Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 2 (December 2016) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 2 (December 2016) || FailArmy


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Part 2 of the our favorite fails of the year!! If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments. Want more fails? Watch the FailArmy holiday movie here!

Send us your funny fail videos at FailArmy.com, cheers!

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  1. Posted by fidorover, at Reply

    Perhaps at the end of the year, Fail Army should do an “In Memoriam” video
    for those whose accidents were, ya know… less funny.

    • Posted by TastyRollup475, at Reply


    • Posted by bethany hawkins, at Reply

      SkyH MVG what video ?

    • Posted by ПичвајзПикчерс, at Reply

      Live Leak is probably doing something like that.

    • Posted by Klothemonster, at Reply

      fidorover ikr

    • Posted by Anthonny Arias, at Reply

      For example, the girl in 2:15 :o|

  2. Posted by ShippingQueen, at Reply

    Some times when I close my eyes…

    I can’t see

    • Posted by Paul Protacio - 6, at Reply

      ShippingQueen sometimes?

    • Posted by Kid From Africa, at Reply

      ShippingQueen it happens to you sometimes… lucky that happens to me every

    • Posted by Emo Trash #1, at Reply

      Willem Mooy says the one that took time out of their lives to make a
      comment that made no sense, my dear, if you didn’t like what she said,
      fucking ignore her, not make a dumbass comment.

  3. Posted by LukasTarkin - Gaming & Vlogs, at Reply

    I don’t want so see fail somenone is dying in

    • Posted by Cynical Atheist, at Reply

      LukasTarkin – Gaming & Vlogs
      Are you as stupid as you look?? Nevermind, of course you are. Fucktard.

    • Posted by SkyH MVG, at Reply

      they dont need to look fails such as 2:02 because duh..he is alive…but
      ”fails” such as 6:09 eh…

    • Posted by Cubix Dani, at Reply

      I think it’s good, since it makes others more aware on what not to do.

    • Posted by gta5dude1984 lol, at Reply

      it is December

    • Posted by SebaLikesDj 55, at Reply

      SkyH MVG 6:09 he got really hurt because that was were I live.

  4. Posted by Cam Jam, at Reply

    1% will see this
    98% won’t see this
    0.8% will like this
    0.1% will reply
    0.1% will subscribe to me

    Merry Christmas from one small YouTuber to the rest of the world.

    • Posted by Cynical Atheist, at Reply

      LMAO!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Cubix Dani, at Reply

      Damn, all this christmas love in this section

    • Posted by Adrian Nava, at Reply

      Cubix Dani merry fucking Christmas

    • Posted by Cubix Dani, at Reply

      +Adrian Nava Thanks. You too.

    • Posted by Ryan Harvey, at Reply

      Cam Jam I am definitely part of the 98%. Definitely.

  5. Posted by SookieNightmare, at Reply

    but… did anyone called 911?
    when the kid falling down the stairs 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Proper Juicy TV, at Reply

      wondering the same ting

  6. Posted by harambe, at Reply

    if you wanna see a cameltoe pause at 9:40

    • Posted by Pedro Newton, at Reply

      my fucking hero, you deserve a beer

    • Posted by harambe, at Reply

      Pedro Newton HAHAHAH

    • Posted by dayostical, at Reply

      Thirsty much?

    • Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

      if you wanna see a cameltoe go on pornhub

  7. Posted by Irfan Rafiz, at Reply

    This channel has confirmed that the Human race’s stupidity is so high

    • Posted by Hacked Your Account, at Reply

      Your grammar also did that XD

    • Posted by Marvin2909, at Reply


    • Posted by Jacksepticeye Shean, at Reply

      Marvin2909 m

    • Posted by Marvin2909, at Reply


    • Posted by Marvin2909, at Reply

      Look they are even too dumb to write.

  8. Posted by EasyGaming11, at Reply

    This episode was rather disturbing
    Lots of non-funny accidents

    • Posted by Jeremias Ramirez, at Reply

      That’s because you didn’t watch that kid 12:38

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      Well.. Who says it’s gotta be funny? It’s just “ultimate fails”

    • Posted by Sebastian Poortman, at Reply

      Wait… you didn’t die laughing at the kid at 0.20? That’s like the best of
      the best.

  9. Posted by Stanley G, at Reply

    2:53 omg, that guy died? or nah? dammmmn!!

    • Posted by Stanley G, at Reply

      +RandomCharacters i hope that buddy😦

    • Posted by Jeronimo Gongora, at Reply

      yes!! i think the same

    • Posted by Stanley G, at Reply

      +Jeronimo Gongora u think he died?😥🙁

    • Posted by Jack Jack, at Reply

      Stanley G At that height hitting the water is like hitting concrete

    • Posted by Stanley G, at Reply

      Yeah i know dude, from 30meters the water is like the concrete 😬

  10. Posted by Luke Hutchinson, at Reply

    does anyone happen to know what beach that is at around 13:30? i want to go
    there haha

    • Posted by SBR_EpicZz, at Reply

      Luke Hutchinson probbely its hawai

    • Posted by Luke Hutchinson, at Reply

      SBR_EpicZz damnit i live on the east coast of the us 😂

  11. Posted by bud ekins, at Reply

    5:22 lack of spatial awareness!

  12. Posted by Spencer Leach, at Reply

    8:10 wow.. you really CAN find everything on amazon!

  13. Posted by Dank Banana, at Reply

    That guy at 1:53,that’s fucking,luck if he went the other,he wpuld most
    likely die

  14. Posted by Anni Redfield, at Reply

    13:54 every time XD lmao

  15. Posted by Max - bravebeing, at Reply

    8:08 what religion is she practicing hahaha!

  16. Posted by Nibbler Hubbla, at Reply

    That’s sooo going on yuutuuub

  17. Posted by How Boss, at Reply

    All I want for Christmas is 100 subs and you guys can help me get their

  18. Posted by Hendrik Hendrikson, at Reply

    3:58 She’ll get used to stuff oozing back out later on…

  19. Posted by Renz Escobedo, at Reply

    Jumpscare at 13:54