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TYT Hires Third Investigative Journalism Team


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You wanted hard-hitting investigative journalism and also we obtained it for you! Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, reveals you TYT's new hires. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Anna Stancell, at Reply

    It’s time to go into overdrive. We need an army of journalists to save the human race at this point. Thanks so much to everyone for making this happen.

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      you are an idiot. there is not such non bias because journalists are humans. you can criticize them for reporting or making fake news like fox news.

    • Posted by Iggy Beats, at Reply

      jungle305 or fake TYT news. Still trying I see, you’re done, TYT say your goodbyes while you still have subscribers, muahahaha

    • Posted by Edward, at Reply

      Iggy Beats – Trump has been in office for two months. His approval rating is 35%, the FBI is investigating him and his campaign… They haven’t been trying long, and at this rate, I like their odds.

      Stay delusional!

  2. Posted by Hugh G, at Reply

    TYT may have hired a great new journalist but let us not forget that in 2015, Marvel released one of the worst movies ever made: Avengers age of ultron

    • Posted by MartianBlues, at Reply

      Had you not mentioned it, I would have forgotten.

    • Posted by weejockpoopongmcplop, at Reply

      Impossible, I didn’t see Nicholas Cage anywhere.

  3. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    TYT: You really, really, really need to hire a conservative panelist for your videos. Someone who knows their stuff and can *challenge* you. Your audience is not what it once was. You are inundated with trolls because you are the left-wing Fox News because you lie by omission, ascribe ulterior motives and assume the worst. Like just recently you deliberately left out how Mike Pence went and personally helped repair the damaged Jewish cemetery and prayed with them, while you did a story about how muslims did so – you left pence out deliberately to fit your narrative of “right wing hate crimes”. Your videos so often dissolve into just an echo-chamber circle jerk of everyone agreeing with each other from 1 political aisle.

    Get a conservative as a regular panel host who isn’t afraid to challenge you and bring a different perspective to stories, someone like Ben Shapiro or someone who won’t shy from debating you and others. Your content will be incredibly improved because of it, instead of the current echo-chamber that it’s become.

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      Your statement is factless rhetoric, but any suggestion for panelist?

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump.

      In your universe, someone with a different point of view is obviously a troll.
      The regressive left really must love their first amendment.

      But your opinion is duly noted and dismissed.

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      Shaw Foyet

      I´d just love to see Katie Hopkins as a panelist on TYT.
      She would be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale TYT studio inviornment.

      But I guess that´s asking for too much?
      TYT probably couldn´t afford her.
      Or even dare to have her in the studio.

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond.

      Watching a lot of Steven Colbert, are we?

  4. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    Glad to see the team growing! Bringing on Jordan was the best thing you ever did. Excited to see David joining the team now. Let’s keep this up!

    • Posted by MartianBlues, at Reply

      Mark Halley
      I agree! Jordan was the best decision they ever made.
      I’m happy to see them go further in this direction. David is awesome.

    • Posted by Tiger Team Delta, at Reply


    • Posted by Anthony Serocco, at Reply

      Shout out to Dylan Ratigan getting hired

  5. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trumpturds have tried so hard to censor this channel. Such snowflakes.

    • Posted by amber rocheleau, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond well every watch and comments helps the channel so if you trumpets stopes doing those things it would hurt the channel but your such but hurt little bitches that you can’t resist watching and “trolling” every vid so thanks for helping this great channel grow 🤗

    • Posted by Edward, at Reply

      Daniel Hobgen – Bundle up, though its technically Spring, Russia is still cold these times of the year.

      P.S. Keep focusing on Hillary and her e-mails. It matters so much compared to Trump raping the USA.

    • Posted by mike nelson, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond noooooooooo what did u do to pepe

  6. Posted by BakiSmaki27, at Reply

    Sirota?! Wow he’s one of the best!

    • Posted by Jason Krainert, at Reply

      BakiSmaki27 Dylan is an awesome journalist too

  7. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    I love David Sirota! Glad to see him on TYT!

    • Posted by ben fannin, at Reply


  8. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    why no mention of emma? she hot

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Not a fan.

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      only conservatives thinks shes dumb

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      + Brick Tamland – That’s right, she is far from dumb.

    • Posted by Fredrik Herre, at Reply

      She was’t hired through an internship or something I believe.

  9. Posted by Sean Cavanagh, at Reply

    Nice! Now lets get to 2 million and get a POC and another kickass woman!

    • Posted by Daniel Hobgen, at Reply

      Seeing as we’re picking: I want a disabled, someone on life support, a person with a terminal illness with around a year to live, a vegan and guy that was born in Africa but moved to America as a child then worked in England before returning to Africa to visit family but eventually returned to America to work as a journalist (hopefully for TYT).

      Also, maybe a baby. You rarely see those in journalism.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      Well I want reality TV in the White House so that I can see Trump keep eating his way through the kitchens,
      becoming more and more obese for him to have a heart attack and die like Elvis on the throne.

    • Posted by gucher99, at Reply

      lets just get the best regardless of gender/race

  10. Posted by Heinz Rorschach, at Reply

    Right wingers tears is the fuel of my joy =)

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      tell us the truth Daniel, what makes you right winger? is it the race card? or you are wealthy and you hate poor people or you stupid or mentally disturb person.

    • Posted by I Am Pagliacci, at Reply

      Daniel Hobgen a pretty butterfly.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      The last few months it’s been a monsoon of leftist tears. It’s been marvelous.

  11. Posted by Daniella Holona, at Reply

    trump trolls are so unoriginal and #LowEnergy, its really #Sad

  12. Posted by Pip - Boy, at Reply

    That TYT membership is looking like a better deal today.

    • Posted by codingkriggs, at Reply

      About a month ago, I became a member in response to Trump getting into power. Politics is not my life, but if I could do something to help those who will fight for me, and in TYT’s case, they’re asking for only $10, how can I say no, at least to experiment and see how it is? Besides, I’ve watched hundreds of hours, I feel I already owe them that much. Now, I like the Aggressive Progressives so that was an additional big selling point for me (though they have other exclusive content as well). On youtube there’s 15 mins of AP a week, as a member it’s an hour. All that to say, all too happy, will gladly renew when my term comes up.

  13. Posted by Jeremy Dyer, at Reply

    I am happy to have been a part of making this team a possibility!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      + Daniel Hobgen – Great like in the Civil War or the Great Depression? MAGA – Morons Are Governing

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      #PoliticalRevolution #UpToUs

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      i donated $120 but rarely log in to their page due to me not having time.

  14. Posted by Al-Ikram Chowdory, at Reply

    right wing hates TYTs success

    • Posted by trolltider är här, at Reply

      Somai82 well , fcck of then 😉

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Who are you, Anjem Chowdery’s nephew?

  15. Posted by Malcolm Evans, at Reply

    That segment by Dylan Ratigan made me a liberal

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      Progressive would be better, Justice for all.

    • Posted by Somai82, at Reply

      Progressives uphold the freedom of speech and the press in MUCH higher regards than the ‘right’ of Muslims being offended. Progressives don’t deny the Armenian massacre. Progressives recognize the differences between intolerant ideologies and don’t even mention Sunni Islam in the same breath as, let’s say, Theravada Buddhism. Your butt boy Cenk is not progressive, he’s a fake agnostic, Muslim apologist and Turkish chauvinist, brainwashing liberals to pander to Muslims, a big reason why Clinton lost.

  16. Posted by We Are Rip City, at Reply

    These new guys are cool but Jordan is the *OG*

    • Posted by Chris Buck, at Reply

      We Are Rip City … David Sirota was doing this when Jordan was still poopin’ yellow in his diapers. Jordan is great but he would do well to let Sirota mentor him.

    • Posted by Anthony Serocco, at Reply

      David Sirota and Dylan Ratigan are the OG Jordan Chariton. They’re half the reason he’s even there.

    • Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi, at Reply

      jordan is a gold mine. i wish every new reporter they hire was another jodan.. that would be bomb.

  17. Posted by ASMA w/love, at Reply

    I could do without Michel Tracey tho. js

    • Posted by ODIEkriss, at Reply

      I like Michael Tracey on TYT since I see him as an opposing viewpoint to a lot of the others on TYT excluding Jordan and Jimmy Dore, but I get why some people might not like his style. Shaun King on the other hand… If he isn’t going to commit to TYT then stop paying him and give the money to another reporter or journalist.

    • Posted by ASMA w/love, at Reply

      ODIEkriss with Micheal Tracy, it’s not his viewpoints or even his talking points. That stuff is fine. It’s his delivery of those ideas and information. He’s really unrefined– which, btw, works for Jordan &Emma but not so much with him. He tends to meander a lot before getting to the point. Also, his town hall coverage leaves a lot to the imagination cuz he doesn’t film while he’s there. he films after the fact.

    • Posted by ODIEkriss, at Reply

      I mean, I cant really argue with that he does seem very nervous on camera but it’s because it is something that is new to him and I’m sure he will grow out of it with time just like everyone else, but at least he is trying and putting effort. Unlike someone else.

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      I don’t think he is nervous on cam he just is a know it all and talks forever

  18. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Its kind of insane how you guys can just raise 1 million every other week lol. Too Strong 💪

    • Posted by Daniel Hobgen, at Reply

      Almost a little too insane, don’t you think?

      One of the oldest tricks in the scam book is to claim that many others are buying the product or investing, when in reality few are, the gullible few.

    • Posted by Herve B, at Reply

      Most “scammers” dont have over 3 million dedicated subscribers.

    • Posted by Fredrik Herre, at Reply

      Uhm.. it’s not every other week actually. They started this raiser in like november after the general election.

  19. Posted by DamSon, at Reply

    B-but I thought TYT was falling apart?

    • Posted by Herve B, at Reply