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Trump’s Treasury Pick Will Cut Taxes…For Rich People


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Steven Mnuchin says he won’t cut taxes for the rich, but the devil is in the details. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury.

Mnuchin, 53, is a graduate of Yale University. His father was a banker and partner at Goldman Sachs. Mnuchin followed suit, earning tens of millions of dollars at Goldman Sachs over almost two decades. Following Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin worked with Soros Fund Management (yes, that Soros) and eventually founded his own hedge fund company, Dune Capital Management LP.

Mnuchin left banking to form RatPac Entertainment, a movie production company. In 2013, RatPac Entertainment merged with Dune Entertainment to become RatPac-Dune Entertainment. The company has produced a number of popular films including Gravity (2013), The Lego Movie (2014), and Magic Mike XXL (2015).”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by smittyd4801, at Reply

    “so called” Pres-elect Trump is really draining the swamp I see.

    • Posted by Randomfully Wonderful, at Reply

      What do you mean, “so-called”? Afraid Trump might make you get a job?

    • Posted by Mak Tizo, at Reply

      Randomfully Wonderful ya cause he gonna bring back so many jobs right

    • Posted by Daniel Lawrence, at Reply

      +Randomfully Wonderful Sure he will! And I won’t pay taxes either!

    • Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Mak Tizo LOL Yeah, that’ll be the day. 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      trump loves you #MAGA

  2. Posted by Carlos Beltran Leyva, at Reply

    Trump needs to cut off Welfare completely statistics show 39% of redneck
    Hillbillys are on it

    • Posted by vidznstuff1, at Reply

      Income averaging is fundamental business accounting. Without it, there
      would be a shitload of bankruptcies and layoffs and artists and consultants
      would be starved out of their trade. If you knew anything about taking a
      loss in your taxes, you’d realize that you are WAY further ahead by paying
      the taxes on income than taking a loss.

    • Posted by vidznstuff1, at Reply

      Trump can’t cancel medicaid or medicare – that’s both servicing a HUMAN
      right (that “life, liberty…” stuff) and is a welfare handout to the
      healthcare industry , including doctors, nurses, janitors, etc.

    • Posted by Bert Zunh, at Reply

      Cinny Pitts hey

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    “but but trump is for the middle class!”- Trump turd.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply
    • Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond I bet you thought that rhymed and now you feel like a
      badass. It was a total failure. 😂😂😂

    • Posted by D Will, at Reply

      Carlo Magno the goals of businesses is not to create jobs. It’s to maximize
      profit. Walmart could easily create more jobs with the profit margins they
      already have but they won’t. Businesses don’t want to spend more money.
      They want to make more money while spending less. They will just keep
      overworking the employees that they have now. Why do you think they are
      sweatshops? So they can pay people less while making more money. Are people
      really still this naïve to think that rich people actually give 2 fucks
      about the rest of us? Give tax cuts to the middle class not to the 1
      percent that

  4. Posted by Splaticus Blah, at Reply

    Is this any surprise to anyone?

    • Posted by Redz Ch, at Reply

      the people who have large followings among said movement like TYT cenk is a
      thought leader among the left +Knekten

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      Redz Ch what? Lol, Cenk is the leader of the TYT, thats it. Did someone
      tell you this nonsense? If so i think you were trolled

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      Redz Ch and the young turk is not a movment, hahahaha

  5. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    But…but…but what about Hillary.

    • Posted by Xeng Thao, at Reply

      she’s irrelevant now

    • Posted by beanththerose32, at Reply

      Ummmm what about her??? deflecting much? LOL~

    • Posted by Anon, at Reply

      That’s the joke.

    • Posted by FallingGalaxy, at Reply

      They were joking.

  6. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    They’re just putting bigger gators in the damn swamp.

    • Posted by Julienrjr rjt, at Reply

      You mean sharkgators

    • Posted by Justin M, at Reply

      Where is Steve Irwin when you need him.

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

      +Justin M dead. like our hopes and dreams. pierced in the heart by a

  7. Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

    Stupid trump trolls. you happy now?

    • Posted by Robe Spier, at Reply

      +gav2102 scientits had been fired only to talk about that. what do you
      think ?

    • Posted by LITYYYYYY, at Reply

      +Knekten Which candidate didnt lie during their campaign? surely not
      clinton and bernie. Every candidate LIES

  8. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend tax cuts for the rich.

    • Posted by jai “Honeydipped” brown, at Reply

      Carlo Magno no it doesn’t, you do realize it’s the same plan bush had and
      I’m sure you know it’s simply not true

    • Posted by crazywaffleking, at Reply

      Trump is cutting taxes for everyone.

    • Posted by Han Seoul-Oh, at Reply

      +Gus Hersey Kansas is screwed up after the conservative experiment Sam
      Brownback put it through. And California, which has done the complete
      opposite of Kansas, is faring way way way better.

  9. Posted by Super Saitama, at Reply

    i dont understand middle class and poor class and non white trump
    supporters….he’s clearly not for you nor will he ever stick for you
    guys…not sure why all these rednecks racist bigots think they’ve
    won…everyone loses having trump in power…he’s mostly THERE for himself
    and maybe his rich friends…but anyone else is screwed.

    • Posted by LITYYYYYY, at Reply

      what about other wealthy people who want to keep their hard earned money?

    • Posted by Mary Kayyy, at Reply

      LITYYYYYY but by wealthy you mean corporations owners? If so , then they
      actually just stay home and people like me and you and people overseas
      (Mexico,china, Latin America etc) make the wealth for them.

  10. Posted by Lawrence Kithinji, at Reply

    I can’t wait for America to collapse..

    • Posted by Centurion, at Reply

      THe best part will be to see the pathetic trump voters lose their jobs and
      eat some bullets for breakfast. We all know they have more guns than brain

    • Posted by Miguel Barragan, at Reply

      Centurion Bro stuff is fd up everywhere. But read what you just said man…
      they are not your enemy.

    • Posted by beanththerose32, at Reply

      It’s gonna be a hillbilly apocalypse …time to hunker down, stock up on
      food,supplies and weapons….

      jk peolpe that can’t happen right?

    • Posted by Han Seoul-Oh, at Reply

      No they aren’t our enemy. But they also our allies either.

  11. Posted by Monty Rosenthal, at Reply

    Of COURSE Trump will cut taxes for the rich. ’cause he’s RICH! What’s
    pitiful is that millions of poor and working class folks voted for this.
    It’s like they handed a baseball bat to a mugger and said, “Here, hit me
    with this.”

    • Posted by Owen S, at Reply

      Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated
      are confident they are acting on their own free will.
      -Joseph Goebbels

    • Posted by funkyflights, at Reply

      Exactly…. I don’t get it … It’s like Roaches voting for Raid ….

  12. Posted by henryvolt35, at Reply

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact on how people thought that
    the guy who hasn’t worked a day in his life, that has made his fortune by
    Both having both everything handed to him or suing everybody, stealing from
    charities and all around stiffing most all of the middle class…would
    actually help the middle class.

    • Posted by henryvolt35, at Reply

      I haven’t turned on my own television in 3 years…ok that’s lie I do it
      every 6 months to binge watch CN cartoons. But seriously why waste my time
      on News Networks when I can just look at Washington Post or LA Times or you
      know this.

    • Posted by MartianBlues, at Reply

      Take This L
      Sounds like you can’t rebut his statement.

    • Posted by Grace Onto You, at Reply

      +Take This L
      No one is thumbing your comment up, thumbing up your own comment isn’t
      going to make others do it. Idiot.

    • Posted by Take This L, at Reply

      Grace Onto You Except that it wasn’t me. Would you like me to thumb it up?

  13. Posted by Ezequiel Zambrano, at Reply

    The trump trolls seem to have gone in hibernation

    • Posted by Centurion, at Reply

      I held this opinion before the election, before this year and had it for a
      long time.

      I do visit your your echo chambers quite a lot. Its amusing there. I stand
      by the words I said.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      +Centurion So you admit that you have been demented even before the

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      MISTY1770 – No, Centurion admits to seeing through the bullshit b/f this
      election. Nothing demented about understanding the world (reality) around
      you, stripped of pretense.

  14. Posted by Nick Jermichalesactionjackson, at Reply

    say it with me guys, OF COURSEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Posted by Nick Jermichalesactionjackson, at Reply

      +Jason A Love it

    • Posted by 17Seventysix, at Reply

      let me get my constipation voice on

    • Posted by Jerry Cart, at Reply

      Now Trumps actually doing better than Obama by saving real jobs at Ford and

      Hey Liberals – you guys are Americas shitheads…. Trump is a boss… Deal
      with it you autistic bastards

      Go back to your safe spaces lol

    • Posted by G.Lizardpie Byemrowl, at Reply

      Jerry Cart you are smart please tell me how you connect the dots between
      your cerebral neurons.

  15. Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

    no money for public schools, no student loans or grants, no overtime, a
    government hiring freeze, a 20% tax increase for the bottom third, no
    health care for pre-existing conditions, cutbacks on SS and
    Medicare/Medicaid if they exist at all, no steel mill, factory or coal
    jobs, no minimum wage increase, probably no unemployment insurance in the
    next recession, continued outsourcing, and no safeguards from predatory
    bankers, plus everyone records every racist rant you make and it goes viral
    on YouTube. But hey, Trumpers, you won!

    • Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

      +I Am A Wolf your last reply is even more indecipherable than the first
      one. I feel sorry for your students, they are being poorly educated at a
      formative age.

    • Posted by I Am A Wolf, at Reply

      +Earl A. Birkett
      Actually MY students love me. Most of them do respect me because I actually
      tell them why it’s important that I tell them things the way they are. In
      general, you can tell most students are more immature than before. I have
      only a handful of them. They’re literally the ones who fail all their
      classes even ones with their progressive teachers…. why? Because lack of
      parenting and coddling.

    • Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

      +I Am A Wolf I’m sure they love you because you obviously don’t challenge
      them since you demonstrate in your writing that you do not challenge
      yourself. Very sad what some public schools have become.

  16. Posted by kirkgrniis, at Reply

    Don’t worry gullible Trump lovers, I’m sure you’ll be super rich like them
    one day. But keep putting them in power so they can help only rich people
    and corporations. Smart.

    • Posted by God Smith, at Reply

      acceptjesusorburn yes it has

    • Posted by Ryan Wang, at Reply

      +acceptjesusorburn Do you honestly think that poor people pay their fair
      share of taxes to pay for everything that they benefit from emergency
      rooms, police, firefighters, government financial aid. No.
      Through taxes on middle class and upper class, Everything that the
      government does to help poor people is subsidized by “richer” people. So
      therefore taxing the rich has helped poor people gain access to government

      I think what you meant to say is that taxing the rich doesn’t create jobs
      or help the economy which is a different argument entirely.

  17. Posted by Matthew Owens, at Reply

    ‘Make America Great A-Gain (for me)’ It is funny how his supporters keep
    telling democrats to ‘stop crying’ but if they actually look at what Trump
    is putting forward they are the ones that would be crying. I think it is
    more accurate to say that dems are disappointed in their country but also
    get the last laugh in regard to the election.

    • Posted by Matthew Owens, at Reply

      Yeah but only about 25% of eligible voters voted for Trump. It is
      understandable that people felt they didn’t have anybody to vote for but
      really only 1/4 of the country selected Trump as president, no great feat
      by him. So looking at a graphic that paints most of the country red is only
      relevant in the context of people that actually voted and not
      representative of the entire population.

    • Posted by crazywaffleking, at Reply

      +Matthew Owens
      Saying just 25% is a bit misleading as half the country didn’t vote. If
      Hillary won you could also claim she only had around 1/4.
      If someone chose not to vote it is fair to say they didn’t care who won.

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      You know, my sister and I speculated that if the ENTIRE USA had eligible
      voters with COLLEGE & University level degrees, Hilary would have won in a
      landslide and Trump wouldn’t have made it past the Primaries! The fact that
      Trump won at all means a lot. Again, this is entire speculation, and not a
      grandiose insult to the entire population of the US!

    • Posted by Matthew Owens, at Reply

      That is my point thou, that isn’t misleading at all. Only I wouldn’t say it
      is fair to say they didn’t care either way. They could certainly lean one
      way or the other and not be motivated thou because both candidates were
      terrible. It baffles me that out of 300 million (?) people those two were
      the best that America had to put forward.

  18. Posted by Bubba Twocents, at Reply

    What a joke! He mentioned the Trump economic team is expecting a
    consistent 3%-4% rate of US GDP, which hasn’t happened since the late
    1990’s, and it isn’t going to happen under Trump’s trickle down policies.
    The US economy is suffering from low productivity, due to an aging
    population, a workforce not nearly skilled enough for a modern global
    economy, and relatively stagnant birth rate. Stifling immigration will only
    prolong the low US productivity gap.

    • Posted by lord6617, at Reply

      in 8 years of Bush, the ONLY year we had 4% growth was his first year, and
      at the end of his time we were in the worst economic position since the
      great depression. That is literal fact. Trump is planning the same
      policies. You do the math.

    • Posted by Nolan Thomas, at Reply

      lord6617 No the economic crash of 2007-8 was caused by the FED manipulating
      the economy. The FED is a separate government entity which the President or
      even Congress has no control over. It turns out Trump has plans to end the
      FED and return to the Gold Standard.

    • Posted by lord6617, at Reply

      The economic crash was caused by multiple reasons, one of which was fed
      manipulation of interest rates, but that certainly wasn’t the only or even
      the primary cause. The economic policy & tax break emphasis of the Bush
      presidency were huge contributors to the economic crash, and denying that
      is simply denying reality. Yes, banking deregulation (which clinton
      presidency didn’t measurably curtail, so not purely republican problem) was
      a major contributor as well, but Trump has given no REAL indication that he
      is going to address this lack of banking regulation – his nominations
      include a former leading banker who participated in the crash! So however
      you cut it, its bad.

  19. Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

    Cutting taxes for rich people.

    Just what America needs….

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      But, but, but rich people need our taxes.