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Try Not To Laugh at BUG PRANKS | Funny Prank Compilation


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A few of us may value bugs. They are kinds of life that are worthy of as much regard as well as value as anything else on planet earth. Let's be straightforward with ourselves, though. Most of us simply plain DON'T LIKE INSECTS! Dare we say several of us may have a FEAR of various PESTS? That's feasible, and where there are anxieties, there are HILARIOUS TRICKS WE CANISTER PULL ON EACH OTHER! That's why we at AFV existing our most recent FUNNY TRICKS COLLECTION, TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT FUNNY INSECT PRANKS! Offer it a view as well as remember to SHARE THIS VIDEO CLIP WITH YOUR BUDDIES!

Which pest trick STUNNED you one of the most? Was it the LITTLE WOMAN IN THE PUDDLE at 3:26? Exactly how about the COCKROACH ON THE SANDWICH at 4:07? Make certain to tell us your favorites IN THE COMMENTS LISTED BELOW and also do not forget to LIKE As Well As SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ON YOUTUBE!

Try Not To Make Fun Of BUG PRANKS|Funny Prank Compilation


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  1. Posted by Shivam Rathod, at Reply

    Very funny

  2. Posted by nolan miller, at Reply


  3. Posted by EmoUnicorn, at Reply

    i ate a bug pin me

  4. Posted by LostJumboJet 773, at Reply

    It’s as if humans are programmed to fear bugs…

  5. Posted by Kyoot, at Reply

    Keep those bugs AWAY from me!!!!!

    • Posted by Stuff animals, at Reply

      Kyoot how are you

  6. Posted by Baby Got Laughs, at Reply

    EWWWW! But this video is still pretty funny!

  7. Posted by KotaBro, at Reply

    OMG that was soo dope!! I wish I could make my videos look that good.. haha!

  8. Posted by Pepillo Vazquez, at Reply

    Very funny video

  9. Posted by Todoroki Senpai, at Reply


  10. Posted by Faryal Khanum, at Reply

    Have they seen the size of the bugs. They are tiny and we are huge(to them)!!