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US-Backed Forces Take ISIS ‘Capital’ Raqqa


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Over 90% of Raqqa is now managed by a US-backed militia. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" American-backed pressures stated on Tuesday that they had taken the north Syrian city of Raqqa from the Islamic State, a significant strike to the militant group, which had actually long used the city as the de facto funding of its self-declared caliphate.

Events emerged in Raqqa, where homeowners had actually lived under the repressive policy of militants who beheaded people for offenses as minor as smoking. Boxers might be seen applauding and also firing celebratory gunfire in the streets, inning accordance with residents gotten to by phone and also text.

The United States Central Command stopped short of declaring victory, stating that "greater than 90 percent of Raqqa remains in S.D.F. control," a referral to the Syrian Democratic Forces, an American-backed militia group composed of Syrian Kurds and Arabs." *.

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  1. Posted by William Balliard, at Reply

    If you’re gonna give Trump credit for this because he’s president right now then you have to give Obama credit for killing Bin Laden. Woe betide those who would ever accuse Republicans of cognitive dissonance though, right?

  2. Posted by Kev Mally, at Reply

    yes claim a next american victory ,if it wasnt for iran hesbollah and russia isis wwould be in syria capital running syria.same as ww2 you claim america win it when its soviet union which did the heavy lifting

  3. Posted by El John, at Reply

    Now we’re waiting for the sequel: Isis Strikes Back

  4. Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

    You know what would *really* hurt ISIS and other terrorist groups?
    If we went into places like Raqqa or Mosul now and actually rebuilt their cities and infrastructure.

  5. Posted by john ryan, at Reply

    We have not yet seen Islam’s FINAL FORM. But when we do see that final form, only two things will destroy it. Nuclear weapons and more importantly, more completely, Jesus Christ coming back.

  6. Posted by Kamil Cybulski, at Reply

    I have mixed feelings on this because they were backed by USA and USA only backs terrorist.

  7. Posted by One Friendly Kokujin, at Reply

    The US airlifted ISIS fighters out of Raqqa, after indiscriminately bombing the city.

  8. Posted by XHellXGeistX, at Reply

    The US will continue with its interventionism, backed by its allies. And then a different group similar to ISIS will continue the cycle.

  9. Posted by Julian Ramirez, at Reply

    Please lose the sound board

  10. Posted by Blake Hillenbrand, at Reply

    thanks to Trump we took the capital

  11. Posted by MyDefendor Q, at Reply

    The world owes so much to Kurds.

  12. Posted by Gavin Hillick, at Reply

    Is levelling a city and letting the ISIS fighters go really a victory?

  13. Posted by Nobody From Nowhere, at Reply

    Now we need to brace for backlash.

  14. Posted by Real UFO Videos, at Reply

    U.S. Forces let the ISIS fighters leave. Didn’t bomb or shoot them. Just leave! Reuters sucks.

  15. Posted by realCevra, at Reply

    so the secret plan to crush isis was to play golf at mar a lago, i see

  16. Posted by The Worm, at Reply

    Don’t be fooled, TYT is sad to see their Islamic brothers in arms, ISIS suffer defeat.

  17. Posted by Razar Campbell, at Reply

    Shouldn’t you be playing the Syrian national anthem/ Kurdish anthem/ the anthem of the people who physically fought there and not music composed by a person (is that Sousa?) that represents the nation (america) who created ISIS by pouring money into one set of hands and who are now celebrating the results of pouring money into a different set of hands?

    Isn’t that a bit similar to pouring packets of heroin into a primary school, then when they all the kids there start dealing, pouring heroin packets into a different school and then celebrating when these new kids finish killing all the dealers you created at that first school? Wouldn’t the better approach be to just stop flooding these areas with destructive ‘ingredients’?

  18. Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

    Isis was defeated because Trump didn’t continue the policies in place already.

  19. Posted by Nudnick, at Reply

    It’s spelled capitol.

  20. Posted by Jack Watts, at Reply

    Can someone please take away Cenk’s sound effects board? Its irritating, unprofessional, and cheapens the show.