quick summary:

    Trump and his squad are under investigation for Russian ties.

    The attorney general recuses himself from the investigation bcuz he has a questionable history on Russia.

    The deputy attorney general recommends to the “recused” attorney general that trump fire the head of the office that’s investigating him.

    Trump fires the head of the office that is investigating him lmao!

    Lmao conflict of interest to say the least.

    *I swear real life is more entertaining than reality tv*

    By the way I’m watching Kellyanne Conway on CNN right now. Lol she looks mufgin tiiiiiiiaaaadddd of lying lmao. This country is nuts.

    • Posted by Jethro Troll, at Reply

      Hillary. Lost.

    • Posted by William Eddy, at Reply

      Putin won . The $100,000,000 he funnelled to Trump ( if that is all it was ) was money well spent . The only losers are the American public .

    • Posted by J. Muller, at Reply

      Did you know that Jean Sanders is under investigation.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      + William Eddy: The Trumplers are easily fooled.

  10. Posted by Andrew Womble, at Reply

    I’m placing my bets that Kushner will be the next FBI director.

    • Posted by gregory nelis, at Reply

      I wouldnt be that shocked jf trump put sergey kislyak in charge

    • Posted by Erik Roberts, at Reply

      Andrew Womble Hell, why not make it Micheal Flynn, he’s used to getting fired.

    • Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

      Andrew Womble Along with all his other duties.

  11. Posted by John Wolf, at Reply

    Ivanka to head FBI.

    • Posted by flwrchldgn2seed, at Reply

      PLEASE don’t give Trump any ideas!!

    • Posted by Kasper Utz, at Reply

      Appointing Ivanka might just be a bit of a stretch, but didn’t Chris Christie used to be the AG of NJ ??
      He seems to be at a bit of a loose end at the moment, and Trump already knows Christie will do as he’s told….

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      My money’s on Kushner. So which is the biggest coverup? (1) Firing Comey, (2) Trump’s tax returns, (3) The Donald’s bromance with Putin, or (4) Other.

  12. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Trump’s days are numbered.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      +Jackson Winkelson I’d rather have Pence any day.

    • Posted by portalplayer, at Reply

      Don’t be so sure about that.. normal rules don’t apply to him, i’m worried he will get away with all this.

    • Posted by ManBearPig327, at Reply

      RandomRobin technically all Presidents days are numbered lol

  13. Posted by Kenneth Martin: homeless in Houston, at Reply


    • Posted by Kenneth Martin: homeless in Houston, at Reply

      N/a so tell me why he fired Comey after for handling Hillary’s case when on November 5, he applauded Comey for his actions… why didn’t he do it right after inauguration? why did he wait until after Yates testified? pls explain

    • Posted by MGB, at Reply

      Tell me why libs are crying foul over Comey mere DAYS after this uproar over his testimony.

    • Posted by J. Muller, at Reply

      Yes, a few days ago the left wanted Comey fired.

  14. Posted by Power Ranger, at Reply

    I have to say I’m impressed by Trump!
    For a guy with tiny hands, he’s dug himself a big hole.

    • Posted by Jethro Troll, at Reply

      Hillary. Lost.

    • Posted by departedlion, at Reply

      He must be compensating 😀

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      Which is the biggest coverup? (1) Firing Comey, (2) Trump’s tax returns, (3) The Donald’s bromance with Putin, or (4) Other?

    • Posted by PABLOBARBICI, at Reply

      Power Ranger burger King tiny ✋ commercial

    • Posted by Kevin Thomas, at Reply

      Shannon Jacobs No.5. Trump OBSTRUCTING justice. This is soooo obvious. haha. You can impeach him for this!

  15. Posted by Jose Martinez, at Reply

    trump is very stupid all he did was make himself look more guilty of Russian hacking for firing comey

    • Posted by Eric Wolfe, at Reply

      It’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove…


  16. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply


    • Posted by mike lomez, at Reply

      MGB What do you mean by spreading them?

    • Posted by mike lomez, at Reply

      MGB If you’re referring to Obama’s advisor I don’t think she’s in the Muslim brotherhood. I still really don’t understand what you’re accusing him of here tbh

  17. Posted by Moneymyke357, at Reply

    Trump supporters should be stripped of their voting privileges.

    • Posted by halo3odst, at Reply

      Agonzolez, all i can say is that your comment has lost you so much respect. All i will say, is that if you truely wish to achieve such a goal, you will need a well supplied and completly devoted army. Dont treat your neibors with such hostility, lest they pull their toys out of the closet and treat you the same.

    • Posted by N/a, at Reply

      Moneymyke357 isn’t that fascism??? Isn’t that what you call Trump?

    • Posted by ccmanize, at Reply

      They shpuld also be sterilized. They can’t be allowed to reproduce.

    • Posted by L.Scott Palmer, at Reply

      maybe a basic American Gov Civics test should be given to get a voter card, every few years like a drivers license, and hold an occasional civics brush up class at libraries or board of elections, to make it a fair chance

  18. Posted by Uncensored Truth, at Reply

    Trumptards are looking stupid as usual.

    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      Uncensored Truth yep now the guy they voted cares about hillary lol

    • Posted by N/a, at Reply

      Uncensored Truth ad homenim, not an argument. Typical from a young turk subscriber.

    • Posted by Uncensored Truth, at Reply

      N/a You’re looking stupid!

  19. Posted by RandomU5erName, at Reply

    *Trump in the near future:*

    Who knew covering up a crime would be so complicated?

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      Which is the biggest coverup? (1) Firing Comey, (2) Trump’s tax returns, (3) The Donald’s bromance with Putin, or (4) Other?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Shannon: All of the above.

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      Andy Fruth I am, she’s only as relevant as her new stupid super-pac. Again, I was replying to a conservative crybaby defending 45 by summoning her name. I know reading might be hard for you, but I would say it’s a pre-requisite for commenting.