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TWEET THIS To Urge Trump To Reconsider The Paris Agreement #BeInconvenient


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SPEAK REALITY TO POWER! Allow's advise Trump to reevaluate the Paris Arrangement over Twitter.

Click on this link to send the Tweet to Trump:

TYT is partnering with Individual Media in order to help fix the environment situation. Make sure you check out our collection: 10 Days of Activity to find out more concerning exactly what you could do to make a distinction as well as go see A Troublesome Follow up, in NY and LA July 28th and also nationwide August 4th.

If Head of state Trump will not lead, the American individuals will. The majority of Americans, civic leaders, mayors, governors, and also the businesses are currently progressing to stop climate modification. No single person could quit us. I promise to join the activity and also #BeInconvenient. Most likely to be part of the remedy.

A Troublesome Sequel: Reality To Power is in select theatres July 28th as well as across the country August 4th.

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  1. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    LOL! The Paris agreement that had no power or influence to enforce itself. It was a joke that failed in even doing what it set out to do. It mostly punished U.S manufactures that are already going greener while letting third world polluting countries untouched. Not to mention the slap on the wrist on China’s part.

    • Posted by Offensive Cupcake, at Reply

      and if it were enforced, every social welfare program the left demands would need to be scrapped.  The next generation cannot afford homes or families, and this is what the left fixates on.We are past the point of no return, and the actual inconvenient truth is we can only mitigate the effects, as no one is willing to deal with the 3rd worlds population boom.Anyways, far better a problem to deal with than global cooling, people make more of this than it is, people will adapt to this change, an ice age on the other hand would be disaster.Beyond this, the arrogance, just a hundred years ago people were watchin their roads fill with horse manure, that was their crisis of filth, and they would have not imagined our world, yet we some how imagine our world as static a hundred years from now to the point where we see fit to “save them”, its simply arrogance. I’m sure they will laugh at your modern concerns.

    • Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

      Of course I’ve seen the reallocation of manufacturing jobs. My ties are made in China.

  2. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    TYT is pushing for unnecessary sanctions that will lead to another cold war with Russia.

  3. Posted by Ashley Van Hammer, at Reply

    How are people still arguing over this? We learned of the damage done to the ozone layer back in the 80’s. This is established. We HAVE and DO affect the environment with our industry. It’s been proven.

    Has the internet made us so self-important as a species that we’re less concerned with living longer in a better world than we are about belittling each other like imbecilic children?

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      A couple things.

      1. The Paris Agreement was crap. It was similar to a bunch of guys all saying they were going to lose weight and the fattest one ends up losing 2 pounds because no standard we met.

      2. With climate change, we know it is happening and we play a role. But how much? And is it even bad?

    • Posted by Lord MLR, at Reply

      +Paul Swanee – Re your 2nd point. I think I covered most of it in my reply to your 1st reply. I was not actually endorsing the points I made merely saying that some scientists, respected ones, were proposing this technological advancement model on the grounds they believed the carbon emission reduction window of opportunity had passed. My personal belief is in the “stabilization wedges” theory of tackling the problem. If your not familiar look up Roberta Hotinski’s Princeton University paper on “Stabilization Wedges: A concept and game” – it very crudely states, it does not matter HOW you reach the goal of stopping the climate frying us all it just matters that you do. You need to stabilize CO2 at X level – that can be achieved in multiple of combinations of ways, reduction of emissions, nuclear, efficiency, nuclear, bio-fuels, carbon capture and storage etc etc each will have a varying contribution – it does not matter which you choose as long as the total adds up to 100% of the result needed. I hope that made sense, I’m really tired.

    • Posted by Churble Furbles, at Reply

      +Lord MLR but the frame is the problem, there is no death of the planet scenario, even the ice age didn’t kill the planet, and ice ages are far more dangerous to people than warming can ever be.
      Tesla is amazing at creating luxury performance cars, but in no way have they demonstrated an ability to scale this into a viable tech, its all very expensive, and all still just a conversion of fossil fuels into electric.
      Scientists helm from academia which has been corrupted, and investments into vast deployment of inferior tech isn’t actual r&d into the future technologies we need. We tried this before back when the white house had solar on its roof in the 70s, when the incentives dried up, we weren’t left with amazing progress, far from it.
      I don’t assume such things are solvable through government edict, this requires fundamental r&d, long shot r&d, not roof jewelry subsidies, because there is no moores law for solar, these things improve so slowly that on the climate hysterics very own time line, it will never be enough to make a difference.
      Just look across Europe and the world, the “incentives” create nothing but wastes of money, even the marginally functional ones are still dubious, and don’t actually spur innovation.
      Elon’s advancement isn’t actually a leap of any kind, lithiun ion cells, the 18650’s he used in racks are the same types we’ve had in laptops for decades, the motors and the rest are simply cobbled together engineering, while impressive, again not a fundamental leap of any kind. Thanks to subsidies and a magic moment where he was able to buy an entire nummi Toyota car factory for tiny fraction of what it was worth because it was shut down, he was able to create ev super cars for the well off. It was a one off scenario which will never happen again, so there are doubts how well he can scale anything. I follow his cars and their achivements, I even salvage 18650’s from used laptops myself for use in flashlights, so I’m not new to this stuff, but there are problems with the idea that this type of tech will save the world.

  4. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    Wow Soros must have given TYT a big bonus to push this global hoax propaganda

    • Posted by Mark12 Strang, at Reply

      I believe Trump is paying them. Their propaganda has the opposite effect on the viewers.

  5. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    Arctic ice is up 50% since 2012

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Thats because all the land ice that has melted has diluted the ocean. The fresh water now freezes at higher temperatures which means more sea ice. Its still getting hotter.

  6. Posted by MuahMan, at Reply

    Cenk is a moron! It’s true, Google it!

    • Posted by Gadsden Runningwater, at Reply

      Hahaha! I love the reference to the debate. Cenk is such a damn idiot.

  7. Posted by Gadsden Runningwater, at Reply

    Lady, you paid almost $17 to waste 2 hours of your life being further indoctrinated into a miry bog of stupidity you will never be able to climb out of. Don’t try to take others down with you.

    • Posted by Gary Host, at Reply

      says who? …yea didnt think so! And while on the topic of thinking, perhaps educate yourself, like at all, before going public with your living in your moms basement at the age of 36 well thought out igrorance and stupidity 😉 But Ive heard igrorance is bliss. You must be unusually blissful.

    • Posted by Gadsden Runningwater, at Reply

      + Gary Host
      Absolutely nothing you just wrote made grammatical, rhetorical, or logical sense. You are indeed a liberal.

  8. Posted by Saltvadoor, at Reply

    Al gore just wants attention. Obviously climate change is real, but most of the things that Al gore says r BS. Instead of wasting money on that garbage just watch the South Park episode on him and manbearpig.

    • Posted by mischiefpwns, at Reply

      Saltvadoor That sir, is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Congratulations.

    • Posted by Saltvadoor, at Reply

      mischiefpwns it’s more entertaining, and more realistic.

    • Posted by 니로다 가미니 파띠바다 아리야사까 드까, at Reply

      Saltvadoor great advice.

  9. Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply

    *Inconvenient truth: Only 2 genders*

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      2 sexes. with varying karyotypes (XXY, X0, XXX, XYY, and other rarer combos). But yes, any amount of Y chromosomes = male, absence = female in biology. Gender is a social construction. That’s why people can make them up. Gender isn’t the same as sex. A transwoman is really a male woman. Transman = female man.

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      Do you remember a time, when girls used to dress boyishly and do ‘bloke’ hobbies was just call a tomboy. Now people want to label that into its own gender pronoun.

    • Posted by manchesterblue2007, at Reply

      +Simon Winn

      even if that were true (it isnt)

      who are you to deny them?

  10. Posted by The Grand Poobah, at Reply

    Member when: Al Gore tried to ban rock n roll, look up Dee Snider vs Al Gore. And I learned that Al Gore wants us to ignore the fact that he took donations from Kentucky Coal companies while running for senate. Oh and that Al Gore Sr. voted against the Civil Rights Act

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      As someone who appreciates Twisted Sister I now think even less of Fraud Al Gore.

  11. Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply

    *I don’t think anyone takes TYT seriously anymore, I suspect their videos get a few hundred genuine views at most and all the rest is generated by bots*

    • Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

      Cenk Uyger sorry honey, the freak show wound be you

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Check the number of people viewing TYT live feeds at any given time. Its usually a couple of hundred with conservation level at what one would expect from mentally handicapped children.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +Cenk Uyger lol! You know that’s not true. Your obsessiveness to troll every one of their videos and use Cenk’s name and avatar tells everyone who’s sane and isn’t a paid troll everything they need to know about you.

    • Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

      Edward Moran those would be the trolls

  12. Posted by Francisco Leonardo, at Reply

    How much did al gore paid you cenk to keep pushing this bullshit?

    • Posted by Fleece Johnson, at Reply

      Malaria Trump+ I can see why you are only active at night. I have been watching you. I like you. please. post more often. the mobile app is really easy to use..

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Hey Malaria wasn’t it funny watching Cenk get demolished by Ben Shapiro 🙂

    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      Edward Moran Keep having to say Been won all by yourself lmao. Sad!

  13. Posted by Ginger Robbins, at Reply

    Tyt is being PAID to support this video. but are not telling you. How inconvenient.

    • Posted by Ethan Rouse, at Reply

      Actually, they are telling you it is paid. YouTube requires them to state so, thus, the notification in the bottom left corner is implemented in this video.

    • Posted by Aaron N, at Reply

      Literally says includes paid sponsor at the beginning of this and all other videos concerning this film. Maybe if you actually watched the video for one second before commenting or learning to read will help you in the future.

  14. Posted by Matt L, at Reply

    If this agreement is about the environment, why India and China is not banned from using coal as well? The post most polluted countries, instead only target ones with high GDP. It’s more business agreement than a environmental because France and Germany are still allowed to export energy resources to those countries.

    • Posted by Jesse, at Reply

      China isnt doing a whole lot, but they’re doing more than the U.S. America should be a world leader in this department. But its not, and that affects everybody.

    • Posted by Matt L, at Reply

      Jesse USA last I know is world leading in developing new green technologies and reducing in coal drastically for natural gas emissions are going down without sacrificing people livelihood.

    • Posted by Matt L, at Reply

      Jesse not my president I’m Australian btw never excepted Syria of anything since the civil war and Isis running around which does seem more of a bigger concern nowadays in my opinion for 0.3 less in 100 yrs it’s still not worth 1 trillion per yr imagine that for 8 yrs of Obama plus the debt USA already had. America should lead but it won’t if it becomes a 3rd world country.

  15. Posted by Antoli Ankova, at Reply

    Yeah, how fitting… Al Gore’s home is wasting 3-4 times more energy than a regular American household, but still he’s the man to tell us about how us(not Gore) should waste less. And to show this to Donald Trump… Why?? The man doesn’t want the US to lose it’s competitiveness with other countries. China and India are still polluting(and keeping their competetiveness) like hell whether the US stops polluting or not.

    • Posted by Antoli Ankova, at Reply

      Lord MLR, I have to correct myself, it was 21 times more than a regular American household. Gore’s estate used 230,889 kWh. The 33 solar panels installed on the estate generated only 5.7% of the energy his home gobbled; the bulk of his electricity comes from NES, largely derived from coal, nuclear power and natural gas.

    • Posted by Gadsden Runningwater, at Reply

      +Antoli Ankova you’re hurting a lot of feelings with those facts.

  16. Posted by Mikey Hagan, Jr., at Reply

    1 million new jobs since Trump took office!!!! Winning!!!!

    • Posted by ryan francis, at Reply

      Let the flag burning Marxist hate that’s all they can do without a brain!

    • Posted by cold G, at Reply

      ryan francis you do know they are from obamas administration

    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      you guys need 200k a month, dumbass, he’s falling behind

  17. Posted by orangeedo, at Reply

    Climate change is provably false. There has been no warming since 1998. Infact, we’re currently on the verge of a seriously cold decade or two with the grand solar minimum. Don’t be fooled.

    • Posted by Andrew, at Reply

      What is your source for that 1998 claim?

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      its common knowledge at this point andrew. thats why global warming is now climate change. however i guess common knowledge is not so common.

  18. Posted by ezeblp, at Reply

    looks like a crappy movie

    • Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

      +ezeblp … prefer a biopic of James Inhofe

    • Posted by ezeblp, at Reply

      I have no idea who james Inhofe is

    • Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

      ezeblp even fox news admitted that the movie was entertaining

  19. Posted by Cheezy TM, at Reply

    Movie is fake news. He said he’d renegotiate

    • Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

      Cheezy TM The private industry has a bottom line to meet, they themselves rarely take the initiative to stop polluting. It’s far to optimistic to assume the industry that created the problem would fix it, causing them losses in profit. The private industry continues to fund politicians that vote for laws that don’t require them to reduce pollution, and vote for laws that increases the amount they can pollute. And the Paris agreement was non binding. We could have totally opted to not give any money. There is absolutely no reason to pull out of a deal you don’t even have to follow other than to please your base. Trump could have just simply decided to do whatever he decided was fair. All he managed to do was get the US on the bad side of the world. There are only two other countries that didn’t sign it. Syria, who is in the middle of a massive civil war, and Nicaragua, who didn’t sigh it in protest because the government felt it didn’t go nearly far enough to protect the planet.

    • Posted by Cheezy TM, at Reply

      Hopelessly Hopeful Firstly, a lot of countries like China are doing next to nothing to contribute. Secondly It is totally unfair and wrong for the rest of the world to burden the us financially. I care about the climate but I also care about the Economy. This is why trump said to renegotiate, but the rest of the world doesn’t want to do that. Finally businesses are always looking for more efficient sources of power. Not because they care for the environment but because they want to make more capital using a new revolutionary source of power. This is why coal has been dying out and being replaced nuclear energy which is better for the environment and is more efficient.

    • Posted by Cheezy TM, at Reply

      Hopelessly Hopeful We have to be able to compete with other world powers. Unlike Europe which relies on the us for protection.

    • Posted by Cheezy TM, at Reply

      Hopelessly Hopeful and I haven’t heard a realistic way to stop climate change

    • Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

      Cheezy TM China is currently doing more than the US is, they have 3 million of the 8.5 million jobs in renewable resources, with plans to be at 13million in ten years. They are soon to have the most solar panels in the world, and are rapidly working to have over 50%of their energy produced by renewable. The us had plans simply reduce co2 by 25% and has less than a million renewable energy jobs. India plans on having 57% of its energy be renewable by 2027 and will stop building new coal plants in 2022.

      However, if nothing is done to curb man made climate change it will disproportionately impact the poorest people. Almost all models show that the worsening of climate change damages the economy worldwide. Coasts will be lost, houses sunk, cities underwater, increases in hurricanes and their intensity; higher drought in some parts of the country, and to much rain in others making it harder to farm, and reducing crop yields; larger and more often bug swarms. And that’s not to mention the economic impact Europe would face if the rapidly melting ice changed the gulf stream, which can happen, considering it was formed due to the rapidly melting ice after the ice age.