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UPDATE: Flint Town Hall Arrests


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TYT National politics Press reporter Jordan Chariton updates the panel on the neighborhood citizens who were jailed at a Flint water dilemma city center. Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Graham Elwood and Jordan Chariton go over on the most up to date episode of Aggressive Progressives. Enjoy the full Aggressive Progressives episode below:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, and Graham Elwood for today's Aggressive Progressive. Jordan Chariton skypes in for one more Flint upgrade. The trio also review the Labour Party's system, John McCain violating the Republican Party, as well as Hillary Clinton's emails.

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  1. Posted by l156a21, at Reply

    How dare you filthy liberals demand clean water that is free of poisonous heavy metals! Totally regressive! #MakeAmericaGullibleAgain
    Do you alt-rights have any self-awareness?

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      Yes, I bet it is, no wonder they’re bending their knees to the oil overlords, such care for the environment

    • Posted by The Black Alt-Right, at Reply

      +l156a21 like who?

  2. Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

    This is why big govt sucks , they can’t even handle a small city water . Imagine how bad of a nightmare single payer healthcare would be .

    • Posted by Lucifer De, at Reply

      Connor RB right junior. it just mean you’re too stupid to realize the government is already own by corporate America and it doesn’t care about you. you’re a fool

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      Connor RB The problem with you arguement is if the water was privatized there would be no competition. Wich ever corporation buys the rights to distribute water will have a monopoly.

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      Lucifer De aww are we gonna call people names because we have no points?
      So 1 company (government ) rather than 1000 separate companies that all compete would be better? LOL, I think you’re the fool.

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      Lucifer De so then why change to government if they’re the same as corporations? What a complete dumbass

  3. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    They should be respectful in a Church, they were not so they were arrested. Too bad, so sad

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      I thought liberals respected others religions. I mean you’re ok with Muslims raping Swedish girls as long as it’s called “cultural diversity”

    • Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer I lived in Scandinavia, your facts are skewed and you know that. also stop changing the subject.

      You can have whatever damn sky juju you want. I bet some of those people in there were conservative Christians… it doesn’t matter… their water is being poisoned. They have a right to be uppity and angry.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      I was there and those liberals were ripping pages out of the Bibles, kicking over the church pews and spitting in the holy water

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger I bet there was some triggly puffs in the audience too

    • Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger Sure.

  4. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    Separation of church and state doesn’t exist in America ,watch athiest get targeted next.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      What’s an athiest?

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +Dustin Zilbauer I see you on here waaaaaay too much. you need a girlfriend bro

    • Posted by k12basic, at Reply

      An atheist is someone who likes to take steamy shits on other peoples chests.

      Shhh… nobody say anything…

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +k12basic no its not. …. everybody knows an atheist is a person who stands on the top of a staircase, and pisses on your head and tells you it’s raining ……. oh wait, my bad that’s the government

  5. Posted by AirgiodFeochadan, at Reply

    People are being poisoned and arrested for complaining about it. At what point is “peaceful” protest no longer enough?

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +Dustin Zilbauer what about the white guy with long hair? what was he doing? you will make excuses for everything.

    • Posted by k12basic, at Reply

      Personally, I recommend the AR-15, but everyone must find the rifle that works for them. 🙂

    • Posted by shizunne, at Reply

      +Dustin Zilbauer How long does it take for a person to die of dehydration in a prison cell?

  6. Posted by stevengotts, at Reply

    Police are now treating white people like they have treated blacks for centuries. Does white man get it now? shits gotta stop.

    • Posted by k12basic, at Reply

      White male

      Unlike what SJWs want you to believe, whites do not see you as the enemy, we know exactly who the enemy is and you obviously recognize that too. But now you must do your part as well and stop begging the government to strip you of your right to bear arms like a submissive liberal. If you need help picking the rifle for you, just ask. I always recommend the AR-15 or AK-47 personally though. Or… are you still under the assumption that things will magically fix themselves?

    • Posted by stevengotts, at Reply

      Another 61 yo white male back at you. not aligned with any party. Last I checked I too was a marksman. So how has that gun thing helped protect black society from the fragile white male ego syndrome? (FWMS) Law enforcement only shoots unarmed black men, ordered to stand down with armed black men/. is that what you mean? maybe you are right.

  7. Posted by Bobby Girl, at Reply

    so many constitutional violations. One endorsing a religion against the Constitution two arresting people without cause without reason being detained against their will. these people should definitely sue not just for money but for the jobs of these officers. these cops should lose their jobs and their pensions because they just violated the Constitution and broke the law which makes them criminal because they broke the highest law of the land. Law & Order right?

    • Posted by Evrett, at Reply

      Bobby Girl i agree. Its petty fucked up

    • Posted by Bobby Girl, at Reply

      The Hobby Town Hall in a church. they are requiring people to respect a religion to which they do not have to. If they had the Town Hall in a mosque and they told you women sit on one side men sit on the other women have to cover their heads men have to do this or that. Would you be understanding then? you can not have a town hall in a religious establishment and force people to comply with those religious standards. That is endorsing that religion and she was complying and was leaving she was not being disorderly she was leaving. Even if she was being disorderly even if everyone was being disorderly they are being poisoned! these police officers that are rest of them arrested them because they had their egos punched you disobeyed police officers you get it. this is America freedom of expression and Americans have every right to petition the government for grievance and when the government is poisoning you and with these police officers are condoning the poisoning of you but arresting you for complaining that’s against the Constitution that is wrong because if my family was being poisoned disorderly conduct would have been the least I would do

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      What are you talking about you crackhead?
      You literally ended up there by saying it’s ok to break the law if you’re annoyed.

  8. Posted by G Nunchuk, at Reply

    Welcome to Amerika, where you can be poisoned, and arrested for complaining about it

    • Posted by G Nunchuk, at Reply

      Are you brain damaged? People go to a church to discuss how their elected officials poisoned them, are told to remove hats, or they’ll get arrested, escorted out, and arrested. That’s wrong on SO many levels, but if you can’t see it, the issue is internal

    • Posted by C J, at Reply

      SupaDr00g No she was arrested for disorderly conduct in a church, because she “disrespected” the church, the same reason people were kicked out if they kept their hats on. In America there’s supposed to be a separation between church and state so they shouldn’t have held the town meeting in a church to begin with. Or at the very least not arrested people for offending the church because that’s an illegal arrest. You obviously don’t know much about this story (or maybe laws?) based on your comment.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      No it’s called dropping the charges.
      You might not be aware of this but it costs money to prosecute people and takes up court time.
      The cops figured they’ve had enough time to calm down it’s not worth the time and money let them, the fact you’re trying to pretend to be ignorant about this just further displays the disingenuous nature of the left now.

    • Posted by G Nunchuk, at Reply

      wow…..im arguing with a child..or one of the idiot cops in the vid

  9. Posted by Liberty Doctrine, at Reply

    Jimmy forgets to mention this is a Democratic town hall not a Republican townhall. This is how democrats treat their constituents .

    • Posted by C J, at Reply

      Liberty Doctrine Is the mayor arresting people or was it law enforcement? Who exactly is responsible for these arrests then? Because who ever is responsible for these civil rights violations should be in prison.

    • Posted by C J, at Reply

      george malone Oh no dude my comment wasn’t aimed towards you

    • Posted by Liberty Doctrine, at Reply

      Sara Chin haha. Flint has not had a republican mayor in over a century . You must love fake news.

  10. Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael McClelland, at Reply


    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      Me, you, others. And the watchers are not watchmen who are paid to do a job.

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      I can’t speak for the whole world. But the liberal first world outside America are watching and hoping you guys will attribute the crime to the right people. It was nice to see Americans peacefully protesting in the streets again. That is what Democracy looks like, anywhere on earth.

  11. Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

    They were clearly engaging in disorderly conduct in public, which is illegal. Over water? SMH Just buy bottled water or use a filter on your tap, problem solved.

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      Dustin, are u a alt-right cuck?

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Well I hope your water never becomes poisoned…

    • Posted by The Legend, at Reply

      They wash with the water and it’s brown I k ow your a right winger so you can’t manage money but using bottled water for everything can get expensive you could save thousands using the tap so use some intelligence

    • Posted by The Legend, at Reply

      And study science right winger I know you think climate change is made by China but lead is bad for you orally or internally

  12. Posted by Sparrowhawk, at Reply

    Is America Great Again yet?

    • Posted by Playfulpanthress, at Reply

      Scott Wilson They’ll be at your place soon…

    • Posted by Sparrowhawk, at Reply

      Don’t forget to cut down instead of across.

    • Posted by Scott Wilson, at Reply

      +Playfulpanthress lol sure

  13. Posted by Tiger Team Delta, at Reply

    Publicly humiliate these dirty cops for abuse of power. Expose them for who they really are, tools. To serve and protect the public, or to serve the rich and powerful? They are public servants. Time for them to get a dose of reality..

    • Posted by Tiger Team Delta, at Reply

      Because enforcing “laws” is very profitable nowadays. Who are the shareholders of this for-profit business?

    • Posted by Psy Ops Black Ops, at Reply

      You acquiesced to the patriot act, keep going GAGA over MAGA. Breitbart will supply you with the necessary scapegoats to vilify.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      Humiliate them? Expose them? *NO! EXTERMINATE THEM AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES! EXTERMINATE THEM LIKE THE VERMIN THEY ARE. No better pigs than dead pigs.*

    • Posted by squish200, at Reply

      just thugs with guns who like to dress-up and play pretend cops

  14. Posted by Tim D'Egidio, at Reply

    This is an atrocity. How dare the law enforcement bully these people who’s water were poisoned by greedy politicians and companies that don’t give two sh*ts about their well-being. Instead of knocking on the doors of homes of the guilty CEO’s, they’re arresting law-abiding citizens for making a ruckus at a town hall THAT WAS MEANT FOR PEOPLE TO EXPRESS THEIR FRUSTRATIONS.

    This country is in desperate need of police reform. We pay THEM, and this is how they treat the citizens they are supposed to protect? Malarkey!

    • Posted by Dominick Palella, at Reply

      Police officers assaulting citizens, and politicians making laws for you to obey is how an autocratic republic functions. If you want a democratic functioning republic, visit here to find out how: http://TrueDemocracyNow.org

    • Posted by MercSet1, at Reply

      Threat and Intimidation tactics from the rich. Republican platform “Nothing’s wrong so SHUTUP ABOUT DYING”

  15. Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

    Guns will be tsken away next thats how a dicktatorship works. Trump will not defend your second amendment. Way to go Republicans LMMFAO

    • Posted by Vans, at Reply

      Why would they take them away?

      It’s the instant excuse to shoot you in any minor encounter with police.

    • Posted by Martin Šriber, at Reply

      Nazi Germany was dictatorship and they didn’t take guns away to majority of population. In fact they made it easier for most citizens to obtain guns.

    • Posted by X-man, at Reply

      Julie Ake you idiot. Trump donated millions of dollars to fix the crisis and fights for gun rights. Stop with these garbage left wing talking points

  16. Posted by Gregory Zona, at Reply

    why is the Flint Town Hall meeting taking place in a church? What ever happened to separation of church and state?

    • Posted by Kasia Kasia, at Reply

      town hall meetings can be held in churches, but if they do then the town hall rules apply not the church!

  17. Posted by Jonte Ded, at Reply

    Glad to live in Sweden. America is slowly turning into a dictatorship

    • Posted by guillaume Acts 17:11, at Reply

      Dictatorships having Swedish woman dicked by Muslim men. ehh!

    • Posted by p0xus, at Reply

      Or maybe not so slowly.

    • Posted by human with no name, at Reply

      Jonte Ded not slowly we already there the American government is a dictatorship..!..some people believe we have​ democracy..we do not!..we are in a police state!..

    • Posted by Rita Marie Kelley, at Reply

      If only we could be smart enough to follow Sweden’s wonderful example!

    • Posted by Ben Ghazi, at Reply

      +COW BOY
      Sweden is often slandered in the US. It kind of goes with the territory when the progressives use it as a positive example for their policies.
      Republicans and Democrats can’t have that, especially the Republicans.

  18. Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply

    He arrested her for saying “bullshit” in church. Plz America, understand that religion keeps you primitive. You don’t need religion to live a moral life.

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      Your use of ‘common sense’ here is misleading. It is only because the dignity of the individual (a Judaeo-Christian idea, though not a Classical one) has been around for millennia that it seems common.

    • Posted by oniyoda, at Reply

      Religion states you should marry your rapist.. I’m not following that book for morals lol

    • Posted by omaha2pt, at Reply

      Morals come from the realization that one’s actions impact the lives of others, and that one’s freedom ends at where someone else’s begins. This is part of living in a group. Humankind had morals long before any mythical entities were invented. You misbehaved, you were expelled from the group, and had to survive in the wilderness on your own (which was pretty much a death sentence). The notion that morals come from a special book is a lie perpetrated by those bent on manipulating others via ignorance and fear. Morals are part of a behavioral code one needs to observe to be accepted by the group. Morals may change depending on the values and culture of a given group, society or civilization. No special book required. Anyone who needs a book to have a moral code shouldn’t be allowed outside unsupervised.

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      Morals are derived from some metaphysical, self-evident value. In the West that value is the dignity of the individual. It’s only through belief in this metaphysical value that you can even begin to conduct moral reasoning.