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Two Democrats To Vote YES On Gorsuch


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With Democrats like these, that needs Republicans? Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) as well as Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) on Thursday revealed individually that they will elect next week to verify Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. They are so far the only Democrats to announce assistance for Gorsuch.

" After considering his record, viewing his testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee and also conference with him two times, I will certainly elect to verify him to be the nine justice on the High court," Manchin stated in a declaration.

He stated that he found Gorsuch "to be an honest and thoughtful male."

" I hold no impressions that I will certainly agree with every choice Court Gorsuch might issue in the future, but I have actually not found any kind of reasons why this jurist need to not be a High court justice," Manchin stated. "Senators have a constitutional responsibility to guidance and also consent on a nominee to load this High court vacancy and, basically, we have an obligation to do our jobs as chosen authorities."" *.

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  1. Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

    They aren’t Democrats, they are out of office in 2018!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Mary-Louise, at Reply

      Bolgernow – I’m too impatient to wait til 2018. Let’s call Senate switchboard (202) 224-3121 and ask any or all of these senators to either block gorsuch’s nomination or switch parties. Here are the dems who are either actually backing gorsuch or on the fence:

      Joe Manchin (West Virginia)
      Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota)
      Ben Cardin (Maryland)
      Bob Menendez (New Jersey)
      Brian Schatz (Hawaii)
      Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada)
      Chris Coons (Delaware)
      Claire McCaskill (Missouri)
      Dianne Feinstein (California)
      Joe Donnelly (Indiana)
      Jon Tester (Montana)
      Maria Cantwell (Washington)
      Mark Warner (Virginia)
      Michael Bennet (Colorado)
      Patrick Leahy (Vermonty)
      Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut)
      Tammy Duckworth (Illinois)
      Angus King (Maine)

    • Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

      You just made my day Mary-Louise! Calling right now!
      Um, Duckworth is not, she’s blocking. Claire is, so I am
      callin the rest. This is unacceptable, simply stolen seat

    • Posted by Mary-Louise, at Reply

      Bolgernow – thrilled to have you join me! You’re right about Duckworth. We were at 35 but it looks like Sherrod Brown (Ohio) is suddenly uncertain. I don’t know if the republican “nuclear option” will override a filibuster (if we can get one), but we have to try. For the senators who are uncertain, I leave an encouraging message; Manchin & Heitkamp get a bit of my wrath. Here’s the link I’m following:

    • Posted by Mary-Louise, at Reply

      Bolgernow – Here’s something else for those of us who can’t wait for 2018. Jon Ossoff is running in a special election in Georgia on April 18th to fill the seat vacated by tom price. I was thrilled to send him a few $.

    • Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

      I know, he’s leading also. Send $ or donate your time!

  2. Posted by Johan Liberal, at Reply

    Neoliberals- “We have to keep around Joe Manchin so he can vote WITH Democrats.”

    Joe Manchin- [votes against Democrats]

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      You’re right. If they put in someone more liberal maybe he’ll win in the state Trump won by 40 points.

    • Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

      +Progressive that likes to get things done  Is there some Hillary Clinton cult that exists that I’m not aware of because by your name it sounds like you worship the ground she walks on and you just contradicted yourself you said there’s nothing wrong with Gorsuch followed by I definitely do not like his policies you have to be the stupidest person on earth. Not liking someone’s policies is all the reason in the world not to vote for someone.

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      What sort of idiot thinks Clinton is a progressive?

      She’s a neocon warmongering war criminal.

    • Posted by esse mick, at Reply

      morons like cenk uygur, Tom Hartmann and Louis ck

  3. Posted by Holly Lyons, at Reply

    Claire is my democratic representative…I tweeted her. She better filibuster.

    • Posted by Daniel V, at Reply

      Michigan where I am has similar demographics, and except for one term for one Senate seat, 94-2000, hasn’t had a Republican Senator since like 1980. Prior to Trump who won by just 10,000 votes, hasn’t given electoral votes to a Republican since 1988. The cities generally are enough to overcome the Red countryside.

    • Posted by Holly Lyons, at Reply

      Oh, I know. Wow do I know lol. But…got to try. 🙂

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +Holly Lyons but……do you know why?

  4. Posted by Progressive that likes to get things done, at Reply

    The sad reality is, there isn’t anything wrong with Gorsuch…. Do I like his policies? DEFINITELY NOT! But that isn’t a legitimate excuse to vote no. If you wanted a liberal or progressive or whatever you want to call it to be on the court, you should have voted in the election! Don’t cry and complain now. You were to busy saying #Bernieorbust and #JillbeforeHill or the infamous #Feelthebern were feeling the Bern alright.

    • Posted by westingtyler ideas, at Reply

      hey, MORE people voted in the election for Clinton than Trump. You can’t use the “then you should have voted!” this term, dude. we DID.

    • Posted by Nate Morey, at Reply

      Progressive that likes to get things done vote no because this was obamas nominee not trumps

    • Posted by Blake Stone, at Reply

      it is the politicians who ensured hillary went up against trump, not the voice of the people

  5. Posted by Daniel Bazalar, at Reply

    Those two Democrats are traitors!

    • Posted by Sir BigHead, at Reply

      Daniel Bazalar SAME TEAM!

  6. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    So what you’re saying is… two Democrats that need to lose their seats?

    • Posted by Andre B, at Reply

      They’re not even democrats. They’re republicans in sheep’s clothing.

    • Posted by Strutinan, at Reply

      “They’re not even democrats. They’re republicans in sheep’s clothing”

      In other words: Democrats.

    • Posted by Maou, at Reply

      crucify those mother fckrs

    • Posted by Patsy Sadowski, at Reply

      Strutinan that sounds almost clever but I can name many Dems and Bernie that have great voting records. Liberals have no scale. If you think they are all like these two than you are a child.

    • Posted by Mary-Louise, at Reply

      Mark – two, so far. I’m keeping my eye on this link. Meanwhile, Jon Ossoff is running in a special election in Georgia to fill seat vacated by tom price. April 18th. It felt great to send him a few $.

  7. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    So sick of fake Democrats!!!!

    • Posted by Steven Porras, at Reply

      The Deep North Yeah, and weak democrats

  8. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I want to know why you Trumpanzees want this animal in SCOTUS, when he was a supporters of the Contras, like Apartheid, and helped to deny care for developmentally-challenged kids.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      The end is near.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Misty, maybe for you.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      When they march out death squads and 4 minute trials they want the judges to look the other way when they remove habeas corpus.

    • Posted by EasySnake, at Reply

      Hal you already answered your own question.

  9. Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

    The Left is crumbling! Hahahahaha

    • Posted by Seljuk Cuck, at Reply


    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      NO we are the majority in America. the Right wing trumptard population is in the hundreds of thousands while we are in the millions.

    • Posted by lolcatjunior, at Reply

      Maou True Democrats are left, right wingers don’t believe in equality and rule of the many, they believe in philosopher-kings who they think will fix their problems and believe in equality only when it comes to white people or for their own races.

    • Posted by markj6700, at Reply

      Ben Shapiro laughs as America crumbles.

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      Ben Shapiro no, that would be the Trump administration.

  10. Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

    Start spending your TYT dollars on a primary challenge in a Trump state then TYT instead of complaining that Manchin isn’t toeing your ideological line, waah waah. It’s like he knows and represents his constituents in his state not just those in pedo ring over 400 arrests California.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Wayne Morgan
      Lmao, the guy just spent most of the town halls lying about the Canadian system, and trashing Bernie Sanders, even though Bernie beat Hillary in West Virginia, and even actual Trump Supporters like Bernie too. He bailed, because he’s bought and paid for by special interests. Mylan Inc is his second biggest donor and they’re a part of big pharma.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      ^This cretin can no longer defend the puppet that I exposed, so he retreats into propaganda against affordable healthcare. Haha. Pathetic. Do you realize that most people in America die, because of complications due to chronic illnesses? Chronic illnesses that could have been prevented or dealt with via affordable healthcare? You’re a fool.

  11. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    Lol Trump will soon have control of the Supreme Court and literally have almost infinite power.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      A1Cvenom You do realize​ this is a pick replace Scalia right? It really doesn’t change anything from the court we had until early 2016…. But go ahead and waste all your energy fighting this pick while Ginsburg is literally dying as we speak….

    • Posted by Reginald Dorthmatter, at Reply

      Adam Smith A1Cvenom is an atheist yet loves the Christian pandering of the Trump administration.

    • Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

      I don’t like the administration, I just enjoy the fact the empty suit Hillary lost to him… proving the left has lost touch with the pulse of American concerns.

    • Posted by Jose Valdez, at Reply

      A1Cvenom R.I.P. 💀

  12. Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

    Hey TYT why aren’t you covering what Farkas said? Oh it proves Trump was right so you don’t want to!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      So no link then.

  13. Posted by Alan King, at Reply

    This guy is extremely qualified and actually reads the constitution instead of bending it to the political ideals of the left or right. Hope he gets confirmed without republicans utilizing the nuclear option. Unlikely, but one can hope.

    • Posted by Shonoiki Abayomi, at Reply

      +LabTech I’m not saying they get extra rights above people, I’m saying extra rights beyond what they have historically been granted and it preposterous. It’s corrupted the system on both sides and we don’t need judges that will push the pendulum even further. You fight at every turn to stop the corruption.

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      Alan King the guy that ruled against the trucker who would have frozen to death over the company. That’s who you want? Shows your true colors.

    • Posted by Jimmy Ok, at Reply

      Alan King

      *This guy is extremely qualified.*

      Merrick Garland was equally as qualified. That argument doesn’t hold water, but it sure as hell holds a ton of hypocrisy.

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Alan King If a police officer pulls me over for speeding, and I offer him $100 to let me off, that’s not bribery right? I’m just trying to “talk” him into letting me off, right? Or how about prostitution? I’m not paying for sex, I’m just “talking” the woman into having sex with me by giving her money. Right? Or are you one of those people who feels that money is ONLY free speech in politics and everywhere else it’s a bribe?

  14. Posted by Kiki Lula, at Reply

    How much did that cost Gorsuch’s backers?

  15. Posted by axion, at Reply

    just damm why are those people even democrats still

  16. Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

    You’ve got to be kidding

  17. Posted by Kathleen Gustafson, at Reply

    Booooooooooooo. Not Democrats. Filibuster!!! Please!