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Tutu Mishaps | Funny Kids Compilation


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Ballerinas have an amazing task, right? They reach dance and also share themselves with motion and also they get to use adorable outfits like tutus! As frequently as that seems glamorous, nonetheless, keep in mind that this is AFV and also we like highlighting FUNNY STOPS WORKING, so that's why we offer to you our latest compilation, TUTU MISHAPS! Give it a healthy and balanced watching, wont you? And remember to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL YOUR PALS!

Exactly what's your favored Tutu fail in today's video? Is it when the little girl WAVES TO HER FAMILY MEMBERS INSTEAD OF DANCING at 3:19? Or maybe it's when the cute dancer SLIDES OFF THE BAR at 3:46? Our preferred is conveniently when the twirler twirls a little too much and TAKES A TUMBLE at 3:55! Make sure to inform us your favorites IN THE REMARKS LISTED BELOW as well as always remember to SUCH AS AND SIGN UP FOR AFV on YouTube!

Tutu Mishaps|Funny Kids Compilation


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  1. Posted by The Amazing Moore, at Reply

    Edit 1: Added the t on “first”

  2. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

    That moment when your first and you don’t what to be first

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  6. Posted by The Minecraft TNT Show 1988, at Reply

    That’s Funny Ha Ha Ha!

  7. Posted by Dr Iron, at Reply

    I’m 7th

  8. Posted by Stuff animals, at Reply

    Im 8th

  9. Posted by SDeep Kaur, at Reply

    2:19 , 4:37 ouchh!

    • Posted by Cierra Swaye Lyle, at Reply

      SDeep Kaur

  10. Posted by Karli Chambliss, at Reply


  11. Posted by Julia Komninos, at Reply

    1:38 karma!

  12. Posted by LostJumboJet 773, at Reply

    Why I don’t do ballet

  13. Posted by Cierra Swaye Lyle, at Reply

    That would hurt!

  14. Posted by Luke Is Da Best, at Reply