//Try Not To Laugh At Kids Cutting Their Own Hair | LOL Therapy on AFV

Try Not To Laugh At Kids Cutting Their Own Hair | LOL Therapy on AFV

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Kids love taking threats. That's why we like them! They do not have a grasp on consequences all the time which permits them to live life to the maximum without any cares or worries, but of course, there are consequences for the choices we make. Like when youngsters OPT TO CUT THEIR OWN HAIR! They do not know how rapid it expands back or that hair reducing REQUIRES ABILITY! That's why we at AFV existing to you your once a week dose of LOL THERAPY, SHOT NOT TO LAUGH AT CHILDREN CUTTING THEIR OWN HAIR! Make certain to SHARE OUR NEW VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Which HAIR CUTTING FAIL is your favorite in today's comp? Is it youngster at 0:56 that CUT HIMSELF A RECEDING HAIRLINE? Just how about the child at 1:22 that SHAVED ONLY HIS HAIR? Tell us your faves IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and also don't forget to LIKE AND ALSO SUBSCRIBE to AFV on YouTube!

Try Not To Poke Fun At Kids Cutting Their Own Hair|LOL Therapy on AFV


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