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Universal Healthcare’s Been Working Great In Germany For A LONG Time


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Jimmy Dore and also Malcolm Fleshner review the history of global health care strategies. View the complete episode right here:

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" Germany in fact pioneered this kind of insurance policy– it all began when Otto von Bismarck authorized his Health Insurance Bill of 1883 right into legislation. (It's still known as the "Bismarck model" as a result of his legacy, and also various other components of Europe as well as Asia have actually adopted it throughout the years.).

All points taken into consideration, it excels to be an unwell German. There are no network limitations, so people could see any type of physician they desire. There are no deductibles, so Germans have no concern of spending hundreds prior to their insurance policy ever before begins.

There's also no money that changes hands throughout a medical visit. Individuals reveal their insurance card at the physician's office, and also the medical professionals' association pays the doctor making use of money from the health issues funds. "You do not have to sit at home and type via billings or wonder if you ignored small print," Sophia Schlette, a public wellness specialist and also a former senior consultant at Berlin's National Statutory Medical insurance Physicians Organization, told me. That insurance card, incidentally, is good for healthcare facility check outs anywhere in Europe." *.

Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, & Malcom Fleschner on today's Hostile Progressives. The trio talk about the history of medical care as well as Donald Trump Jr's conference with a Russian lawyer. An activist related to refusefacism.org Skypes in from NYC.

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  1. Posted by peter nicholson, at Reply

    It’s hardly fair to compare the USA with civilized countries like Germany.

    • Posted by David Bower, at Reply

      As a foreigner I felt guilty liking that comment. The Americans I’ve all met are civilised, and a great laugh to boot,  but your country has made some poor choices especially political ones.

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      peter nicholson I think he means “Sharia Law” in the sense of religious laws. The US has a lot of laws tainted by the Christian religion. Separation of church and state is just a principle, it’s not implemented throughout unfortunately. That said, Germany has some Christian vestiges as well, although former eastern Germany is mostly atheist.

  2. Posted by Gabriel Arcari, at Reply

    The only way to save your country and the world is to take money out of politics and have real Democratic elections…

    • Posted by Albita Jofili, at Reply

      Gabriel Arcari Yes yes yes!!! Single payer political funding. Don’t allow corporations and rich have all the power

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Gabriel Arcari Yes, having an actual democrat run for the Democratic party would be great also.

  3. Posted by Robert Cologne, at Reply

    Info: In Germany I get everything free (except cosmetic and teeth I have to pay for extras ) . I was off work nearly all of last year .I got full pay 3 months then 20% less for the rest . I was sent to convalescence on the East Sea for 6 weeks which was more like payed holiday ,it was amazing ,more spa that hospital (food free for the complete visit )I feel blessed

    • Posted by Dan Doodle, at Reply

      Brittany Pipoli Well probably because don’t speak English and they like living in their country. And also, they aren’t exactly doing it for free.

    • Posted by Michael, at Reply

      Like really? I can guarantee you that most of the doctors in Germany had enough education to speak English and in most cases one or two additional languages. My doctor for example speaks fluently German, English, Polish and Russian.

      It’s more the case that doctors don’t wanna live in a country where they have less patients considering only a few Americans can live on insurances and this will be even less if the Republicans can get their new healthcare through. Oh and the massive amount of guns …

    • Posted by Brittany Pipoli, at Reply

      Less patients is less work, and working in exchange for money is better than working for no money.

    • Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

      jamie jackson thank you Jamie, you’re much more sane than our vice president ( look above). this new administration seems to like to lead from behind more than Obama. ironic.

  4. Posted by Fright Supremacy, at Reply

    no amount of healthcare will help humanity reach Entanglement. The evolution to the Astral Plane is inevitable. #FrightPower

    • Posted by Abbadon380, at Reply

      BabyGloWorm is Drunk Again I am not a leftist.

    • Posted by BabyGloWorm is Drunk Again, at Reply

      +Abbadon380 YOU ARE WHAT I SAY YOU ARE TWAT !!!!!

    • Posted by Abbadon380, at Reply

      BabyGloWorm is Drunk Again no I am not what you say I am I am what I say I am

    • Posted by BabyGloWorm is Drunk Again, at Reply


    • Posted by Abbadon380, at Reply

      BabyGloWorm is Drunk Again no you are incorrect as to what I take and the quantity of what I take

  5. Posted by Billy Badass, at Reply

    Fun fact: Bismark was a conservative. Universal healthcare is not some crazy far left idea.

    • Posted by Raphael Pfundheller, at Reply

      That’s right, but you can’t say Bismark was far right either. ^^
      He was Kind of a progressive….but with more industrial interest…..

    • Posted by Ethan Cooke, at Reply

      Billy Badass He was a pragmatist. He wanted to stem the leftist parties, so he implemented policies such as healthcare and social security to prevent them getting a foothold.

    • Posted by Kevin T, at Reply

      You mean like FDR did?

  6. Posted by Paddywhack _, at Reply

    At this point, i just feel sorry for Americans. Not even going to laugh or poke fun, it’s just sad.

    • Posted by erzan, at Reply

      In the UK the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony paid tribute to our National Healthcare Service (NHS). Most of us see Universal healthcare, free at the point of use as a human right ever since WWII. I just don’t understand why so many Americans think a massive military is better than providing healthcare for their citizens. So sad.

      So proud of my country, Great Britain.

    • Posted by Private Potato, at Reply

      These YouTube comments are infested with cucked Europeans who spend all day shitting on Americans on their iPhones designed by us, in air condition thanks to us, not in Nazi Germany thanks to us, on an American website, while their own country is invaded by genocidal fanatics.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +Private Potato non sequitur

    • Posted by mako zero, at Reply

      @Private Potato … we would help you also if you need medical treatment … you dont have pay for it … and btw … our austrian nurses are really hot

  7. Posted by Dan, at Reply

    I really dont understand why americans are cool with poor or even middle class people dying from treatable conditions – reading the comments – so cruel things being said with no apparent reason… i was born with a chronic disease, i cant work a full day- if i was born in the US i think i would have killed myself, or i would be a heroin addict… This isnt funny.
     I wonder if there is only one frogfaced motherfucker who will benifit from Trumpcare…

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      Most of us are not cool with it. Trumpcare is extremely unpopular and universal healthcare is very popular, even among Republicans, but it doesn’t really matter because the US is actually an oligarchy. The land of the free, home of the brave / oldest democracy / freedom thing is just bait and switch sham marketing.

  8. Posted by Alsina Kiria, at Reply

    For the developed world, universal health care is so obvious that not having it seems insane. As a Canadian I literally cannot understand not wanting or having it. Your system makes no sense to us.

    • Posted by Celso Junior, at Reply

      Alsina Kiria Oh really? But I heard that in Canada
      Doctors in many Canadian hospitals routinely accepted bribes from patients to expedite surgeries in publicly funded health care!

    • Posted by Alsina Kiria, at Reply

      Celso Junior There are corrupt people everywhere, but I have never heard of it happening. I am sure it does, but that is a crime that can have your medical license revoked.

    • Posted by Aloicious Gaylord, at Reply

      celso, what a cuck. get cancer

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      Well said my fellow Canadian.

  9. Posted by Jürgen Sven Fuchs, at Reply

    Fun fact: Universal healthcare was introduced in Germany not as a socialist policy, but as an ANTI-SOCIALIST policy. It was meant to reduce the suffering of the workers, so they do not vote for socialists (social democrats and communists).
    It was introduced because an arch-conservative royalist chancellor wanted it to stop the political advance of the socialists.

    • Posted by Alexander Bätz, at Reply

      To quote Bismarck: “the best way to defeat the socialist is to fulfill their most reasonable demands”

    • Posted by marusak72, at Reply

      +Caveat Because it is much better when families losing savings, houses and future due to a bad luck right? How adorably (so called) conservative.

    • Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

      yes very true. A lot of New Deal stuff was implemented because big business thought it was a compromise too most likely. I think it’s kind of related to why guys like Charles Krauthammer and some other conservatives are saying universal healthcare is “inevitable”. They may not like it but kind of want the battle to be over with.

    • Posted by Cameron Miles, at Reply

      Jürgen Sven Fuchs He was conservative in the sense that he supported the monarchy other than that his political positions were whatever served Bismarck and his King/ Kaiser best. His positions ranged from left wing to right wing depending on the issue.

  10. Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

    As long as particular keywords aren’t used, it seems we can avoid the TYT trolls. And prove that we are RIGHT on these issues. The trolls just want us to think we’re not.

    • Posted by Barry Word, at Reply

      we funnel too much money to policing the world that it leaves little for discretion for other issues

    • Posted by Barry Word, at Reply

      the question is, if we pull out of that role, who is left to fill that void.. Norway does not have much of an impact on what to do with a North Korea going wierd on the world… it’s usually the US being the main one to deal with the big problems

  11. Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

    Bizmarck actually wanted the welfare state to stem the growing threat of marxism, etc, to keep a free market but have a safety net at the same time. He was actually really conservative but intelligent

    • Posted by Andy R., at Reply

      His primary motivation was to keep the country strong by keeping the workers HEALTHY.
      Dying, weak and sick workers cannot be effective.

      It was a calculated move, but a logical one.

  12. Posted by Kev yo, at Reply

    I’m German. It’s true it really is great. Ofcource there are still some problems. What is covered etc. But for real, I can’t Imagine a life without Universal Healthcare. And don’t let Trolls fool you, Taxes are still more than affordable. We have a liberal/conservative Party (CDU) leading the Bundestag. So you don’t have to worry about the wealthy people here. We have other problems around here, I’m glad healthcare isn’t one of it.

    • Posted by Gerd Zech, at Reply


    • Posted by Kev yo, at Reply

      Frankish Empire
      The Refugee Situation has nothing to do with Integration mistakes in the past. And correct , there is no crisis.
      There are many crisis around the globe, Integration Problems don’t even come close to the real problems of this Earth.
      And “So called” because it isn’t a Refugee Crisis, its a War Crisis. This rethorik doesn’t name the real Problem.

    • Posted by swanpride, at Reply

      Above all the desperate need to build social housing again. The German government privatized this specific section in the 1990s, and that was a huge mistake. It is high time that it become involved again to ensure that rents are becoming affordable again (most Germans never buy a house at all) in the bigger cities. The refugee crisis is naturally something which needs to get tackled (though it is less a Crisis and more a question of integration), otherwise we will have a number of problems down the line, those people need to get integrated as well as possible. Turkey is a problem, to be precise the influence Erdogan has on religious Turkish communities in Germany (we really, really need German Mosques instead of all those conservative Sunni Mosques). Then there is still a gap between West and former East Germany, but we are working on that. Oh, and we need to solve the question how to create enough power without using either coal or nuclear power plants.

      But other than the social housing this is all stuff the government is working on.

    • Posted by Kev yo, at Reply

      swanpride more or less efficient, yes. I agree.

  13. Posted by Adam Greenan, at Reply

    Why America doesn’t have Universal Healthcare

    Your Politicians are More Corrupt
    Your Voters are More Ignorant

    • Posted by Thomas Fernandez, at Reply

      Adam Greenan Yeah unfortunate truth.

  14. Posted by lastname firstname, at Reply

    It is kinda weird that we “can’t afford” the things that other countries can, even though we have 5 times the GDP of most of them.

    • Posted by Everett Dort, at Reply
    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      Everett Dirt Again this is this is more or less disinformation because it attempts to put our system in some imaginary bubble. This kind of spin imagines we have no other real world examples better administered universal policy in an attempting to blame our meager attempt protecting the weakest among us. This is direct contradiction of the fact the entire developed world has half the costs we do while getting better outcomes for the vast majority and covering everyone.

      These are establishment spin articles looking at our system internally attempting to justify an entirely politically and donor driven premise which turns it into a commodity instead of the critical service it is.

      All we have to do to understand why our system is so expensive is to compare it to every other first world system that include strong cost control as a matter of function. Our lack of ability to control costs and a complicit elected body bought and paid for with insurance and lobby money is at the heart of every failure you point to here. If you are honestly concerned about seeing prices drop for everyone you need to look outside our system because it is a prime example of how the for profit motivation does not always drive desired results.

  15. Posted by Alexandria Ivanka James, at Reply

    America should not be classfied as devloped country is still bloody developing.

    • Posted by Gordon Bradley, at Reply

      Tony C
      doctors in Europe don’t get paid ?

    • Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

      Tony C Germany is not a socialist country.
      Not a single country in Europe is socialist. Maybe try to read a little before commenting.

  16. Posted by Martin Šriber, at Reply

    Funny thing – Bismarck was conservative who hated socialists.

    • Posted by madmarvin99, at Reply

      national socialism is vastly different from marxist judeo communism, i hope you dumb confederates understand that fact

    • Posted by Martin Šriber, at Reply

      Yeah, I know they are vastly different. I am also not dumb confederate. You are barking at wrong tree.

    • Posted by lee dent, at Reply

      madmarvin99 the Turks reported on this horribly. Bismarck was extremley conservative, and convinced Kaiser Wilhelm the 1st to kick people who believed to be Socialists out of certain positons

  17. Posted by Shirokuro Max, at Reply

    i pay 8000 mexican pesos, like 400 dollars, a year and both my mom and me get covered for everything. so, how first world is the USA again?

    • Posted by ArikGenerick, at Reply

      can you not read? I said in the Dominican Republic, not the USA

    • Posted by ArikGenerick, at Reply

      unless you meant pesos, then 3,000 pesos is way less than 100 USD and thus super cheap for such a procedure

    • Posted by lee dent, at Reply

      Shirokuro Max why are you talking about Pesos? if you’re illeagel than leave

    • Posted by Shirokuro Max, at Reply

      lee dent because i am mexican and i live in México, lol

  18. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Eugenics also was a progressive policy …

    • Posted by NelC, at Reply

      +Rouky What, you mean that nobody on the right has ever kept a slave or indulged in virtual slavery? Maybe Saudi Arabia has been a communist regime all this time? You know the Bible endorses slavery, btw?

    • Posted by jeff cowdrey, at Reply

      Gouky, keep believing those Republican lies. They’ve served you so well!

  19. Posted by Knight Chime, at Reply

    Americans are too stupid

    • Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

      Knight Chime you spelt “conservative politicians” wrong. you’re welcome

    • Posted by Rocco Luciano, at Reply

      B. Chan nah the whole country is stupid you guys are not doing nothing for change

  20. Posted by Harry Bonadio, at Reply

    I was in a motorbike crash a few years ago in the UK. My leg was shattered. I was in hospital for 2 weeks, I had surgery and 6 months of physiotherapy.. Cost me £0.

    • Posted by Stevie Wonderful, at Reply

      Harry Bonadio i broke my leg and foot in germany while on the job..2 OP’s..taxis back and forth to doctors..physiotherapy 0€

    • Posted by Armumfang: 22 Zoll, at Reply

      Stevie Wonderful du zahlst doch krankenkasse. nix is umsonst. politik für bonzen, trauriger polizeistaat.

    • Posted by Francesco Salvatore, at Reply

      Natürlich ist nichts umsonst. Aber immerhin muss er jetzt nicht für den Rest seines Lebens Schulden abstottern, oder?