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University Protesters 1, White Supremacists 0


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A racist was invited to speak at Texas A&M University, students revolted and kicked the white supremacist off the campus. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break it down. Support the independent media here:

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"Thousands are expected to show up at Texas A&M's Kyle Field on Tuesday night to show their opposition to "alt-right" speaker Richard Spencer, who's addressing his supporters across the street.

Spencer, 38, is the new face of the alt-right, the radical conservative movement defined by white nationalism and a fervent resistance to multiculturalism and globalism.

He's speaking at the school in the face of numerous protests, both fierce and stoic, as well as a counter-event at the stadium, organized by the university to draw attention away from his presence on campus."*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    if only they would do the same with black supremacists (BLM)…

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +k3v1n47 you’re literally attempting to justify and down play calls for
      death and violence. . . Calls which we have seen carried out many times. .

      Mean while you same folks cry for months when something stupid comes out of
      trumps mouth that you don’t like.

    • Posted by The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly, at Reply

      +manhunt48 assuming police are subject to the law = calls for death and
      violence #FascistLogic

    • Posted by Mira M, at Reply

      blm hasnt hang any white people and celebrated as a mob. they havent come
      in groves with black sheets over their heads claiming how inferior white
      people are…also…manyvblm prtestors are white😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😒😒😒

  2. Posted by Ran Wolf, at Reply

    You have the right to say almost what ever you want. I have the same right
    to call you out on your bullshit.

    • Posted by Ran Wolf, at Reply

      You do realize that’s pretty much what I wrote, right?

    • Posted by Nobody, at Reply

      +Ran Wolf My bad. I thought you were directing that at tyt for being
      against the racist dude.

    • Posted by Ran Wolf, at Reply

      ah, I see. It was pretty much directed at *everyone*, though.

    • Posted by XxxlilmizzzxxX, at Reply

      you were kinda vague in your comment but I definitely agree 👏🏽

  3. Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

    People saying ” So much for free speech” also forgot that people also have
    the right to protest. Smh.
    Also Cenk said “They should let him speak because he does have the freedom
    of speech”. – Gj on watching the video guys.

    • Posted by Reuben SJ (Cenk-IslamApologistSJW), at Reply

      They’re protesting free speech you dimwit.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      They already do that

    • Posted by Lung-dik Dawrah, at Reply

      +I’m A Squirrel! Don’t Hate! got any more names? how do you feel about

  4. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    This is going to trigger a lot of my supporters.

    • Posted by Michael Babcock, at Reply

      Don The Con

      no one is preventing anyone from speaking. he can still spout bullshit just
      about everywhere else. until he gets run out again

  5. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend the white supremacists.

    • Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

      why does the existence of whites trigger the left so much?

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      Well if black teachers are openly allowed to talk on campus about killing
      all white people on earth then white people should be allowed to talk on
      campus about saving themselves.

    • Posted by Maudie Icrochet, at Reply

      +KlllrJay you are delusional. Did you get that from Alex Jones? Fake news
      site? Pull it out of your but?

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      +IV Ltd hate to say their names cause you will follow them but for example
      King Samir Shabazz , Dr Umar Johnson , Louis Farakhan etc.

  6. Posted by Aodan Sinclair, at Reply

    Why is the comment section of any TYT video always so full of
    alt-right/white supremacist apologists? I’s that, or everybody decides to
    skip talking about the video’s topic and just skips to talking about

    • Posted by Roguemember, at Reply

      +Aodan Sinclair

      Ladies and gentlemen, the living, breathing epitome of what a perfect
      example of what a reactionary leftist is.

    • Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

      *”And people are tired of hearing about it.”* You are in no way, shape, or
      form “tired” of TYT’s narrative. In fact, you enjoy the daily dose of moral
      outrage that TYT provides people like you with. This is why you take time
      out of your brief little existence to regularly watch a channel that you

    • Posted by Roguemember, at Reply

      You’re not tired of hearing about how blacks are just simply relentless
      victims of relentless white racism which explains everything?

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      Because they are EXTREMLY biased toward white people.
      Their entire platform is built on trying to make white people look like the
      worst people on earth.
      For example , black “professionals” go to university’s and tell kids that
      white people are the reason for anything bad and that all white people
      should be murdered. TYT does not mention it. White people go to a campus
      and say that white people are victims. TYT makes them look like white

    • Posted by BlaqueCzar, at Reply

      +KlllrJay everything you are babbling is based on bullshit. You have this
      blindspot to reality that makes you miss the fact the system ALWAYS works
      in your favor, its fact own it and embrace it.

  7. Posted by A Torres, at Reply

    They don’t seek equality they seek to conquer
    The “Alt right” Neo Nazi is a Domestic threat. We must protect America from
    foreign and domestic threats period.

    • Posted by TheGM, at Reply

      “The “Alt right” Neo Nazi is a Domestic threat”
      You got any other made up things that you are afraid of?

    • Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

      Conquer what exactly? The West was built and fought for by whites, do we
      not have the right to self-determination within our own nations?

  8. Posted by George Mason, at Reply

    Cenk said, and I quote, “It’s a free country. I think he’s got every right
    to speak at Texas A&M. I think Spencer does…” He went on to make the
    point that being a free country also allows you to oppose that speaker, and
    voice your disagreements. Just figured I’d point that out, in case anyone
    was tempted to dislike under the impression that they somehow wanting to
    ban him. I see that false impression about TYT in the comments all the
    time, and no one ever watches for long enough to realize that Cenk and Ana
    both disagree with banning speakers.

    • Posted by Renegade, at Reply

      +High Energy Jeb now bitches these days dont like the truth

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Oh, well they don’t actually watch the video before commenting on it. They
      clearly don’t care.

  9. Posted by maristsp, at Reply

    Why does the left hate free speech?

    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      ^Typical incoherent Trumpanzee

    • Posted by questworldmatrix, at Reply

      +Zenith You forget what people died fighting against for that freedom. They
      fought Nazis and white supremacists. WWII, civil rights movement, etc.

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      Doesn’t Donald Trump want to make it a criminal offense to burn the
      American flag?

    • Posted by Nyctohylophiliac, at Reply

      +The Prodigal Son Why do you beat your wife?

  10. Posted by whendric “BaconTuxedo” so, at Reply

    Do not blur the faces of nazis, they should be exposed for what they are.

    • Posted by YOU sound like a BITCH, at Reply

      +manhunt48 what about he said when we need to ban a muslims? your MUCH more
      likely to get killed by a right wing terrorist attaco than a muslim
      terrorist attack

    • Posted by Martial Science, at Reply

      manhunt48 we aren’t desperate for him to be racist, we are desperate for
      him not to be one. He just is. He proves it with every word he says.

  11. Posted by Steve Crane, at Reply

    A white nation-haha. These bigots are such morons. The amount of time
    Europeans have been here in comparison to the Natives is a blink of an eye.
    The total life of this piece of land is not characterized by white skin
    anymore than the life of music is characterized all by Vanilla Ice’s career

    • Posted by Meta tron, at Reply

      How about Europe?

      Why should Europe be forces to endure mass immigration?

    • Posted by RepublicAgent, at Reply

      +Meta tron because they did everywhere else adit was ok. Get over it. Your
      women will be ours by choice. Jk but that fear is real.

    • Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

      Natives did not built the American nations, they just lived on the land.
      And Europe is literally the native land of whites and we can’t even have
      that anymore according to the left

    • Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

      “”White nation? It doesn’t say anything about whites or white nation in the
      Constitution. You Suure it’s a white nation or you just saying that?””

      The Founders wrote the Naturalization Act of 1790 which stated
      naturalization for only “free white people”, they were white nationalists

    • Posted by Nismo Kid, at Reply

      American is a nation of immigrants, and that’s ok with me.. ✊😌

  12. Posted by CMDR SPOCK, at Reply

    How do these very American Alt -right people negate the Declaration of
    Independence where it states that, ‘all men are created equal’? What sort
    of warped logic do they use to villify their founding fathers greatest
    ideals? They must be a seriously bunch of defective units that’s for sure.

    • Posted by Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος, at Reply

      Except if they were blacks Indians women etc who by founding fathers were
      less equal, didn’t you hear?

    • Posted by CMDR SPOCK, at Reply

      When the founding fathers refer to men they mean ‘Humanity’, something I
      don’t think you have a clear grasp of..

    • Posted by Exgrmbl, at Reply

      You overlook the fact that it all depends of what you define as “men”. If
      you don’t fully recognise someone as being part of mankind, it is easy to
      exclude them. And that is exactly what they did.

    • Posted by Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος, at Reply

      +CMDR SPOCK Right, cause there weren’t explanatory laws who defined who
      those men were, or there arent the writings of the founding fathers that
      explicitly clarified their views what america was meant to be, or slavery ,
      Indian reservations, women status didn’t linger for up to hundred years
      after the declaration, nor the immigration policy was exclusively white
      until 1965 in the spirit ôf the founding fathers.

    • Posted by CMDR SPOCK, at Reply

      +Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος so your a alt -right supporter then?, you don’t
      understand the word ‘intention’? I get it.

  13. Posted by SlaveNoLonger, at Reply

    They may be your Fringe group but they’re in all the right places, the
    police department, the courts and on the jury

    • Posted by Sean Boyd, at Reply

      I agree. Your words remind me of hearing Nina Turner’s many speeches where
      she repeats it over and over – Enough is Enough is Enough is Enough!!! Amen.

    • Posted by SlaveNoLonger, at Reply

      +Sean Boyd you see political correctness does not mean I have the right to
      disrespect you now.

      To me it means common courtesies. And if people can have more kind words
      with each other this would be a better world.

      I am thankful for people like you. It shows hope and promise for the human

      At this pace we will destroy ourselves and everything around us

    • Posted by Sean Boyd, at Reply

      +SlaveNoLonger – Thank you for your kind words. Even if we disagree, I
      would enjoy discussing important issues with you. I hope to read your posts
      in other videos.

  14. Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

    The neurosurgeon who saved my grandmothers life was an immigrant from Ghana
    at age 18 and became a doctor at 28. He’s a living example of why racists
    are dumb.

    • Posted by Sarpong Sarpong, at Reply

      Mat Jivas where is your citation for Ghanaian “unemployed lazy weed
      sellers” go somewhere with that bull. Trying to justify your ignorant

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +Sarpong Sarpong I was just asking a question.

    • Posted by M. D., at Reply

      +Mat Jivas That copy of “the bell curve” must sit high above your shelf, by
      all means keep calling your unsubstantiated assertions science

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +M. D. Right below “Ride the Tiger” by Julius Evola and “The International
      Jew” by Henry Ford.
      I like to read… what can I say. Geeky guys are hot amirite :p

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +M. D.​ Btw did you look at those twin experiments I mentioned earlier that
      trump your “nature vs nurture” propaganda?
      Thats just simple logic

  15. Posted by Phillip Armstrong, at Reply

    White nationalists are insecure and very unhappy with their lives. If they
    got their own all white utopias they’d have to find another group within
    that population to hate in order to feel any sense of happiness.

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      seraphx. If it wasn’t minorities, you bastards would have started to hate
      each other. It’s how you function.

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath Because no one else fights each other..

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +KlllrJay Once we dissapear they will turn on each other. The need a
      “boogie man” so they feel like they a purpose.

    • Posted by rott heimer, at Reply

      Yeah standing for your people, something natural for any of our ancetors =
      insecure and unhappy.

    • Posted by Le0le0n, at Reply

      we’re all people though.

  16. Posted by bongo redd, at Reply

    ..the entire argument for white supremacists is about fear and the fear of
    loss of priviledges..which is exceptionally weak…theyve had all the
    advantages and still manage to lose to immigrants…according thier
    logic..if thats so..maybe they arent as supreme as they think

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath​ and you didnt experience or felt effects of slavery, so
      you cant say “you brought us over here”
      Learn english you mongrel
      And learn how to logic

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +Mat Jivas Yeah I can say you brought us here, because I am here. I wasn’t
      in Africa and then instantly teleported here.

      Learn to assimilate.
      The soviets should have purged Germany, maybe then I wouldn’t be talking to
      the remnants of a failed state.

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath “you didnt exist back then yet youre* taking the credit”
      “Yeah I can say you brought us here”

      Do you even know how to logic you mongrel?

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +Mat Jivas Oh please mongrel was my father. Call me Mr.Mongrel. 🙂

      But the real question is, do you know logic. You’re fighting for a world
      that doesn’t exist now. The only reason why I’m still listening to you is
      out of pity. So please, continue to use my account as your safe space. A
      place were you can curse about minorities all day. 🙂

    • Posted by bongo redd, at Reply

      +Mat Jivas if Africa is such a diort pile why do white people need to
      colonise them? Europe was in the dark ages and without colonisation would
      still be eating thier children and not washiung…everything that drives
      the european and american economy comes from africa and colonised
      nations…i think if theres anyone that would still be in the dirt its
      white people without african resourcres and commodities…you are a
      parasite race in every imaginable way…if you had a shred of decency not
      only would you leave america and africa but stop pillaging these nations of
      color..then we’ll see whos really got the stuff

  17. Posted by Sean Boyd, at Reply

    Racial White Neo-Nazi sects are sad & pathetic when they cry they are
    victims of being marginalized – NOT-so-Supreme are you!

    • Posted by Mat Jivas, at Reply

      +Alexander Heath​ nah ill just continue my fun without ya

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +Mat Jivas Aw. Okay then.

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

      +Mat Jivas I see you’re not satisfied with the conclusion of this

      Anyways I must be going now. Feel free to insult me further, you will not
      get a response. Have a pleasant day 🙂

  18. Posted by Dawid Kowalewicz, at Reply

    Can any of the trumpetts here expalin to me why all “white power” guys are
    such cowards? always danying they said something? Why it’s always “nazi
    salute was an accident” “saying n**ger was just misquote” why not own your
    believs ?

    • Posted by Hypnotic Synopsis, at Reply

      +Rockyblack smith Most college age liberals lack an understanding of
      politics. They are by far the largest part of the group.

      Twitter and recently Facebook are going into the censorship business. They
      don’t care if you agree with their ideas but you get banned when you

    • Posted by Rockyblack smith, at Reply

      +Hypnotic Synopsis
      1.And you are confirming that you ARE using a stereotype. Thanks for
      prooving my point. Btw, “rich white men” isn’t the left’s stereotype of
      right wingers. That would either be
      – christian right
      – racist gun nut
      – an idiot who believes what rich white men tell him about economics
      And that is just those left wingers ignorant enough to use a stereotype,
      which is a minority at best. But the fact that you can’t even get that
      right is evidence of how out of touch you are with them
      2. Twitter and Facebook are companies. It’s their job to earn money. If
      they censor anything, it is for one reason; Leaving it up would be bad for
      buisness. They don’t have any ideas themselves that you can agree with or
      not. They have a profit to make. If Facebook censors anyone, that is
      because the laws of capitalism dictate that they do so.
      Now, why is it that right wing opinions are appearently bad for buisness
      while left wing opinions are not?

    • Posted by Rockyblack smith, at Reply

      +Hypnotic Synopsis
      Well then I’m sure Twitter and Facebook will soon stop censoring right wing
      opinions if that’s what they’re loosing money over right?

    • Posted by Hypnotic Synopsis, at Reply

      +Rockyblack smith Unfortunately, the creators are so rich that they don’t
      care. They rather lose money than to let people speak their mind.

  19. Posted by Cathy24601, at Reply

    The second someone tries to say race is connected to I.Q., I stop