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Turk and Jerk 2016: FINAL VOTES


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Get in your last minute votes, before it's too late. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Jake White, at Reply


  2. Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

    Build the wall

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      quit cuckshaming me, that’s sexual discrimination m8y

    • Posted by Kareem, at Reply

      Travis7060312 Trying to convince him, or yourself?

    • Posted by Eironeia Jsps, at Reply

      Build some fence portions! /chant

  3. Posted by Yojimbo413, at Reply

    Loser Ana

    • Posted by Frank Tool, at Reply


    • Posted by omar nasser, at Reply

      Frank Tool no she isn’t. Lying about a ” genocide” is a true disgrace

  4. Posted by Amit Singh, at Reply

    jerk of the year FAT BROWN BUFFALO

  5. Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

    *Jerk of the Year award for 2016* goes to:

    *Jimmy Dore* for committing assault against Alex Jones.

    *Ana Kasparian* for “I am f##king better than you”

    *Genk Uygur* for his continuous Muslim apologetics and anti cop rhetoric.

    • Posted by John Jeffry, at Reply

      Only time when a Trump Turd shut his mouth

    • Posted by Buttered Toast, at Reply

      If doing a spit take on someone who invaded your set is “assault” then I
      think you Alex Jones cucks really need to back to your sheltered little
      conspiracy dens.

    • Posted by John Jeffry, at Reply

      What Will Gun nuts like Alex will do to an Intruder ,Maybe Alex is lucky

    • Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

      +Buttered Toast I thought regressives like you are against violence?

  6. Posted by Gouranga, at Reply

    Jerk/Turk of the year. Whats the difference?

  7. Posted by Joseph Fernandez, at Reply

    Turk: Standing rock protesters
    Jerk: From that list Hillary but I’d like to give it to the entire
    Democratic Party for being utterly corrupt and incompetent

    • Posted by Gaster Sans, at Reply

      corrupt, sure but incompetent? surely you jest. the incompetent one is
      Trump, and I am an independent. HRC is corrupt and Trump is incompetent
      (and by the looks of things as, if not more, corrupt than HRC)

    • Posted by Joseph Fernandez, at Reply

      +Gaster Sans They couldn’t beat Trump. One of the most unpopular candidates
      in history. I’d call that incompetence.

  8. Posted by haseeb bugty, at Reply

    Jerk of the year: Prophet Muhammad

    • Posted by A Torres, at Reply

      haseeb bugty you fell for it😂

    • Posted by haseeb bugty, at Reply

      +A Torres oops

    • Posted by Joker, at Reply

      +haseeb bugty He gained the title 1400 years ago. Did you not get the memo?

    • Posted by haseeb bugty, at Reply

      Joker for me he continues to be jerk of the year

  9. Posted by hello jaja, at Reply

    Jerk trump Turk Putin

  10. Posted by I thought this was america !, at Reply

    hopefully trump will be the her

  11. Posted by Bob Nub, at Reply

    Just saying, the link shows a 504 error for me at least, not sure of

  12. Posted by Lisa M, at Reply

    Link doesn’t work.

  13. Posted by Sejez, at Reply

    Jerky the Turkey

  14. Posted by Police Tube, at Reply

    Cenk does a Turk and Jerk every night in the shower

  15. Posted by JoelF, at Reply

    Nigel Farage on the jerk list? Why?

    • Posted by Fredrik Fredrikson, at Reply

      I cannot think of someone more worthy

  16. Posted by UMChangeUp14, at Reply

    I’m still stunned at this list. Jill Stein? Lol. I find it interesting you
    included her and Jordan in a year where you first allow voting. TYT is
    really going all out for clicks from the dumb dumb left.

  17. Posted by The 99%, at Reply

    where can you view the results of these TYT polls once they close ?

  18. Posted by Taylor Ross, at Reply

    debbie wasserman schultz should be Jerk of the Year.

  19. Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

    Its obviously going to be Bernie and Trump