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TSA Misses A SHOCKING Number Of Fake Test Bombs


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This is actually an enhancement. Poise Baldridge, Hasan Piker, as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you assume in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" Problem for the Transport Security Management which is aiming to drink the credibility of TSA standing for "Thousands Loafing."

A covert procedure disclosed that TSA testings at airports failed a lot of the time. Private investigators discovered screeners missed out on test weapons as well as bombs at luggage checkpoints generally.
In a classified rundown, members of the House Homeland Protection Committee discovered that more than 70 percent of the time, covert Department of Homeland Protection detectives were able to make it through TSA checkpoints with mock knives, guns, and dynamites.
While that might appear poor, it's really an enhancement.
Just 2 years earlier, testing found a 95 percent failure rate." *.

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Hosts: Grace Baldridge, Hasan Piker, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Elegance Baldridge, Hasan Piker, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *They also missed a shocking amount of FAKE news! SAD!*

  2. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Moral of the story? We’re no safer now than pre-9/11!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 exactly, because terrorist evolve to beat whatever modern safety standards are in place at that time! Moral of the story? Create better security and smarter terrorist will appear!

    • Posted by MrBibi86, at Reply

      Don’t you think if all Muslims wanted to kill us we would be dead?? there are over 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet.. have you even met a muslim before?

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      MrBibi86 his racism blinds him and robs him of all logic and common sense!Lol

    • Posted by Jun-Gol Bwoah, at Reply

      Well the government did 9/11 so technically you’re right.

  3. Posted by Colin Silver, at Reply

    It was just an elaborate, time-wasting, excuse to grab your crotch along. We all knew it, now we have proof.

  4. Posted by cyberwolfy37, at Reply

    I’m not surprise, TSA are just theater safety, they look like they’re doing work but they’re only there to make you feel safe. reality is they’re just there to waste your time

  5. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Well of course they do. Theyre too busy confiscating shampoo, bottled water, and “randomly” patting down all the hotties, and “people of interest”

    • Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

      Sometimes they help themselves to a handful of your valuables instead.

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      And we have the Religion of Peace to thank for the whole thing. Allahu Achbar!

  6. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    The TSA’s greatest accomplishment is to collude with baggage handlers and rob customers blind well, that and going to lunch.

  7. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    If a terrorist wanted a high body count he needs but to blow up the terminal rather than the plane. The TSA are an expensive joke!

  8. Posted by PipsKay, at Reply

    I love that you can’t take a bottle of water on an airplane but you sure can buy a whole arsenal of simi automatics to go gun down 100’s of innocent people

    • Posted by BLAIR M Schirmer, at Reply

      70% test failure?

      Holy S@#(.

    • Posted by PipsKay, at Reply

      BLAIR M Schirmer tell to the murdered people in Vegas and the murdered people just going to church in Texas

  9. Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

    the TSA has done nothing except harass US citizens.. thats what happens when you hire morons as security..

    • Posted by Noah King, at Reply

      Well with a 70% failure it seems like they need to harass more people right?

      Better tech, more intrusive searches, the whole shebang. I travel a lot and outside of being tight for time to make a connection. I never had a problem being searched or patted down. But then again I’m not a snowflake.

      They think something is odd about you going through an immigration checkpoint. You’ll be “harassed” a lot worse than what TSA does.

      Maybe that’s the answer, treat everyone going through an airport like they’re entering the USA coming from another country. Let’s see how many people start crying when they get patted down then.

  10. Posted by IRHasDiabetes911, at Reply

    THis isn’t news. They’ve been failing tests since they were created.

  11. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    “Adam ruins everything” debunked the TSA a while ago

  12. Posted by Burning Aether, at Reply

    TSA is not meant to stop terrorists… It’s meant to slowly grind away your rights.

  13. Posted by PlacidDragon, at Reply

    I remember a couple of years ago how Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) said that by mistake, several foam cutter blades (10+ inch knives basically) had ended up in his luggage, and how he sailed straight past the TSA check without any issues..

    Really makes people feel safe, hehe

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      No one who looks like they’re in a ZZ Top cover band could possibly be a terrorist.

  14. Posted by AussieGirl, at Reply

    Hassan is such a child and is by no means ready to be on the main show’s panel. Being Cenk’s nephew should not be an automatic in if you want to maintain the quality of insight and contribution that attracted your subscription base.

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply


    • Posted by Gillian Landry, at Reply

      AussieGirl Wait! Hasan is Cenk’s nephew or you’re just making a joke?

    • Posted by AussieGirl, at Reply

      +Gillian Landry – Not a joke. His sister’s son.

  15. Posted by TheZoomanager, at Reply

    Hasan = Dislike

  16. Posted by Heather H, at Reply

    I’m a 27 year old white woman. I get “randomly selected” for extra security and bomb tested every time I am at the airport. They even bomb tested by dog once. Most recently I had to go through this and had a tiny bottle of hot sauce in my bag. Honestly I had chucked it in and mostly forgotten about it. So I get pulled. The lady screamed at me for having “an exorbitant amount of powder” due to having two boxes of donut mix and a canister of coffee. They bomb tested everything in my bag, and patted me down twice. The lady took everything out of my bag and makes a huge scene about the hot sauce. She put it in her pocket! Then proceeds to grab my donut mix and coffee to which I say “ok the hot sauce I can almost understand. But there’s nothing in your regulations against donut mix and coffee. It’s all sealed and you have the same crap ten paces away at the gift shop!” She yelled at me that I could go. I put everything except the hot sauce in my bag and went to my gate. Dumbest thing is, there was a gift box of 4 6 ounce bottles of hot sauce also at the gift counter. So I can’t have one tiny bottle of hot sauce on the plane, but I can have 24 ounces. I feel so safe. TSA stole my hot sauce.

    • Posted by Nanoubonbon, at Reply

      😡they stole my baby purée!!!!

    • Posted by Sir T.E.A, at Reply

      “Hot sauce in my Bag?”   What are you Hillary Clinton?

    • Posted by Bond Sings, at Reply

      I have no sympathy for the sauce bottle, but they owe one hungry baby a free meal that they find palatable after the checkpoint. There needs to be a plan for medications and baby provisions.

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      White people can be terrorist’s too. Plenty of white Muslims.

  17. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    I thought we all knew that the TSA was there to make people *think* they would get caught. And we just weren’t going to say it to keep up the deterrent.

  18. Posted by Censtudios, at Reply

    Welcome to America, the best country in the world, behind 36 better countries.

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      And we have the Religion of Peace to thank for the whole thing. Allahu Achbar!

  19. Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

    3:40 Technological? No. I’m pretty sure the problem is most of their hires. Not knowing what tampons are. Confiscating a 2 inch toy gun in the holster of a plush monkey. Actually breaking into a classified NASA phone. We’re not even dealing with average intelligence people here.

  20. Posted by Kenji Yagi, at Reply

    TSA has made people miss their flights. TSA has dropped my laptop. TSA makes us go through a good amount of radiation every time. All that. Wasn’t a big deal because, we thought we were getting safety. Now it turns out, we weren’t. All that money and time and radiation.

    • Posted by Omni Space Gaming, at Reply

      You get 100x more radiation from when you are on the plane… The scanners use cell phone millimeter wave technology.