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Uganda Gives Us Hope For Humanity #MoreThanARefugee


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This World Evacuee Day, satisfy the people behind the crisis – and uncover what makes them #MoreThanARefugee.

The International Rescue Board (IRC) welcomed seven YouTube designers to obtain to understand refugees around the globe. See a lot more stories at

Learn more about the IRC as well as YouTube's collaboration at

Never ever prior to has the world saw such a significant scale of human suffering. As a matter of fact, even more individuals have actually been forced to flee their homes by dispute and situation today compared to any time considering that The second world war.

In 2015, the variety of people displaced by conflict worldwide gone beyond 65 million. In Syria alone, six years of war have owned 13.5 million people from their residences. Millions a lot more have actually been uprooted in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen as well as elsewhere. If displaced individuals could develop a country, it would certainly be the 21st biggest in the world, with a population more than Great Britain's. Only 1% of the globe's evacuees are transplanted to a third country.

More regarding IRC:
The International Rescue Board responds to the globe's worst altruistic crises. Established in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC is at work in over 40 nations as well as 28 workplaces throughout the U.S. helping individuals to make it through as well as restore control of their future.

Discover more at and also follow the IRC on Twitter & Facebook.

YouTube Creators for Adjustment is a brand-new campaign from YouTube devoted to magnifying the voices of role models that are taking on hard social problems with their networks. From combating hate speech, to responding to xenophobia and extremism, to just making the situation for greater resistance and compassion towards others, these creators are aiding produce favorable social modification with their global fan bases.


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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply

    Donate now to help the IRC save refugee families in crisis

    • Posted by kevin white, at Reply

      Why the hell would anyone donate to a charitable organization that endorses bringing in a fifth column of rapefugees that are engineering the destruction of the white race?! What positive attributes do these negroes possess that would benefit us in any way, shape, or form?! They have nothing to offer in return except adopting their failed policies and becoming a parasite metastasizing itself like a cancer.

    • Posted by Zurround100, at Reply


    • Posted by Louis Martinez, at Reply


  2. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    Wow a white libtard amazed at the wonders of a 3rd world society. Imagine my surprise.

    • Posted by Reality Searcher, at Reply

      Humpty Dumpty
      Go to Nigeria to see an accurate sample of average Nigerian intelligence.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Reality Searcher “Go to Nigeria-” lol ill pass..

    • Posted by Creator, at Reply


  3. Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

    What a load of bullshit propaganda this is!!

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      Muno Unom nope

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      AndyBiz10 I understand that Ugandan Christians will help anyone, but eventually the Muslims will come in and slaughter them all. I’m glad though that blacks are helping blacks. I also believe whites should be focusing more on helping other whites.

  4. Posted by Fandom Trash, at Reply

    Francis is lucky he is a straight man, he would be dead if he was gay. Real lovely place Uganda 🙄

    • Posted by Fandom Trash, at Reply

      Gary, I am not straight so don’t presume my sexuality. I can’t go to some places in the world because I am not straight. I have known and seen homophobia, and I anger at the fact my LGBT people in Uganda are having to suffer for bein themselves.

    • Posted by Tania Haldar, at Reply

      Bongwyre2112 i see ur point too… but these refugees are desperate so i can see why they would run to a country that isn’t necessarily the ultimate accepting place just to survive.

    • Posted by Mark Xenic, at Reply

      Dont need to watch any documentaries. I live here. Ive lived here for over 25 years and like I said before, being gay is not a generally accepted position in Uganda, true. However Im always suprised whenever people say Uganad is the most anti gay country in the world. I mean there’s a gay bar in my neighbourhood. Everyone knows it is one but no one has burned it to the ground.
      Ive never heard of any gay people killed here or any one thats been arrested simply because they were gay. What normally happens are cases of child molestation that involve gay people. Unfortunately the media tends to focus on the fact that the offender was gay. But in reality there’s no one arrested for simply being gay. Btw to be arrested requires one to break the law. Since there’s no anti gay law in Uganda no one can arrest anyone for being gay.

      Btw BBC says we are the most friendliest country in the world.

      So dont beleive everything you see in tv or the internet.

  5. Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

    muslims should never be let into western nations.

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      +Eloozionist I don’t think Christian terrorists killed 1200 people in 24 days this month

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      There are more Christians in the world then Muslims, yet Muslims commit the vast majority of terrorism.

    • Posted by Eloozionist, at Reply

      What you guys are forgetting is that ISIS and those terrorists are not following islam. Just like the people who blow up abortion clinics aren’t following christianity.. You can’t associate the two. They are extremists on both sides. Islam preaches peace and justice, that every life is sacred.

    • Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

      Eloozionist- ISIS is following islam, the Quran does say to kill non believers. Even the bible says similar things, the difference is that Christians tend not to take it too literally and muslims do. islam is evil. But if you love it so much then you should go live in Saudi Arabia, see how much you like it.

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      You’re just plain wrong here. You can’t say they aren’t following their religion when their actions are explicitly justified by their holy book. If anything, it’s the moderates who don’t really follow the dictates of Allah.

  6. Posted by ShittyPaintMeme, at Reply

    Dawww those poor rapefugees :((

    • Posted by ShittyPaintMeme, at Reply

      So the huge increase in sexual assaults/rapes in countries such as Germany and Sweden since the influx of refugees must have to be totally unrelated. What a coincidence!

    • Posted by Sharon Kinyera, at Reply

      I don’t speak for Germany or Sweden. I speak for Uganda. I’m replying to a comment on a video about refugees in MY country, who are a part of MY community. I’m not pretending to be an authority on any society outside of my own. I thought that much was obvious….

    • Posted by ShittyPaintMeme, at Reply

      Literally the same thing is happening in Uganda

  7. Posted by ward kni, at Reply

    The young TARDS,

    • Posted by Rhiro Yonve, at Reply


    • Posted by ward kni, at Reply

      yeah, sorry my bad… was typing in rage

  8. Posted by Axe Battler, at Reply

    You can’t have a first world nation with a third world population.

    • Posted by Amish Supercomputer, at Reply

      Really makes you think.

    • Posted by TheAed38, at Reply

      Exactly, Europe will be 3rd world in a generation at this rate.

  9. Posted by La valise France-Afrique, at Reply


    • Posted by michael wittmann, at Reply


    • Posted by B2, at Reply

      Hear the Spanish Guitar music at the beginning of the vid to get the heart strings pulled?

  10. Posted by Herushingu, at Reply

    “Invasion of human trash” Janusz Korwin Mikke

    • Posted by TJ B, at Reply

      At least they aren’t Denisovans or Neanderthals.

    • Posted by Herushingu, at Reply

      true, they are savages that kill us and rape us and nobody does anything!

  11. Posted by RWBeatz, at Reply

    I bet pretty much everyone who has written a hate comment hasn`t even seen a refugee neither have a refugee problem in their country. They don`t even think about what these people had to go through.
    Lose your frustration and hate somewhere else pls.

    • Posted by All posts by this channel are satire and/or ironic, at Reply

      I bet pretty much everyone who has written a hate comment has seen a refugee and has a refugee problem in their country.
      Fixed that. The only ones who are still screaming refugees welcome are the ones who has never seen any ACTUAL refugees, this does not include the cherrypicked stories in your everyday media.

    • Posted by damnedlazern, at Reply

      All posts by this channel are satire and/or ironic you do realize they are humans as well right stop dehumanizing people because they are not you.

    • Posted by Dante the Infidel, at Reply



  12. Posted by ParkersGame, at Reply

    Too many people in the comment section trolling. Grow up and be an adult for once. Listen to the story. Come up with your own opinions instead of repeating what other people are saying. The only acknowledgement these trolls get are from random people online. They don’t care about real human interaction because nobody truly wants their company. sad really when you think about it. None of these comments about the opposition to this video are actually real. They are just trying to get some little response from anybody so that they don’t feel alone.

    • Posted by Dante the Infidel, at Reply



    • Posted by Jacob Scott, at Reply

      Dante the Infidel
      Case in point!

  13. Posted by DIZZY KNUTSAK, at Reply


    • Posted by Doctor Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by Red Gamer, at Reply

      did u figure that out while sitting on ur couch and drinking a beer?

    • Posted by Mundane Mesh, at Reply

      Is this satire or not? I can’t tell.

  14. Posted by Vincent Alright, at Reply


    • Posted by Allen Gezelman, at Reply


    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      Vincent Alright kys

    • Posted by Vincent Alright, at Reply

      edgy ”kys”

  15. Posted by Michiko Perry, at Reply

    Thank you for covering this issue. Those people are all victims of greed and the greed seems all connected globally…

    • Posted by MystiKasT, at Reply

      How come asian countries arent accepting refugees?

    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply


    • Posted by Michiko Perry, at Reply


  16. Posted by Top Zozzle, at Reply

    Protip: as soon as you say ”FAKE NEWS” in all caps, people stop taking you seriously.

    • Posted by Sarah Paramount, at Reply


    • Posted by anon chan, at Reply

      take down your profile pic of the skinny mexican jew this instant

    • Posted by TheStr8Dope, at Reply

      Paranoid schizophrenia induced by too much technology for people’s brains to handle in a comprehensive manner. You think they’re pretending to be mentally handicapped until you think about the fact that many of them literally scream loudly and shout nonsense to win the approval of invisible people.

    • Posted by Top Zozzle, at Reply

      leave mootikins out of this

  17. Posted by H, at Reply

    Wow the cancerous comments here make me wanna puke. A lot of people don’t have compassion anymore

    • Posted by Grond, at Reply

      It’s only natural to have compassion with your own people first!

    • Posted by Artaneius, at Reply

      Compassion isn’t profitable therefore it is an undesirable trait to have.

    • Posted by snipervictim, at Reply

      Gigi Pepe Well do something about it oh yeah that’s right you are trying the problem is with all your weapons and money and problems you bring everywhere you go it doesn’t matter. The fact is your nasty ways hurt you more than anyone else you have a shitty birthrate and you treat your own like cap as well. You are a sorry excuse for what is trying to pass for humanity at this point and the rest of he world knows it. You people will fall soon enough and when you do it will be a world-class party and more pain for you than you can imagine. Time is on the side of non whites and we can just sit around and wait till your numbers are so low your not a problem to even smaller nation’s.

  18. Posted by Batman, at Reply

    Wow! What a surprise that refugee programs are most successful when the refugees are given asylum in a country similar to their own!

    • Posted by oggi mog, at Reply

      soo, you know this how?

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      Batman The US use to do it very well also….till nativist ruined it.