Try Not To Laugh At This Funky Dancing Seniors Compilation | Happy International Dance Day from AFV | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Try Not To Laugh At This Funky Dancing Seniors Compilation | Happy International Dance Day from AFV


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Pleased International Dance Day from everybody at AFV! Dancing is so much enjoyable, right? We reach delight in and express ourselves to the sounds of songs and actually just let loose! We likewise reach give ourselves a wonderful exercise, as well. Well we're commemorating this holiday with something we do best which's our latest AMUSING COLLECTION, TRY NOT TO MAKE FUN OF COOL SENIOR CITIZENS! We risk you to view and also NOT APPRECIATE YOURSELF! Can't do it, right? Well after that make sure to share this video WITH Every One Of YOUR PALS!

Who is your favored SENIOR GETTING DOWN in today's video? Is it the man IN ALL DENIM DANCING at 7:55? Just how around the BALL PARK RUBY MALE at 9:01? Our preferred is quickly CHILD DANCING WITH GRANDMA at 9:36! Inform us your favorites IN THE REMARKS BELOW and don't forget to SUCH AS AND SIGN UP FOR AFV on YouTube!

Try Not To Make Fun Of This Funky Dancing Seniors Compilation|Happy International Dance Day from AFV


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    Good luck hitting 1M subscribers.

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    im trying not to laugh cause i tried not to fan girl

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    Came at 86 views
    Love LOVE you guys

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    “Too sexy for my hair” XD

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    this is very..”FUNKY” get it funky instead of  funny? ehh I’m terrible at puns but I love em xdd

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    9 th

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    All that Boogying and only one hip was broken…

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    EWW vertical videos