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Twitter Users Blocked By Trump Threaten Lawsuit


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Our Snowflake-In-Chief is obstructing people on Twitter, as well as now a group of them are threatening a claim. Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell as well as Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Do you assume they have a situation?

Read more below:

" Twitter customers want Head of state Donald Trump to unblock them– or deal with lawsuit.

" This Twitter account runs as a 'marked public forum' for First Amendment functions, as well as appropriately the viewpoint-based blocking of our customers is unconstitutional," reads a letter standing for numerous Twitter users, consisting of Holly O'Reilly, that was blocked after tweeting Trump a GIF of the president conference Pope Francis.

The lawyers say that blocking individuals reduces speech, considering that those blocked cannot connect with Trump on Twitter anymore." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Logically Brainwashed, at Reply

      Most Liberal You’re trying too hard.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    Trump=true sensitive snowflake.

    all of you trump trolls can suck it, you say tyt sucks, and you troll every video but they have never blocked you. you s something mean about trump or disagree with him and he’ll block you.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +JOOGAL1111 no they dont. All the Islamic terrorists attacks that have been happening they’ve reported on, if there really was a narrative then they would never talk about them.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +JOOGAL1111 dude whatever we are never going to agree on this. You say the have a narrative I say they dont. We’re going to have to agree to disagree

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Correction, I know they have an agenda and even blind pew can see it. The answer to the question I asked is yes, you know it is yes yet you pretend that tyt doesn’t have an agenda/narrative to push. Anyway as you say we’ll agree to disagree,,bye

  3. Posted by Ace, at Reply

    This is dumb. Trump did NOT block their free speech. They still have every right to criticize Trump and say negative things about him, he just doesn’t wanna hear it. And there is no amendment that FORCES someone to listen to what you have to say. In this case, blocking on the internet is the equivalent of walking away from a person for whatever reason. If Trump does not allow these people to say things they wanna say, then sure.

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +John Kari Shh, listening to Comey burn the Trump administration down. 🙂

    • Posted by Ace, at Reply

      +Donald J. Trump

      Silly goose! I thought were talking about the “neo-Nazis” that want to give a speech on campuses and are met by protests. What I am saying is, if the school in question is being funded by taxpayer money, then yes… They do have every responsibility to uphold the constitution since they are being paid by the government. If they are entirely privately funded, then they can do as they so please. Because I believe in both free speech and property/business rights.

  4. Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

    Ana Kasparian blocks users who bring up the *ARMENIAN GENOCIDE* this video is very ironic.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      So you can’t try prove me wrong because if you did that would prove you wrong. Instead you chose to run away like a coward after being proven to be a racist.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You claim I’m racist, yet you have no proof of me being racist, and you actually defend a person that outed himself as a racist. When you were pressed to actually prove your claims, you failed to do so, and instead tried to shift the onus on me, which is ridiculous, for that is the argument from ignorance fallacy. Typical conservative. You people = Zero Intellect and Integrity.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I exposed all of you conservatives as the dogs that y’all are, so there’s not much to be done here. I’m going to brush up on some notes. Have fun, hypocritical, bigoted idiots. It’s been real. Haha.

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Where are all you conservatives that yelled about ‘safe spaces’ and ‘snowflakes?’ Y’all suddenly disappeared. Why is that?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Hal Jordan They probably ran to their safe spaces to cry.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I dislike the lawsuit. I think a person should be allowed to block, if they feel they’re being harassed. I’m just pointing out the conservative double-standard. Social Conservatives claims to love speech, no matter how rough it is, but then they falter, when their stances are actually put to the test.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Well yeah, these are the same people who cheered for kathy griffins firing because of an offensive picture. Their hypocrisy knows no end.

  6. Posted by alim3611, at Reply

    whilst I am not a Trump fan I think it’s ridiculous to file a lawsuit to force Trump NOT to block people. it’s frivolous

    • Posted by sdesai1989, at Reply

      Sean Spicer says that Trumps’ tweets are “official statements by the president of the United States”.. it’s not petty or frivolous. If he blocks people who disagree with him or makes fun of him, people would then have to censor themselves on Twitter just to view his “official statements” or risk being blocked.

      Say something I don’t like? You don’t get to view “official statements by the POTUS.” It’s as simple as that.

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      alim3611 Duhhrrrr: The lawsuit addresses a violation of that amendment. Go read it.

  7. Posted by Will Liu, at Reply

    Obama blocked ppl on his Twitter account and I had nothing against it. I have nothing against Trump blocking ppl on his Twitter account either. Not gonna be a hypocrite.

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      Was Obama’s twitter branded as ‘official statements from the President’? Did they have federal weight? That makes a big difference between the two.

    • Posted by Epicenter, at Reply

      TheStoneSpiral i cannot believe you are actually serious, on the side of people suing for blocked on twitter???

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +Epicenter I am on the side of the *law*. If Trumps tweets are to be considered a kind of public government document then all citizens should have access as required or warranted by the laws around it. If it were just Trumps own account and the things tweeted there were not intended to have federal weight, he could block whoever he wanted. But Spicer’s claim changes all that, taking it to court is how we get an answer.

    • Posted by Epicenter, at Reply

      TheStoneSpiral but they can just log out and get the tweet…….

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +Epicenter Whether or not that is fit is to be decided by the court. Viewing while logged in may count as the only viable method of viewing the document, and if it *is* a federal document of some kind, replies might be protected in the same manner as say.. a petition, or even a form of protest or as some other kind of protected interaction or speech. This is no longer a matter of your or my opinion, but that of the court.

      And I honestly think in this day and age the sooner we get these matters settled the easier it will be to communicate with our government in the future. Modern laws don’t cover things like twitter. The ultimate outcome will define at least some kind of precedent for interactive communications to come.

      You may think it’s silly, but if the court decides that the president blocking citizens from official presidential tweets is illegal.. then it’s illegal. If it’s not.. then it’s not. And that will be the answer to the question no matter how much anyone rolls their eyes.

  8. Posted by Pastafarian, at Reply

    The left constantly blocks anyone who disagrees with them and now cry when trump does it to them. Hypocrisy is thy name TYT

    • Posted by T.C. Satele, at Reply

      He is aloud to do whatever he wants.

    • Posted by lcyw20, at Reply

      T.C. Satele he’s loud alright.

      Should he be allowed to do whatever he wants?

    • Posted by Pastafarian, at Reply

      @Kevin Myerson Free speech and free to block are two different things.
      There are no rules for blocking someone on twitter. He has the freedom you want to take that away.
      Don’t get me wrong a hate trump but I hate left wing fascists even more

    • Posted by Rob McCormick, at Reply

      Exactly. Twitter is privately owned and has it’s own Terms of Service everyone agrees to when they create an account. That’s kinda the argument people use whenever a “right wing” opinion is silenced on social media.

      “Like, it’s not censorship, man. Twitter is privately owned, bro. Like, the constitution doesn’t apply here, man.”

  9. Posted by My Space, at Reply

    With Twitter you have a personal account with a blocking system, and the president has a right to use it like anyone else.
    Twitter is a social media where you socialize with the public and express your views, but this president wants to express his views but does not want a negative response from the public who elected him into office.

  10. Posted by FinnyLFC, at Reply

    It’s also a snowflake thing to sue someone for blocking you.

    • Posted by Top Cat, at Reply

      It makes you a snowflake Hans. Have a tissue.

    • Posted by Mike Pence, at Reply

      no it his personal account run by himself he had the account before he became president

    • Posted by Evan Currie, at Reply

      Mike Pence doesnt matter. he’s using it for official purposes… that makes it a defacto official account.

    • Posted by Mike Pence, at Reply

      you can still view what he says on his account just log out and still respond to it just not directly message him on Twitter or comment how is that violating your 2nd amendment?

    • Posted by Evan Currie, at Reply

      Mike Pence it doesn’t violate the 2nd, it MAYBE violates the first by denying an Avenue of speech. it’s all about a government official, potus, curtailing speech. that is against the first ammendment. a private person can do it, a company can do it, but no government official can legally curtail your right to speak except in very specific circumstances. .. which this doesn’t fit

  11. Posted by nigling, at Reply

    Twitter is a private company and they block willy nilly so trump can block anyone while using Twitter

    • Posted by #Free KEKISTAN, at Reply

      no but if he blocks someone from twitter it is not a violation of free speech. also he is blocking them on his private account. learn how laws work 😉

    • Posted by Manny Rivera, at Reply

      well that’s what might be up for debate… thats why columbia law is considering the lawsuit…

    • Posted by Manny Rivera, at Reply

      official business… hes denying people of his official business..

  12. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Is there any doubt that conservatives are the worst crybaby snowflakes?

    • Posted by Jaget santos, at Reply

      LOL Pooppp is really a loser.

  13. Posted by Dennis Taaffe, at Reply

    Presidential snowflake. Whaaa, Whaaa. Big fat orange baby. Has a penis size of a sixth grader.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Awww does that trigger you ha ha ha

  14. Posted by MiSt 526, at Reply

    Being blocked on twitter in no way impedes someone’s ‘free speech’. Donny didn’t do anything to prevent them from saying whatever they want to other people, he just blocked their ability to send HIM tweets. I think frivolous attacks like this against Donny distract from the investigation of actual criminal and/or unethical behavior

    • Posted by SGRODmaster, at Reply

      MiSt 526 Except that my understanding of blocking on Twitter is that it’s not simply denying someone the right the post there, it’s preventing their ability to see the posts of the blocker’s feed. And when the information being denied is official statements made by the President, that’s an issue. I’m not arguing that they have a right to post on his property or anything like that. All I’m saying is that they have a case for unconstitutional government retaliation.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      SGRODmaster – Thanks, although getting banned for Spam on a TYT video would be an unbelievable Oxymoron. This is the key part of the Twitter Debate and was Part of the Obama Administration Order on Social Media Use! Even if blocked the information can be requested and must be provided under the freedom of information act, all without infringing on the function of a Private Company! Nobody would ever not have access to Presidential Statements due to a Twitter Ban or Lack of Access!

      Agencies are required to provide members of the public who do not have internet connectivity with timely and equitable access to information, for example, by providing hard copies of reports and forms. For the most part, using social media technologies as an exclusive channel for information distribution would prevent users without internet access from receiving such information. In addition, some social media services require high speed internet access and high bandwidth to be effectively used, which may not be available in rural areas or may be unaffordable. In general, this requirement is no different for social media implementations than it is for other electronic service offerings. Programs must simply make alternative, non-electronic forms of information dissemination available upon request.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      Mist 526 – I thanked the wrong person, I should not do this while working!

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      SGRODmaster – I would tend to agree that Trump is on Twitter too often, I understand why, I don’t think he will ever get a fair shake in the Media (Opinion Only)! Blocking is only delaying not impeding, petty but not earth shattering………………….Peace!

  15. Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

    This is interesting. It is technically censorship by the government….

    • Posted by JWD, at Reply

      David D
      You have a strange definition of ownership.

    • Posted by David D, at Reply

      JWD Maybe if you actually learned the laws and the founding documents you would realize what I am saying.

  16. Posted by mitch verr, at Reply

    1. Twitter is a private company.
    2. He isnt blocking their right to speak, they can still speak on twitter, he is just blocking them from his direct feed, this is a major difference.
    3. These people need to grow up, trump and the people suing.

    • Posted by call me Ishmael, at Reply

      mitch verr Trump and grow up in the same sentence haha your funny

  17. Posted by Twitchy Games, at Reply

    it is kinda ironic that they mock trump for blocking but half of the TYT staff block people also

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      Oh we all know they think they are special. They are too. A special kind of stupid.

    • Posted by Kirk Johnson, at Reply

      Only if you missed the fact that TYT staff doesn’t hold public office.

  18. Posted by Ben Mangrum, at Reply

    You know Obama blocked people on Twitter too right?

    • Posted by Plutot Crever, at Reply

      No they don’t and if they did they wouldn’t care. You can’t let logic get in the way of such a great clickbait title.

  19. Posted by Running on Empty, at Reply

    Is this relevant? Seriously guys, I’m really trying to get with the direction you’re going in here, but this is just fluff.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      They don’t know what to do because they’re TYT – a known flip flopping terrorist funded (TYT is Qatari propaganda) fake news organization. The end. TYT just lost their funding as well so everyone working their just took a pay cut.

    • Posted by Running on Empty, at Reply

      Oh here comes some Dump supporters to enlighten us.