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UK Afraid To Share Intel With Leaky Trump Administration


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The Trump Management is a worldwide humiliation. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and also Amberia Allen, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" Head of state Donald Trump stated on Thursday that "deeply unpleasant" leakages to UNITED STATE media about the Manchester self-destruction battle would certainly be examined, after irate British cops briefly quit sharing info with U.S. agencies.

Head of state Theresa May elevated British worry about Trump at a NATO summit in Brussels, telling him intelligence shared in between their 2 nations had to remain safe, in an unusual public program of dissatisfaction with Britain's closest protection ally.

After a suspension that lasted regarding a day, Britain's most elderly counter terrorism police officer stated late on Thursday that the authorities had actually returned to sharing details with the United States after obtaining "fresh assurances".

Trump had called the leakages "deeply unpleasant".

" I am asking the Division of Justice as well as various other pertinent agencies to release a full evaluation of this issue, and if ideal, the offender must be prosecuted to the max degree of the legislation," he claimed in a declaration released after his arrival in Brussels." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Astro Maniac, at Reply

    Trump and his Administration = A BIGLY SWAMPY leaky faucet

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Your mom too

    • Posted by Astro Maniac, at Reply

      Mark Cruise XD XD

  2. Posted by dodopoopinpoop, at Reply

    Can’t wait until Trump puts out the launch codes on twitter.

    • Posted by Atul Yadav, at Reply

      One thing is clear, there are no aliens in area 51. Because if there were, we would have known by now.

    • Posted by dindu nuffin, at Reply

      Can’t wait until Hillary leaks nuclear response time on TV, oh wait, it already happened!

    • Posted by dodopoopinpoop, at Reply

      dindu nuffin Oh yeah and look at that she’s not the president is she! So your point?

    • Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

      I have a psychic dream of Hitlery dropping nukes on innocent baby cows in alternative cow timeline OMG!

    • Posted by Dani Kbob, at Reply

      +dindu nuffin Pathetic. Go ahead and delete your comment. Try to hide your blind following of the orange man child.

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    I rather entrust the intel to Kim Kardashian. She has less scandals than Trump.

    • Posted by 雪山, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond That frog is Jesus


    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      And fewer leaked tapes

    • Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

      I am a mad and drooling Trumpian cow and I approve of lord Trumpzilla leaking any military secrets to any dictators. MOOOGA!

    • Posted by Dani Kbob, at Reply

      +ztoxtube right? Damn this is sad.

    • Posted by C White, at Reply

      The NY Times shares absolutely NO blame for broadcasting information that the KNOW is classified to the world, right? The CEO should be arrested if it happens again.

  4. Posted by PacMonster0, at Reply

    While I agree with all of the Trump bashing in this video, an important part of this story not covered in the video is it’s believed the leak happened from US law enforcement, not the White House.

    • Posted by A Squirrel!, at Reply

      @PacMonster0 And how did those “law enforcement” able to get classify information in the first place? Ever think of that if it’s true? Last I checked law enforcement work for the citizen to “serve and protect”, and enforce and uphold the laws. So how did they get their hands on classify intel?

    • Posted by A Squirrel!, at Reply

      @PacMonster0 Then that’s not classify Intel nor is it a leak. So yeah it’s the WH, if classify Intel are leaked. Hell, even the president himself give out intel to anyone who worship him.

  5. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    They don’t understand that Trump has such emotional problems that he needs to tale state secrets in order to impress other presidents, kings or prime minister. He has syphilis that’s the reason he does that.

    • Posted by Anthony Fradley, at Reply

      juan gomez probably wasn’t Trump himself but rather officials within the U.S. intelligence community

    • Posted by korudodragoon1, at Reply

      juan gomez lol…. syphilis

  6. Posted by Somejerk, at Reply

    I’m curious myself what would it take for Trump supporters to turn on him. Is there anything that bothers them about the things he’s done and continues to do. even his own wife has issues with him

    • Posted by Somejerk, at Reply

      Harambit I don’t like getting my info from one source. So nothing they say at all has ever been a fact. are they biased yes most news outlets are on both sides. They both show mainly the facts that support their views. Has everything Trump done been bad absolutely not but I don’t care for much of what he’s said or done along with the Republican party. neither side is perfect but right now the Republican party is leaning towards helping the wealthy and little to help everyone else. and if they are 100% of the time spreading false info why would you watch or do you just troll the comment section?

    • Posted by Harambit, at Reply

      The problem is like 99% of “news” about Trump on TYT and mass media are either false or twisted to fit their narrative, that leads to question which ones are true.

      But of course you would know that if you were getting your news from multiple sources, and by the way, TYT isn’t a source, it’s a reaction channel.Maybe next time don’t get your news from wannabe politicians funded by Qatari government.

      “Critical Thinking” Yes, enacting ACTUALLY racist policies and giving people free stuff because of their skin color would make him lose support. Sorry, but we owe you nothing!

    • Posted by Harambit, at Reply

      If calling out TYT lies is trolling then yes, I do it just to troll. I lump you in that category because you still think TYT is a news outlet and your misinformed comments, not because you don’t like Trump, so stop projecting!

  7. Posted by SumSum, at Reply

    We’re about to be one lonely country at this rate

    • Posted by Daniel Farrugia, at Reply

      Milo Purr all empires eventually fall. Do you really think US hegemony is going to last forever? Trump is alienating America from the rest of the world pretty fast.

    • Posted by michael piro, at Reply

      Liberals go live in 3rd world Sand land if you love your multi-CULTuralism so much

    • Posted by michael piro, at Reply

      Daniel, grow a spine you cuck. You think the Salafi Muslims will spare your life?

  8. Posted by john pouw, at Reply

    Trump loves to leak and loves to be leaked on

    • Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

      john pouw EEEEWWWWW

    • Posted by Rocket_Raichu985, at Reply

      golden leakage

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      That was 4Chan prank that the downs syndrome downies at Buzzfeed fell for XD along with all the Liberals.

  9. Posted by Jervy Lim, at Reply

    Trump, Trump why everything you touch turns into garbage?

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      Jervy Lim TRUTH!

    • Posted by michael piro, at Reply

      Of course you won’t because deep down inside you know Trump is right.

    • Posted by Jervy Lim, at Reply

      michael piro Right for being so wrong, delusional, and arrogant man-child. Any by the way this will be my last reply to a troll.

  10. Posted by Gail Munro, at Reply

    You’ve missed the point here – majorly. Having studied media law in the UK (home, for me), UK press have an agreement with the government, it is not legally binding, but it is largely upheld. US media does not have this agreement. The best example is that the British media were briefed before Prince Harry went to Afghanistan. There was a ‘hush order’ – usually falls under The Official Secrets Act where media would break it, usually only with a ‘public interest’ defence. British press were silent on a Royal on active duty – for obvious reasons. When US media heard about it, they broke the story and Prince Harry was brought back very quickly, for his safety & the safety of his entire unit. It was obvious that knowledge placed a major target on them all. The entire country was involved in a war, most people opposed, to support the US – that did not make US media popular in the UK. There are other smaller examples.

    This week, I was in the US watching BBC America (&on Twitter) when Manchester Police (GMP) had announced another press conference at 10pm, US EST. It didn’t happen, but there were reports US outlets had “stated it was a suicide bomber”. This had not been reported by UK press. This means they had been asked *not* to make it public yet “for reasons of national security” – ie the suicide bomb would have alerted other suspects to the fact they had enough info on the bomb, possibly ascertain where it came from or that the bomber had not made it (or others, but we know this is true now). At home, those kind of things are often kept quiet until the announcement of further arrests. Amazingly (!) the media does respect such requests because *it helps the country*. GMP’s press conference did not happen, COBRA was reported as still meeting, & being aware of these implications because of my field of study; it was clear they were trying to get on top of something and not give out further info.

    The Independent newspaper has an article today about these types of leaks not being Trump-specific (I am not defending him over anything, but he is not the reason for this story). The decision had nothing to do with the NYT printing photos either, these are also in UK press – & they get them when police press conferences release media packs. Essentially a leak to US press, who then published the information that was *not* being reported by British media is what caused the ‘threat’. This was a disappointing segment, not well researched and with no understanding of the differences – legal & ‘agreements’ – between UK media in these situations; & US press. Usually your segments are much better informed…. but they are still US-centric; finding a decent British news source explaining this wouldn’t have been difficult. Journalists in the UK (I am not a journalist ), are required to have a thorough understanding of media law & know what to observe. Doesn’t seem to apply here. And it is completely different from freedom of speech – we have that.

    • Posted by Gail Munro, at Reply

      Robinsinpost You’re saying the same bloody thing as me.

      I don’t do ridiculous Internet arguments.

    • Posted by Trent Timoy, at Reply

      I’m NOT a fan of leaks, although there has been debate on the legitimacy of that information given the apparent landscape on data availability as a whole. Critics would argue that any information is better than no information and leaks, aka anonymous sources have been a journalistic staple for years. I agree that the press needs to reserve their admonitions with regards to data that is readily available for public consumption. Fact checking and personal and professional integrity should be held at a higher standard. The current environment is not suited necessarily to that kind of scrutiny and in the fast paced nature of news cycling honesty and truth are held hostage for the convenience of the story. The American press for example are motivated to expel that data as soon as it is available and this is predisposed by several factors: our constitutional right to consume such information in a free and democratic society and the need to be the first to “break the news” as to get a jump on the story and obviously having as many viewers tune into your broadcast.

  11. Posted by Quique, at Reply

    It’s a shame that a UK Conservative like Theresa May has to educate the POTUS on the basics of NAT-SEC.

    FFS, this is the one of the first things the greenest military recruits learns if his MOS entails dealing w/ classified intel.

    • Posted by Gary Gans, at Reply

      +Quique This is not the first breach of trust by #45. He exposed the identity of the “Golden Shower” dossier, compiled by a high-ranking FSB Agent, who conveniently died in the back of his motor from a heart attack in Moscow, and the MI6 Agent that compiled the information. The former MI6 Agent had to take his entire family into custody out of fear for their lives!

  12. Posted by My Cat's Life, at Reply

    Trump is a walking disaster. Trump voters are traitors to our nation

    • Posted by superphantom100, at Reply

      Longberrys yep goes to show people would have much rather voted for a dead Gorilla then the 2 candidates we had.

    • Posted by My Cat's Life, at Reply

      Selling secrets to our enemy the russians is illegal, Tumptards don’t understand Russia doesn’t have our best interests in hand.

  13. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    The Republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world and these days, by far, also the dumbest.

  14. Posted by Andy murday, at Reply

    It’s simple who’s leaking the intelligence…… Donald John Trump!!!!

    • Posted by Don Ricardo, at Reply

      DJ Trump

  15. Posted by Meraki, at Reply

    Its a shame that TYT is not covering this story more in this clip because its quite a big story here in the UK. First off its not just the photos that got leaked, it’s the terrorists name as well. This really pissed off the manchester police because they where still in the process of arresting people and did not want these people to know. As far as english reporting goes the manchester police is still not sharing information with the US at the moment.

    To me personally it does not sound like the leak is coming from the Trump administration (and i don’t like Trump in the slightest, but you can’t let that blind you). I think its much more likely that these are coming from the US intelligent agencies and it being done as a revenge for Comey’s firing. I find it very suspicious that there is a leak about how he let slip Israeli intel to the Russians just before he is to go to Israel. And then there is a leak on UK intel just before he is to meet with NATO (and the uk prime minister). Both very important allies to the US.

    • Posted by J1rst, at Reply

      dude, too much thinking, in north america rightnow people live in the culture of tv drama, even the president leaks it that’s how bad it is.

  16. Posted by Irma Knight, at Reply

    Trump is a menace to the world.

    • Posted by Eddy Arden, at Reply

      I agree….and dumbass menace

  17. Posted by gengarsbutt, at Reply

    Only thing i’ve ever agreed with Mrs May on [:

    • Posted by bob builder, at Reply

      its not permanent

  18. Posted by Lennie Godber, at Reply

    Chick on the left is kinda hot

    • Posted by White Girls are my Kryptonite, at Reply

      Lennie Godber yea man i can’t lie she’s pretty hot.

    • Posted by Akhet, at Reply


    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      She’s a strong and beautiful redguard woman.

  19. Posted by Adam Priestley, at Reply

    In the UK ‘trump’ means fart. Leaky Trump sounds wrong.

    • Posted by Emmy Johnson, at Reply

      Adam Priestley IT really does…

    • Posted by Keyser Soze, at Reply

      This is true, my young nephew thinks it utterly hilarious that the American president is named Trump.  He sniggers EVERY time he hears it.

  20. Posted by Kenneth Hassing, at Reply

    can we not agree that from now on. when trump makes a leak.. we define it as a “Golden Leak”?

    • Posted by amber rocheleau, at Reply

      Kenneth Hassing “it’s the best leak, the most beautiful leak you’ve ever seen. Believe me”

    • Posted by HeHe, at Reply

      amber rocheleau Only he would spell it leek