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US Allies Offer To Pay For Everything If We Overthrow Assad


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These offers have actually gotten on the table for several years. Jimmy Dore, and Steve Oh talk about on the current episode of Hostile Progressives. View the complete Aggressive Progressives episode right here:

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Jimmy Dore & Steve Oh speak Steve's trip to Oslo & Berlin, US relationships with Saudi Arabia & Iran, Stewart Jones, as well as Rand Paul on making money off terrorism.

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  1. Posted by Bahamut The Great Guardian Force, at Reply

    Assad is no saint, but he’s one of the last remaining secular dictators in the region. The moment you overthrow Assad, ISIS will take over. Didn’t Iraq and Libya teach the West anything?

    • Posted by dcon9995, at Reply

      +vick3d Lot of projection there rightie. You fling a fetish around as an “insult”..tells me all I need to know about you cupcake. Big bad white guy? Is that the victim card I’m seeing? Adorable, it’s the only thing the right wing can throw on the table every time. Also, if we caused a problem, as a developed country we need to resolve by providing the necessary humanitarian help not just brush it to the side and pretend it’s not our problem and then begin fearmongering like you pussies like to do. Be responsible, I know it’s something the right isn’t familiar with, but this is the real world and it’s better that as a country the U.S. starts owning up to its mistakes.

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      Assad is a war criminal but the involvement of the West in the conflict only brings disaster..

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      +Gales99 Assad, unlike Bush, is not a war criminal. He did not attack any country. And there is no evidence or even motive that he would command to commit those atrocities that StateDep/CIA claim he perpetrated. So far all Assad is doing is protecting his country from this illegal proxy regime change war of aggression against Syria, that is backed by the West, the Gulf terrorist tyrannies, and Turkey.

  2. Posted by Punch A Nazi, at Reply

    our military is not meant to be used like mercenaries

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Or a joint military operation.

    • Posted by Craig Kennedy, at Reply

      +Punch A Nazi
      I never said you could do both. Of course you can’t. The reason it is this way, is because since vietnam, having a draft is unacceptable. A draft gets the country involved and in tune with what is going on with our military. Our military industrial complex, along with our defense contractors, won’t have that. We have been at war 94% of the time since our country formed. That number will only increase. What’s worse is that no us troops have fought for American freedom since ww2. I don’t say that lightly, and I absolutely respect our troops. My dad was in Vietnam, and he would say the same thing.

    • Posted by Lion Cub, at Reply

      Hang a commie

  3. Posted by Jax Teller, at Reply

    You could eradicate every single Muslim tomorrow – and another religion/ideology will eventually pop up in it’s place to wreak havoc, *considering the Middle East is a wartorn clusterfuck.*

    Question: When did Islam become the supposed “single greatest threat to humanity”? 30 years ago? What changed? *it’s not that people like me defend Islam, but realize that historical geopolitics is important and more complicated than “MUSLIMS!!”*

    • Posted by Kong Kong, at Reply

      and no, the world won’t be a more peaceful place without the usa. in fact a power vacuum will result in decades and possibly centuries of wars before an alpha dog (or two) is established again. being chinese, i benefit from 5000 years of well recorded history where one can find many precedents for many situations.

    • Posted by Nijastan K., at Reply

      The Muslim world would have been more secular if the U.S. didn’t interfere. These are all absolute facts. An an example, look at Iran which was actually secular in the 50s but then the U.S. went and installed a puppet government which drained Iran’s resources. The people got fed up, overthrew it in the late 70s and turned to Islamic theocracy. All the problems in the Middle East and terrorism in the West is solely because of the U.S…

    • Posted by John Black, at Reply

      Yes, Salem, Hong Kong is a great right-winged city.

    • Posted by Salem Al-Baker, at Reply

      John Black His name was Kong Kong it was the only way I could be noticed by him in his notifications. For example you name will be the at the beginning of my comment for it is the only way you would be notified by this comment.

  4. Posted by Ivan J California, at Reply

    What a joke! The US military does not serve Americans it serves global bankers and oil corporations.

    • Posted by Nygel Tzib, at Reply

      Ancar Willis – yup. I’m aware of our foreign corruption. Another thing that’s funny, is how we funded osama bin laden to fight Russia. But then osama bin laden turned on America, because he knew America was corrupt. So now he is our enemy. But America never mentions that he was on our side to help kill Russian oil controls.

    • Posted by Nygel Tzib, at Reply

      Ancar Willis – and America has been targeting Afghanistan and many Middle eastern countries in the 40s. And then our media calls it “terrorism” whenever an Arab attacks us. They aren’t terrorist. They are just giving us payback.

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Add foreign countries to that list.

    • Posted by eathenbad, at Reply

      lmao. Weren’t those libtards always saying ‘Islam is a religion of peace!’ but now, in this comment section, all of a sudden, libtards are worried about ISIS when Assad is dead. Libtards = spinless worms.

    • Posted by Ancar Willis, at Reply

      Liberals are worried about ISIS like people who sleep with hookers are worried about getting the clap. Its a non issue except to war hawks who keep sending their children to die in foreign countries and on false pretenses. We just want them to stop pretending like its anything more than that.
      We’re not over there to do anything but advance our agenda. I’m only concerned with the fact that they are using my tax dollars to do it and because its morally wrong nothing more.

  5. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    So America military are now mercenaries

    • Posted by eathenbad, at Reply

      lmao. Weren’t those libtards always saying ‘Islam is a religion of peace!’ but now, in this comment section, all of a sudden, libtards are worried about ISIS when Assad is dead. Libtards = spinless worms.

  6. Posted by mreshadow, at Reply

    So wait, we’re mercenaries now? That sounds like being a mercenary…

    • Posted by xadam2dudex, at Reply

      we’ve been mercenaries for years…we did Isreal’s dirty work to destroy its enemies

    • Posted by mreshadow, at Reply

      Morty Sanchez Thanks for your dedication sir

    • Posted by xadam2dudex, at Reply

      you do know that the whole anti-Assad thing is just propaganda by the corporate state ? the reason they are against him is because he won’t let them build the Iraq-Iran natural gas pipeline thru Syria which would bring natural gas to Europe thus undercutting Russia’s natural gas business which is where Europe gets most of its natural gas…it is the cornerstone of the Russian economy..ISIS is the mercenary force the US / Saudi / Mossad / MI6 funds…they are the newest incarnation of Al-Qaeda a CIA created terrorist group which came out of the Afghan war…the chemical attacks were false flag attacks created for public consumption…stop watching MSM and the corporate government propaganda

    • Posted by Morty Sanchez, at Reply

      Lizzard people or no lizzard people?
      What level of crazy conspiracy theorist are you?

  7. Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

    We need a constitutional ammendment that prohibits the use of the US Military as Mercenaries.

    • Posted by tomblueforest, at Reply

      NATO is suppose to be mutual defense for each member state, not a military arm to extract resources from unstable regions to the highest bidders.
      Once Assad is over-thrown, or forced to re-draw his little line in the sand, the Khurds should become a soveriegn state. Iraq and Turkey need to concede some of their land to that effort, as well.
      The US congress has passed many years ago that regime change is US policy in terms of Syria. Anything less and the pres is not doing his job.

    • Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

      tomblueforest Regime Change is Illegal according to International law.

    • Posted by Michael Campbell, at Reply

      someone should have told Obama that

    • Posted by tomblueforest, at Reply

      2 of the 3 regime changes have already occured.
      Hussein & Qadafi had the same type of US policy facing them, before they fell.

  8. Posted by ScorpiousDelectus, at Reply

    That is *not* what John Kerry just said. If you played that clip to someone without them hearing Jimmy’s intro and asked them to describe the statement, they would not arrive at Jimmy’s summation. Jimmy has either misrepresented John Kerry’s statement or the editing of this clip leaves out a necessary part of context. Either way, you only arrive at Jimmy’s conclusion because of Jimmy’s introduction. Poor reporting.

    • Posted by elcgmail, at Reply

      ScorpiousDelectus Jimmy doesn’t report… he babbles nonsense & conspiacies to rile people up & split dem vote. He’s no diff then fox news as far as credibility goes.

    • Posted by ScorpiousDelectus, at Reply

      Yeah, I never watch Aggressive Progressive. I wish they wouldn’t put the videos on the main TYT channel

    • Posted by Olaf, at Reply

      I forgot where I read it and which countries it was about, but it’s been known for a couple of years that some Arab countries have offered to pay the US for a military intervention.

    • Posted by ScorpiousDelectus, at Reply

      That may very well be but Jimmy has not succeeded in showing that in this video.

    • Posted by Olaf, at Reply

      No, I agree.

  9. Posted by Eidryce Pittman, at Reply

    What annoyed me the most on Memorial Day is how the mainstream kept regurgitating the talking point that our soldiers died for our “freedom”. I had no idea that if we had not gone into Iraq, my 1st amendment rights would have been take away. Give me a break! Anyone who uses that talking point to shame dissenting minds should be challenged on the spot. I can tell you now that they wouldn’t know who we’re at war with and the real reason we are there.

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      Eidryce Pittman Yes but we created many of the problems in the Middle East to begin with after WWI and WW2. We needed a stable oil supply due to the threat of an escalation to war with the USSR. The Saudis were there for us during WW2 and we should remember that. I agree that things have changed, but I would say the worst wars we have been in would be in the past, Vietnam and WWI

    • Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

      The wouldn’t know, but being we’re on the Internet, they could look it up and copy/paste the reason.

    • Posted by Eidryce Pittman, at Reply

      Kyle Ruth, I agree, we are definitely responsible for the many atrocities in the Middle East and I would argue that by us destabilizing the region, The Islamic State was able to form. Now our relationships with the Saudis need to change. We are so thirsty for that oil that we signed a weapons deal with them in which they use to bomb Yemen. Also, I love how we talk about freedom and democracy yet they are a monarchy that oppresses women, silence speech, kills gays, and free thinkers. So sure it’s fine to have a relationship with them but a lot has got to change if we’re gonna be allies with them. Don’t you agree? Sure, Vietnam and both World Wars were horrid beyond belief but that does not change the fact that soldiers are dying over seas and for what?! Can anyone really say that it’s for freedom and democracy? When the revolutionary war happened, that was to fight against an oppressive government. I’m black so they weren’t really thinking of me but the point is that you can say that was for freedom. The Civil War was for the freedom of my ancestors. World War II was done because we were attacked. After that, we went to war for greed and no one in the mainstream media is questioning the governments motives here. I have friends in the military and hurts to think that they may be forced into going into Syria because we “think” Assad gassed his people yet we have zero evidence of that. Do we really think Trump cares about those people? He’s the same guy who doesn’t want them here as refugees LOL

  10. Posted by Andrea Trimble, at Reply

    If the Saudis want Assad gone, let the Saudis send their young people to die. Let them do their own dirty work!!

    • Posted by lajnef mohamed chrif, at Reply

      Andrea Trimble saudi arabia has been using using the us army as its private mercs for more than a decade now. pay them and they’ll do any job they’ll want regardless of how inhuman it is

    • Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

      Why should the Saudis send their kids to fight a meaningless war? They’re not dumb.

  11. Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

    Have a vote before going to war. Offensive war in a foreign country.

    Anyone who votes yes is automatically enrolled in the military and is off to training the next day.

    Any one who doesn’t vote is the next draft.

    Those who vote no stay home.

    Military members don’t vote. They’ve already agreed to follow orders.

    Lets see how many wars happen then. Additionally I’d say those that vote for it get to pay for it as well.

    • Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

      I don’t understand, why should rich kids have to go to war? I mean, they’re rich, duh.

    • Posted by Benjamin Margolius, at Reply

      How would you suggest we collect the opinions of individuals who are unable to participate in active duty, due to disabilities for example(or simply old age), who would still bear the effects of a war carried out by the United States. Are their opinions less valid or valued due to their lack ob ability to participate in the military effort?

      US citizens have chosen to have a representative democracy, and these representatives are and should be the individuals to make decisions for society as a whole. Unfortunately, representatives often don’t hold the opinions and well being of their constituents as their number one priority, and instead represent donors and corporations. This is a fault in the execution of our representative democracy, but not in the concept itself, so we need to work on the system at hand, instead of trying to implement the ridiculous and impractical system you have presented.

    • Posted by Small d Democrat, at Reply

      Scott Verge A vote like that would let terrorists justify attacks on the population. The government needs you to be a victim, not a perpetrator, in order to keep doing what it’s doing. It’s called having your cake and eating it too.

    • Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

      Maybe those who couldn’t serve on the front lines could still serve in the supply chain or administration?

      Or maybe their vote wouldn’t carry as much weight? Maybe in this aspect their opinion doesn’t carry as much weight :/

      It’s definitely something to think about.

      I don’t see it as rediculous and impractical at all. I think this subject is far too important to leave up to representatives that might be swayed by doners and lobbyists.

      If those are your only complaints I don’t see it as something that couldn’t be considered.

  12. Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

    15 out of the 19 highjackers on 9/11 were Assad himself.

    • Posted by Jordan Johnson, at Reply

      Seems legit

  13. Posted by Alan Bacon, at Reply

    Overthrowing Asad is fine, he’s a monster, but if you want to avoid another Libya or Iraq you also need to commit decades of governance and rebuilding of homes and vital infrastructure. Not doing so will allow the toppled state to be totally taken over by extremists resulting in endless more war.

    • Posted by Alan Bacon, at Reply

      You’re all ignoring the point I made in my original comment. If you overthrow Asad, you must also be prepared to step in and spend an awful lot of time rebuilding the country and governing in the power vacuum left behind. You cannot just overthrow a dictator and leave.

    • Posted by M S, at Reply

      I see, so you do not in fact have any evidence of Assad being a monster. Thanks!

    • Posted by Safwat Karim, at Reply

      Don;t worry about Rebuilding Syria.Russia and Iran are helping with rebuilding process.You should Google Syria before and now when Syrian government ,Russia and Iran liberated Aleppo.

  14. Posted by Shelby Hall, at Reply

    does this make U.S. a mercenary group? if not, what would the difference be?

    • Posted by Major Malfunction, at Reply

      How do Israel and Saudi Arabia feel about sharing the same wardog?

    • Posted by Jason smith, at Reply

      +Major Malfunction its sad if we really hated extremist muslims first thing we would do is close all contacts with saudi putting trade bans on them going to un to force them to give rights to their citizen. But no we will not only help them spread their extremist islam but also serve them. We are serving the one of the worst monarchy in the whole world.

    • Posted by Jason smith, at Reply

      +Major Malfunction do u know all the literature taught in isis schools is written by saudi scholars so in a way we are supporting it. But all Americans do is close there eyes and forget about how our country is responsible.

    • Posted by Shelby Hall, at Reply

      I’m usually very partisan but in the case of saudi, both parties kiss the ring.

  15. Posted by aditya rao, at Reply

    So ur gonna pretend like london nevr happened?

    • Posted by PrimeChaosVC, at Reply

      I think you miss out the part that they are islamic countries. Is America a christain country or a secular country? Lol come on, you asked for a islamic country with democracies and now you are changing the rules and making things up based on your own biasness? Lol

  16. Posted by Eve Voxx, at Reply

    i guess the american military is a mercenary group now,
    so if u got the dollar$, are swimming in the oil & u can find them
    maybe you can hire
    the A Team

    • Posted by Yojimbo Jay, at Reply

      Eve Voxx what you think the hole team America film is about

    • Posted by Artaneius, at Reply

      America is basically Outer Heaven.

  17. Posted by Bennie Gray, at Reply

    so from what understand we are a nation that is being paid by other nations to invade. kinda like mercenaries for higher

    • Posted by Chris Taylor, at Reply

      Bennie Gray hire???

    • Posted by Bennie Gray, at Reply

      +Chris Taylor well yea they said Sadie Arabia would pay for the war. Obviously we don’t get the money. Those at the top do.

    • Posted by BushidoBrownSama, at Reply

      We are mercenaries usually for oil interests either petro dollar or in syria for oil pipeline right to europe. The “banana wars” as well

  18. Posted by Sanaz_Tehrani, at Reply

    Why overthrow Assad who is a secular progressive leader, who is against Sharia, who protects religious minorities, women’s rights, and has fought for years against Islamist fanatics? Because he’s anti-Israel and pro-Iran, while Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, etc. aren’t?

    • Posted by Zach K., at Reply

      Although you are 100% correct, Assad isn’t the best role model for the mid east. The elections are obviously fixed for one.

    • Posted by A Walker, at Reply

      And we beleive that a change in leadership will fix the problem?

    • Posted by alexpoulin, at Reply

      And Trump isn’t the best role model for the west so by that logic Trump should be overthrown as well. Oh how sweet that would be if it actually happened.

    • Posted by FO cast, at Reply

      They want to overthrow Assad because he hasn’t agreed to the Saudi led GCC pipeline into Europe. The Saudi faction wants to run a pipeline from Saudia to Jordan through Syria into Turkey, and from Turkey across the Bosphoros strait so LNG and oil can be directly connected to EU distribution networks which Russia is already directly connected to. Assad has always been assisted by Russia in discouraging the Israeli land grabs and Saudi backed Sunni militants, so he feels like helping Russia out by not letting Saudia and the GCC barge in on Russia’s main energy market: the EU. The US choosing to do Saudia’s dirty work is a direct assault on Russia’s economy.

    • Posted by Thabiso Mhlaba, at Reply

      @alexpoulin Overthrown vs Ousted. I think the difference here is that the American people and government, have the power to pull Trump out of office. Syrians do not have the power to pull Assad out. This is not a comment as to whether or not I agree, just saying that the sign of a functional democracy is the ability of the public to replace it’s leaders non-violently. Obviously everything isn’t as neat and tidy once you involve groups acting in the interest of outside influencers with a lot of money and firepower.

  19. Posted by MrCiammurro, at Reply

    So USA is now “openly” a mercenary army for hire ! …America first …

    • Posted by MrCiammurro, at Reply

      WOW , flattered for the long , well written and/therefore very enjoiable explanation !
      … a one liner : bad for people= bad dictator ; bad for USA , VERY bad dictator !
      The world is better informed now , no more banana republics !