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United Airline Passenger Brutalized And Dragged Off Plane (VIDEO)


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A medical professional was by force removed from a United flight for not quiting the seat that he paid for. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us what you believe in the remark section below.

" An usual overbooking issue on a United Airlines flight on Sunday ended with a guy being bloodied as well as dragged from his seat and also an already bothered airline company making much more bad press. Just how did it all go so incorrect?

Overbooking on flights happens at all times. Empty seats cost airlines cash, so they offset the number of passengers who miss trips by marketing way too many tickets.
In this case, the issue occurred since United determined in the nick of time to fly four participants of team to a link factor as well as needed to bump 4 passengers making way for them.

When there's an overbooking problem the primary step is to offer a temptation to the guests to take a later trip. On Sunday passengers were offered $400 (₤ 322), a resort room for the night, as well as a trip the following mid-day.

When nobody took the deal, the amount was upped to $800. Still no one bit, so a manager boarded the flight and educated guests that four individuals would certainly be selected to leave the trip.

That choice is based upon several factors, however regular fliers and greater fare-paying travelers are provided priority to stay aboard, a spokeswoman for United confirmed."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Armando G, at Reply

    United Airlines is so wrong here. This Asian Medical Doctor was forcibly dragged off their plane after he refused to give up his booked and paid for seat because United Airlines overbooked the seating. Hopefully this MD will sue United Airlines for damages and pain and suffering big time!

    If United Airlines treats its customers this way they should be out of business sooner rather than later. I will never fly United Airlines ever.

    Why does the United Airlines boarding staff not fill the plane after they have checked their seating availability instead of loading first and thinking and acting later?

    Some of the dumbest United Airlines crew I have ever seen

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Diva Artist buy low, sell high. The stock will snap back quickly, I’ve seen it a thousand times.

    • Posted by deanasad, at Reply

      Kelly M: Did you ever imagine IF this happened to you? What would be your reaction then? Do you want people to stand with you or say you have issues? I believe you do have issues. Go and check yourself ASAP. You are heartless, extra burden upon Humanity, this is for sure.

    • Posted by deanasad, at Reply

      nigling: You are a racist bigot. You cannot compare two FALSE FLAGS non-real operations that did not occur with a 50+ videos showing you the barbaric action which actually took place and the Airlines already suffered more than 1 Billion Dollars in lost value of their shares in one day. Nothing happened in Egypt or in Sweden. We did NOT see any videos of actually dead people in either Egypt or in Sweden. My Kuptic friends in Egypt ALL said NOTHING happened there. I believe them.

    • Posted by deanasad, at Reply

      Lester Brunt: I’ll give you heads-up just in case this happens to you. The Terms & Conditions you get with the ticket are divided into two categories, for all legal purposes. The first being Terms that you accept “Willingly”, such as the fare and the destination points; and the second category being the Terms which you have to accept “Unwillingly”, just to achieve the purpose of the contract, which is your transportation from point A to Point B by the Airlines. When this case goes to Court, watch how the Jury will award this passenger at least 25 Million Dollars in PUNITIVE DAMAGES. Know your rights and don’t be ignorant.

  2. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    asian lives matter

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Every day, in every way, unknowingly-Marxist libtard advocates of social justice are pushing us ever close to the bloodiest race-war imaginable. If they think they will be spared because of the unverifiable content of their character, they are sorely mistaken.

    • Posted by RogueBishop89, at Reply

      Trollop 7
      LOL! Keep telling yourself that.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      It’s nothing that I desire. It’s something that your pernicious folly makes inevitable. You, it would seem, will be among the least well prepared for the deadly consequences of your ideology.

    • Posted by RogueBishop89, at Reply

      Trollop 7
      HAHAHA! I’m not a liberal, try again.

  3. Posted by 010FSL101, at Reply

    someone is getting sued…

    • Posted by Justin Bowers, at Reply

      Wow man… Even if the guy refused… There could have been a better way to handle this.

    • Posted by EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary), at Reply

      +Diva Artist it’s what they deserve, what they did to that man was deplorable.

  4. Posted by acelegend12378, at Reply

    Don’t scroll down, just racist trolls who have nothing better to do but post vulgar comments. SAD!

    • Posted by nicholas gephart, at Reply

      acelegend12378 Well played, fantastic comment.

    • Posted by Jordan Left, at Reply

      Really? I thought asians were pretty much immune to racism.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      John Sanchez
      There are no flies on me ’cause I ate them all.

  5. Posted by ptrinch, at Reply

    Wouldn’t t be nice if the police acted like servants of the people and informed the airline that they aren’t authorized to negotiate a contract dispute and can’t remove a paying customer without an arrest warrant.

    • Posted by Eichiro John, at Reply

      ptrinch rentacops do as they’re told.

    • Posted by The Free Hobo evanska, at Reply

      ptrinch Your government cannot have police acting to their oath ! where do you think you are living,
      do you think you are living in a democracy ?

    • Posted by Carlos Blanka, at Reply

      Eichiro John Boycott United airlines

  6. Posted by Bexx36, at Reply

    still don’t think police brutality exist?

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      kirin with the help of the police. There were 2 police with the security.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Bexx36 yeah, cops have to arrest blacks in numbers out of all proportion to their amounts in our society because they DINDUNUFFIN. Got it.

  7. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    The most important message in this video comes at 4:00.
    John is absolutely right about how this represents the out of control authority given to corporations in America. They can basically do whatever they want, even to the extent of violating people using brutal, physical force.
    If you are an inconvenience, they have the authority to crush you with the help of government agents. We have to stop giving corporations absolute power.
    I guarantee if that passenger fought back he would be charged with terrorism.

    • Posted by Bao Nguyen, at Reply

      “If they want to, they can send in goons, those goons can brutalize you until they get to make a little bit more money”. Oh, do you mean like when you refuse to pay taxes, government sends police officers in to cuff you and put you in cell for months or even years? Unless you’re saying that paying taxes is the law and you should obey it. Not so different, is it?

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      butch williams

      Its nice having these videos for parenting tools. Show them to your kids. Tell them, if this is how you act, this is how your face will look.

    • Posted by Herve B, at Reply

      Is that a sly way of condoning parental abuse Jason? I have a feeling that most people that are OK with United’s handling of this situation were beaten by their parents. “Serves him right for being a bad boy!” Meanwhile the passenger was a doctor trying to get back to his patients. #projection

    • Posted by Joe Ciliberto, at Reply

      Jason, better you take your kids and go and mouth off to the thugs on the corner – then show your kids what happens.

    • Posted by ernest747, at Reply

      Save armadillos1!!11!!!

  8. Posted by dipojones, at Reply

    Symptoms of a country in total decay. The other passengers should have walked off the plane, and demanded a refund.

    • Posted by Lemmiwinks, at Reply

      How is flying that plane empty any loss for them if all tickets are forfeit?

  9. Posted by zeropointpower, at Reply

    Screw United, BOYCOTTED.

    • Posted by Gabriel Winter, at Reply

      need the names and faces of those terrorists (dangerous violent security guards sub-animals), and their leaders (managers/executives) responsible for this and they need to be locked up.

    • Posted by Patricia Labas, at Reply

      Nutmeg thank you for clarifying. I didn’t see that camera angle.

    • Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

      I haven’t flown united in years. Terrible customer service and they nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING.

  10. Posted by dahouseis, at Reply

    he was 69 years old. i don t think they would have brutalized a 69 year old white medical doctor.

    • Posted by fred6319, at Reply

      Reflex try the same thing he did.

    • Posted by sugarindust, at Reply

      In the United States, actually Asians are easily racially discriminated compared to Black or Latinos. If he was white, none of this would have happened, or at least somebody would have helped him, not just recording him to earn extra cash.

    • Posted by MotorYardtraphik, at Reply

      The Patriot Lenny so your in favor of the tsa slavery

    • Posted by MotorYardtraphik, at Reply

      sugarindust nope Asians are pro trump so how exactly do they get racially discriminated beside this one incident

  11. Posted by Din MS, at Reply

    We are killing each other and not even realising it. What is happening to us? Are we under some kind of mind control? Who is doing this to us?

    • Posted by Crawver, at Reply

      Political apathy. We’ve cared less and less about who leads for years, voting for the wrong person for stupid reasons and then not looking at what those people even do. Over time authorities have gained so much power from it, and we’re seeing the results now.

    • Posted by Anti Venom, at Reply

      Redskins win win your name is offensive

    • Posted by Anti Venom, at Reply


    • Posted by Thoth, at Reply

      Night whisper Correct, but there is certainly something new… institutional rights and power created… corporations…

  12. Posted by Dark One, at Reply

    America is just a fucked up country. When will people understand

  13. Posted by Carlos Zc, at Reply

    a big sue is coming!!!

    • Posted by Sendoh Jin, at Reply

      assault is not illegal as long as someone asks you to do it?

    • Posted by Rayan Al-Ballaa, at Reply

      He must not forget about it. He can sue the airport for that matter. No one has the right to assault a peaceful and law-abiding person. He did nothing wrong and I’m sure with the right lawyer he can sue them successfully!

  14. Posted by Smart Cow, at Reply

    Chinese guy will probably sue the airlines. I just want to know why this particular guy was forced to vacant his seat. Why wasn’t it someone else.

    • Posted by Ender Wolf, at Reply

      Maybe he was the last guy on?

    • Posted by Taun-Chi Gaming, at Reply

      They don’t have a computer program that randomly picks 4 people to take off a plane to fit their employees.. It’s done by either the captain or another real person.

    • Posted by Jae Yoo, at Reply

  15. Posted by Art Koslinski, at Reply

    “Nobody can create a worse PR situation than Pepsi just did!”
    United: “Hold my beer”

    • Posted by Gevian Dargan, at Reply

      Public Relations

    • Posted by Cassandra Bankson, at Reply


    • Posted by Fred Beer, at Reply

      Art Koslinski lol

    • Posted by somethingscookin, at Reply

      that funny

    • Posted by smaery, at Reply

      You sir, are a genius!

  16. Posted by Datafiend, at Reply

    Sadly people will forget about this in about a week and United will be just fine.

    • Posted by darknessseess64nin, at Reply

      He had a very important appointment to make, wtf are you talking about?

    • Posted by Teufelsnachbar667, at Reply

      Not if your stock drops 60 % due to it.

    • Posted by koolaidjerk, at Reply

      We need to keep the memes alive.

    • Posted by alphach1mp, at Reply

      No they won’t. When stocks go down this quick they will most likely have to re-brand themselves.

  17. Posted by biteeemeee101, at Reply

    who is the real terrorist?

    • Posted by xele fonte, at Reply

      Titties titties titties titties… biteeemee101 knows exactly what she’s doing… hypnotizing every man that observes her pic. That said those are some nice voluptuous boobies, the ones you will find ready to be sucked with an endless of milk that can feed a nation.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      In the world? *Jihadists.*

    • Posted by Spencer Lee, at Reply

      xele fonte Knock it off,creep.

    • Posted by Rick Rodriguez, at Reply

      biteeemeee101 Who holds up severed heads because their stupid holy books have written parts saying to kill non bekievers? The kkk?

  18. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    Welcome to the POLICE STATE, bitches! This won’t happen because Americans are pussies, but nobody should fly anywhere, let these bastards fly their planes with 3 people on board until they go bankrupt. I for one am SICK of being treated like a criminal with the TSA goon squad pat downs and body scans not to mention the drug testing by employers. Whatever happened to the concept of being innocent until proven guilty?

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      It doesn’t exist. The police, judge, prosecutor all work for the people they pick to man the juries. Jury nullification is the only way people are proven innocent. When you walk into court, the judge, prosecutor and police officer are interpreting law how they see the law written by for and of their point of subjective view to prey on anyone who they consider a citizen = bad guy.

  19. Posted by Beorn, at Reply

    Overbooking should be illegal. Anna’s right, the airline got that money … even if the seat is empty. And then they have less people so the airline is saving fuel. So they don’t need to sell the same seat (twice).

    • Posted by azalru, at Reply

      Beorn Wasn’t an overbooking situation since they wanted to transport some employees.

    • Posted by Beorn, at Reply

      +azalru Well why didn’t they reserve the seats for their employees. But even if they didn’t know, they *do* overbook. And the same thing happens routinely

    • Posted by Derrick Soup Kitchen, at Reply

      azalru Soooo it was an overbooking situation then lmao. If they wanted to transport employees and had no room than they overbooked the flight. Plain and simple. Airlines do it all the time because they’re greedy cunts.