Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump’s Account On Last Day | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

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  1. Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

    Can’t wait for Trump to be deactivated himself.
    This old fart can’t die soon enough.

  2. Posted by Stan M, at Reply

    So who is the idiot that put it back on….

  3. Posted by HMan, at Reply

    Twitter should have cut off his account long ago. How many Twitter rules against harassment, insults, and general stupidity has Trump broken? Ban the fucker. Help America.

  4. Posted by Jason Thiner, at Reply

    11 mins of peace thought it would never happen

  5. Posted by Bradon Anderson, at Reply

    Twitter is a social media company. No national security should be handled through social media. Trump should not be using this platform for national security anyway.

    • Posted by Jeff Richardson, at Reply

      Fear not young blood, Twitter is not used in our chain of command. Duh.

    • Posted by Kathleen Hardy, at Reply

      Bradon Anderson You’re totally right!
      And even if he chooses to use them for that purpose, it’s not on Twitter to go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate that or accommodate him.
      I understand why people think the POTUS should receive extra-special care. However most of this president’s care seems to come in the form of an extraordinary amount of baby-gates & bumpers. I don’t think private companies should in any way feel obligated to scramble & change their services to include child-care just because people put this spoiled brat of a baby in an adults seat!

    • Posted by Bradon Anderson, at Reply

      I don’t follow his Twitter nor do I place a lot of emphasis on his words, however, he has released policy via Twitter. And even though you and I know this isn’t a chain of command, that doesn’t mean someone in North Korea or Russia can’t take his words seriously. I just don’t think POTUS should be using this platform to air his grievances.

    • Posted by Kathleen Hardy, at Reply

      Bradon Anderson Agreed!

  6. Posted by BlazingInferno, at Reply

    “Treasonous act”?? Get over yourself. Trump doesn’t own Twitter so no it’s not treasonous. They could remove him if they wanted to. Dumbass Trump supporters

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      BlazingInferno They won’t, he’s the President and they want him for ratings.

  7. Posted by GJB Music, at Reply

    Simple new rule for Twitter: No world leaders and high ranking government officials allowed. Since there Jobs are so serious they need to be held accountable and need to do a press briefing to put out statements.

  8. Posted by Nicholas Dickens, at Reply

    I’d hire that guy in a flash! 🙂

  9. Posted by Josiah Sanchez, at Reply

    If North Korea took Trump’s tweets seriously, we’d already be in war. That’s a stupid idea. And sadly enough, Trump is the lesser man.

  10. Posted by Doug Fry, at Reply

    Most of Trump’s tweets have been more damaging (causing real harm) to the American people than any deactivation of his social media account.

  11. Posted by gb1701, at Reply

    The only troubling thing about this is what is yet to come, because you just know the far-right media and bloggers are trying to find the identity of this person and then will come the standard personal smears and death threats against him or her.

  12. Posted by CANDI STARR, at Reply

    It’s not Twitters job to make sure that Trumps account is super protected. Twitter is not responsible for national security.

    • Posted by The Drum Machinist, at Reply

      Yeah, Trump could try not using Twitter, though other lines of communication might expect more than 140 characters.

    • Posted by 1moonwitch, at Reply


  13. Posted by Indyfalcon, at Reply

    I think it’s just insane that we overlook the incredible OPSEC implications of having the CIC utilize an unsecured consumer grade social media outlet to make official government edicts. No government official or DOD equivalent would get away with that kind of nonchalance in the official conduct of their work, especially related to energy or defense, but nobody bats an eye at the President of all people, doing so? Forget the partisan hackery, this is full stop dereliction for those in the Chief of Staff not telling the POTUS to knock it off with the use of unsecured comms to broadcast official executive branch policy.

    • Posted by Rize Wey, at Reply

      Indyfalcon Yes, your 100% correct.

    • Posted by simkat013, at Reply

      So isn’t T(Rump) doing the same thing, in essence, that Hillary did? And worse by threatening other countries with, you know, “Our Nuclear and Other Things”. Maybe for a start, ‘We, the People’, should petition Twitter to live up to its’ stated ToS. If any of us Tweeted the same bile and bullying that he does, we would have been banned long ago. Who the hell does he think he is?

  14. Posted by Dianne Enterkin, at Reply

    For that few minutes that employee was the most powerful person is the world!

  15. Posted by farrukh alvi, at Reply

    The problem is that trump has made twitter his primary medium of communication. So its easy to believe if something outrageous is posted from his account

  16. Posted by Ricky La Cardo, at Reply

    Throwing rocks at other houses when his is made of glass that=foolishnesses +Recklessness !!!

  17. Posted by KingDT2007, at Reply

    Find out who he is and give him a medal

  18. Posted by PS Wright, at Reply


  19. Posted by Florian, at Reply

    Trump clearly encourages violence against North Korea.
    Encouraging violence violates the Twitter Terms of Service