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Turkish Food Vs. Italian Food


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Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola review Cenk's current journey to Turkey as well as why Turkish food is amazing. Enjoy the full show right here:

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  1. Posted by The Stoned Videogame Nerd, at Reply

    I dont know much about Turkish Food….but i know the smell of Turkish People…this 10 feet Garlic Clouds around them…..believe me you cant ignore that when you go shopping in german Discounters like Aldi…you have 10 of them standing in row before you at the cashier….and often you realy feel like taking the “Breath Refresher Gums” from the Shelf next to the Cashiers….and force it in their Mouth…its more than unpleasant…its overwhelming horrible and you cant ignore it

    • Posted by The Stoned Videogame Nerd, at Reply

      Realy,im mean that Serious….You need to remember that the Turkish People in Germany are frozen in the 1950s in their Culture…they are not like turkish people in Turkey today
      A thing which we germans often make Fun about is when a Turkish Couple goes shopping….the Women has to walk 10 feet behind the Man,and she also has to carry all the Bags…while the Man parades around in front of her like a “proud Rooster”

    • Posted by The Stoned Videogame Nerd, at Reply

      @ Xarriable… they leave their Shoes in the Hallway…cause they walk on Mud and Dirt in Turkey……in Germany you walk on clean concrete so there is no need for that…..
      And the turkish Bathhouses….well we all know what the Turkish Men do inside there or….

    • Posted by findikification, at Reply

      thats just idiotic…my family is from turkey, living in germany…and i have never ever seen what youre saying here..you know that your comments are basically racist, right? also schätzchen, geh zur schule und lerne was über fremde kulturen und nicht irgendwelches stereotypen gelabere. und vor allem kannst du nicht sagen, dass alle Türken so sind. ich kann ja auch nicht sagen, dass alle deutschen so zurückgeblieben und ignorant sind wie du

    • Posted by findikification, at Reply

      someone has never been to turkey i see..

  2. Posted by Sam, at Reply

    my personal preference:
    1.Arabic food
    2.Turkish food
    3.Italian food

    • Posted by Sam, at Reply

      taste buds are different from person to person, not to mention you are most likely going to like the food you grew up with, so it is subjective really, just like your opinion about my taste in food.

    • Posted by Plastic Altar, at Reply

      nah i don’t think so, you just have horrible taste like the man said.

    • Posted by Sam, at Reply

      @Plastic Altar you just sound triggered mate, your opinion is subjective, just like his, even if that triggers you 🙂
      Have a nice day

    • Posted by Jbeil-Byblos Baalback, at Reply

      Sam Arabic food can be different in different areas, the Levant food is very similar to Turkish food

    • Posted by Sam, at Reply

      @Jbeil-Byblos Baalback, ofcourse, I never said otherwise, Arab food engulfs a wide variety of cuisines and different foods with multiple recipes, I surely prefer the Levant food as I am a Palestinian. For me, Palestinian/Syrian/Lebanese/Jordanian food and recipes are simply the best of all world cuisines. When it comes to Fish and sea-foods I am definitely an Egyptian recipe guy, I ate fish on the shores of Alexandria that made me weep, pure joy.

  3. Posted by StormWolf01, at Reply

    I’m not Turkish nor Italian, but if you’re gonna compare turkish food from turkey, and italian food from america, i don’t think that’s fair. You need to try italian food from italy, to get a fair comparison.

    • Posted by richard, at Reply

      Even Italian American is better than Turkish food from Turkey.

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      He was just in Italy, so he is making a fair comparison.

    • Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

      richard when were you in Turkey and what was the best and worst thing that you ate?

  4. Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

    Goat burgers are a very popular food item in Turkey. After the animals have outlived their usefulness as sex slaves, they are typically slaughtered and added to a variety of dishes.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      rencrow Whites go to Turkey to flaunt their massive racial supetiority over brown circumcision monkeys

    • Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply


    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +Malaria Trump I’m hispanic you racist.

    • Posted by Chris Benoit, at Reply


  5. Posted by Elyssa Truman, at Reply

    Middle Eastern food in general 10/10

    • Posted by The True Fizz, at Reply

      Too bad the rest of the culture is 0/10

    • Posted by Banjo Pink, at Reply

      The beheadings can be a little hard to swallow.

    • Posted by rollingknuckleball, at Reply

      their current culture*

  6. Posted by Annatar, at Reply

    Turkish man says Turkish food is the best. Biased much?

    • Posted by Faruk Yıldırım, at Reply

      Annatar you should try, Kahvaltı (Turkish breakfast), börek, lahmacun, mantı, içli köfte, pide, çorba (soups), Dolma, Sarma, ciğer şiş. Turkish cusine is one of the most wide, rich and authentic in world. You can find Middle East, Balkans, Caucasia, Mediterraean and Middle Asian together.

    • Posted by WTFDailyAward, at Reply

      It really is the best!

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +Faruk Yıldırım if it was true turkish food would be more popular in USA

    • Posted by Faruk Yıldırım, at Reply

      james smith i have been some states in usa. If i will have enough money, i want to show all Turkish home meals. Turkish cusine is more than kebabs, cigarettes or saltbae 😀

  7. Posted by Thomas H, at Reply

    Italian is king of all foods, Mexican is a close second but Greek / Turkish cuisine is probably 9th or 10th.

    • Posted by Hzzz Eddd, at Reply

      Thomas H
      Haha 😂

    • Posted by Anthony Mouse, at Reply

      Thomas H agreed

  8. Posted by SCIENCEoverRELIGIONS, at Reply

    Turks like the genocide

    • Posted by YankeeSpirit, at Reply

      Sounds like you want us to invade Turkey

    • Posted by Faruk Yıldırım, at Reply

      YankeeSpirit who are you?

    • Posted by Faruk Yıldırım, at Reply

      We love “invide” people to show our hospitality. “Invade” is your culture. But it is not work land of courage, Turkey.

  9. Posted by randy durga, at Reply

    bro italians invented pizza gtfo cenk

    • Posted by Mayakovsky, at Reply

      randy durga pretty sure it was invented by Iran etc. Flat bread with toppings. Who ever invented it = absolute genius.

    • Posted by Seth Perry, at Reply

      What is it called in Iran?

  10. Posted by richard, at Reply

    It’s not even a contest, Italian food is far better.

    • Posted by Xarriable, at Reply

      richard how many times have you been to Italy, and how many times to Turkey? And which places did you visit would you like to share the specifics of your so called wisdom?

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Italian food is inferior.

  11. Posted by Edwin Rivas, at Reply

    Sorry man, just visited both…Italian food all the way!! Out of the three times I’ve been to Istanbul, nothing has ever blown me away.

    • Posted by Stefan Radev, at Reply

      Edwin Rivas
      I’d recommend the Balkan cuisines, too (yeah, know it sounds weird xD). A lot of common with Turkish, but more European.

    • Posted by Mike Rotch, at Reply

      Edwin Rivas You should be glad that nothing in Instanbul has blown you away.

  12. Posted by Urak Hunt, at Reply

    Italian food is better

    • Posted by Sir Lord Mr President Trump, at Reply

      Urak Hunt no question.

    • Posted by злюка, at Reply

      Nope it’s not.

  13. Posted by Spencer McVey, at Reply

    Apples to Oranges I enjoy both but they aren’t exactly comparable.

    • Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

      Spencer McVey which cuisines are comparable to Italian and why?

    • Posted by Spencer McVey, at Reply

      smartdave599 what?

    • Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

      Spencer McVey you stated that comparing Turkish to Italian is apples to oranges. So I’m asking are any cuisines more comparable to Italian. If so which ones?

    • Posted by Spencer McVey, at Reply

      smartdave599 well I was just saying in general they’re pretty different so I personally wouldn’t really compare them to each other. I’m sure you can find things to compare. But that’s different to comparing the whole category of “Turkish cuisine” vs “Italian cuisine”.

  14. Posted by Malik Jones, at Reply

    Italian food is #1 in the world. Turkish food is not even in the top 5.

    • Posted by jompelis midi, at Reply

      1# France 2# Morocco 3# Italy

    • Posted by Malik Jones, at Reply

      jompelis midi French makes my top 3.

    • Posted by Alexa Saperstein, at Reply

      Malik Jones turkish food isnt even in the top 10.

  15. Posted by TheYoungTurksExposed, at Reply

    The food is great at Turkish weddings…… too bad many of the brides are 9 years old. The last feast before they get raped legally.

    • Posted by M A, at Reply

      In you, the evolution of manliness culminates. You’re the winner kinda guy, right?

    • Posted by TheGamerNerdStation, at Reply

      Malaria Trump what are you talking about?

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      you must be confusing turks with Milo.

  16. Posted by Manny Ribera, at Reply

    Turkish food is the best in the world.

    • Posted by Kelly McIlveen, at Reply

      You need to get out more.

    • Posted by jobbik atila, at Reply

      Kelly McIlveen give me your mail , I will send you the picture and the video , i am serious .

  17. Posted by Henry von Rintelen, at Reply

    I am German, in Germany there are a lot of Turks. They make the best food EVER!

    • Posted by Patrick Thomas, at Reply

      Turkish refugees that are persecuted by the Government.

    • Posted by Henry von Rintelen, at Reply

      Patrick Thomas there are a lot of Turks who live legally, work legally, and own restaurants legally in Germany, they’ve been doing this since the 70’s. They aren’t being persecuted other than by small far right groups in anyway. Why would anyone want to persecute them after eating that delicious food anyway?

    • Posted by utkua, at Reply

      Turkish refugees ? You mean people Germany invited as labor force after WW, who rebuilt it basically ? There is no fence to jump from Turkey to Germany you know, well maybe you do not know, since most of you are geographically challenged.

  18. Posted by Anthony Soprano, at Reply

    Italian Food.

    • Posted by kara oglan, at Reply

      No food except the pasta pizza