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Trump’s Totally Not Guilty Twitter Meltdown


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Trump desires somebody to "DO SOMETHING!" Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us what you assume in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" Head of state Donald Trump sought to distance himself from former project chairman Paul Manafort Monday after special counsel Robert Mueller introduced the preliminary of costs in his workplace's Russia probe.

Trump claimed the allegations versus Manafort originate from "before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. However why aren't Uneven Hillary & the Dems the focus?????".

" Additionally, there is NO COLLUSION!" the head of state included." *.

Trump was reacting to the news that Manafort, together with longtime organisation affiliate Rick Gates, was fingered by a government grand jury on 12 charges, consisting of conspiracy against the USA. Gates and Manafort surrendered to law enforcement Monday, and also entered a plea of blameless." *.

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  1. Posted by Rupert Giles, at Reply

    We could have had Bernie.

  2. Posted by yetausern, at Reply

    I can only hear trump tweets in Stephen Colbert’s voice

  3. Posted by Peter Sage, at Reply

    empty barrels make the most noise…

  4. Posted by Keith Bell, at Reply

    “I have just got off the phone with the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands and he has promised his undeniable support for me during this fake investigation. Truly fake.
    So fake that Frederick Douglas has opened up his own investigation to further look into the role The Clintons had in this affair.

  5. Posted by geno mccgeno, at Reply

    Trump seems a liddle bit desperate to change the subject. LOL!

  6. Posted by mike Kelly, at Reply

    Trump is inciting his followers to violence

  7. Posted by BraniusBalki, at Reply

    Does he know what projection is?

  8. Posted by smokindnd, at Reply

    not at all trying to support Trump, but Trump’s reaction to all of this is quite logical. He won, or at least he thinks he won the election because people believed his crooked Hilary and lock her up slogans, he used it at the best time, when he was at his lowest he was able to come up on top of Hilary because people really believed she was Satan. So now that he is again at his lowest and feel he is against the clock with Mullertime. He is trying to use the only trick left to him which help him that time, is to put all the blame on Hilary, but this time he is president an nobody cares to look at Hilary.

  9. Posted by Obama Mama, at Reply

    I tell ya… Believe me… I have a tremendous brain… it’s magnificent… you’re gonna be very happy,.. Trust me… I have a lot of words. I have the best words… Believe me… You’re gonna be very happy… Trust me…

  10. Posted by Rebecca Benefield, at Reply

    You are a liar. You that man has a conflict of interest.
    If the shoe was the other foot you would be standing on your head and screaming foul. You are such a disgusting liar. Fake news at its best.

  11. Posted by imnotsmartbutimtryin, at Reply

    so pathetically sad…..horrible, disgusting, vile man… really is terrifying that he still has support…..really….imagine when this pos is removed? I hope his cult followers do not cause problems………trump is sick enough to support riots as he crashes and burns……

  12. Posted by warbeast, at Reply

    Libs and trumptards are one And the same

  13. Posted by LS AMG, at Reply

    Just found this site..well done,Mr. Uygur, well done

  14. Posted by David Richland, at Reply

    Don’t just do something! Stand there.

  15. Posted by gur ruh, at Reply

    Trump behaviour is strange but it is in response to Russiagate which is 100% bullshit. He has done what every candidate did before him. The double standards are towering. I would have expected more from TYT in joining the mainstream media in this witch hunt. While the focus is on Trump, and his stupid twitter account, the extreme elements of the GOP are dismantling all the social structures of the state, free of charge, while everyone is screaming “Putin and the Russians are coming”. DIVERSION AT BEST.

  16. Posted by Shane Thomas, at Reply

    His politics are the definition of evil

  17. Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

    The russia investigation does have to do with Hillary. Both he and Hillary did the same thing by colluding with Russia. They’re both guilty. Lock them both up.

  18. Posted by Bite-Sized Survival, at Reply

    3 Million subs 200k views 6k likes, You know your wrong and channel is dying when.

  19. Posted by Junior Fzx, at Reply

    Cenk I love you, but you need to relax 😂😂 dont want you having a heart attack