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Unqualified Trump Appointee Hid Conflict Of Interest


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Federal court appointee Brett Talley hid a very significant problem of interest. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you assume in the comment section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" President Trump's choice to be a federal area court in Alabama did not divulge that he is married to a White Home legal representative.

Brett Talley, that Trump nominated to the position in September, is wed to Ann Donaldson, the chief of personnel to the White Residence counsel. Talley did not include this details on an Us senate questionnaire when inquired about problems of passion, The New York Times reported.

Talley, who at 36 has only practiced law for three years, was authorized by the Us senate Judiciary Committee in spite of having never ever tried a case.

Talley was the fourth of Trump's judicial nominees to be deemed unqualified by the American Bar Organization. The Senate can elect on Talley's nomination as very early as Monday.

Talley's spouse was interviewed by detectives exploring whether the Trump project colluded with Russia. She was talked to regarding conversations with her manager, White Residence guidance Donald McGahn, concerning the shooting of James Comey as FBI supervisor and various other topics, inning accordance with the Times."

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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    The president himself is unqualified for the job, so why would his appointees be qualified?

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      This is how you recognize the real Hal: Dumbass arguments.

    • Posted by Trump Allfather, at Reply


    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      You’re unqualified to eat cheese.

  2. Posted by Walt Thomas, at Reply

    An unqualified, white guy, no experience, hired by Trump to work in the White House?….should fit right in.

    • Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

      Not hired by Trump, it’s worse. A federal judge serves for life or impeachment.

  3. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT are on fire like always! Their wisdom will echo throughout the ages while 45’s presidency will be studied one day as a sign of an intellectually bankrupt people sedated on bread and circus of a declining empire. TYT=heroes. Albert Pike>Trump.

    • Posted by Trump Allfather, at Reply

      I hate you.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Sickening 🤢

  4. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    No case experience, no Federal court experience, spends most of his time running an Alt-Right blog, one of only three appointees to be unanimously deemed “unqualified” by the ABA since 1989(so that includes other Conservative picks), and his wife is working for White House counsel. Seems completely objective, un-biased, and experienced to me. Yet another one of Trump’s “best people”.

  5. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    If Trump needs surgery, I expect him to hire a first-year medical student who has never been in an operating room, simply because the student’s parents are campaign contributors or he once caddied for Trump at a golf course. That’s the “caliber” of people he’s hiring.

  6. Posted by Spanky McDuff, at Reply

    What??? A Trump appointee not qualified and hid relevant information??? Say it is not so. No, no it can not be true. I am so shocked, someone Trump likes is not qualified for the job he’s going to be given. So dumb.

  7. Posted by cdelaine, at Reply

    I used to fly model rockets as a kid, Why am I not an astronaut? NASA?

    • Posted by BullzFan25, at Reply

      cdelaine gotta drunk Tang. If you drank at least one glass of Tang, you damn sure should be an astronaut tomorrow.

  8. Posted by Neojhun, at Reply

    Quite sure Conflict of Interest is a Requirement of the Trumpansee era.

    • Posted by pathocrat, at Reply

      There’s no conflict, Republican donors have full confidence that he will vote with elite interests 100% of the time.

  9. Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

    trump doesn’t want experience, he wants loyalty.

    • Posted by Brandon Meharg, at Reply

      Misael Cifuentes he likes to be able shape and mold them into the cretinous swamp creatures he can throw under he bus to save himself when necessary. He doesn’t like them to be experienced in anything, like himself, makes him feel more comfortable

    • Posted by pathocrat, at Reply

      Does Trump really know what’s going on? My feeling is he’s letting the most right-wing billionaire’s cronies make these decisions while he’s busy trying to get money from King Salman.

  10. Posted by coffeebuzzz, at Reply

    Dear Secret Service, please start using unqualified people on the Presidential detail. That’d be great, cheers.

    • Posted by pathocrat, at Reply

      Pence is 100% on board with all of this, as is (virtually) the entire Republican party. Trump is a symptom.

  11. Posted by Albert Yuen, at Reply

    “Failure to disclose” seems to happen pretty regularly with Trump’s administration.

  12. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    “unqualified trump appointee” is what we in the business call a “pleonasm”

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Whereas “qualified Trump appointee” would be an oxymoron.

  13. Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

    Trump likes to ensure his appointees are at least as unqualified as he is himself.

    • Posted by Brian Johnson, at Reply

      And that has to be hard to find.

  14. Posted by Marjorie Tillman, at Reply

    I appreciate the honesty of these two hosts. They call out both Democrats and Republicans. And, they don’t seem to care when certain voters want them to model and echo Fox News. Fox News hosts try to shame all other networks and shows to use their talking points otherwise they will accuse their competitors of being fake News. And, they use the fact that a high number in a certain demographic watch them. TYT please don’t change!!!

  15. Posted by Miss Amazon, at Reply

    These politicians use things like racism as a smokescreen so that they can screw you all over!!

  16. Posted by Allan Tjon, at Reply

    What did you guys expect from the president who is also not qualified for his office.

    • Posted by playerx2006, at Reply

      I blame the Bernie supporters for Trump.

  17. Posted by Jon Harvey, at Reply

    You got a sore throat, Ana? Get well soon!

  18. Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

    Ana: “He didn’t earn it but who cares? He’s a white dude.”
    Cenk: “It’s deeper than that.”

    Thanks…Cenk…I guess?
    What is deeper than racism on TYT? Ana switching her racial identity to fit her narrative of the stories she commentates? Or just blaming white people for every problem that arises? Maybe it’s b/c they were all born into well-to-do families, educated at fine schools, never faced being poor, and had ALL the opportunities people without money are denied? Is it b/c they don’t have a struggle but need someone to blame?

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      Porkchop Periwinkle sarcasm, it’s a beautiful thing.

  19. Posted by 01man01truck, at Reply

    Someone in the Trump administration unqualified and have conflicts if interest?! Surprise surprise.

  20. Posted by Connie Raiford, at Reply

    Mean while,  some of these jobs us regular people apply to want you to have 10 years experience and 2 degrees just to make $40,000.

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      That’s because we live in the real world. These people obviously don’t.

    • Posted by Connie Raiford, at Reply

      No agreement there.