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Uncle Sam Borrowing Trillions To Pay For GOP Tax Plan


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Republican politicians aren't monetary traditionalists. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below.

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" President Trump's corporate tax cuts will likely generate substantial deficiencies, also if the administration's rosiest economic projections become a reality, setting Republicans approximately claim that the time has concerned reduce Social Protection, Medicare, and also well-being to minimize the anticipated $1 trillion deficit, created by those extremely tax cuts, over the next 10 years.
Audio speaker of your home Paul Ryan has already introduced that the GOP prepares to cut government health care as well as anti-poverty programs because of a deficiency that his event will swell. "We're going to have to come back next year at privilege reform," he claimed on a talk-radio show, "which is just how you deal with the debt and also the deficiency."

This is specifically just how what Head of state Ronald Reagan's spending plan supervisor, David Stockman, called "starving the beast" jobs. By producing a financial straitjacket with reduced tax obligations, traditionalists leave Washington with much less cash as well as increase the specter of deficiencies damaging the economic climate as a rationale to remove the benefits that countless Americans depend on. If they are not fiscally traditional today, they can be when it comes time to speak about spending on the poor and disadvantaged. While the right normally encounters an intense backlash whenever they aim to retrench details government benefits, as the GOP lately discovered with their failed attempt to rescind as well as change the Affordable Care Act, cutting budgets for shortage decrease has actually typically offered a much less toxic system for achieving the same objective." *.

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  1. Posted by balduran7, at Reply

    Welp, The Simpsons were right… again.

  2. Posted by Mingchao Shi, at Reply

    Yeah… because *nobody* saw this coming
    Inb4 trumptards believe whatever excuse President Cheeto comes up with.

    • Posted by Movient, at Reply

      President Cheeto πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      NickTheGreatAndPowerful …as long as they hear, “blah blah family values blah blah”… :_(

  3. Posted by That Guy, at Reply

    Why would the Republicans who kept arguing to cut the deficit during an economic crash allow this crazy influx of cash into the economy.

    This will lead to higher inflation and the fed will raise rates causing a crash. Cutting taxes does not help the economy, especially when the economy is doing well.

    • Posted by That Guy, at Reply

      Not to mention higher rates means higher interest on our debt which is going to skyrocket due to tax cuts.

      People elected Trump thinking he will cut programs like “Obama phones” and foodstamps when they are incredibly small programs compared to trillions we spend on wars and tax cuts.

    • Posted by w1ldflwr572, at Reply

      Stop making sense.

  4. Posted by Steve Hirsch, at Reply

    To borrow would mean there is an intent to pay it back… I don’t see that happening…

    • Posted by The Humanity, at Reply

      Its going to fall on Bernie Sanders to pay it all back in 3 years. Just as Obama had to fix the crippled economy that Bush left in his wake. When the hell will people realize that Republican presidents and politicians are overall bad for the health of our economy. The evidence is all there to suggest, the Republicans break the economy, and then the Democrats do everything they can to try to fix it and stop the market from becoming out of control, which almost always leads to Recessions and Depressions.

    • Posted by Blinded sheep, at Reply

      The Humanity trust me I’m a progressive, but the truth is, all politicians both dems and gop are screwing over the American people

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      Ovomit cut HIS OWN deficit in half…DOPE….and he ADDED $10 trillion to our debt and GOT ZERO…NO JOBS…NO ECONOMY…NO TAX CUTS. What % of our budget is consumed by our entitlements “alex”….can`t wait to hear this.

  5. Posted by Josiah Suarez, at Reply

    deficit spending always comes back to haunt you. yes they should undo these wretched tax cuts for the wealthy. trump has dug a profound hole that will take years to dig out of πŸ™

    • Posted by terriej123, at Reply

      Josiah Suarez actually, that’s incorrect. Deficit spending (aka β€œborrowing”) pays off greatly when it’s done properly. Infrastructure (a jobs program in itself!) & free college, pay for themselves & then some! The problem is that takes time to show & unfortunately, our govt leaders have became accustomed to short-term immediate gains that they can brag about while they’re in office and get re-elected on.

    • Posted by diaz eka, at Reply

      Josiah Suarez actually some economist will argue that deficit is necessary. Handled properly deficit could entice growth but it is doubtful that Trump have any interest to seriously think about the economy.

  6. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    We need to get every single Republican out of office no matter high hi or low their position.

    • Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

      SPC FUZZY – Was George W Bush a republican? Didn’t he and Cheney start an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      California is rich. Its main problem is gentrification due to its overheated economy. Have you been to California? Have you talked to somebody who has? Have you read anything about it? I doubt it?

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      SPC: I live here. The roads are fine.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      transylvanian, Scream it from the mountaintops. After California ended its experiment with a republican governor (Arnold), they had a Dem gov AND legislature. They fixed the deficit immediately.

  7. Posted by Rhaspun, at Reply

    The state legislators from Kansas had warned about going to low taxes on businesses and income taxes. It brought a big deficit that Kansas is still working on. They had followed the supply side economics of pushing for lower taxes. Kansas had counted on the increase in business to counter the drop in taxes. Didn’t work.

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      yet the idiots keep voting for this guy.

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      Because they don`t PRODUCE anything…MORON. They certainly didn`t get any help from Ovomit`s PATHETIC 1.5% GDP.

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      jack johnson troll 0/10. Try again

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      Can`t handle the truth….Trump is just MAULING Ovomit`s pathetic record. Not sure anyone even remembers he was president….but they`re DAMN GLAD he`s GONE…..not to mention he “lawyered up” last week….LMOO…keep that a secret though.

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      jack johnson delusions from the troll gallery.. Pathetic

  8. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    Trump and his disciples can spout “Make America Great Again” all the like, but the truth is they only want to make their bank accounts great, at America’s expense!…..Americans?…About as American as Boris and Natasha the lot of them!
    You got bluffed America: You were holding a full house and Dumbo had a pair of twos!

  9. Posted by Shane Babka, at Reply

    Tax plan is a joke i only got $20 and I’m told to be happy about. I’m sorry I thought this was supposed to be the biggest and best tax cut for the working class ever. Knew it from the start that this Cheeto Man was nothing more than a pawn for the rich

    • Posted by Basim Miller, at Reply

      trumplestiltskin there is always a catch to Rep magic

  10. Posted by DM Tea, at Reply

    Anybody remember the budget surplus Bill Clinton left us that Bush wasted?

    • Posted by nosuchthing8, at Reply


    • Posted by nosuchthing8, at Reply

      Nice sarcasm

    • Posted by Basim Miller, at Reply

      White Men in Distress

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      John: are you joking? there were none.

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      John: OK, so you were joking. It’s hard to tell on the internet, especialy with so many idiots, trolls and bots posting disinformation all the time.

  11. Posted by Amantius Drake, at Reply

    Unless the economy is going to grow by 84%, these tax cuts won’t pay for themselves.

    • Posted by Scott Williams, at Reply

      Amantius Drake oh it’s worse than that, it needs to outgrow inflation at 84%

  12. Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

    My American Brothers and Sisters. Trickle down economics does not work and never has. They tried it here in Australia and the Stupid Govt. wasted a great deal of money. You are being snooked by Trumps Lies.Remember the old adage, There is NO Free Lunch. Wake Up before it is too late. By the way, we were the only ones not hit by a recession, and change of Govt. to Labor (Liberals in USA) made us immune to GFC.

    • Posted by Jo Bohan, at Reply

      My Australian Brother or Sister We barely survived Reagan’s Voodoo Economics, but didn’t learn the lesson…go figure. And apparently you’re not acquainted with all the perks our loving politicians receive, especially the free lunch…..lol I always feel bad when countries try to make things work even when they know better; it’s rarely the people making the bad decisions that get hurt. I hope everyone’s paying attention, America’s teaching a yuge lesson right now!

    • Posted by phoenixrising7777, at Reply

      Tell that to the trump supporters. They seem to be too ignorant and stubborn to get this.

    • Posted by Ted L., at Reply

      At least you guys pulled out of the recession, Strip, but I’m not so confident about our future here.

    • Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

      Ted, Have faith, the Ginger Ninja won’t last too much longer as he will shoot himself in the foot as he normally does.I never worried about you Guys, even when Gdoubleya Bush was in charge, I do fret a bit for you all now, but it will pass. I have respect for our American Cousins and know they will see it through.

  13. Posted by Steve P, at Reply

    Super competent news media. All these guys deserve medals.

  14. Posted by Patrick Playing Piano, at Reply

    I lost $10,000 worth of US indices on Trading 212’s simulator on Friday.

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      That sucks dude.

    • Posted by Patrick Playing Piano, at Reply

      It’s a fake money simulator but it still hurts lol

  15. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    That warm upper class piss is beginning to trickle down onto the rest of the peasants.
    Just wait until they force you to pay for “the wall”.

    • Posted by Opinunate ted, at Reply

      Lucy yin: here’s how I know that you are lying: people on SSI don’t get food stamps.

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Lucy Yin Nah, SSI and food stamps is so far below the poverty level, you can’t even see it. Your sister must have one of those big sturdy refrigerator boxes to live in

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Opinunate ted you can get food stamps on SSI and also if you work at Wal-Mart….

    • Posted by toolboy1212p, at Reply

      zOgOs What planet are you on?

  16. Posted by Ψ­Ψ³Ψ§Ω†, at Reply

    Imagine the mess the next democratic president will have to clean up.

  17. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    YES! Tremendous! Bigly huge win!! Trump creates the best and biggest huge unprecedented one-day stock movement ever. No-one can believe how huge we are winning and everyone is talking about how huge and tremendous. People ask if we can win any bigger. We’ll see. Sometime in the very near future we will see something huge. I won’t say what the plan is, cause we don’t want to let our enemies know what we are doing, but we will see. You are going to get so tired of winning! Tremendous.

  18. Posted by Marduk of Nexus, at Reply

    It’s hilarious to me that Conservatives spend MORE than they save…

    You’re fiscally Liberal. You give money away to the super rich in insane amounts.

  19. Posted by ZCorp Alpha, at Reply

    β€œ Crash of 2019 πŸ’Έ β€œ

    …. Resembling 1929

    • Posted by Joy Brautigam, at Reply

      let’s hope not but trump will blame Obama and Hillary