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United Airlines: We Beat You Right


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That recognized untreated company greed as well as power would certainly bring about anything bad? On the latest episode of Hostile Progressives Jimmy Dore as well as Steve Oh talk about the current viral video of a guest struck on a United flight. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode below:

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Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh skype phone call Nomiki Konst for today's episode of Hostile Progressives. They go over all things Governor Cuomo.

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  1. Posted by Mohammed Redwan, at Reply

    Trump supports will find a way to make this obamas fault in 3..2…

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      It comes down on capitalism. This is what happens when you try to sell the same seat twice.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Bingo! I was waiting for you Cucks to blame Trump. Libtards crack me up I love you guys your the best joke around these days.

  2. Posted by Ted M, at Reply

    You know Gorsuch of SCOTUS will vote in favor of the United

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Some low IQ idiot thinks its ok to sell the same seat twice and screw costumers because some shitbag in management doesn’t know what he is doing.

  3. Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

    Thats Capitalism puttin its hands on u

    • Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

      Ryan Reed kek

    • Posted by Kek Vult!, at Reply

      kek vult!

  4. Posted by Justin Seagull, at Reply

    They don’t lose money if no one shows up, the seat is still payed for no matter what. They just do that to make more money.

  5. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    The airline is completely incompetent. They messed up with overbooking and then have to screw their costumers because some shitguy in management doesn’t know what he is doing.

  6. Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

    Over booking is really just selling a seat they don’t have. In the real world it is called fraud. Over booking must stop or there should be severe penalties including jail time for the CEO.

  7. Posted by Fly-Fly-Fly-Crawl, at Reply

    United fucked up their own internal logistics to move their employees around and placed the burden onto the passengers. It was not an overbooked or oversold situation. Those 4 employees were never part of the algorithm/equation to figure out seating arrangements. The United manager totally mishandled the situation by escalating it and calling in law enforcement.

    • Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

      Well said.

  8. Posted by RUDE7706, at Reply

    Best worse a FUCKEN GREAT way he broke this down!

  9. Posted by Greasyspleen, at Reply

    Should just be considered fraud. You buy a ticket for a seat. If the seat isn’t really yours, then it’s fraudulent.

    • Posted by Chad, Don, at Reply

      Wrong! If YOU did that, it’s fraudulent. Corporations are subject to more rights than you mere mortal! It’s incredible, isn’t it?

  10. Posted by The New Dragon, at Reply

    Since the guy wasn’t white the media told everyone about his criminal record

    • Posted by Young Style, at Reply

      Welcome to americkkk where the klanmam rule the world 🌎

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      Young Style the white supremacist neo-nazi cuck that follows The Young Neo-nazis.

  11. Posted by Harry C, at Reply

    actually he wasnt a doctor lol he lost his licence for soliciting sex with men in exchange for prescription drugs. lol now he does gambiling stuff. you should of researched more man. but ya agree with u on everything else

    • Posted by Matt Foley, at Reply

      Actually he temporarily has his license back to practice medicine for one for another Doctor. Do your research.

    • Posted by Matt Foley, at Reply

      Harry C day

    • Posted by A-Disappointed-Sigh, at Reply

      his license was reinstated. But his past does not justified what happened to him.

    • Posted by Kenneth, at Reply

      Jose he did loose his license back in early 2000s, for prescription drugs to a friend. But he did get reinstated in 2015 but this dumbass of Harry C just omits that small little significant part like a stupid mother fucker. If he gambles or is gay, doesn’t matter since i don’t judge people for their personal things as long as you don’t hurt another person enjoy your life like you want it.

    • Posted by zen man, at Reply

      he practice one day a week so it was even more important for him to be on that flight to get home and work for both him and his patience

  12. Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply

    Brutalizing an old man who was trying to do the right thing and get back to take care of his sick patients. Disgusting

    • Posted by Lunatic Fringe, at Reply

      @Apollo Sun

      “Brutalizing an old man who was trying to do the right thing and get back to take care of his sick patients. Disgusting”

      Uhh, what right thing was he trying to do??

    • Posted by Torry G., at Reply

      Uhhh, get back to where he could attend to his patients. The very reason HE PAID FOR A FLIGHT HOME.

  13. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    And FOX lies about the man, figures.

  14. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    America is a backwards trash country.

    • Posted by EPSTomcat11, at Reply

      wajdef Trump brings out the best in people lol

    • Posted by Robb14 Gibbs, at Reply

      wajdef this is one company so calm down

    • Posted by s h a d ø w b a n n e d, at Reply

      Robb14 Gibbs This is America’s policy.

  15. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore should be thrown out of an airplane. then he should be run over by an airplane

    • Posted by C.Wallace, at Reply


    • Posted by Joshua Baxter, at Reply

      Very civil of you Chunk.

  16. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    The same law that says they can do this also says they must offer him $1300, which they did not. They are screwed.